Pete Turner, 1934-2017


By Rob Atkins

Pete Turner died in his sleep yesterday morning at his home in Wainscott, New York. Pete was many things to many people: mentor, teacher, icon, true innovator of color photography. He was all of these things to me, and more, but one role loomed far greater than the others. Pete was my friend. That will endure forever. The most profound lesson I learned from Pete was this: Color can be used to convey an emotion. Take his image “Road Song” as an example. It’s still a successful image when reproduced in black and white, with its graphic
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Oprema’s New Biotar 58mm f/2.0 Lens Has a Record 17-Blade Aperture

Having recently succeeded in crowdfunding the revival of the Biotar 75mm lens, Oprema is at it again and is looking to bring back the “legendary” Biotar 58mm f/2.0… with an aperture containing a record 17 blades. Having only just got started with their crowdfunding efforts, the project has already surpassed the goal of $50,000. If it successfully funds and launches, the lens will be the only lens in the entire world with a 17-blade aperture. “We absolutely wanted to maintain the optical features of the lens. We wanted to keep its subtleness, its wonderful ability to catch lights
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Instagram is testing a four-photo grid, and some users are freaking out

Facebook-owned image sharing behemoth Instagram (heard of 'em?) is testing a new change to its app, and the internet is collectively freaking out about it. According to some users, Instagram is already rolling out a new 4-across profile grid to replace the current 3-across setup that people know and (apparently) love. Not a huge deal, you might think, but many photographers and casual users alike use that 3-across grid to create interesting mosaics that help their profile stand out. And those people are not reacting well to news of the test:

Love of cars runs through two very different photographers across generations and styles

For car fanatics, there is something special about the roar of an engine. It's not easy to point to what exactly makes cars special, and perhaps there are as many answers to that question as there are cars on the road. It could be the unique shapes, the incredible engineering or maybe just the flat-out speed of a supercar.

No matter the answer, work of automotive photographer <a href="" >Easton Chang</a> is sure to inspire awe from even the most subdued car fan. Chang was recently featured by SmugMug Films and the video below shows us the...
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Zenit’s full-frame mirrorless camera will use components made by Leica

Following an announcement last month that camera maker Zenit would launch a full-frame camera in 2018, USSRPhoto claims the new Zenit model will be based on the Leica SL full-frame camera. Leica will reportedly make components for the Zenit based on the ones found in its Leica SL camera, but will tailor them specifically for the upcoming Zenit model. Little is known about Zenit's plans at this time. In mid-August, an announcement that Zenit would return with a new camera was reportedly made on Moscow Region Radio 1. No camera specifications were provided aside from the fact that it will Continue reading "Zenit’s full-frame mirrorless camera will use components made by Leica"

Portraits of Strangers Found Through Craigslist

For their ongoing “Craigslist Encounters,” the Los Angeles-based photography team Kremer Johnson has been shooting portraits of completely strangers who are each found using Craigslist. Each subject responded to an ad titled “Characters Wanted” and agreed to pose for $20 an hour. Fstoppers writes that photographers Neil Kremer and Cory Johnson have posted the ad three times so far, and each time it goes up they receive about 70 to 100 responses. The photographers have shot portraits of about 30 people so far, and they’re aiming to photograph over 100 more in the upcoming year. Each subject is interviewed to
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Photoshops role in Travel Photography

It’s been the subject of blogs, media articles, conversations, magazine columns, and it’s this: Should we Photoshop people?
Well let’s relate it all to my genre. Travel. Should we Photoshop travel pictures? To what extent and why? Is it an ‘ok’ thing to do? First, I’ll just get this out of the way – many people will argue that Photoshop is not a verb. It is. It just is. It’s become a commonplace term in our society and if you hear somebody say that something’s been ‘Photoshopped’ you may want to throw a can of cheese at them, but you
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Report: Samsung is developing a 1,000fps mobile image sensor

According to sources who spoke to Korean publication ETNews, Samsung is planning to kick its mobile camera technology up a notch with a 1,000fps smartphone camera sensor that will compete directly with Sony's similar sensor. This technology is called a "3-layered image sensor," and Samsung has reportedly ordered special equipment necessary to start producing the hardware in November. Smartphones featuring this technology, like the Sony Xperia XZ, can record super-slow-motion video. ETNews, which has a good track record in relation to Samsung leaks, claims that this 3-layered image sensor is comprised of TSV stacking technology alongside a Continue reading "Report: Samsung is developing a 1,000fps mobile image sensor"

Review: The Profoto A1 is a Simple and Naturally Beautiful Flash

We all know and love the legendary lighting manufacturer that is Profoto. For decades, they have produced and supported the most durable, powerful, and consistent lighting equipment for professional photographers around the world. In recent years, they have pushed the lighting industry forward with the introduction of the B1 and B2 and their OCF system. These new lights have changed the way photographers work by allowing for unheard of flexibility and mobility. Ever the innovator, Profoto just gave us something we’ve always wanted, but never thought to ask for. Profoto just announced the A1, an on-camera flash, with full
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How We Hacked Production to Make a Full-Scale Spy Thriller for $100K

These non-traditional production techniques could benefit a shoot of any sized budget. [Editor's Note: No Film School asked Joshua Caldwell to share the story behind his film 'Negative', available now on Digital HD and OnDemand.] After making my first feature film Layover for $6000, I went on to direct a series for Hulu and my second feature film for Paramount and Studio 71. While both projects were step up from Layover budget-wise, I found myself surprisingly constricted. Even though I had 150x the budget I did on Layover, I was Continue reading "How We Hacked Production to Make a Full-Scale Spy Thriller for $100K"

Let’s Edit with Media Composer – Creating Night from Day with BCC and Sapphire 10

In this lesson, Kevin P McAuliffe shows you how, using BCC 10, Sapphire 10 and a little help from Photoshop, you can create realistic Night from Day shots quickly and easily in Avid Media Composer. As pretty much everyone knows, I’m a big user of both BCC and Sapphire.  I just worked on a project this morning that utilized effects from both packages, and the same goes for just about every project that I work on, and I thought that we would have some fun in this lesson, and take a look at how to create a shot that I Continue reading "Let’s Edit with Media Composer – Creating Night from Day with BCC and Sapphire 10"

How to Fake the Look of ‘Bullet Time’ Using a Single Camera

Here’s a new 3-minute music video by Russian/Ukrainian group 5’Nizza. In it, the band finds themselves in a variety of situations, but as the action is frozen they keep on singing while the camera pans around them. How was it done? It turns out the effect was created with a single moving camera and a green screen. The “bullet time” effect was popularized by the film The Matrix, in which Neo appears to stop bullets in their tracks while the camera spins around him. For the Hollywood film, they used multiple camera systems, digital compositing, and computer-generated characters to
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Instagram Makes Stalkers Happy by Adding A “Follows You” Feature

Instagram Makes Stalkers Happy by Adding A Until a few months ago, you could know who was following you, or not, as well as tons of other useful information on your following base for all stalkers and communication gurus out there by simply using apps such as InsTrack. However, as Instagram is trying to have third-party apps comply with their rules, such apps are slowly disappearing or being reduced to more basic specs. Instead of leaving those tools alone, the photo-sharing app is now bringing a feature of their own called "Follows you" that let you know if someone is indeed following you or not. [ Read Continue reading "Instagram Makes Stalkers Happy by Adding A “Follows You” Feature"

Is 17 the magic number for bokeh? Biotar announces campaign for 17-bladed 58mm f/2 optic

If you have ever scoffed at a mere 9 or 11 aperture blades, then Oprema Optik&#39;s latest Indiegogo campaign is a must-see. The German lens maker, Oprema Jena, is resurrecting the Biotar 58mm f/2 optic, including its unique and "world record" 17-blade aperture design. What&#39;s old is new again.

This is Oprema&#39;s second lens project following a successful Kickstarter campaign for a Biotar 75mm f/1.5 revival project, so the company has experience bringing distinct lenses back from the past.

Let&#39;s talk more about the 17 aperture...
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Instagram May Soon Break Its Classic Grid (and All Your 3×3 Mosaics)

Instagram has long featured a 3×3 grid of photos across its platform, allowing photographers to get creative and create larger photo mosaics by uploading the individual pieces as separate photos in the correct order. If you’ve spent a considerable amount of time and effort building these mosaics yourself, here’s some bad news: it looks like Instagram may soon break that classic grid (and your mosaics). The Ringer reports that a number of Instagram users across the Web have noticed 4×4 grids on their accounts.

Capture One Pro 10 Spectrum Styles Pack adds cinema-inspired color grading to the RAW editor

For fans - like us - of Capture One Pro 10, Phase One shared some interesting news yesterday. The company has released a new series of Styles, which are one of the big features of Capture One Pro 10.1. The first "Grading Styles" Styles Pack is the new "<a href="" >Spectrum</a>" pack.

Each Styles Pack comes up with up to 18 different Styles, which have been carefully designed to adjust curves, saturation and tonal adjustments without changing key parameters, such as your exposure, white balance and levels. Spectrum has been designed to deliver...
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On Land and Sea: How Aquatic and Grounded DPs Seamlessly Collaborated on Simon Baker’s ‘Breath’

Established actor Simon Baker relied on collaborations with two experienced shooters for his feature directorial debut. One director, two DPs, and a beautiful film. Breath is an adaptation of Tim Winton’s award-winning and internationally bestselling novel, a bildungsroman about two young surfers on the Australian coastline, set in the mid 70’s. It’s not just a great surf movie; it’s a compelling, visually radiant story with deeply realized characters. Breath premiered to critical acclaim at TIFF 2017 last week. Even if you aren’t familiar with Simon Baker–the Australian, Golden Globe-nominated actor-turned-director who Continue reading "On Land and Sea: How Aquatic and Grounded DPs Seamlessly Collaborated on Simon Baker’s ‘Breath’"

Speed Up Photo Viewing in Lightroom with 1:1 Previews

Ask any photographer their least-favorite thing about Adobe Lightroom, and they will most likely tell you it’s the application’s speed. There are a few tricks to help optimize the responsiveness of Lightroom, and this minute-long Lightroom coffee break video focuses on generating 1:1 previews. This is one you may know already, but if you don’t, it can drastically improve your experience when flicking through your catalog. By generating 1:1 previews when you import your photos, Lightroom will do the legwork up-front to create full-resolution previews of your imported images instead of loading them only when you view the image. Lightroom’s
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