Conquer Fear & Self-Doubt with Amanda Crew

Amanda Crew is an actress who’s best known for playing Monica on the hit HBO show “Silicon Valley,” which I absolutely love for skewering tech culture in a loving but deadly accurate way. If you haven’t seen the show please, please do yourself a favor and check it out – season 4 recently premiered on HBO. But her career goes back many years: she’s appeared in a ton of shows and movies like Smallville, Final Destination 3, Life As We Know It and much more. We touch on a bunch of stuff here that I wasn’t expecting to get into Continue reading "Conquer Fear & Self-Doubt with Amanda Crew"

Become A Master Communicator with Vanessa Van Edwards

Vanessa bills herself as a “behavioral investigator” – what that means is that she is absolutely amazing at unpacking what makes people do the things they do and turning that into proven, actionable techniques for others to hone their own people skills. She’s written for publications like CNN, Fast Company and forbes and is the author of the brand new (and incredibly good) book “Captivate: The Science Of Succeeding With People.” You’ve heard me talk many times about the critical importance of soft skills in building a successful career as a creator, and Vanessa is THE authority on this Continue reading "Become A Master Communicator with Vanessa Van Edwards"

How iJustine Built Her Digital Empire

Justine Ezarik aka iJustine is one of the OG YouTube stars– one of the very few people who have been on the platform for over a decade. You may remember her from her first big hit, her “300 page iPhone bill” video way back in 2007 or from literally streaming her entire life for 6 months, and since then she’s had several other hits that helped her build a huge following based off the kind of DIY hustle that I absolutely love– for example her early videos were shot with a $400 point and shoot and a green rug from Continue reading "How iJustine Built Her Digital Empire"

Want your story to cut through the noise? It needs THIS.

It’s become common knowledge these days that storytelling is a mission-critical skill for businesses; that tapping into our innate receptivity to narratives is a powerful tool for persuasion. But what’s not so clear is how to stand out among an increasingly crowded stream of leaders, people, and brands telling stories via millions of “branded content initiatives” that mostly get lost in the deluge of headlines we’re all drowning in. So how do you cut through the noise? The answer is something that’s deceptively simple: authenticity. What is authenticity? The dictionary definition of authenticity is “not false or copied; genuine; real” Continue reading "Want your story to cut through the noise? It needs THIS."

How To Get The Press + Public To Notice Your Work w/ Ryan Holiday

Ryan is an author, entrepreneur and one of the sharpest marketing minds out there. He got his start working for bestselling authors like Tucker Max and Robert Greene and has since worked with folks like Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, Evan Carmichael, and John Grisham among many others – and he’s something like 5 books now including TWO last year: Ego Is The Enemy and The Daily Stoic. This episode was originally recorded back in 2012 when he was promoting “Trust Me I’m Lying,” which was his first book – and one that’s proved prescient in the current era of “fake Continue reading "How To Get The Press + Public To Notice Your Work w/ Ryan Holiday"

How To Be A World-Class Creative Pro w/ Joe McNally

Joe McNally is one of the most accomplished photographers of his generation, with a list of achievements that I couldn’t possibly do justice to in this little intro. He’s one of the few people who have managed to be super successful in both journalism and commercial photography, and a few of the highlights of his insane career are working with clients including FedEx, Sony, GE, Adidas and Epson; working as LIFE Magazine’s only staff photographer; shooting cover stories for the likes of Newsweek, Sports Illustrated and Time among many many others; authoring three books on photography and creating several high-profile projects Continue reading "How To Be A World-Class Creative Pro w/ Joe McNally"

Happiness is a choice (seriously – it is)

Happiness is not an accident. It’s not a state that randomly occurs when the stars align, nor a coincidence or a lucky windfall like buying a winning lottery ticket. In fact, there’s nothing random at all about happiness: it’s the natural product of our choices– small choices that all of us make every minute of every hour of every day. Yes, there are many things in life that we have little or no control over, and these may be non-trivial things like natural disasters or health crises that bring real pain, discomfort and stress. Nobody – not even the wealthiest Continue reading "Happiness is a choice (seriously – it is)"

How To Stop Waiting And Start Doing w/ Roman Mars

Roman Mars is the host of the wildly popular design podcast “99% Invisible” and has been called “the Ira Glass of design.” With several hundred episodes in the can over its six years in existence, it’s covered everything from “Unsung Icons of Soviet Design” to Love Park’s place in skateboarding history to DIY space suits, all through the same lens of – as he says – “telling stories that make you notice and appreciate the world in a different way,” drawing attention to the world of design around us that is 99% invisible (hence the title of the show). Continue reading "How To Stop Waiting And Start Doing w/ Roman Mars"

Master Your Fear & Find Your Voice [with My Homie Tim Ferriss]

Okay, so maybe you haven’t created your New York Times Best Seller that’s sold millions of copies, and maybe you haven’t won the Chinese kickboxing championship or hold the Guinness Record for most consecutive tango spins, but there’s one all-important thing that you have in common with my pal Tim Ferriss….fear. You might think a wildly successful author and innovator doesn’t experience fear like a “normal person,” but as Tim revealed here, it’s exactly that emotion that is at the heart of his success. Of all the liquid gold Tim shared with me there are 3 important subjects that Continue reading "Master Your Fear & Find Your Voice [with My Homie Tim Ferriss]"

Scott Dadich: Gut, Heart, and Head Alignment

Scott Dadich is a designer, filmmaker and entrepreneur. He’s currently the co-CEO of Godfrey Dadich Partners, a design, content and strategy firm. Prior to that he worked at Conde Nast as the editor of Wired and leading the build out of Conde Nast’s digital strategy including the tablet editions of their magazines (if you remember when those came out, they were incredible products that were among the first publications that really felt tablet-native). He’s also the creator of the amazing new Netflix series “Abstract: The Art Of Design”– I’m sure a lot of you have already binge-watched it, and if you haven’t then do Continue reading "Scott Dadich: Gut, Heart, and Head Alignment"

When to listen to the voices in your head

I’ve talked before about that 3AM voice – the one that whispers in your ear that you’re not good enough or that maybe you’ll fail and so therefore it’s probably better if you just quit now. That voice is what I call the gremlins. The gremlins are not your friend, and you’ve got to learn how to ignore them. But here’s the thing – there’s another voice that often sounds very similar to the gremlin voice, except that it’s RIGHT. It’s the voice of your instincts, and its absolutely critical that you trust and listen to this voice. The key here is Continue reading "When to listen to the voices in your head"

Debbie Millman: If not now, when?

Debbie Millman is currently the Editorial and Creative Director of Print Magazine, but she has an insane track record going back decades: she’s the author of 6 books including “How To Think Like A Great Graphic Designer,” a prolific design writer in outlets like NYT, Fast Company, and Design Observer, chairs the Masters In Branding program at SVA (co-founded with Steven Heller), and hosts a long running podcast called “design matters” which has done 265 episodes over 10 years with legends and icons like Michael Beirut, Stephen Heller, Chip Kidd, Massimo Vignelli, Isaac Mizrahi and Malcolm Gladwell. And that’s just Continue reading "Debbie Millman: If not now, when?"

Helping others = helping yourself [add this to your playbook]

Fact: creativity is a team sport. Yes, the actual act of making the work is sometimes a solo activity (drawing, writing, editing a film, etc) but the real driving force behind every creative pro is their community: their clients, collaborators, peers and the rest of the humans in the complex web of symbiotic relationships that give us inspiration, support and (ultimately) an income. Creativity cannot live in a vacuum. We depend on each other, like the members of any other ecosystem. And therefore – somewhat paradoxically – the best thing you can do to help yourself is to help your Continue reading "Helping others = helping yourself [add this to your playbook]"

The What, Why, and How of Personal Style

I often talk about personal style, but I’m always asked: What is personal style? Why is it important? … and the biggest question… HOW to develop it. In today’s show, we dive into the details of this critical, but often overlooked topic. Enjoy! Listen to the Podcast Today’s episode is part of a new segment I’m calling: Micro Shows. In addition to the bad-ass guest interviews, these are short 5-10 minute segments sharing inspirational tidbits, hot news, discussion on specific topics, and more. If you have ideas on what you’d like to hear on the show let me know in the comments below or Continue reading "The What, Why, and How of Personal Style"

Adrian Grenier: You can’t scale if you do it alone

You may know Adrian as the star of Entourage and The Devil Wears Prada, but he also has a lengthy history as a documentarian and entrepreneur who’s made a lifelong habit out of going around, over and through the various gatekeepers that stood between him and his goals. You’ll hear a lot of familiar themes come up in this conversation that are very core to me: the critical importance of building a community of peers who will motivate, inspire and help each other; how mentorship can be a catalyst for progress; and the drive for continuous and never-ending self-education. Today on the podcast, Continue reading "Adrian Grenier: You can’t scale if you do it alone"

The Hit List: 13 Things Crucial For Your Success [In Any Field]

Success is each to his or her own, but let’s call it like we see it: when you survey the landscape of your creative world, your industry, your career or hobby–whatever field you’re in– there are several fundamentals to achieving success, regardless of the measure. There are commonalities that are undeniable. So here’s a list of thirteen such things that you should be doing right now – let’s call it your hit list: 1. Get shit done. Over-thinking, pontificating, and wondering are tools for the slacker. People don’t care what almost happened, or what your problems are or why something Continue reading "The Hit List: 13 Things Crucial For Your Success [In Any Field]"

Why comparing yourself to others is the WORST (and BEST) thing you can do

Stop me if any of this sounds familiar: You’re lurking a peer’s social media account, and what started as a cursory browse quickly takes a detour down the rabbit hole of self-doubt and envy: “S/he is so much better at X or Y than I am – I’ll never catch up! Look at his/her amazing X or Y and s/he’s always hanging with X or Y celebrity and nobody even knows who I am – ugh, I should just quit and do something else, I’m just not cut out for this” – and so forth. If the above scenario rings Continue reading "Why comparing yourself to others is the WORST (and BEST) thing you can do"

Caterina Fake: Teach Yourself

Caterina Fake is best known for being the co-founder of Flickr, which pioneered a ton of the things that we now take for granted on the internet: social networking, tagging, and content surfacing algorithms to name just a few. But like many of us, her career path has been – to say the least – unpredictable. On the way to becoming the co-founder of Flickr, Caterina Fake explored everything from banking to graphic design to writing novels, and she’s now the Chairman of the Board for Etsy, a board member at Creative Commons, and on the board of advisors for the Continue reading "Caterina Fake: Teach Yourself"

What I’ve Learned in The Trenches– MY 5 Step Guide to Street + Snapshot Photography

A couple years ago, you may recall, during a month-long artist-in-residency at the Ace Hotel in NYC I took the opportunity to celebrate the snapshot — quintessential street photography — and I called the exhibit Dasein: Invitation to Hang. [‘Dasein’ is a German word used by philosophers to refer to raw human experience or the fundamental mode of “being there.” I found that when applied to photography, the snapshot was the ultimate photographic expression of us simply, authentically being in the world / caught on film. ] The exhibit featured an ever-changing wall of snapshots, both my own and Continue reading "What I’ve Learned in The Trenches– MY 5 Step Guide to Street + Snapshot Photography"

Elle Luna: Should vs Must

If you’ve ever asked yourself – as almost all of us have – “how can I find and follow my calling and my passion,” then you’re going to get a lot out of this conversation. Elle has a book describing her own search for an answer to this question which is called “The Crossroads of Should And Must” which explores the tension between the expectations that parents, friends, and culture put on us (what she calls “should”) and who we are and what we know to be true (what she calls “must”). These two forces don’t have to be at odds, Continue reading "Elle Luna: Should vs Must"