RØDECaster adds USB mix-minus & multitrack

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Starting with the just released free firmware update version 1.1.0, the RØDECaster Pro now offers selectable mix-minus via the USB port, in addition to its previously available mix-minus via TRRS and Bluetooth. The new 1.1.0 firmware also offers switchable multitrack recording of up to 14 tracks via USB, and that multitrack recording can be either pre or post processing: That’s your choice. The 1.1.0 firmware update is free. Details ahead, including two videos from RØDE describing these new features and adjustments.

Clarifying popular confusion regarding RØDECaster Pro’s mix-minus ports

Despite some popular confusion about topic —since Skype offers its own selectable echo cancellation feature, as does Cleanfeed Pro, but not Cleanfeed free), some people mistakenly thought that the US$599 RØDECaster Pro (B&H link) already offered mix-minus via USB. It didn’t, but after firmware 1.1.0 it is indeed available over via USB, if activated, in addition to continuing to offer mix-minus via TRRS and Bluetooth. This may be activated via the Advanced menu.

Warning from RØDE:

if you activate mix-minus mode on the USB output, the main USB output no longer represents the full podcast mix. This means if you want to record the stereo mix to your computer as well as use the USB input for a phone call or similar, you will need to activate multitrack mode. Make sure you allocate the main USB device to your communications app, and Source 1 and 2 of the multitrack USB device to your recording software.

More about multitrack mode ahead in this article.

Mulitrack via USB

The following is verbatim from RØDE, including official Australian spellings.

Multitrack Output to USB

Multitrack mode (called ‘multi-channel’ mode on the RØDECaster) allows you to record not only the stereo mix of your podcast, as was previously the case with the RØDECaster, but also each individual track, meaning you can now mix your podcast in post-production.

Multitrack-to-USB is activated via the RØDECaster Pro’s ‘Advanced’ settings. Once activated, an additional RØDECaster Pro USB output device will appear on your computer, in addition to the regular stereo USB output.(Note that when you activate this mode you may have to disconnect and then reconnect the USB connection to your computer for your computer to recognise the additional USB device – the RØDECaster Pro will prompt you to do this if necessary).

This additional USB device has 14 different sources available. The first two tracks are the stereo mix, exactly as the RØDECaster Pro records to the microSD card. The remaining tracks represent the sources on the RØDECaster Pro, going from left to right across the console – starting with Mic 1 and going across through Mics 2, 3 and 4, the USB input, TRRS phone connector, Bluetooth input, and finally the sound pads. The mic channels are single mono tracks, and all the other tracks are stereo – first left, then right.

The process for accessing and allocating tracks in a DAW will vary between platforms and software, but in general you need to select the multitrack USB device in your preferences and select the individual source on a per-track basis.

Switching Multi-Channel Outputs Between Pre and Post Audio Processing

By default, each of the tracks output in multitrack mode will include any audio processing you have selected while recording, such as the on-board APHEX processers or compression. However, you can choose to bypass this processing, giving you the raw channel output of each track instead. This is ideal if you want to add all of your processing in post-production. If this mode is activated, the on-board processing will still output to the main stereo mix.

Colour Coded Microphone Channels

Each microphone channel on the RØDECaster Pro now has its own dedicated colour, which remains on the sidebar as you cycle through the menus. This means you’ll always know which channel you’re adjusting while in the settings.

Other Changes to The User Interface

The record button on the RØDECaster Pro now gently pulses when the unit is ready to record, making it easier to tell the difference between when the unit is armed to go and actually recording. When you are recording, the button goes a solid bright red as before.

The menu layout has also changed slightly to accommodate the new features, and to make it easier to navigate between settings.

You can download the new firmware here. I already updated my review unit, and it was one of the simplest firmware update I’ve ever done. All channels are visible in Hindenburg Journalist Pro, my favorite multitrack editor for conventional computers (Mac/Windows) for audio storytellers.

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