Carry a Camera, Man

Yesterday, Tony Roberts said, "The danger of the smartphone camera is that it might become the only camera you have with you." Oh, man, nailed that. I seriously need to start carrying a real camera with me and stop being so lazy. As I always say, I'm just sayin'.


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Sony A7III Update (It’s Coming)

I spoke to B&H yesterday and I'm on the shipment list for April with the Sony A7III and Zeiss 55mm. I also got permission to ship it to Gordon after I'm done with it so he can review it too. We should have some fun with that—I've never used any Sony A7[x] past a few exposures in a store or at a show. And I'm completely over my FF GAS, so you know the rose tint will be very faint in the spectacles through which I peer at it. I'm feeling better (the a-fib mercifully departed yesterday and my heart
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Time Out

More excitement, unfortunately—my heart is misbehaving and the people at the hospital are poking me full of holes and holding me hostage! If I’m not back by the end of the weekend, for  heavens sake send a search party bearing clean underwear and a toothbrush. They haven’t told me much yet but I gather the rest of today is going to busy for me, so I thought I’d post while I can. I’m feeling well enough now and hope to be back in my own bed tonight.  And on top of everything, it snowed again last night. March has
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Snowy Field

Snowy field small  A snowy cornfield. This one one of the remarkable things I saw yesterday. Doesn't look like much at first glance, does it? This is a case where you actually need one of the high-resolution, larger-sensor 35+ MP cameras. I know it's kinda too small to see here on the blog, but the fields were actually chock-full of thousands of white geese, to the horizon and beyond. Geese detail ...And then, the Mennonites coming home from church kept putting themselves in front of my lens—walking, riding bikes, and in buggies. I know they don't like to be photographed, so naturally I usually don't,
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The Red Chair 2018

Red chair 2018 small The Red Chair, post-snowstorm. The pitted appearance of the snow is from clumps of stuck-on snow raining down from the branches of the trees above it. The tree in the background might look picturesque, but it's been uprooted and it's a goner. This isn't a great single image, but as part of the series it makes sense. Pictures in series don't lend themselves to Instagram and memes and sharing and so forth—the ways we see pictures today, and, overwhelmingly, the way the public is conditioned to accept photographs today—but it's a natural way for photographers to work and we shouldn't
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I’ve been offline since late afternoon / early evening. We’re still having problems here in central NY—it wasn’t much snow, only 10 inches, but it is exceptionally wet and heavy. Trees down all over the area. I lost two, one approx 30 ft, one approx 70 ft. Still no power. Very nice neighbor Pete (thanks Pete!) cleared my driveway with his big snowthrower.  Neighbors and friends a blessing. Beautiful day. More snow on the way. Fuji pix (red chair March 2 edition) when I get back online .

Mike (from my iPhone)

The Great March the Second Storm

SundayThis was all that was left of my largest snow-pile as of last Sunday

This has been Bizarro-World Winter: we had who knows how many 50+ and 60+ degree days in February and set who who knows how many records for high temperatures for various dates. Yesterday morning it was downright balmy and the very last trace of former snowbanks had melted away. And then—whaaam. I stopped at the grocery store last evening and it was jammed—more cars in the parking lot and more people in the store than I think I've ever seen. Woke up this morning and
March 2 snowstorm-1
March 2 snowstorm 2
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News Blips (Blog Notes)

Two news blips for ya: 1. Gordon Lewis has agreed to help me try out the Skype-interview-conversation mode for an audio file. We'll see if we can make it work. 2. There's a Sony A7III and Zeiss 55mm ƒ/1.8 ZA lens winging its way to me as we speak. I didn't request it; my contact at B&H, Izzy, asked me if I'd like to review an A7III and I said sure. Thanks Izzy. He's great. Oh, and one more news blip: I finally found the picture I was missing for the Must-Be-Color Baker's Dozen. Finally remembered the guy's name
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Have you ever heard a really satisfying splash noise? I don't recommend this method. (This is a video, but it will take only a few seconds of your time. Unless you watch the rest of the video, but that's on you.) The relevant part happens just after the three minute mark, if this doesn't open at the right place for you...I set the time a few seconds early so you can dismiss the ad. Plop! Ouch! Okay, I have to admit I this made me "laugh out loud." Which means this might be a good time to
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The Online Photographer 2018-03-02 07:35:31

 We had a dramatic snowstorm here! 8 to 10 inches of very wet, heavy snow. I have a large tree down in the backyard and several branches down, and the house is running on generator power. I have auxiliary power, but the Internet is down – I’m posting this from my phone. I worked on the comments to the podcast post very late last night and now I’m glad I did! Check those out, there is a wide range of opinion. More soon I hope! – Mike

PS Oh, and it’s beautiful here. :-). I’ll post pictures when I’m back

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