The iPhone XS vs a Cinema Camera: Can You Tell the Difference?

As a filmmaker, I come across many different types of cameras, lenses, and of course all the peripherals that come with movie making. For commercial shoots I am currently shooting on a Canon C200 cinema camera using the Canon RAW lite codec. The results are incredible. A few weeks ago I picked up the new iPhone XS max and as a photographer and film maker the first thing I did was open up the camera app to see how it looked. To be honest, I was actually shocked. It looked awesome. Over the next few days I took a few
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Dear Sony: Thank You For the Mirrorless Camera Revolution

The mirrorless camera industry is about to blow up and we have Sony mirrorless to thank for this. This is how they achieved their massive success. This is the story of how one company built an industry from the ground up leaving everyone else behind. Sony’s mirrorless camera success is much like the success of Apple in the late 90s. Apple had been focusing on the professionals, creating hardware and software for the top professionals in the world. They built the best computers and the most powerful software, a strategy that worked, but only partially. In 1997, few people were
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