Rock Star Jack White Launches Photo Lab and Studio

Rock star Jack White, best known as the singer and guitarist of The White Stripes, has launched a new photo lab and studio in Nashville, Tennessee. Called Third Man Photo Studio, the lab is now accepting film from photographers worldwide. White’s music label Third Man Records has physical retail locations in Nashville and Detroit. While the latter has its own vinyl pressing plant, the Nashville location has now gotten its own photo studio. The lab’s photo chemists hand-process C-41 color negative, black-and-white, and E-6 slide films. They also use traditional photo enlargement techniques to create one-of-a-kind archival prints. What’s
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Tricks for Shooting Better Outdoor Macro Photos

Want to improve your macro photography game? Here’s a great 12-minute DPReview TV episode in which master macro shooter Don Komarechka demonstrates some simple techniques and setups you can use to capture better outdoor shots. Komarechka’s tricks include examples of setting up backdrops and lighting for shooting things like ice, water drops, flowers, and rocks. Previous articles Komarechka has written here on PetaPixel include shooting high-res photos of snowflakes: A snowflake photo that took 2,500 hours to create: Using UV light to make nature fluoresce: And capturing vibrant colors inside snowflakes: You can find more of Komarechka’s
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A Review and Teardown of the ‘S**t’ Yashica Y35 Camera

The Yashica Y35 camera was hugely hyped as a revival of an iconic Japanese camera brand and raised over $1 million on Kickstarter, but as backers have started receiving their cameras, reviews have been overwhelmingly horrible. The Vancouver, Canada-based Point&ShootClub published this 15-minute video review of the camera (Beware: it’s angry and has strong language). Just as early backers have reported, Point&ShootClub found the camera to have poor build quality, unreliable/non-working functionality, an incompatible cable, non-existent “autofocus”, a “black-and-white” “film” that doesn’t actually shoot monochrome, and more. “I regret the day I paid [for] this,” the reviewer states. “If film
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Photographer Searching for Couple in His Epic Yosemite Engagement Photo

Michigan freelance photographer Matthew Dippel was in Yosemite National Park in California recently when he spotted a man walk out to the edge of a cliff with his girlfriend and drop to one knee. Dippel captured a breathtaking photo of the proposal from his vantage point, and now he’s searching for the mystery couple in his photo. CNN reports that Dippel was at Taft Point waiting to photograph his friend Josh when he noticed the proposal going down. He’s the photo he made: While the wide-angle photo makes the couple look extremely far away, they were located only about a
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Pixii is a Digital Rangefinder with an M Mount, Global Shutter, and Phone Link

A French startup called PIXII has unveiled its new Pixii camera. It’s an unusual digital rangefinder camera (with a real rangefinder, not just rangefinder looks) that represents the company’s “radical take on what a modern camera should be.” “The digital camera hasn’t changed much since the 90s,” says PIXII founder David Barth. “But now the new generation is learning photography with a smartphone: who understands why a camera still needs to bother with a screen or an SD card?” The Pixii camera is designed to be paired closely with your smartphone. Instead of having an LCD screen on
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Photo Memes May Be Making Teens Fat, Researchers Warn

Less than a month after Sweden’s ad regulator ruled that the distracted boyfriend photo is sexist, researchers in the UK are now warning lawmakers that viral Internet memes may be causing obesity in teenagers who see them. The concern was shared in a letter written by researchers at Loughborough University to a British parliamentary committee that’s currently tasked with analyzing the effects of social media on the health of young people in the UK. “Our provisional inquiries show that a substantial number of individuals on Twitter share health-related Internet memes, with both positive and negative messages, through their public
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Beyond Freedom: Photos Inside Russia’s Prison System

As of October 1, 2018, there were 575,686 people in the institutions of Russia’s penitentiary system. For each of these people, the reality of being in one of the penitentiary institutions is simultaneously a problem, a conflict, and a compromise. But probably to the greatest extent, it’s a compromise. That is the form of adaptation — the convicted individual accepts changing conditions by adopting new requirements to live by and new living conditions to dwell in. Every day is a compromise with himself or herself, with representatives of the state, with other convicts, and with his or her relatives…
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Winning Photos from the 2018 Nikon Small World Competition

Nikon has announced the winning photos from the 2018 Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition, the 44th annual contest celebrating “excellence in photography through the light microscope.” The first place photo, shown above and captured by Emirati photographer Yousef Al Habshi, shows part of the compound eye of an Asian Red Palm weevil and the greenish scales that surround it. The beetle is usually less than 0.43in (11mm) in length. Al Habshi created the photo using reflected light and by stacking 128 micrographs into a single photo. “The main challenge was to show the black body against the black
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A Teardown of the Canon EOS R

Want to see the internals of Canon’s first full-frame mirrorless camera? Roger Cicala over at LensRentals disassembled the new Canon EOS R to look at the design and engineering going on inside. Here are some snapshots taken during the teardown:
The main PCB in the camera. The shutter motor and electronics are below now, whereas in DSLRs they’re usually to one side.
Removing the top assembly.
After removing the PCB, we see the green image sensor board, the shutter mechanism below, and the black battery box.
The front view of the stripped-down camera.
“One thing that struck me is that
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Renowned Turkish Photojournalist Ara Guler Dies at 90

Renowned Armenian-Turkish Turkish photojournalist Ara Guler has died. As one of the few prominent internationally-recognized photographers from Turkey, Guler was known as “The Eye of Istanbul.”

Guler was born in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1928 into an Armenian family. He received his first camera, a Rolleicord II, when he was 22 years old in 1950. That same year, while studying economics at the
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Yashica’s ‘Unexpected’ Y35 Camera is Worse Than Anyone Expected

The Japanese brand Yashica stirred up a great deal of excitement in the photo world in 2017 by teasing its return to the camera industry. In October 2017, it unveiled the Yashica Y35 digiFilm camera and raised over $1 million on Kickstarter. Backers are now receiving their cameras, and the initial reaction has been overwhelmingly negative. Yashica’s many teasers for the Y35 camera told photographers to “expect the unexpected.” The camera turned out to be a minimalist digital camera that features pretend rolls of film that are used to choose your photo style, aspect ratio, and ISO combinations (instead
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Sony Beats Canon EOS R and Nikon Z7 in Dynamic Range

Photonstophotos has published its dynamic range test results for the new Canon EOS R and Nikon Z7 full-frame mirrorless cameras. The numbers show that both Canon and Nikon trail the performance of Sony’s cameras. Here’s the comparison chart by Photonstophotos: At ISO 100, the Sony a7R III has a Photographic Dynamic Range (PDR) of 11.64, the Nikon Z7 is 10.98, and the Canon EOS R is in last with 10.6. The Nikon Z7 does have a lower native minimum ISO of 64, but even there it has a PDR of 11.56, which still trails the
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Banksy’s ‘Director’s Cut’ of His $1.4M Art Getting Shredded at Auction

One of the biggest stories in the art world this year was street artist Banksy having his painting “self-destruct” just moments after the work sold for nearly $1.4 million at auction. Banksy just shared the 3-minute director’s cut above of the prank as it went down.

In the video, we see new footage of the “Girl with Balloon” artwork being auctioned off. Shortly after the hammer falls, someone in attendance presses a button on a remote, an alarm starts ringing out, and the art begins passing down through the hidden shredder in the bottom of the frame, stopping about

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The Winning Photos of Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2018

The prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition has announced the winning photos of its 2018 contest. The overall winner was Dutch photographer Marsel van Oosten for his photo titled “The Golden Couple,” which shows snub-nosed monkeys in China.

Van Oosten shot the photo in the Qinling Mountains, the only place on Earth where these endangered monkeys can be found. The male and female monkeys are seen watching an altercation between two other lead males in the 50-monkey troop.

“Whenever he did catch up and if the monkeys were on the ground, the light was seldom right,” writes the Natural

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Portraits of Ballet Dancers in Hand-Folded Paper Dresses

The PLI.Ē Project is a photo series that shows ballet dancers around the world wearing hand-folded paper dresses. It’s a collaboration between Montreal-based photographer Melika Dez and paper artist Pauline Loctin (AKA Miss Cloudy). Each of the costumes’ design and color combination were chosen specifically for the dancer’s body, skin tone, and the location they would be dancing in. “We did a first version of the project in studio and a few months later, we decided to push the boundaries even further and risk shooting paper dresses outdoors,” Dez tells PetaPixel. “Paper can be a fragile material to work
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Here Are Photos Shot on the Rebooted Kodak Ektachrome Film

When Kodak needed experienced photographers to beta test its new Ektachrome 100 film before it launched, one of the few people it chose was award-winning travel photographer Peter Guttman. Guttman is the author behind eight hardcover photo books that cover his adventures around the world across all 7 continents and over 240 countries. He spent two weeks shooting on Ektachrome 100 and shared his results through an Instagram takeover on the Kodak Professional account in early September. “Between assignments abroad, and with only a fortnight to shoot this new film, I quickly realized I’d have to forgo the foreign
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Adobe MovingStills Creates Realistic Camera Moves in Still Photos

At the ongoing Adobe MAX 2018 conference, Adobe is showing off some sneak peeks of features being developed for the Creative Cloud. One of them is MovingStills, which lets you add realistic camera moves to any still photograph, bringing it to life. The idea is to use artificial intelligence to intelligently create parallax based on what’s found in a photo, turning it into a faux video shot with a moving camera. Here’s what an ordinary “zoom” into a 2D photo looks like without any special technology:
“The result is not very impressive,” the presenter says. “It looks quite flat and
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If You Backed Meyer Optik Görlitz on Kickstarter, Your Money is Gone

If you backed a Meyer Optik Görlitz lens on Kickstarter and are still waiting for your reward to arrive, there’s some bad news for you: it never will, and your money is now gone. net SE, the company behind those lenses and other vintage brand reboots, is dead. The news was first reported by photoscala after an official notice was published to direct claims to a law firm. This news comes less than two months after we reported on the nightmare happening behind the scenes at the company, which launched new Kickstarter after Kickstarter in order to fund existing
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TinyMOS NANO1: The World’s Smallest Astrophotography Camera

TinyMOS is trying to become the GoPro of astrophotography, and its next camera will be another big step in that direction. Called the NANO1, the camera will take the crown as the world’s smallest astronomy camera. If you thought the original TinyMOS TINY1 camera of 2015 was small, get this: the NANO1 is 3 times smaller, weighing less than 3.5 ounces (100g).
The NANO1 (left) and the TINY1 (right).
The size and portability would make the NANO1 a nearly weightless camera option for taking on long hikes into the mountains or wilderness. But what it gives up in
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This Music Video Mixes Day and Night Using Its Main Characters

Here’s a creative music video that may bend your brain. Featuring the song “No More” by the French electro band Loo & Monetti, the video visually mixes day and night through the two main characters. “It’s a poetic film involving two characters, one living in the day and the other at night,” producer Lionel Payet Pigeon of La Planète Rouge tells PetaPixel. “They cross the same places, but at different moments, like they where looking for each other.” The bodies of the characters were used as transparent “masks” in the shots — windows into the opposite half of a
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