Is FilmStruck Coming Back?

Reports of FilmStruck's death may have been greatly exaggerated.

We covered the initial sad news of FilmStruck's demise, then we updated you with news of a rescue mission to save FilmStruck.

Well, now we bring yet another development in the FilmStruck saga, what is now our own FilmStruck trilogy...

FilmStruck may be coming back.

But just like Mr. Spock is reborn on the Genesis planet in Star Trek III (not a FilmStruck movie, btw) this version may be slightly different.

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Unreal Engine now supports Blackmagic Design DeckLink cards

Unreal Engine now supports Blackmagic Design DeckLink cards

To meet its growing adoption in live broadcast and virtual production workflows, Unreal Engine now supports Blackmagic Design DeckLink products and SDK.

Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4.21 now supports DeckLink 8K Pro, DeckLink Duo 2 and DeckLink 4K Extreme 12G capture and playback cards, announced Blackmagic Design. DeckLink SDK binaries and source code from Epic will also now be available free to download on the company’s Unreal Engine Marketplace.

Unreal Engine is the most used real time engine providing the highest quality solution for creating virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences in the world. It is a complete suite of creation tools

Unreal Engine now supports Blackmagic Design DeckLink cards
Unreal Engine now supports Blackmagic Design DeckLink cards
Unreal Engine now supports Blackmagic Design DeckLink cards
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Rhino Arc II 4-axis robotic camera system supports 15lb camera payloads

Rhino has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its new Rhino Arc II, a "robotic camera assistant" designed to replace a fluid head. The Arc II features a 4-axis motorized head with support for both tripods and the Rhino Slider, as well as up to 6.8kg/15lbs of camera equipment. Users have both joystick and mobile control options.

Rhino Arc II supports LightLapse, Interview, Keyframe, and Rack modes for smooth camera movements in a variety of filming scenarios. The robotic assistant supports Rhino Focus and the High Torque & High Speed Motor as optional tools for expanded capabilities.

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Britain’s Biggest Speed Camera Uses a Canon 100-400mm Lens

Gloucestershire police have unveiled Britain’s biggest speed camera. Called the A417, the portable camera can catch drivers violating laws from roughly 1,000 meters or about 3/5 of a mile. And on the front of the camera is a Canon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS telephoto zoom lens.

The camera is dubbed “The Long Ranger,” and it can capture clear video and still photos of people inside their cars from great distances. It’s being deployed on the major route between Gloucestershire and Wiltshire to help police catch driving offenses such as speeding, tailgating, and using a phone while behind the wheel.

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Timelapse Captures How House Plants Move in the Day and Sleep at Night

The beauty of time-lapse photography is that it gives us a view of the world that our eyes can’t naturally see. Darryl Cheng of House Plant Journal created a time-lapse that does just that: it reveals how much ordinary house plants move over the course of a day.

Here’s the time-lapse Cheng created with @angusandceleste, which includes a clock in the frame to show the pace of time:

The timelapse is “showing two of my favourite daily movers: oxalis and

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REVIEW – Sapphire 2019 from Boris FX

With the release of Mocha Pro 5 a few weeks ago, the team at Boris FX is still working at a feverish pitch behind the scenes to get the newest releases of Sapphire 2019 and their flagship application, Boris Continuum Complete 2019 out into the hands of users (just released today!).  Well, fans of Sapphire need not wait any longer. As of a week or so ago Sapphire 2019 is now available for purchase and download from the Boris FX website, and in this in-depth look, I want to go in deep to check out the new features of

Sapphire 2019 - Mocha Essentials Panel
Sapphire 2019 - Animated Shape
Sapphire 2019 - S_Whiplash
Sapphire 2019 - Flare Presets
Sapphire 2019 - MultiStreak Parameter
Sapphire 2019 - Flare Identifier
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Upcoming Fujifilm X-T3 Firmware Updates Drop 4GB Clip Limit, Add 4K HDR

Big news for the Fujifilm X-T3 with news of upcoming firmware update to help out with a few key features with the popular mirrorless camera.

Fujifilm’s X-T3 is certainly off to a hot start and getting a lot of buzz for its powerful 26.1MP CMOS sensor, 4K UHD video at 60fps and competitive price point with the other mirrorless cameras currently on the market. However, many owners (or renters and other interested parties) have had a few concerns.

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Skylum partners with EyeEm to launch global photography scholarship

Software company Skylum and mobile image sharing community EyeEm have teamed up and launched a global photography scholarship that is open to anyone interested in photography. Skylum Software will be supporting 10 artists on the EyeEm platform with $10,000 to help them focus on their photography.

In addition the selected photographers will be able to create editing presets for the Skylum Luminar software. The presets will be available to purchase on the Luminar marketplace as part of a special collection. Revenue from preset sales will be shared 1/3 with the artists.

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I Set Up a Sting Operation and Caught the Thief Who Stole My Camera

Like many professional photographers, my main camera is a bit of a beast. A Fuji X-T2, usually with a big lens, and always with a battery grip on it. It’s a bit big to go traveling with, and although it’s not as big as my Nikon D600 and grip that I used to use, it still warrants the travel/side-arm camera I bought in the D600 days.

That camera is a delightful little $1,300 Fuji X100T from 2014, which I purchased with a tele-conversion lens (TCL-X100) to bring the 35mm equivalent FOV up to 50mm (my preferred focal length).


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William Goldman, Legendary and Prolific Screenwriter, Dies at 87

William Goldman, writer of 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid', 'All The President's Men, and 'The Princess Bride' has died at age 87.

Goldman's successful career spanned decades, a rarity for screenwriters in Hollywood, he won two academy awards and wrote one of the most beloved biographies about working in entertainment, "Adventures in The Screen Trade". It was in that book that he gave us perhaps the most honest and enduring quote about the place he made his career:

"Nobody knows anything... Every time out it's a guess..."

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Free Screenwriting Seminar: Pages 10-20 (Week 2)

We're back for week two!

We’re back again with the Free Screenwriting Seminar: Week Two. My goal is to help you write a feature-length screenplay in 10 weeks. That’s about 1.42 pages a day. Can you handle that?

I bet you can.

This week we’re going to talk more about setting up the world, protagonists, and how pages 10-20 in your script will make a promise to the audience.

Let’s get going!

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I Shot Ultra-Macro Video of the Wet Plate Collodion Process

Normally I use videos to document my work. This time the video is the main outcome of my work — I shot an ultra-macro video that shows how the crystals/salts change during the wet plate collodion process.

I did this project because I got asked a lot about how the process works. Questions like “what happens during fixing?” or “what changes when the tintype runs dry?” and so on. As you can imagine, I tried to explain every aspect of this process, but a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s the reason for this video.

What I

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The Color Photography of Vivian Maier

Vivian Maier is the nanny and American street photographer who posthumously became internationally famous after a 26-year-old real estate agent bought a box of 30,000 of her negatives at an estate sale for $400 in 2007. In addition to her captivating black-and-white photos, Maier also captured color images, some of which are being published in a book for the first time ever.

Vivian Maier: The Color Work is a new 240-page hardcover book containing over 150 of Maier’s color photographs. It’s the “first definitive monograph of color photographs by American street photographer Vivian Maier.”

The photos in the book

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The Fuji X-H1: An Aside

[Just to be clear—this is not a review. This is the bit that I couldn't justify putting in the review. I'm still working on the review. Sorry it's not here yet. I'll get back to work now.  :-) —Mike]

I've been wrestling with what to do with these thoughts. What follows just doesn't seem to belong in a camera review. And yet it's a significant part of my reaction to the Fuji X-H1. These ideas don't really "attach" to the object—the camera—in any meaningful way, and they're not really relevant to someone who's considering buying and using

X-H1 rear
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Give Your GH5/GH5s the ARRI Alexa Look with GHAlex LUT

Looking to make your Panasonic GH5 or GH5s more cinematic? Check out this new “ARRI ALEXA” GHAlex LUT!

Since first revealed at CES in 2015, we’ve been closely following Panasonic’s mirrorless flagship GH5 (and then the GH5s). While the micro-four thirds cameras offer powerful 4K video recording and have been an industry favorite for years - owners do have their concerns when it comes to the cameras’ ability to shoot cinematic footage.

Well, there is finally a possible new solution to ARRI Alexa-ize your GH5 and GH5s. But it just might Continue reading "Give Your GH5/GH5s the ARRI Alexa Look with GHAlex LUT"

iPhone X bug lets hackers steal deleted photos

If you have any particularly embarrassing or otherwise compromising photos on your iPhone you might want to think twice about how to keep them from being discovered by someone else. Simply deleting them might not be enough.

A vulnerability allowing hackers to access deleted photos and other files on the iPhone X was discovered by two researchers this week at the Pwn2Own hacking contest for finding iOS and Android bugs.

Richard Zhu and Amat Cama demoed the issue by connecting the iPhone X with iOS 12.1 to a malicious Wi-Fi network and exploiting a vulnerability in a so-called just-in-time Continue reading "iPhone X bug lets hackers steal deleted photos"

This Week in Photography Books: Robert Osborn


Kids today are a bunch of sissies.

(So they say.)

I’m willing to bet that’s always been the refrain of the older generation, but I know for sure it’s a popular opinion at the moment.

Because I heard it directly on two occasions in the past week.

Last Thursday, I had a beer and a plate of tacos with two of my teaching mentors, Jim and Ed. These guys are role models for me, as they each represent the Platonic ideal of a Renaissance Man. (How’s that for mixing time periods and metaphors?)

Each worked in the Taos school system for years, in various capacities, and each is equally comfortable out of doors. (Even as age catches up with them.)

Jim and Ed were bitching about how they can’t work as long as they used to, and how it’s hard to reconcile their current age with how they see themselves. The guys both reported that previous incarnations, when they were younger, felt like something of a dream at this stage in life. (They’re 69 and 71.)

Jim has broken himself twice in the last few years: once from a head injury, and the other from a busted bottom. The first time, he ended up with a brain hematoma after hiking 20+ miles into the mountains on an elk hunt, even though a doctor had told him to chill the fuck out.

As for Ed, he once told me about the time he was invited into a ceremony at the Picuris Pueblo, and in order to properly perform the dance, he had to cut a stone into his flesh, twist it until it embedded in his chest, and leave the wound for the duration of the ceremony.

Nowadays, he’s not as spry as he used to

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10 Ideas for Taking Amazing Photos of Boring Objects

I don’t have an expensive camera. I use a Nikon D3000, which is one of the oldest entry-level DSLRs and I have only an 18-55mm kit lens. Because of this, I have to be creative to make good shots.

I always try to make different photos than the others, but it’s really hard. There are billions of pictures on the internet, Instagram is full of photographers, and it is really hard to stand out.

If you want people to notice you, forget the standards and take a twist! Here are 10 ideas for making your photos of boring objects stand

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3 Ways to Add Cinematic Motion with the eMotimo Spectrum ST

We breakdown three ways to add cinematic motion to your video projects using the eMotimo Spectrum ST.

Since we’ve gotten a chance to do a full hands-on review of the eMotimo Spectrum ST (as well as with the full DanaDolly buildout), No Film School now has some key pieces of advice to offer for all filmmakers and videographers to consider.

Firstly though, we do have to shout-out the eMotimo Spectrum ST for its precision motion control options, which really are endless and open the door for a much more systematic (and Continue reading "3 Ways to Add Cinematic Motion with the eMotimo Spectrum ST"