This Stunning Timelapse Shows a Single Cell Transform into a Newt

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For 6 unforgettable minutes, watch how a single-cell zygote multiplies and transforms into an amphibious alpine newt.

Timelapses are fun to watch and fun to shoot, but the technique never captures our attention more than when it embraces and demonstrates its most unique superpower: depicting change through the passage of time.

Sure, light-painted freeways, rolling clouds, and transforming night skies are entertaining ways to express it, but Dutch filmmaker Jan van IJken decided to do something a little different by cinematically capturing the world on a microscopic, cellular level for his film Becoming, a 6-minute journey through the extremely detailed first traces of life of a single-celled zygote as it divides, multiplies, and eventually grows into a fully-formed amphibious organism.

According to PetaPixel, three weeks’ worth of footage was condensed into this 6-minutes to reveal the incredible transformation of this, now internet famous, alpine newt.

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