Shutterbug shuts down print publication after 45 years, goes ‘web only’

Popular photography magazine Shutterbug has announced that it is shutting down its print publication of 45 years, and will focus instead on reaching its audience online as a "web-only publication." The news was published earlier today by Shutterbug Editor-in-Chef Dan Havlik, who says the media landscape simply cannot sustain a photography print publication any longer. The best way to serve Shutterbug's readers, says Havlik, is by dedicating all of the company's resources towards becoming a "dynamic, web-only publication."

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One body, three sensors: RED’s new simplified system, and why it is cheaper

One body, three sensors: RED’s new simplified system, and why it is cheaper RED has put an end to the confusion of camera bodies, insides and sensors on their catalog. Starting this month, there is only a single body to pair with any of three sensors, meaning prices are being reduced too. The official word has it that RED Digital Cinema is advancing its product portfolio of high-quality cameras and sensors with a focus on simplicity, price and quality for customers. According to the information distributed, ”RED’s camera line-up will be modified to include one DSMC2 camera BRAIN with three sensor options – MONSTRO 8K VV, HELIUM 8K S35 and GEMINI 5K S35. Continue reading "One body, three sensors: RED’s new simplified system, and why it is cheaper"

Do $5,000 Camera Lenses Float?

There’s a viral video floating around that appears shows a photographer accidentally dropping what looks like a Canon EF 500mm f/4L IS lens into a swimming pool while crouched at the edge. Photographer Steven Ho of Macau, China, posted the video to his Facebook page, where it quickly received hundreds of shares and tens of thousands of views:
“What if it were you?” Ho asks in the caption. If this video wasn’t faked, then the photographer may have taken over $7,000 worth of Canon DSLR gear for a swim: a high-end 5D-style DSLR could be around $2,000 used, and
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Kodak Daylight Single Use disposable camera launched in Europe

Kodak Alaris has launched a new single-use disposable camera in Europe. Called the Kodak Daylight Single Use Camera, this 800 ISO film camera can be used in low and high outdoor lighting conditions, according to the company, which bills it as an item ideal for parties, weddings, and similar events. The Kodak Daylight Single Use Camera has a one meter to infinity focal length and 39 total exposures; however, it's worth noting that this camera does not have a flash. The company announced the camera for the European market, and it appears to be available now from Amazon UK for Continue reading "Kodak Daylight Single Use disposable camera launched in Europe"

RED and Lucid unveil 8K 3D camera that produces 4V holographic video in real time

Computer vision company Lucid and cinema camera maker RED have partnered to create an 8K 3D camera that can capture 4-view (4V) holographic images and video in real-time. The camera is designed to work with RED's upcoming holographic Hydrogen One smartphone—both by shooting holographic content that can be viewed on the phone's 4V screen, and by using the modular phone as a "viewfinder." The camera itself (which has yet to be named) will be made by RED, but it will be powered by Lucid’s "real-time 3D Fusion Technology." This tech generates 3D/4V footage in real-time, promising to turn
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Instagram’s ‘All Caught Up’ Feature to Ease Your FOMO

Instagram’s decision to move away from a simple chronological feed to an algorithm-based stream can make it difficult to keep track of whether you’ve seen everything “new” from people you follow. But help is on the way: Instagram is now testing an “All Caught Up” message to let you know when you’re up to speed. TechCrunch reports that some users have begun seeing the feature — Instagram often tests prospective features among a subset of users prior to rolling it out to all — while scrolling through their feeds. Once you’ve browsed through everything new over the past couple of
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The Daily Edit – Rollacoaster: Justin Campbell

Rollacoaster Magazine

Fashion StylistMorgan Pinney
Photographer: Justin Campbell

Heidi: What type of direction did you get from the magazine?

Justin: I love working with Rollacoaster because they give you a lot of creative freedom. The concept we came up with was this idea of “Summer in Suburbia.” Describe the shoot, it looks like you two were simply hanging out. 
Cameron and I have shot a lot together, (below is an image from a previous shoot) so in a sense it felt like that when we were working, that we were just hanging out.  We wanted the story to feel like it could be Cameron’s parallel life as a 23-year old in the suburbs (If he wasn’t one of the highest followed influencers and world famous). The stylist Morgan and I wanted the clothing to feel like they could be pieces from Cameron’s own wardrobe. The house we rented felt like it could be Cameron’s home.     Did you direct him at all?
Every image is orchestrated. What is amazing about Cameron is the spontaneity and playfulness he brings to set. I find that the final picture always exists somewhere between what was in your head before the shot and what the subject brings to the table. I’ve always approached my work as a living dialogue between my ideas and the person I’m shooting. Did you think twice about what to wear?
I wear a uniform everyday. I own 40 of the same black t-shirt and 6 pairs of the same black jeans. I only switch up my shoes and jackets. When I’m working I don’t want to have to think about what I’m putting on in the morning. Was this your first shoot with Rollacoaster?
This was my first shoot with Rollacoaster. We have a lot more coming out
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Skylum Software develops new collaborative AI Lab, aiming to make software smarter and more efficient

Skylum Software, the developers of popular photo editing software Luminar and Aurora HDR, has announced the formation of a new research and development division focused on artificial intelligence technologies within photo editing. The new <a href="" >Skylum AI Lab</a> is a collaboration between Skylum and its sister company, Photolemur, which creates AI-based image editing software and technology.

Skylum has already incorporated AI-based image editing tech into its software in the past, such as with the "smart filters" in Luminar, but they hope...
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RED’s Big Price Cut and Simplified Product Line Make Your Camera Choices Easier

The RED DSMC2 will come in three simple flavors. It all started out so simple. There was just the RED ONE, a 4K digital cinema camera (back when nobody really knew what the term meant). It would make obsolescence obsolete. But the company soon released the Mysterium-X sensor, meaning that, every time you rented a RED, you had to ask if it had gotten the MX upgrade yet. Then came the Epic, the Weapon, the Scarlett, the Raven, the Dragon, the Helium, and the Monstro. Oh, and don't forget the Gemini. Some of those terms Continue reading "RED’s Big Price Cut and Simplified Product Line Make Your Camera Choices Easier"

Baker’s Dozen: ‘It Must Be Color’ (Part III)


Photo by Stan Banos

BDMBC David Morse

Photo by David Morse

BDMBC Mark Kinsman

Photo by Mark Kinsman

BDMBC Mike Knowles

Photo by Mike Knowles


Stan Banos sent his photo without comment.

David Morse of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania writes, "I took this photo at the annual fourth of July parade in Philly with a Nikon D7000 and a 16–85mm lens. Although the image works in B&W because of the strong composition, the red and blue stars and face paint definitely make the photo sing and define the event as patriotic. Converted to B&W, the stars have exactly the same grey value and you lose the dynamic rhythm the colors

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Shutterbug Kills Print Magazine, Goes Web-Only After 45 Years

Shutterbug has announced that it’s ending its photography print magazine after 45 years, moving forward as an entirely Web-based publication. “Shutterbug magazine had a great run, but the media landscape has changed dramatically in the last 4+ decades, and we felt now was the time for Shutterbug to become a dynamic, web-only publication,” Editor-in-Chief Dan Havlik says. “ has grown dramatically in recent years with record traffic and expanded reach to photographers around the world. We can now dedicate all our resources to further growing our online presence and expanding our video, social media, mobile and e-commerce channels.”
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5 Ways to Get Faster with Resolve Shared Workflow

Resolve's user sharing tools take some getting used to but can add a lot of speed to your workflow. If you tried to set up a shared workflow when Resolve 14 Beta came out last May, or even when the stable release arrived last September, only to find using the terminal for command line control was a bit much, it might be time to take another look. While the biggest Resolve news lately has been the features coming with Fusion Integration (we'll be taking a deep dive into that this summer), and native DCP authoring Continue reading "5 Ways to Get Faster with Resolve Shared Workflow"

Media Archiving Tips from Hollywood

Keenan J. Mock - Media Archiving

The Importance of Media Archiving

Media archiving and backup are vital. I was mid-way through a school project. I’d spent hours tweaking and finessing. My media was on a USB drive, and I was editing in Media Composer in HD. The computer crashed. I took it to the Apple Store. They had to wipe the hard drive to get it back up and running. We were able to transfer some of the data to a CD, but that was it. That incident taught me the importance of data protection. I bought two external hard drives and started running Time Machine Continue reading "Media Archiving Tips from Hollywood"

Why Nikon and Canon should build mirrorless as a second system – but probably won’t

All rumors suggest that Canon and/or Nikon is going to get into the high-end mirrorless interchangeable lens camera market, in some way. I don't have any insider knowledge of this, or I wouldn't be able to write this, but it looks pretty likely at this point. It also seems pretty likely to me that both brands will do everything to maintain compatibility with their existing lens mounts. Avoiding the need to design a whole new lens range, maximizing the value of the investment in the existing lineup and side-stepping the kind of anger that Canon generated when it abandoned its
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RED Simplifies Their Product Line

REDRED simplifies their product line and simultaneously pisses off part of their customers while also making things better for the others. I ran into this story reading flame wars that quickly erupted this evening after word spread that RED has slashed their product lines as well as their prices. Some typical comments on threads:
“This is what happens when you buy cameras from a guy who used to sell sunglasses. lol” “They are a phone company now. Like Apple.
Move on….” “I think it's the feeling you get when you drive your Porsche 918 Spyder off the lot and
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Printing your photos: 7 printing mistakes to avoid

Did <a href="">yesterday&#39;s article</a> about printing get you fired up to start making prints of your own? If so, a new video from photographer <a href="" >Nigel Danson</a> will help you avoid seven mistakes when making prints.

Don&#39;t feel discouraged if you make an error when printing. I&#39;ve made hundreds of prints and every so often, I still forget to change a certain setting in Photoshop or choose the wrong type of paper for a specific image. It happens. With that said, by becoming familiar with common printing mistakes, you&#39;ll certainly be in a better...
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A day in the life of the Panasonic ZS200: Initial gallery images from this 360mm eq. compact

Wake up with IR! Here&#39;s today&#39;s cup of Caffeine Priority...

Having a 360mm-equivalent zoom paired with a relatively large 1-inch-type sensor in a small and light package that fits in the palm of your hand is definitely enticing. I recently spent time with the <a href="">Panasonic 50-200mm f/2.8-4</a>, and that lens is super-light compared to what you can get in the APS-C and Full Frame worlds, but the <a href="">Panasonic ZS200</a> can handle long range while still slipping comfortably in a vest pocket!...
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