Make a $10 DIY Disco Light Modifier for Round-Head Flashes

Controlling and modifying light is a lot of what photographing with studio lights and battery-powered strobes is about. Especially when it comes to portraits, I like to work with my lighting setups so they add something that is not perfect or flat. Twisting and turning your lights to make use of the edges is one very effective way of doing that. Breaking up the light with a scrim, gobo, or something else is also very rewarding. This do-it-yourself project is all about a cheap prism from an LED Disco Party Bulb that I found for under $10.

A Cheap Disco
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How I Gave My Rolling Camera Case DIY Giant Wheels

The Think Tank Logistics Manager 30 is my absolute favorite when it comes to all the camera bags, tripods, photo bags, and other bags I own for my flash equipment, tripod, and cameras. But, like almost all rolling bags, it’s mostly made for being taken indoors at airports, offices or other places with flat floors. With the slightly silly undersized skateboard-like wheels, it is already difficult or impossible to use on gravel or paved asphalt roads, much less on grass. I recently completed a homemade DIY project that gave my roller bag giant, baby carriage wheels. This is the first
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