Nice sale on Zoom H1 Portable Audio Recorder

Super good deal on a portable digital audio recorder I find myself using all the time. Right now you can get an additional -$30 OFF a (Blue color) Zoom H1 Portable Digital Audio Recorder (found here). blue-zoom-h1-audio-recorderzoom-h1-blue-audio-recorderzoom-h1-blue
Learn-More-sm Zoom H1 Portable Digital Audio Recorder
The small form factor of the Zoom H1 can also be used as a handheld microphone (tip: add a Foam Windscreen) during interviews, or attach an AspenMics H1 Clip to use as a belt worn audio recorder paired with a Lav Mic. Many people will use this technique during weddings to mic up the groom and officiant. Often
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GH5 DMW-XLR1 Audio Adapter CAME-TV Cage Azden Microphone

In this video we take a look at the Panasonic DMW-XLR1 audio adapter for the Panasonic GH5, and how this adapter opens up more ways to capture better audio directly into the GH5 camera body. We also show a few CAME-TV Cages that were specifically designed to work with the DMW-XLR1 attached, as well as a sneak peek at Azden's new SGM-250CX short shotgun microphone. The adapter is extremely lightweight, and sets you up to record one or two microphones while controlling levels independently. You can now work with high end microphones which typically are designed to work over
panasonic dmw-xlr1
dmw-xlr1 xlr adapter gh5
azden sgm-250cx
came-tv_cage_for_gh5_1024x1024 copy
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Tentacle Sync TimeCode Generators Align Multiple Audio or Video Fast

Timecode is a simple way to sync Multiple Cameras and or Audio Recorders quickly with frame accuracy. Cheaper consumer cameras may have an option to reset timecode within, but after a short period clocks begin to drift apart between your different cameras. This is because they don't have accurate internal clocks. And though they may have an option to send timecode out (over HDMI), they don't have a way of getting timecode in from an external accurate Timecode Generator. Tentacle Sync Timecode Generators solves this problem by working as an external clock and embedding timecode into one channel of audio.
tentacle sync timecode generator
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34% OFF BlackMagic Design 7″ Monitor + 4K Recorder – One Day Left

The BlackMagic Design Video Assist build quality top notch. A machined aluminum 7" Touch Screen Monitor + 4K Recorder that lets you record from both HDMI and SDI inputs. Display featueres include Histograms, Zebra Overlays, Focus Peaking, Central Zoom, and Timecode over SDI + HDMI. There's a lot to like about this monitor and knocking off 34% OFF is huge. Just $595 right now, but you've got just one more day left (deal ends 6/30). bmvideoas4_1bmvideoas4_2bmvideoas4
Learn-More-sm BlackMagic Design 4K 7" HDMI/6G-SDI Recording Monitor

BluSky Films Reacts to Using Came-TV Prophet Gimbal and Orbit 2 Ring Handle

I've been working with a prototype CAME-TV Prophet gimbal since they announced it at the NABShow 2017. I certainly like the design, but I also wanted to share an opinion on someone who uses gimbals as an important part of their business. BluSky Films specializes in high profile Real Estate videos in the Bay Area and surrounding cities within California. A large percentage of their footage is shot using gimbals and drones. So I followed along while Justin from BluSkyFilms reacts to using the prototype Came-TV Prophet Gimbal with new Orbit 2 Ring Handle for the first time. And just
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SlingStudio Multi Camera Live Production Streaming with iPod Touch

When it comes to Multiple Camera Angles and Live Streaming, I'm constantly impressed with the simplicity and ease of use with SlingStudio. Instead of an ATEM hardware switcher, you're managing everything from a simple iPad - wirelessly. Instead of running cables back to your switcher, your cameras are wireless and free to roam. Even though you can use professional cameras with a CameraLink adapter, you always have the option of simplifying your setup using the SlingStudio Capture app on iOS or Android Smartphones. For those smaller productions or on location, I decided to invest in (4) 16GB 6th Gen
SlingStudio Wireless Live Switch Live Stream Live Production
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Testing the Tiny DJI Spark Drone

Just testing out the new super tiny DJI Spark Drone. It only shoots up to 1080HD, but the quality is surprising for such a little drone. Distance is not as good as the Mavic Pro, but it really handles well indoors and dim lighting. Even though you can fly it by hand gesture or through your Mobile phone, the Remote control is a must have. It offers longer distance and easier control. Batteries don't last very long because it's so small, so in my opinion it's worth investing in the Combo Kit. Definitely a good way to practice your Drone
dji spark combi green
dji spark combi red
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dji spark
dji drone spark
dji spark drone
dji drone spark new
blue dji drone spark
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Sale on SLR Magic 8mm Lens for Micro Four Thirds

If you're just starting out with a Micro Four Thirds camera such as a new Panasonic GH5, one of the best introductory wide angle lenses is the SLR Magic 8mm F/4. It's tiny, lightweight, rectilinear (no barrel distortion - straight lines), and accepts threaded filters. slr magic 8mm lenssmall 8mm lens mft mount slrmagic
Learn-More-sm SLR Magic 8mm F/4 Lens
This is one of the smallest and lightest wide angle lenses for MFT that isn't a fisheye. Because you can also add standard threaded ND Filters on the SLR Magic 8mm F/4 makes it a perfect lens on a small handheld gimbal. It's also perfect to use on the
slr magic 8mm lens f4
mft lens slr magic 8mm
8mm slrmagic lens wide angle
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CAME-TV Boltzen LED 30w 55w 60w 100w 150w Fresnel Lighting

Just before I start to get more in-depth with the new CAME-TV Boltzen LED Lights that were featured at the NABShow 2017, I thought i'd start by showing how their lineup is being laid out. CAME-TV has really laid out a lot of options depending on what your lighting needs are. At this time they've sectioned out their Boltzen LED Lights into Small, Medium, and Large. The smaller form factor Boltzen LED lights are targeted to shooters who want something portable and battery powered to be used on locations. They can be powered by 3 different options from Sony L
30w 55w boltzen led came-tv fresnel
came-tv boltzen 60w led fresnel medium size
came-tv boltzen 150w led fresnel
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Luxli Viola 5″ Portable Multicolor LED Light Panels

It's always a good idea to pack a small LED Light. You never know when you need to add a little fill to your subject, a product, or maybe use one to bring up the ambient lighting in a small room. A bonus if that light was able to adjust temperature from 3200K-5600K. And if you're extra creative, you may go as far as carry a set of colored gels too. If this is starting to sound complicated, perhaps it's time to check out the Luxli Viola Multicolor 5" LED panel. A few examples I could think the Luxli Viola
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SlingStudio Wireless Portable Multi-Camera Production and Live Stream

SlingStudio is a new product recently announced at the NABShow. With the popularity of Multi-Camera Live Streaming videos growing over the past year, I find this is one of the most innovative products to drop in 2017. With the SlingStudio you can take advantage of using (ios and Android) smartphones as inexpensive wireless cameras, or use any of your professional cameras by adding their CameraLink adapter. Here's an unboxing and general setup with the brand new SlingStudio. How it works:
The SlingStudio Hub can work off of battery power, so it's truly portable. Once you power it on, it acts
SlingStudio Wireless Live Switch Live Stream Live Production
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Production Tip: Add Multi Camera Views QuadView to any HDMI Monitor

Here's a quick production tip. One problem I run into quite a bit is when i'm asked to offer a multiview (quad view) of the different camera angles (especially handy with interview setups). While you can buy a dedicated monitor that offers these features, a more flexible way is to use a Multiview adapter like the Decimator DMON-4s (found here). Again, this is helpful when you need to direct multiple shooters, or when you need to share all of the feeds to a client for a review.
This is also helpful when shooting events as you can monitor what your
decimator dmon 4s
decimator dmon-4s quad quadview multiview
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Pre-Order DJI’s new Spark Drone Now

DJI just announced a new Spark Drone, and like the Mavic Pro fiasco i'm sure it will sell out early. If you're looking to pre-order your brand new #DJI #Spark #Drone, you can find them (here):
dji sparkdji drone sparkdji spark dronedji drone spark newblue dji drone spark
Buy Now Button Tiny DJI Spark Drone Pre-Order
Product Overview:
Spark is a mini drone that features all of DJI's signature technologies, allowing you to seize the moment whenever you feel inspired. With intelligent flight control options, a mechanical gimbal, and a camera with incredible image quality, Spark empowers you to push your creative boundaries. Features:
Quick Launch
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SlingStudio Live Streaming Live Switching Live Production

sling studio slingstudio wireless live stream To me, the new SlingStudio is one of the most innovative products shown at NAB2017, and i'm lucky to have a set to review prior to their official release! I've been a big fan of Live Switching and Live Streaming for a few years, but it's been out of reach for many small production teams. Now SlingStudio is making it easier and simpler to offer Multi-Cam Live Streaming.
With SlingStudio you can stream a video feed from any camera (with HDMI out), or install an app on iOS and Android Smartphones and use those devices to stream video back to
SlingStudio Wireless Live Switch Live Stream Live Production
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Unboxing and Overview of Aputure Tri8 C LED Light Panel with 888 LED Bulbs

The 'Tri8' (triple 8) is a new LED Light Panel from Aputure that jams 888 LED bulbs into a panel roughly measuring 10"x8". If you're familiar with their Amaran line of panels such as the AL528 or HR672, this is pretty much inline with those models, except that they've taken the build quality from their higher end LS1 panels. This particular Tri8C model from Aputure I received feels like it has a concentrated beam angle which is good for getting your lights to reach a bit further. Though, I wouldn't be surprised if they offered different versions of this Continue reading "Unboxing and Overview of Aputure Tri8 C LED Light Panel with 888 LED Bulbs"

Quick Folding Rack Shelf for Equipment on Location

Especially when i'm working on Live Production on location, i'm always thinking about where my ATEM setup would be. Sometimes you have to bring your own table, but here's an alternative option - a full 3 shelf Folding Portable Rack.
These racks are light enough to carry and fold down quickly to transport in your car. They setup just as fast without tools and is a good way of keeping your bags together and off the floor. The wheels make it easy to move gear about, and there's been times where i've even gone as far as using cable bike
origami shelf rack folding rack
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