How to Use the Color Dodge and Burn Blend Modes in Photoshop

Here’s a 12-minute tutorial from photographer Blake Rudis of f64 Academy that looks at how you can use Photoshop’s dodge and burn blend modes for your photos. The technique allows you to simultaneously dodge and burn your image while color grading at the same time. Using a color burn blend mode to illustrate, Rudis makes a color fill layer of a magenta color. By reducing the “Fill” slider value, the magenta tone is only applied to the shadows of the image – that’s at around 15-20% on the slider. You can see the difference here: Then, using Blending Options, Rudis
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Add Depth and Drama to Landscape Photos Using Lightroom

Here’s a 24-minute video from Andrew Marr that looks at how he adds depth and drama to landscape photos during post-processing in Adobe Lightroom. The first thing Marr does is to look at the areas of the image where dark edges mean brighter parts of the image. This allows him to spot any chromatic aberration within the image and remove it using Lightroom’s “Lens Calibration” window. Cropping is then done to line up the horizon and compose the shot, giving Marr a good starting point for the rest of his adjustments. As he’s shooting in raw format, the image comes
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How to Shoot Product Photos Using a $10 IKEA MELODI Lamp Shade

Lighting equipment can be expensive, but sometimes you can get great results using makeshift products that won’t put a dent in your wallet. Here’s a 15-minute video from Dustin Dolby of workphlo that looks at how you can shoot high-quality product photos using something as basic as an IKEA MELODI lampshade. This technique allows you to get “consistent materials and background colors” using a modifier that regularly costs just $10. It’s perfect for online storefronts, creating a uniform look between a variety of different products. With a product placed on a white table, the MELODI lampshade is placed over the
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How to Recognize Good Light in Street Photography

Here’s an 11-minute video from photographer Sean Tucker that looks at how you can identify “good light” in street photography. As part of a series of videos, Tucker shows how he exposes and composes an image based on the light that is afforded to him. Living in London, UK, Tucker explains that there is plenty of steel and glass in the streets around him. This casts light in various forms and shapes around throughout the day, offering a variety of different textures and patterns. Tucker explains his thought process when looking at a particular scene, showing exactly what he’s looking
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How to Shoot and Edit Beer Can Photos

Here’s a 6-minute video from Andrew Mikhaylov that looks at how you can easily shoot beer can photos using 4 light sources for that signatory reflection on the can. First off, the most important thing is to make sure your beer can is completely straight from the point of view of your camera. If it’s not, this is really tricky to fix in post. Mikhaylov uses two sheets of white cardboard, held using grips on stands, to create highlights on the can. He then takes a test shot, continually tweaking the light source until he’s happy with the reflection he’s
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How SpaceX Shoots Close-Up Footage of Launching Rockets

How does SpaceX get such clear and detailed imagery and footage of its rocket launches? Here’s a 5-minute video from Primal Space that answers that question. With a rocket moving at over 3,000mph (5,000km/h) at a distance of perhaps 37 miles (60km) away from the camera, it can be very difficult to get clear footage that tracks the rocket through its flight. You’d need a focal length of about 10,000mm to fill the frame with a 70-meter high rocket from this distance. Not only that, but the camera needs to track in perfect sync with the rocket itself. The smallest
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5 Ways to Use a Beauty Dish

Photographer and Profoto Legend of Light Miguel Quiles made this 7-minute video in which he shares 5 different ways he likes to use a beauty dish for portrait lighting. Here’s a quick overview of the techniques discussed and example photos with each.

1. Clamshell setup without diffusion

Using the Profoto B1 with a beauty dish modifier, Quiles aims the flash directly at the center of his shot. By positioning a black table in front of the modifier, it is possible to absorb some of the light and prevent reflections, deepening some of the shadows in the face.

2. Clamshell setup with
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Shooting a ‘Character Portrait’ with Joe McNally and Daniel Norton

Here’s a 17-minute video from Adorama that takes you behind-the-scenes on a “character” portrait shoot with photographers Joe McNally and Daniel Norton. The goal is light the subject in a way that emphasizes what the photographer sees in the person. McNally is shooting with a Nikon D850 in square-format, opting for a wide-angle lens at first. He then moves on to using a 105mm lens for a tighter crop. He’s also using a large, diffused light with a white table reflecting light upwards and a large diffuser overhead. The black background allows her to stand out in the frame, and
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Using Drones to Shoot War Zones

Photographer and director Joey L has been using camera drones to capture aerial photos and videos in conflict zones. Here’s a 21-minute talk he recently gave on his work at Hardwired NYC. With how far consumer drones have come in the past several years, it’s possible for Joey to capture incredibly striking images showing a unique and much wider perspective on conflict zones. Joey’s aerial work was done with “the most basic, cheap consumer drones that are available to everybody now,” the photographer says. “To think about even doing this kind of image making with this level of quality for
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What National Geographic Photo Editors Actually Do

Have you ever wondered what the photo editors at National Geographic do? No, they don’t sit around and edit pictures in Photoshop. In this 6-minute video, some of the biggest names in photography offer a glimpse into the closely-knit relationships between photographers and their editors. “I’m pretty sure most people have no idea what a photo editor actually does,” says photographer David Guttenfelder. National Geographic photographers are assigned a photo editor who metaphorically sits beside them for the entire project. “Sometimes you get a little too attached to your pictures,” says photographer Tim Laman. “I was told ‘Laman, I don’t care
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Are $5 IKEA LADDA Batteries Identical to $20 Eneloop Pro Batteries?

Do you use Eneloop Pro rechargeable batteries in your photo equipment? You may be able to get the same performance at a much lower cost. This interesting 7-minute video from Matthew Eargle of AirborneSurfer looks into whether these relatively expensive batteries ($20 per pack of 4) are actually identical to the much cheaper IKEA LADDA batteries that cost just $5 per pack of 4. Noticing that all of these rechargeable batteries are made in Japan, Eargle guess that there must be some overlap in the supply chain. There’s probably not that many battery factories pumping out different batteries for all
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Full-Frame Shootout: Sony a7R III vs. Nikon D850 vs. Canon 5D IV

Want to see how popular full-frame cameras from Sony, Nikon, and Canon stack up? Here’s a 20-minute comparison video from Dan and Sally Watson that looks at the differences between the Sony a7R III, Nikon D850, and Canon 5D Mark IV. The video runs through pretty much all questions you might have about the cameras, covering everything from ISO handling to video. For usability, the LiveView showing up in the viewfinder of the Sony A7R III is a major plus point for Sally. Dan agrees, pointing out that the Nikon D850 is the weakest when it comes to LiveView usability.
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This is What Happens When You Hire a Nigerian Scammer as a Photographer

Here’s an unusual and inspiring 8-minute video by photographer Adam Grumbo of Matters To That One. After he was contacted online by a Nigerian scammer posing as a “hot American girl,” Grumbo decided to hire the scammer as a documentary photographer. Grumbo tasked the scammer-turned-photographer with photographing the food, surroundings, and homes in his village, and Tobi was promised payment for his photography. So, ignoring all the common sense advice commonly given to Internet users, Grumbo wired Tobi $100 in return for photos from the market. “He went into town and got some tomato juice, onions, peppers, and fish,” says
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A Fully Loaded $14,000 iMac Pro vs. a Fully Loaded $6,000 iMac

Is it worth upgrading to the latest fully loaded iMac Pro, which will cost you $14,000? Filmmaker Parker Walbeck recently went hands-on to find out. Here’s his interesting 4-minute video review that looks at the speed comparisons between a fully loaded iMac Pro and a fully loaded $6,000 iMac. The review shows side-by-side comparisons of each computer running a number of tasks. First off, Walbeck tests playback speeds of RED 8K footage. The iMac Pro plays back flawlessly at real speed while the iMac had to have the resolution reduced to 1/8th to see the same smooth playback. Walbeck found
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LENSCAPT: A Hinged Camera Lens Cap You’ll Never Misplace

LENSCAPT is a new “faster lens cap” that’s designed to never fall off your lens. It works by screwing onto the lens’ filter threads, allowing it to remain secure and safe. The lens cap then pops out to the side, swiveling around a hinge rather than being completely removed, so is always ready for use. The spring-loaded hinge keeps it out of the way of your photos, allowing it to swing out to 180-degrees. It deploys almost instantly with just the “flick of a thumb.” It also has a “reinforced inner rim” to provide protection against knocks and
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Testing Out Leica’s $12,800 Ultimate Portrait Lens, the 75mm f/1.25

Photographer Matt Granger has been testing out the Leica NOCTILUX 75mm f/1.25 lens, which retails for a whopping $12,800, and in this 9-minute test video he shares his initial thoughts about using it. Granger took the Leica 75mm, the most expensive retail Leica lens, out to shoot at a harbor with his model Steph. He worked to “obliterate” the background with the incredibly shallow depth of field allowed by the f/1.25 maximum aperture.
The $12,800 Leica NOCTILUX 75mm f/1.25 lens.
While the amount of light let into the camera by this lens is a huge
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The Winning Photos of Underwater Photographer of the Year 2018

The Underwater Photographer of the Year photo competition has just unveiled its winners for 2018. The photos provide gorgeous glimpses into the aquatic world that’s normally out of sight. This year’s overall winner was German photographer Tobias Friedrich with an image titled “Cycle War” (shown above). It shows Norton 16H motorcycles loaded into the backs of submerged Fordson WOT 3 trucks. You can see a school of soldierfish above the wreck. “I had had this image in mind for a few years, but it is impossible to capture in one photo, because there is not space inside the wreck to
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‘Stupid’ Photography Terms and Ideas for ‘Fixing’ Them

Photographers Tony & Chelsea Northrup made this educational and tongue-in-cheek 5-minute video in which they rant about how many of the most common terms in photography are “stupid” because they’re often inherited from history (and therefore may not make sense immediately without digging deeper into each concept). Here are the terms the Northrups’ run through in this video (which then turns into something of an infomercial):

1. Stops

The word “stops” dates back to 1858 and is based on a logarithmic scale, which can be difficult for people to understand.

2. Fast

Lenses can be fast and let in more
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Meet the Photographer Who Flew a Motorized Paraglider Across Africa

George Steinmetz, a photographer who we featured previously, recently gave an inspiring 10-minute TED talk about his work. To capture unique images of Africa, Steinmetz took a motorized paraglider to the skies. The aircraft is both the lightest and slowest available, flying at just 30 mph (50 km/h). Just 2.64 gallons (10 liters) of fuel allowed him a whopping 2 hours in the air. “This crazy little aircraft would open up a unique view on the landscape that had never been possible before,” says Steinmetz. “You couldn’t take [these] pictures with a conventional aircraft. A helicopter or plane
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These Photographers Created Floating Photo Studios

German photographers Claudius Schulze and Maciej Markowicz created two floating photo studios that have been sailing the channels and streams of Europe, including visiting Paris and Amsterdam. The project is known as [2BOATS]. The first boat, created by Schulze, is a houseboat that provides a “community hub” for discussions and workshops. “Visitors are welcomed aboard to participate in a dialogue on vision, formation, creation and the environment as well as observe the artists’ photography,” the project states. The boat is a handmade houseboat complete with a disco ball and hammock for lazy Sundays. The second boat was built by Markowicz
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