The Next Winner of Their Own Solo Gallery Show is…

Once again, KelbyOne Members all over the world sent in entries, and these entries keep getting better and better, which makes the judging harder and harder. Nevertheless, we found an incredible photographer to honor with this own solo gallery show opening, and we’re excited to announce that our latest winner is UK-based photographer/Photoshop artist:

Ian Munro

Ian (and a guest of his choice) will be flown to Tampa, Florida to be there for the wine and cheese reception celebrating his own solo gallery show at “The Gallery at KelbyOne.” (Note: If you’re like “What’s this whole gallery thing?” check
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Adobe Releases a Very Zippy New Update to Lightroom Classic

It’s “Faster Lightroom Classic Tuesday,” everybody! Adobe just released another update to Lightroom Classic CC (the regular desktop Lightroom we all know and love), but today we will love it more because it’s much faster than ever before. Lots of speed improvements throughout (building upon the speed enhancements from the October update), and you’ve probably already read test results leaked around the Web last week that show the new Lightroom Classic 7.2 is significantly faster in many areas (provided you have at least 12 GB of RAM – though I always recommend, and use 16-GB). Plus, they’ve made the Continue reading "Adobe Releases a Very Zippy New Update to Lightroom Classic"

Deadline to Enter Architectural Photo Contest is Thursday

The Deadline to Enter The Lexar/KelbyOne Architectural Photo Competition is This Thursday
Just a heads up – you have until February 15, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. ET to enter. After that, I’ll will select a winner, a runner up, and three honorable mentions. For more details and the official rules, here’s the link. OK, pretty short and sweet (and there’s no reason not to enter — the contest is open to everybody!) Also, make sure you follow @lexarmemory on Twitter even if you don’t enter the contest – they share lots of cool images on their account. Good luck Continue reading "Deadline to Enter Architectural Photo Contest is Thursday"

It’s “Back-up Your Photos Friday”

Go Back Up Your Photos. Right Now!
On a regular basis I get an email or Facebook message with another heartbreaking story from a photographer who didn’t have a back-up of their photos, and they lost every photo they had taken in the last few years, including photos of their family — everything — gone forever. Stop whatever you’re doing and right this very minute, and take a few minutes to protect the visual history of your life, and back up your images. Just drag them onto another hard drive. If you don’t have one: here’s a link to one Continue reading "It’s “Back-up Your Photos Friday”"

Are You Coming To The Photoshop World Conference 2018 in Orlando This May?

Heads up, folks — Registration is in full swing right now for the upcoming Photoshop World conference in Orlando, Florida on May 31 – June 2, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel & Convention Center in Orlando. All the cool people will be there, but just in case you’re on the fence, watch the 1-minute official trailer below, about why you gotta be there: Lots of cool new things this year, plus more of the stuff we introduced last year that were hits, including new instructors, new workshops, new networking events, a rockin’ party, a special evening event with Jeremy Continue reading "Are You Coming To The Photoshop World Conference 2018 in Orlando This May?"

It’s “Drone Love” Day on the Blog

Happy Friday, everybody, but here on the blog it’s also “Drone Love Day.” I have the dji Mavic Air drone already on order, but sadly mine has not come in yet, but ya know who’s drone not only came in, but he already made an awesome Unboxing and First Flight video? That’s right — the Duke of Drones, Mr. Terry White. Check it out below (and get all droney with T.): At the end, he controls his dji Mavic Air using only his mind and some simple Vulcan gestures (including a Vulcan neck pinch). More Drone Love!
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Is This Simple Mistake Killing Your Portraits?

You’ve got a nice looking subject, with some fun accessories and an interesting blouse, and still you wound up with a really crappy picture. That’s because the background stinks. Although we’re focused on the subject when we’re taking the shot, our viewer sees the entire scene (ugly background and all), and busy, unattractive, distracting backgrounds like the one you see above can absolutely kill your shot. Want to see your location portraits take a big leap forward?
Start being really concerned about the background behind your subject. Either put the background so out of focus that it no longer becomes
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Photos From My Trip to Marrakech, Morocco

I’m way, way overdue for sharing these images from my trip to Morocco (and you thought my post about my Lisbon trip shots was late), but I finally got a chance to get a Spark page put together with them. Thanks for everybody that asked about them, and that has been so patient as well. I shared the images, story, and behind-the-scenes shots using Adobe Spark Page. Here’s the link.  Thanks for letting me share these images with you. :) Have a great weekend everybody (and I have a trailer for you to watch below if you want to Continue reading "Photos From My Trip to Marrakech, Morocco"

Adobe Releases New Photoshop “Select Subject” Feature and It Kicks A@$!

Adobe just released another update to Photoshop CC, and while there’s lot of important stuff in this update (including a ba-jillion bug fixes), the feature that the folks who read this blog will fall in love with is the “Select Subject” feature (Adobe recently sneak-peeked this technology at an Adobe event in Japan and it blew people’s minds, but nobody thought it would be released this soon, because this is the next level stuff). What this new feature does is save you a TON of time in making the initial selection of your subject before you start the making process Continue reading "Adobe Releases New Photoshop “Select Subject” Feature and It Kicks A@$!"

Our Industry Lost a Hero, and I Lost a Dear Friend

B. Winston Hendrickson   |    1962 – 2018
If you’ve been to the Photoshop World Conference, you probably recognize Adobe VP Winston Hendrickson from the many times he’s delivered Adobe’s opening keynote presentation to kick off the conference.  That’s Winston above during the keynote in 2013, but even if you didn’t recognize him, you’ve felt his input, his influence, and his vision every time you launched Photoshop or Lightroom. Winston was Adobe’s Vice President of Engineering for Photoshop and Lightroom, and he was the perfect person to be in that role because he used and loved those programs as
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If You Hate Your Flash, I’ll Bet It’s Because….

…you’re using TTL (Thru The Lens metering). I know, I know, all the flash manufacturers love to talk about TTL in their marketing pieces, and it’s touted as a miracle fix-all for new flash users. But in my honest opinion, I think it’s probably the single biggest reason new flash users struggle with their flash or even hate their flash, and it’s because of TTLs total inconsistency or flat-looking results when it does work. For example, you’re shooting a wedding; you’re getting decent results for the first few minutes; you turn to shoot a different part of the church/reception/whatever, and Continue reading "If You Hate Your Flash, I’ll Bet It’s Because…."

Call for Entires: KelbyOne/Lexar Architectural Photo Competition

Hi, gang, and greetings from a really chilly Nashville (I’m here for PPA’s Imaging USA conference & expo. Great show – lots of good energy. You can catch my show coverage over on my twitter page or watch live show floor tours on my Facebook page). On to the contest: We’re teaming up with the folks at Lexar Memory for an Instagram architectural photography competition, with loads of Lexar prizes for the winners (and even some for the runner up and 3 honorable mentions). How to Enter Your Architectural Photos in the Contest: 
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5 Quick Bits of News

Rob Foldy Is Getting Married Tomorrow!
That’s right, my buddy, Sports Photographer, KelbyOne Instructor, Miami Marlins Team Photographer, Frequent Grid Guest, and all over SupaLuva Rob Foldy is settling down with a wonderful gal, late tomorrow afternoon. The wifey and I are heading up for the wedding; Brad “Braddo” Moore will be there  and I expect his beard to be in full bloom this time of year, so it should be a spectacular wedding. Congrats to Rob and his lovely wife-to-be Amanda! Please have Spray Cheese and Chicken in a Biskit at the reception. The crowd will love it! I’m
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The Best Guest Posts of 2017

It’s my annual tradition to kick off the New Year with a look back at the best posts of the previous year.

Today we’re honoring my picks for “Best Guest Posts of 2017”

2017 was a stellar year for Guest bloggers. I thought 2016 was incredible, but I think 2017 actually took it up a big notch, and the follow guests shared so much wisdom; so many great images; and they informed and inspired us at a level that was really something special. Here are my picks for “The Best Guest Blog Posts of 2017” (in no particular order):

I’m Giving Away Five Signed Copies of My New Book, “The Flash Book”

First, here’s what the book is all about (it’s short – give it quick watch). OK, now all you have to do to enter for your chance to win one of five signed copies, it simply leave me a comment below. You can say “hi” you can drop me a line, whatever you want, and you’re entered. Now, if you can’t wait to get your hands on a copy (maybe you got an Amazon gift card for Christmas?) you can get either the Print or eBook version right now on Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.  Good luck everybody! Continue reading "I’m Giving Away Five Signed Copies of My New Book, “The Flash Book”"

Shooting The Outback Bowl. Well, kinda…

Well, I was at the Outback Bowl, and I did shoot some football, but that wasn’t my main gig. I hope you’ll take a moment to check out my images and the full story behind how I wound up shooting at the Outback Bowl, by clicking this link.  Hey, it’s certainly a different way for me to start off the new year, but it turned out to be a really fun one! Here’s to trying new things in 2018! Hope you had a Happy New Year, and let’s make 2018 totally kick butt! :) Best, -Scott     The Continue reading "Shooting The Outback Bowl. Well, kinda…"

Photoshop Tutorial: Putting an image inside an iPhone screen or iPad screen, or really any screen

You see this technique a lot in graphics on Twitter and on Facebook — it’s where you create an image and place it so it looks like its inside an iPhone or iPad screen (or any screen for that matter – laptop, TV, you name it). What’s nice about this is: you keep the proper perspective and you learn a quick screen reflection trick, too. Plus I share a few really helpful keyboard shortcuts a long the way. Check it out below.   Hope you found that helpful. Next week’s blogging schedule:
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Sing to the tune of “I’ll be Home For Christmas”

Art Christmas invitation background To wrap up this Christmas week, please join my yearly tradition of me being “lame” as I sing the following — to the tune of Bing Crosby’s “I’ll be home for Christmas:”  (tip: laming rhymes with flaming)

“I’m laming out for the Holidays
You can count on it.
There won’t be posts, or any news…
It’s a present just for me. 

Christmas Eve will find me
Far away from this blog.
But I’ll be back Tuesday January 2nd…
I’m off to watch TV”

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Photoshop “Fake Studio Lighting” Trick

Hi, gang. I was inspired to do this trick after I saw it used yesterday by B&H Photo in a graphic for a lens they were tweeting about. As soon as I saw it, I thought, “Hey, I’ve been teaching that technique for years” and then I realized, it’s probably been too many years. LOL!! Anyway, here ya go (there’s lot of little mini-tricks within this tutorial — everything from how to get the original drop shadow back, and a reflection effect, and more. In short; there’s more there than just faking a studio lighting look). Hope you found that Continue reading "Photoshop “Fake Studio Lighting” Trick"