This Week In Photography Books: Meghann Riepenhoff

by Jonathan Blaustein Once upon a time, I wrote about stereotypes and clichés. It was fun to resurrect phrases left for dead. I did it because good writers avoid them, and I was rebelling against the norm. (Or maybe I just wasn’t a good writer?) Sometimes, though, we use a phrase just because other people do. We don’t think about where it comes from. I’m thinking of “bone tired,” because I tried to explain it to my son the other day. Everybody says it, but I suspect only people over 40 really know what it means. When you reach a certain level of exhaustion, your bones actually ache. At the moment, I’ve got a tingling feeling from my tibias to my clavicles, and there’s not much to be done. (Not much but complain, I suppose.) I was in Chicago last week for the brilliant Filter Photo Festival, and worked straight through the weekend. Unlike last year, this time I came home with my voice and my wits in tact, but the latter has faded as the week’s gone on. This year, I again saw nearly 40 portfolios, and will have plenty of work to show you in the coming weeks. I saw remarkable exhibitions, met with so many fascinating people, ate at a steak house with a heap of financial planners, danced to a human beatbox at a late-night afterparty, reviewed countless photographs, and talked for 5 days straight. I made a few changes compared to last year, beginning with my reviewing approach. After much thought, I decided to temper my advice based upon what I sensed the person could actually hear and handle. Rather than just imposing my will on the situation, which led to a few bad results last year, in 2016, I decided to be
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Just How Good Is The iPhone 7 In Low-Light?

iphone-7-in-low-lightEach time a new iPhone makes it onto the market, the first thing that people seem to check out is the camera’s quality. Apple knows this, so the new iPhone packs some pretty impressive upgrades in the camera department. Because of the ways that consumers tend to use their cameras, the most obvious way to improve upon older iterations of the iPhone was to have it perform better in low-light. When you’re hanging out with your friends at a bar, or you’re trying to snap a picture at a birthday party and the only light source are the candles, you’ll be relying heavily on this ability. So how does it do? Well, first off, you absolutely must remember that the iPhone will never replace a DSLR. Honestly, I’m surprised we’re even posing these sorts of questions anymore. Since that’s out of the way, we can judge the iPhone with a
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Wireless control for Rosco Cube LEDs

Rosco’s CubeConnect system enables eff­ortless wireless control of your Miro or Braq Cubes from distances up to 2000 ‑ (600m), making it easier to place your lighting anywhere you need it and still have control. Designed in conjunction with the design team over at The Black Tank, this new Wireless DMX solution has a name: The post Wireless control for Rosco Cube LEDs appeared first on ProVideo Coalition.

Pleasantly punchy: Nikon D3400 real-world samples gallery

Photo by Samuel Spencer
The Nikon D3400 is the company's newest entry-level DSLR, offering users 24MP and an 11-point AF system in a compact, lightweight body. It may not be the most exciting camera for Nikon faithful on paper, but in the real-world, it offers impressive image quality that will put any smartphone camera to shame. We used the camera mostly in the 'Auto' or 'No Flash Auto' modes, and were pleasantly surprised by its default output – metering is usually spot-on, with good sharpening and punchy color (though it may be over-the-top for some). Over the past week, we've had a chance to photograph city living, botanical still-life, playful pups and yes, even some sleepy cats. Take a look at how the D3400, its 18-55mm kit lens and the DX 35mm F1.8G lens fared in our real-world samples gallery. 

Here’s Your Last Minute Tips For Tomorrow’s “Worldwide Photo Walk”

1day It’s here!!! Tomorrow in over a thousand cities around the world my 9th Annual World Wide Photo Walk kicks off, and by tonight nearly 20,000 photographers around the world will collectively have taken literally millions of photos as part of their local Photo Walks. How cool is that!!!! If you haven’t signed up for a walk yet: go here  right now – find a walk near you and sign up free! (you can be walking with us tomorrow!). If you’re already signed up to walk, here are SEVEN LAST MINUTE PHOTO WALK TIPS to make your day a success: (1) Walk Leaders: Make Sure You Watch my Leader’s Video If you’re leading a Photo Walk, go to your Leader’s Dashboard page on the Official Worldwide Photo Walk site and watch my video called my: “Top 10 (or so) Tips for Leading A Successful Photo Walk.” There is some  Continue reading "Here’s Your Last Minute Tips For Tomorrow’s “Worldwide Photo Walk”"