Thank you, Adobe — For The Little Things…

I’m just back from teaching at the Adobe MAX Conference in Los Angeles. An incredible event, in scope, scale and how Adobe pulls it off. Really something special to experience (and thanks to all the folks who came out to my sessions). During the opening keynote, my dear friend and 21-year evangelist for Adobe Systems, Terry White (seen above), was on stage to show off the new features in Photoshop CC 2019 (he totally crushed it btw — he’s such a gifted presenter). There’s a new workspace for Content-Aware Fill, which is arguably one of Photoshop’s most amazing features already, and this Continue reading "Thank you, Adobe — For The Little Things…"

It’s Adobe MAX Keynote Day! Could We Get Photoshop & Lightroom Updates?

Hi, gang and greetings from Los Angeles where this morning Adobe will take the stage for their huge annual conference, Adobe MAX 2018 — held this year at the Los Angeles Convention Center. I’m very excited to be teaching at the conference this year — I’m teaching a class today and tomorrow called “How to Present Like a Pro” and I can’t wait to share a bunch of really helpful techniques with the folks here at the conference. I’m not sharing anything out-of-turn or secret here, but I will tell you that historically Adobe releases big updates to products like Continue reading "It’s Adobe MAX Keynote Day! Could We Get Photoshop & Lightroom Updates?"

Upload Your Best Image From The Photo Walk For The Photo Walk Photo Competition

If you haven’t uploaded your best image from this past weekend’s Worldwide Photo Walk, now’s the time. Pick that one best image from your shoot – Upload it at the site (more on that in a moment), and you’re entered. Entering the contest is free, so whatdaya have to lose? (Heck, maybe you’ll win!). STEP ONE: Go to the official Worldwide Photo Walk site (link), and find the page for the city where you did your walk. This is the page (above) from the walk I led in Innsbruck, Austria. Click on the Contest tab at the
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Whoo Hoo! What an Awesome Photo Walk Saturday!!! :)

Good morning, everybody from absolutely beautiful Hallstatt, Austria (we came here after my Photo Walk in wonderful Innsbruck, but tomorrow we’re heading out to Bled, Slovenia for the day, and then back here for another night, and then we head back to Munich, and then home. Whew!). Here’s the group shot from my Innsbruck walk on Saturday as part of the Worldwide Photo Walk. We had such a great group of people (virtually none actually from Innsbruck -everybody pretty much came from somewhere else – either somewhere else in Austria or Italy or Germany). Plus, I was blessed to
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Here’s Your Last-Minute Tips For Tomorrow’s Photo Walk

It’s here!!! Tomorrow, Saturday, October 6th, 2018 in nearly a thousand cities around the world, my 11th Annual World Wide Photo Walk kicks off, and by tomorrow night collectively we will have taken literally millions of photos. How cool is that!!!! I’m here in Innsbruck, Austria and I’m psyched about leading the local walk here on Saturday. If you haven’t signed up for a walk yet: go here right now – find a walk near you and sign up free! (you can be walking with us tomorrow!). If you’re already signed up to walk, here are SEVEN LAST MINUTE
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It’s Worldwide Photo Walk Week!

We’re just 5 days away!
It’s this coming Saturday, Oct. 6th, so head over to the official site and see if there’s a photo walk set-up near you (if you haven’t checked in a while, it’s worth checking again – we have photo walk organized in over 900 cities around the world). Plus, it’s free; you’ve got a chance at some amazing prizes (including awesome Canon Cameras and lenses, and Adobe software, and lots more!), you’ll take lots of photos, meet some new people, and you’ll just have just a ton of fun. I’m off to Innsbruck, Austria to Continue reading "It’s Worldwide Photo Walk Week!"

Some Videos To Help Get You Ready For Next Week’s Worldwide Photo Walk

We’re just over a week away for the Worldwide Photo Walk (It’s Saturday, October 6th). It’s all coming together, and thanks to our friends from Canon USA (official sponsor of the 11th annual Photo Walk) we have some quick video tips today from Canon Explorer of Light, Rick Sammon on how to get some great shots during the Photo Walk. Note: If you haven’t signed on to a photo walk near you (they are in over 900 cities around the world), head over to the official Photo Walk site and sign up to walk with us a week from tomorrow Continue reading "Some Videos To Help Get You Ready For Next Week’s Worldwide Photo Walk"

Just 19 Days ‘Till The Worldwide Photo Walk

  • Amecameca, Mexico
  • Quchan, Iran
  • Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, USA
  • Naga, Bicol, Philippines
  • Birmingham, Alabama, USA
  • Kanpur, UP, India
  • Cebu City, Philippines
  • Mashhad, Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran
  • Paris, Ile-de-France, France
  • Muratpasa, Antalya, Turkey
  • Ruston, Washington, USA
These are all cities that recently added photo walks as part of my 11th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk (sponsored by the awesome folks at Canon USA). We are just 19-days away from the walk on Saturday, October 6th
Whoo hoo, it’s gettin’ close! We have already approved leaders in over 1,000 walks in cities around the world, and nearly 800 of them are already online for you
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The coolest little photo accessory you probably didn’t know you already have

If you shoot long exposure photography with your DSLR, this tip is for you, because one of the things you have to deal with (especially with exposures longer than 1-minute) is “light leak.” That’s light that enters your camera through your viewfinder during long exposures and it can totally mess up your shot. So, you need a way to cover that viewfinder completely, and that’s the tip — you probably didn’t realize that you already have an accessory that’s actually made for that very thing — covering your viewfinder to keep out any extraneous light.  Now that you know you
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Straight Talk Q&A On Canon’s EOS R Full-Frame Mirrorless

I’m back from Hawaii(I know, tough life) — Canon had us out there for the launch of their EOS R full-frame mirrorless camera, and we were able to broadcast a live episode of ‘The Grid’ that morning after the announcement. There are already reviews all over the Web about the new camera, both from those who have actually shot the camera (mostly very positive) and those from those who are judging it strictly on specs (mostly very negative). On the day of the launch, between ‘The Grid,’ and some Facebook live stuff we did, we had nearly 2,000 questions and
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Some quick news, Worldwide Photo Update, and stuff

Aloha, everybody – sorry for the late post – I got in really late and fell into bed. I need some coffee, but until then, here’s what’s up: Canon Full-Frame Mirrorless Q&A Coming on Monday
I’ve spent the past new days shooting with Canon’s new full-frame Mirrorless, the EOS R (including a full day in the field all day yesterday), on Monday here on the blog I’ll have a Q&A that answers a lot of the questions folks are asking me. I think I can give a perspective and some answers that will help. Make sure you check back then. Continue reading "Some quick news, Worldwide Photo Update, and stuff"

BREAKING NEWS: Canon Announces New Full Frame Mirrorless: The EOS R

Aloha from Maui, Hawaii — I’m here at Canon’s launch event for their just-announced EOS R Full Frame Mirrorless camera. I got a chance to get my hands on the new camera, and I have to say, Canon did a kick-butt job on this big-time Mirrorless.  Get The Scoop Live on The Grid and Ask Canon’s Tech Gurus Yourself
Before we get to the tech specs — today you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions directly to Canon’s photo and video gurus, along with YouTube sensation Devin Supertramp, and Fashion Photographer Lindsay Adler, as we’re broadcasting The Grid
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It’s Labor Dat. That means it’s “No Blog Monday!”

Hi, folks:
Today is Labor Day in the US (an official US holiday), and like most government offices, the KelbyOne offices are closed today so we can rest and eat hamburgers (an American Labor Day tradition), and so I’m using that loophole as a springboard for a day off! You know what else?
Today I’m celebrating being married 29 years to the girl of my dreams. It’s just about a perfect day! :) So have a great Monday everybody, and we’ll see you back here tomorrow, where Dave Williams, who is British and therefore immune to US holidays like Labor Continue reading "It’s Labor Dat. That means it’s “No Blog Monday!”"

Worldwide Photo Walk Update

  • Frederick, Maryland USA
  • Caloocan, NCR Philippines
  • Torreón, Coah, Mexico
  • Ft. Myers, Florida, USA
  • Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Muratpaşa, Antalya, Turkey
  • Tarragona, Spain
  • Hendersonville, North Carolina, USA
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
These are just a few of the latest cities with Photo Walks joining 650+ Photo Walks in cities around the world for my 11th annual Worldwide Photo Walk™. The world is walking, Saturday, October 6, 2018 and you’re invited to come along (it’s free); make some photos, make some new friends, and have a ball! > Here’s where you find a photo walk near you to join (each walk Continue reading "Worldwide Photo Walk Update"

The “New Eyes” Photography Challenge

Above: I was in a bad place post-processing wise in 2012. I think it was the mushrooms. Haven’t had a pizza with them since. I have a simple photo challenge for you…
and while there is no official prize (well, not one from me anyway), it has great rewards and you can absolutely be a winner. Here’s what it’s based on: If you look back at photos you took and edited back in 2012 or 2013, chances are:

(1) You are much, much better at your post-processing now than you were then.

(2) You post-processing tastes have changed, evolved, and/or Continue reading "The “New Eyes” Photography Challenge"

Five Portrait/Fashion Photographers You Should Be Following on Instagram

Howdy, folks – before we launch into my picks – I’m doing a location “safari fashion shoot” today as part of a new class I’m doing on lighting location portraits with the Profoto B1x,  and we’ll be sharing a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff on Twitter, Facebook Live, and Instagram Stories, so I’ll hope you’ll come share the experience with me and the crew later today – we start around 4:30 to 5:00 pm, but we’ll be sharing some BTS even before. Hope to see you there. On Instagram: @scottkelby or @kelbyonepics
Twitter: @scottkelby or @kelbyone
Facebook: I started
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How The Print Exhibition System in Our Gallery Works (and a look at Saturday’s Gallery Reception)

Above: Our contest winner, Canadian landscape photographer Ramtin Kazemi (photo by Kalebra) Saturday night, we were honored to feature the outstanding landscape photographer of KelbyOne member Ramtin Kazemi in his own solo Gallery Opening, and wine and cheese reception. Ramtin (“Rami”) was awesome — so gracious to everyone, answering questions and chatting with everyone and his artist chat, hosted by the always awesome Larry Becker, was just fantastic — he was so inspiring, informative, and fun. And, just like every other opening we’ve had at the gallery, there are so many questions about the system we use in the gallery
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Announcing My New Lightroom Book For More Experienced Lightroom Users

  Hi, gang — greetings from Washington DC. I’m up here for my seminar today, and looking forward to meeting a whole bunch of you! Today, I’m officially announcing my new book‚ “How Do I Do That in Lightroom Classic, 2nd Edition,” which (according to Amazon) the print edition should be in stock and ready to ship today (Well, that’s what their Website said, anyway). Here’s what the book is all about: I hope you’ll give it a read — I think you’ll really find it useful. Here’s a link to order your copy at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Continue reading "Announcing My New Lightroom Book For More Experienced Lightroom Users"

Worldwide Photo Walk 2018 Q&A

Above: The group shot of the local photo walk I led in Venice, Italy a couple of years ago — such a great group to walk with, which included my brother Jeff (behind me, far right), and Mimo Meidany (far left), and behind him, Italian legend of love, Roby Pisco. Last week we announced my 11th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk™ (once again brought to you by our friends at Canon, and produced by KelbyOne), and today I wanted to do a quick Q&A to answer some of the questions that are already pouring in.   Q. When is
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It’s here, and you’re invited to join us at my 11th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk™ brought to you once again by our friends at Canon, and produced by KelbyOne. This Photo Walk is a worldwide phenomenon with photo walks in nearly 1,p00 cities around the globe hosting walks last year. Best of all, besides all the fun and making friends, it all benefits the Springs of Hope Orphanage in Nakuru, Kenya. Above: That’s my awesome crew from the photo walk I led last in beautiful Lisbon, Portugal.  Here are the details: 

Who: Everybody! You’re invited to join us — everyone is welcome!