In Search of Perfect Lenses

Well then. I think I've recovered from my little blurt of yesterday (it doesn't quite rise to being a rant). Sometimes one just runs out of patience, you know? There are other things that can make me irascible. Thousand-horsepower cars, for example. There are times when I think we've all gone nuts. Lost the thread, no longer seeing—pun intended—the—big—picture. Despite what I said yesterday and what I believe about it, I also think you should treat yourself to whatever lens(es) you really want. The two aren't mutually exclusive. We do have a marvelous cornucopia of optical treasures being proffered
Sony-Zeiss 50mm
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Quote o’ the Day: Rob Campbell

"Art, money; they always end up screwing each other to death."

Rob Campbell


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Zeiss ZX1 Update

Zeiss ZX1I just got an email from Bertram Hönlinger, Consumer Products, Carl Zeiss AG, and he confirmed for us that you don't have to use the Lightroom CC features in the forthcoming Zeiss ZX1 if you don't want to. So there's no requirement that you have to have an Adobe subscription to use the camera. No evil skullduggery afoot to secretly force you to kowtow to the Adobe juggernaut. You can just transfer the files to your computer or the cloud and use whatever Editor you want to on the files. Just followin' up.


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People News IV: Bob Gruen

Lennon stamp

The stamp sheet is designed to resemble a vintage 45 RPM record sleeve

Congratulations to music photographer Bob Gruen: one of his portraits of John Lennon has been chosen as a postage stamp. The P.O. says, "The stamp design features a photograph of Lennon taken by noted rock-and-roll photographer Bob Gruen in August 1974 during the photo session for Lennon's 1974 album Walls and Bridges. For the stamps, the original black-and-white image has been treated in gradations of color."
You can see more of Bob Gruen's photographs of John Lennon's New York period here. "Bob's magical photos
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