Panasonic Leica DG Vario-Elmarit 8-18mm f/2.8-4 ASPH. Wide Angle Zoom Lens

I think this new Panasonic Lens will replace my favorite Panasonic 7-14mm F/4 when flying my new GH5 on a Gimbal. The new lens is faster at F/2.8 at it's widest, adds a bit more reach, but most importantly offers filter threads for ND filters. It's not often you'll find a wide angle lens that accepts ND Filters. I don't mind that it's not as wide, as the new Panasonic GH5 camera can operate in 4K Video Mode without adding additional crop (as the GH4 used to). The new Panasonic 8-18mm lens is also dust and splash proof as
Panasonic 8-18mm Lens
panasonic wide zoom 8-18mm
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Libec Releases ZFC-L ZC-LP New Remote Controls

Libec has announced a few new Remote Controls that can be used for a variety of applications such as controlling zoom and focus on many Sony, Canon, JVC, BlackMagic Design, and Panasonic cameras. You can also use the remote to Start and Stop video recording. The new Libec Remotes are designed to be mounted on a Tripod Pan handle and can even be clamped onto the handle of a Gimbal Stabilizer. As an example, the ZC-LP remote can be used along with the new Panasonic GH5 camera to start and stop video, and when used with compatible Panasonic Servo Lenses,
ZC-LP on Pan Hadnle
ZFC-L description
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Adding a Cheap Battery Mount Plate to Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K

One of the first things you'll need when opting to use a Blackmagic Design Ursa Mini camera is the battery mount. Searching online you'll see options running from $100 to $1,000 dollars for a battery mount.Some plates work like power distribution boxes and offer additional voltage outputs. But if you're not looking for fancy, you can use any battery plate. I personally have been using cheaper v-mount battery plates starting at just $8.00 dollars.
Of course using a barebones plates will require you to solder the connections to the (included) break out cable found in your Ursa Mini
cheap v-mount plate
cheaper ursa mini v-mount battery plate
v-mount ursa plate
dvestore ursa mini
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Canon New EF-S 35mm F/2.8 STM Macro Lens

I remember purchasing my Canon 100mm F2.8L Macro with Hybrid IS specifically because of the added image stabilization with one of the best close focus lenses. Lately though, I don't find myself using it very much as i've strayed away from Full Frame Canon DSLRs and have been using cameras with Super 35 or APS-C sensors (or even smaller). That 100mm F/2.8L lens with an added crop is often just too much. This new Canon EF-S 35mm F/2.8 Macro IS STM Lens (56mm equiv) though could be a nice lightweight lens to use with my Ursa Mini.
canon 35mm EF-S STM Macro
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Camera Motion Research SDI to HDMI Converter Mod for Connex Mini Wireless HD Video Transmitter

I've used quite a few different (somewhat affordable) wireless video transmitters, and the one that seems to be most consistent with long range has been the Connex Kits. There is a full size Connex version capable of 1,000m LOS range, and a newer Connex Mini that transmits 500m LOS range (that's still quite a distance!). There are some short comings to the Connex system when using it for video cameras, as these kits were originally designed for Drone use streaming full 1080p up to 60fps. Some of the cons for on-camera video use are that it requires a battery,
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CAME-TV Super Thin and Flexible HDMI Cables

If you're working with a gimbal and monitor, then you might be interested in super thin and flexible HDMI cables. If your cables are too rigid, this could influence the fluidity of your camera's movement on the gimbal frame. I've purchased quite a few different ones, and while many claim to be thin (which they are), they are not necessarily 'flexible'. CAME-TV now offers super thin and flexible cables in a variety of connections and length. flexible thin hdmi cable came-tv cametv
Learn-More-sm CAME-TV Super thin and Flexible HDMI Cables

Panasonic GH5 LiveStream Panel Event

For the price, no other mirrorless camera offers so many features than the new Panasonic DC-GH5. If there is anything you want or need to know, I suggest tuning in to the LiveStream Panel event with B&H. The embedded video will be live today, March 29th. As someone who has been shooting with the Panasonic GH4 for years, there's plenty of reasons to upgrade to the new GH5. For myself, the features i'm looking forward to are the wider field of view in 4K video mode. The GH4 would crop in tighter and in order to shoot wide, I would
panasonic gh5 body
panasonic gh5 lcd
panasonic gh5
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Aputure DEC Vari-ND Lens Adapter Product Overview

Aputure has released several versions of their DEC Lens Adapters, but in case you're not familiar with what they are and how they work, i've put together this Product Overview video. This video specifically focuses on the brand new DEC Vari-ND Model (available in MFT and E-Mount), but is very similar to the other models - especially the LensRegain version which is a Focal Reducer (a.k.a Speed Booster) Lens adapter.
Who's it For?
The way the product DEC Lens Adapters are designed, I think primarily it should really appeal to camera operators that need the ability to
aputure dec vari-nd lens adapter lensregain
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Double Mini Ball Compact Variable Arm with 1/4 Thread

Quick Gear Tip - At less than 3", these compact Mini Double Ball Variable Arms are a great versatile tool for mounting camera accessories such as monitors, led lighting, wireless TX/RX systems, etc. They offer a bit more range in positioning than a standard mini ball, but are much more compact than your typical Magic Arms. The double 1/4" male thread is especially helpful if you work with cages and rigs, but they can also be adapted to shoe mounts if necessary with these little female adapters. You can normally find these Mini Double Ball Variable Arms for about $10
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ProAM USA TigerTilt Motorized Joystick Remote Pan Tilt Head – Giveaway

ProAM USA wants to Giveaway 1 FREE TigerTilt Remote Joystick Motorized Pan Tilt Head. Complete the form below to enter. Enter once a day to increase your chances, and this offer ends March 24th. Good luck!

proam usa motorized joystick control pan tilt proam usa tiger tilt remote joystick pan tilt head proam usa tigertiltProAm USA MOTORIZED JOYSTICK REMOTE CONTROL PAN & TILT HEAD - TIGERTILT
Product Description:
TigerTilt is a full function remote controlled pan & tilt head by ProAm USA. This is an affordable motorized panhead which is controlled by a single, pressure sensitive joystick remote. The construction is strong, yet lightweight aluminum allowing it to support up to 8 lbs. We recommend that Continue reading "ProAM USA TigerTilt Motorized Joystick Remote Pan Tilt Head – Giveaway"

Shootools AutoPan – Universal Motorized Panning Tool

The Shootools AutoPan is a clever product from Shootools that adds a motorized second axis to any linear slider (or crane). A simple device that has it's own built in rechargeable battery and can quickly be setup and programmed to repeat keyframe positions.
My video only shows the basic use of the Shootools AutoPan, as their Wireless App is not yet available. Once it becomes available you'll be able to remotely control and configure the AutoPan and perform more advanced Timelapse movements. There is even a Table Top that can be added on the AutoPan transforming it into a
shootools autopan motorized panning
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50% OFF – Benro TMA18C Carbon Fiber Series 1 Mach3 Tripod

It's actually a bit more than 50% OFF for this Benro TMA18C, and is a pretty good deal if you're specifically looking for a Carbon Fiber Tripod. But think quickly as sale ends today.
Product details:
Support up to 22 lb worth of gear with the TMA18C Series 1 Mach3 Carbon Fiber Tripod from Benro. Made from 9-layer carbon fiber, the 4-section legs are secured via twist locks and extend to a maximum height of 57.3". The center column can be replaced with the included short column to allow the tripod to reach a minimum height of 11.
benro tma18c carbon fiber
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$11 Flexible GooseNeck Light Stand Adapters

I picked up a few of these Flexible Gooseneck Adapters mainly to use as a simple and flexible way of positioning a microphone at my desk while i'm doing screen recording tutorials on my computer. These Gooseneck type Adapters can also be used on top of light stands to adjust something like an LED Light to hang over head when doing product photography. While these 10" Light Stand Adapters are labeled as flexible, they do take some force to bend over. This is probably not ideal for very lightweight use, but is perfect if you plan to work with heavier
flexible light stand adapter
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manfrotto super clamp
super clamp with light stand pin
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48 Hour Group Buy Pricing Kamerar Brightcast Flexible Bi-Color LED Panels

kamerar-brightcast-banner copy Starting 03/01/17 - 03/02/17 you can score the Brightcast Bi-Color LED Panels at Group Buy Pricing for just $350 US when using Coupon Code: GroupBuy03 during your checkout. These lights are Bi-Color with two different power options choosing V-Mount or Sony U-Mount. If you choose to go with the U-Mount version, the U-Mount battery must have D-tap out port (like this one). For technical specs, video reviews, color metrics, and additional information, visit the the Kamerar Brightcast Flexible Water Resistant LED Panels page (found here). Print
Learn-More-sm Kamerar Brightcast Flexible Bi-Color IP67 Rated LED Panel

CAME-TV Prodigy and ARGO Gimbal Compact V-Mount Battery Adapter

Here's a new (optional) V-Mount Battery Adapter for the CAME-TV Prodigy (and ARGO) Gimbal that I believe will really help improve the overall efficiency of the Prodigy system when used with large cameras. First benefit is that V-Mount batteries can offer larger capacities than the 18650 batteries the system normally uses. This means longer run time and higher sustained voltage. Instead of having to charge individual cells and carry several loose spares, v-mount batteries are much easier to manage. Secondly, with the new Gimbal V-Mount Battery Adapter you'll be able to power many cameras from the D-Tap out on the
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Manfrotto Leveling Base For Tripods without Leveling Mechanisms

There's a dozen or more things you'll often consider when purchasing a Tripod. Weight, Folding Size, Overall Height, Payload, Flip-Locks vs Twist Locks, Aluminum vs Carbon Fiber, etc. etc. In this article we're just going to point out quick differences between a Flat Base vs Bowl Mount and how you might be able to get the best of both worlds using a Manfrotto Tripod Leveling Base.
If you're shopping for a Tripod, want having the ability to adjust height with a center column, but want the ease of leveling with a Half Ball, then check out the Manfrotto 755 which
manfrotto 755 with Fluid Head
Manfrotto 755CX
Manfrotto 755XB Tripod
camera tripod half ball leveling
mafrotto 438 leveling base
tripod leveling base
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SmallRig Drop Over Quick Release Base for Manfrotto 501PL Plates

I've preached about Drop-In style Video Heads in the past, but what about Quick Release Baseplates? There's a couple of reasons why you may prefer this Smallrig Drop Over Quick Release Base for Manfrotto 501PL Plates instead of traditional slide in plates. Close to $50 for the SmallRig QR Base alone, it certainly is not cheap. But you can see that using a drop-in style system does solve a lot of frustrations involved with slide-in plates when working with certain setups. smallrig small rig quick release manfrotto 501pl qr base
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Upgraded Rosette Adapters for Boltzen 30w 55w LED Lights

These new Rosette Adapters fit over the CAME-TV Boltzen 55w and 30w LED Lights Yoke so that it has a more positive lock when adding the Bowens mount adapter and an accessory (such as a softbox). This will prevent the Boltzen 55w / 30w light from sagging or losing position. While I think these Rosette Adapters can solve many problems when adding certain accessories, keep in mind that these are small 'spot lights' optimized to throw light to a distance and focus a narrow beam. These weren't meant to be big key lights and adding too heavy a softbox could
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$100 OFF Teradek VidiU On Camera Wireless Streaming Video Encoder

If you're just getting into Live Streaming on the Internet, here's a deal that expires on February 28th, 2017. You can get $100 off the Teradek Vidiu Wireless Streaming Encoder using this special link (here). What is it and why would you need this? The Teradek Vidiu is a device that can sit on top of your camera and stream the HDMI output directly to the Internet up to 1080p. No computer needed, no OBS or Wirecast software required. The Teradek Vidiu is configured by adding in RTMP information (i.e. Facebook RTMP, YouTube RTMP, etc) and streams directly over
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