Zephyr Drone Flight Training Review by Little Arms Studios

Pressure. It can be corrosive especially if the pressure you feel is from flying a good portion of your hard-earned money into the air. You know the more you practice your drone piloting skills the effects of pressure diminish. Little Arms Studios has a flight training program called Zephyr which can help the less experienced pilot get their feet wet or help the more experienced operator hone their skills.  Zephyr

What Is Zephyr

If you watch the Gif above you can see me practicing one of the basic training modules found in Zephyr. It was a simple session designed to
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Here’s How to Freshen Up Your Your Old and Stuffy Looking Stock Business Photos

Here's How to Freshen Up Your Your Old and Stuffy Looking Stock Business Photos No matter how young and beautiful your models are for business stock photos, buyers often feel that the images come across as stuffy and old-fashioned. That’s not just a guess, it comes from many years of experience in the industry. Here are a few things you need to pay attention to when working with models for a business photo-shoot that will help make your business stock photos more attractive to buyers. [ Read More ]

NPPA Adds Anti-Harassment Standard to Code of Ethics

The National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) has added an anti-harassment standard to its code of ethics, addressing not just photographic practice but the behavior of photographers in dealing with people beyond with the camera. The new standard, which was originally proposed in January 2017, has been introduced by the board’s summer meeting on July 22th, 2017, and states:
Do not engage in harassing behavior of colleagues, subordinates or subjects and maintain the highest standards of behavior in all professional interactions.
It hopes to address occurrences of intimidation, sexual harassment, or harassment on the basis of race, religion, gender or national origin.
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Watch: How ‘Dunkirk’ Uses a Classic Audio Illusion to Ratchet Up the Tension

The auditory phenomenon known as the Shepard tone is used to add suspense to Dunkirk. When filmmakers use every cinematic element at their disposal, good films can become great, and this isn't just the case for big-budget blockbusters. One filmmaker who has had an intuitive understanding of this principle from his first film is Christopher Nolan, whose current blockbuster Dunkirk uses visuals, music, and even sound itself to shape its story, in the form of the auditory illusion known as the Shepard tone. Read More

Leica’s Owner Dreams of a ‘True Leica Phone’

Leica’s latest partnership with Huawei has put Leica camera technology into the Chinese manufacturer’s phones. But it seems that isn’t enough for Leica, whose Chairman is teasing that an actual Leica phone might be somewhere on the horizon. During an interview with CNBC, Andreas Kaufmann (the owner and chairman of Leica) said that it was a “personal dream” of his to reinvent the smartphone camera. “Every smartphone is wrong for photography at the moment… the phone nowadays is not fit really for photography… it’s used as a camera, it’s used as a video camera, but it’s not built that
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Sony a7S II sends 4K video from the International Space Station to Earth

Last December a Japanese rocket brought cargo 249 miles above the Earth to the International Space Station. On that rocket was none other than a Sony Alpha a7S II, which was soon mounted on the outside of Japan's KIBO module to take photos and videos of the mothership, so to speak. Mounting a camera to a space station isn't like putting a GoPro on your handlebars – the a7S II is enclosed in a specially designed aluminum housing with a radiator to keep it at a comfortable temperature in the vacuum of space. It's mounted on a two-axis gimbal so, Continue reading "Sony a7S II sends 4K video from the International Space Station to Earth"

The first pictures of a working Panasonic EVA-1…Still no pricing ?

Interesting that this Panasonic EVA-1 is fully kitted with Zacuto gear to the extent that its answered one question, you seem to be able to  take power from the rear of EVA-1 to power the Gratical HD viewfinder. Still no pricing from Panasonic though Nigel Wilkes from Panasonic Broadcast UK has just tweeted this… “The […]

Mark Duplass’ 9 Secrets to Launching a Career in Indie Film

Mark Duplass is the ultimate DIY success story. Here's how he got there. When doling out advice to aspiring filmmakers, Mark Duplass doesn't mince his words. In his now-famous SXSW 2016 keynote speech, Duplass suggested that new directors "keep making shitty shorts until one doesn't suck." And yesterday, on a live-streamed panel for crowdfunding platform Seed&Spark, Duplass drove that point home. To promote his generous contest, Hometown Heroes, launched in conjunction with Seed&Spark, Duplass took to the internet to act as the mentor he and his brother, Jay Duplass, never Continue reading "Mark Duplass’ 9 Secrets to Launching a Career in Indie Film"

Richard Prince must face lawsuit over image theft, judge rules

Controversial artist Richard Prince must face a lawsuit over his unauthorized use of photographer Donald Graham's photo 'Rastafarian Smoking a Joint,' a federal judge has ruled. The ruling concerns a 2015 lawsuit Graham filed against Prince after he failed to heed a cease and desist order. Prince and Larry Gagosian, owner of the Gagosian Gallery where the pilfered image and others were displayed, had claimed the work is 'transformative' in an effort to have the case dismissed.

Photographer Wins $20,000 Prize for ‘Photo’ of Scratches and Spit

A top portrait photo contest in Australia has sparked an outcry this week after awarding its $20,000 top prize to a “photo” of scratches and spit. Artist Justine Varga was awarded the 2017 Olive Cotton Award with her “portrait” of her grandmother titled Maternal Line. Varga created the “photo” by handing a piece of large format film to her grandmother and asking her to scribble on it with a pen and then spit on it to leave saliva trails.
Maternal Line by Justine Varga, winner of the $20,000 2017 Olive Cotton Award
Here’s Varga’s artist statement that goes with the
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There’s a Sony a7S II on the Outside of the ISS Capturing Earth in 4K

The Sony a7S II has become the first commercial camera to be mounted on the outside of the International Space Station. Sony today released footage from the camera, which is currently whizzing around the Earth at 7.66 km/s (~4.76 miles per second). It features the Japanese islands, with footage taking both during the day and at night showing majestic snow-covered peaks and metropolitan lights.
The largely unmodified camera was taken up to the ISS on December 9th, 2016, and was later installed in its position on February 8th, 2017.
The camera enclosure with an opening for the lens.
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Sony full-frame CineAlta 4K motion picture camera teased ahead of launch

Sony has teased its video-focused customers with news of an upcoming announcement: it will soon take the wraps off a new CineAlta motion picture camera, one sporting a 36x24mm sensor. There's still a bunch details forthcoming, but thus far Sony has revealed that the new CineAlta model will be capable of multiple aspect ratios and will be compatible with many existing CineAlta accessories. Sony has only revealed a handful of details about the camera at this time (below), explaining that it is developing the model 'through careful research and close collaboration with creative professionals.' The company doesn't state when Continue reading "Sony full-frame CineAlta 4K motion picture camera teased ahead of launch"

These Child Zombie Photos Are the Stuff of Nightmares

Photographer Amanda J. Alvares specializes in shooting portraits, wedding, and… child zombie photos that may give you nightmares. Warning: Some may find the portraits in this post disturbing. The California-based photographer began offering zombie shoots to parents a few years ago after doing some Halloween mini sessions. “Out of the several clients I had that day, my zombie images were my favorite,” Alvares tells PetaPixel. “I don’t know of anyone locally that does zombies the way I do, so I turned my ‘Halloween’ mini sessions into zombie specific mini sessions.” The horror is created using a combination of
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A $50 Camera vs. a $50,000 Camera

Ever wondered why the expensive cinema cameras cost what they do? In this featherweight vs. heavyweight comparison, Sam and Niko put a $50 Sony HDR-CX405 camcorder to the test against a RED Epic Dragon 6K cinema camera worth about $50,000. It’s no surprise: the RED wins. But this 15-minute video is interesting because it shows exactly what you’re paying for when you opt for an expensive film camera like the RED units. The differences are really obvious when comparing the resolution of the two cameras. Take a look at this wide scene of some building rooftops: Just zoom in on that
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Beware This New Free Drone Scam on Instagram

Beware. There’s a new scam on Instagram that preys on people who would like a free camera drone. I was messaged by a scam account, and here’s how it works. The account that messaged me was @birdviewdrones. There are several other accounts with a similar name along the lines of name.birdviewdrones with similar profile names. Almost none of them even have pictures of said drone on their profile. The account will message you saying you with the following text:
Hi [Username]! Congratulations, you are selected for our 3 week beta testing round. To participate and claim FREE drone, open
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Shutter Release: Rim lights, new flash from Elinchrom, Christmas in July and creating a speedy website

Shutter Release is a regular feature on Imaging Resource and our way of delivering more news to you than ever before. We are dedicated to bringing you the best original content we can, but we also want to share some of the great content other photographers around the web create. Shutter Release includes a wide variety of topics from news about new gear to tutorials and everything in between.

Today's Shutter Release includes four videos, three of which are about lighting. A fourth article we want to share is a great guide for...
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Adobe To Kill Off Flash in 2020: Is Your Photo Website Ready?

Flash is soon to be on the chopping block. The once ubiquitous and now much-maligned software from Adobe will officially be end-of-lifed at the end of 2020. Flash was once a favorite tool to display photographer’s image galleries due to its flexibility and elegance when compared to plain old HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. But any photographers still clinging to their old Flash galleries should take heed: flash is heading toward its demise. If you haven’t transitioned to more modern web technologies despite most browsers ditching Flash by default, now is the time. Open standards such as HTML5, WebGL and
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GoPro’s New QuikStories Feature Will Quietly Auto-Edit Your Footage

GoPro today launched a new QuikStories feature to its Quik app, which uses your phone to edit your GoPro footage in the background before spitting out a ready-to-share video.
The Quik app is not new — it was bought and rebranded in early 2016 by GoPro. But the previous incarnation required users to open the GoPro app, manually select all of the footage, import it, open the Quik app, then splice them together into a video. The new addition of QuikStories aims to simplify the process by automating the importing and editing of footage on a smartphone. “While we had
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