Canon EF-S 35mm F2.8 IS STM Macro sample gallery

Canon's new EF-M 35mm F2.8 IS STM Macro comes in at a reasonable $349 MSRP, and offers 1:1 magnification (very close to the front of the lens, admittedly), a claimed four stops of image stabilization and the stepper motor should work great for when you switch from stills to video. We've sampled it for both macro and general photography, as its 56mm equivalent focal length makes it a good option for Canon APS-C users who are looking for a modern 'normal' lens. Take a look at how it holds up in our sample gallery.

Canon EF-S 35mm F2.8

Sample photo
Sample photo
Sample photo
Sample photo
Sample photo
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If you are in the US you can now create physical photo books through the Google Photos app

At its I/O 2017 conference Google announced a new service that lets Google Photos users create and order physical photo books of their favorite images. Initially, the feature was only available through the Google Photos desktop browser version but now the company has updated the Google Photos apps for iOS and Android to support the photo book service. You can now order photo books of your favorite albums, which can be created automatically using Google's AI, through the mobile apps. Currently the service is only available in the US where a 7-inch softcover album of 20 pages will cost you Continue reading "If you are in the US you can now create physical photo books through the Google Photos app"

Europeana Photography lets you browse through the first 100 years of photography

Eadweard Muybridge, Loya: Valley of the Yosemite (The Sentinel), c. 1867 – c. 1872. Rijksmuseum. Public Domain
Europeana Photography is a new online image archive that includes more than 2 million historical photographs from European collections in 34 countries, covering the first 100 years of photography. The gallery includes important images from pioneers in the field of photography, such as Julia Margaret Cameron, Eadweard Muybridge and Louis Daguerre. The Europeana Photography project is being led by PHOTOCONSORTIUM, the International Consortium for Photographic Heritage and a non-profit which aims to promote and enhance the culture of photography and photographic heritage. The 2,296,517
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Before you invest in LED lights, make sure you understand CRI

LED lighting technology is all the rage, and there are great reasons to invest in LED lights. (Beyond using them as a lightsaber.) However, photographers are keenly aware that it's not just the light that's important, but also the quality of light you have. One tool we can use to assess the color accuracy of a light is the color rendering index, or CRI, which provides some information about how accurately a light can reveal color compared to an 'ideal' light. A light which perfectly emulates the color accuracy of natural daylight would have a CRI score of 100. Companies love to state Continue reading "Before you invest in LED lights, make sure you understand CRI"

New images of Jupiter’s pole show enormous, gorgeous storms

Enormous cyclones rage on Jupiter's south pole, in an image created by NASA's Juno spacecraft. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS/Betsy Asher Hall/Gervasio Robles
NASA's 'Juno' spacecraft was launched in 2011 and entered Jupiter's orbit in July 2016. Tasked with studying the gas giant, early data from Juno suggest that among other insights, scientists had underestimated the intensity of Jupiter's 'mammoth, lumpy' magnetic field. Juno is on a polar orbit around Jupiter, passing close to the surface every 53 days. Each time it makes a pass, it collects data using various instruments, including its 'Junocam' camera. It takes around one and a half days Continue reading "New images of Jupiter’s pole show enormous, gorgeous storms"

Fujifilm GF 32-64mm F4 R LM WR sample gallery

The Fujifilm GF 32-64mm F4 R LM WR is the first non-prime lens available for the company's new digital medium format system. Offering about a 25-51mm equiv. field of view, this lens is incredibly versatile for a variety of shooting scenarios. Not only that, it is also dust- and weather-sealed, handy for a windy day at the beach, being sprayed by surf and sand. Click the link below for samples. Note: all images were processed through ACR with lens corrections turned off using the Standard/Provia camera profile.

Roadtrip Review Redux: The Fujifilm X100F

Beautiful flowers in golden sunlight along the southern California coast
I had to leave all my musical instruments in Cincinnati when I first moved to Seattle three years ago. Recently, I found the time to road trip back and collect them. Seattle is about as far removed from the rest of the United States as a major US city can be, while still being part of the 'lower 48'. This means that if you're headed a great distance East, there are a number of ways you can go. And when you work at DPReview, there are also a number of cameras
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How do you know you need a new camera?


For the vast majority of shooting I do, even on weddings, I find my aging DSLR is still more than enough camera for the job. After all, it's the photographer, not the camera, right?
Nikon 35mm F2 D
ISO 200 | 1/1000 sec | F8
'Do I need a new camera?' Unsurprisingly, I get that question a lot. I also ask myself that question a lot, especially after working at DPReview for the last eighteen months. My answer has always been 'no.' Until now, that is. You see, I shoot all my personal work on a Nikon D700.
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Sony still third globally but bullish about 2017 prospects

High value models such as the a7R II have boosted Sony's income, despite falling unit sales.
Sony is the world's leading mirrorless camera brand but remains third for ILCs overall, it said in a presentation to investors. The company says the move to higher value products allowed Digital Imaging's operating income to maintain essentially flat, despite declining sales. It attributes these declines to a combination of a shrinking market and missed sales opportunities due to the Kumamoto earthquakes. Also counting against its 2016 numbers were adverse foreign exchange movements. The figures also looked bad compared with 2015, as the group
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How one photographer 3D printed this beautiful medium format camera

It's named PK-6142016, aka the 'Cycloptic Mustard Monster,' and is a 3D printed medium format camera with a Kreuznach 90mm f/8 Super Angulon lens attached.
Photographer Paul Kohlhausen has created what he calls a 'really precisely engineered box,' the PK-6142016 'Cycloptic Mustard Monster' medium format analog camera. Kohlhaussen designed the camera himself using Autodesk Fusion 360 and produced it via a 3D printer and SLS polyamide material. The Cycloptic Mustard Monster utilizes 120mm film and produces 6x14 cm negatives. Kohlhausen detailed the camera on his website, where he explains that he used a Schneider Kreuznach 90mm f/8 Super Angulon lens Continue reading "How one photographer 3D printed this beautiful medium format camera"

NanGuang launches three new portable LED-lights

The NanGuang CNB144 LED panel retails for £89.94 ($115).
Chinese accessory manufacturer NanGuang has launched three new portable LED lights that are designed for use with DSLRs and mirrorless system cameras and attach via the hotshoe.  The CNB144 and CNLUX1600C are panel lights that come with an adjustable bracket to modify the lighting angle. Both lights offer a brightness output of 1005 LM at 100% brightness and stepless dimmer control. It's also possible to lock several units together to create a larger light panel.  The CNB144 weighs 225g and comes with a diffuser in the box. The color
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Dell’s new 8K display is pretty amazing, but do you need it?

The video industry keeps telling us that we'll all be using 8K displays in a few years. It's true that once you see 8K video, you can't unsee it. It's really pretty amazing. Until recently, however, seeing one for yourself meant going to a tradeshow like NAB or CES, where you could use a magnifying glass to try to see the pixels

But that's no longer true thanks to Dell, which is now selling a 32-inch 8K monitor for the not-too-surprising price of $4999. Just how good is it? In this video, Linus Tech Tips shows just what you're getting when you Continue reading "Dell’s new 8K display is pretty amazing, but do you need it?"

Video: Portrait pro Tamara Lackey on self-doubt

Self-doubt and/or self-consciousness can get in the way of your photographic goals, especially when it comes to making pictures of people. Fortunately Nikon ambassador USA and portrait photographer Tamara Lackey has sound advice on the subject. Instead of seeking to overcome your self-consciousness, embrace it and use it as a tool to bring out authentic expression in your images. How? Watch the lecture and find out.

Film artist explains what’s wrong with new ‘Spiderman: Homecoming’ poster

There's a new Spiderman movie coming out (yes, really - another one) and the most recent poster been generating a lot of comments. Mostly they're comments about how it looks like the creation of a fevered teenager that just discovered Photoshop. While the film itself looks like it might not be terrible, the poster is a technicolor mishmash of disparate elements from the movie, thrown together with gleeful disregard for scaling or uniform Continue reading "Film artist explains what’s wrong with new ‘Spiderman: Homecoming’ poster"

New startup ‘Binded’ aims to simplify copyright for photographers

How do you stop your images from being stolen? And if it happens, what can you do about it? Copyright disputes are among the most difficult issues that face working photographers, and in the US, registering copyright is time-consuming and expensive in itself.
Binded CEO Nathan Lands is pitching the service as an easier alternative to traditional means of registering copyright. He has pledged that Binded will remain a free service, but one that creates a permanent record of copyright, which can be used in the event of a dispute.
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2017 Roundup: Consumer Long Zoom Compacts

Bridge and travel zoom cameras are two of the very few categories of compact cameras to survive the smartphone. Whether it's a travel zoom, which puts a 25X-30X zoom into your pocket, or a bridge camera which offers even more zoom, phones just can't compete. While there are now enthusiast-level long zoom cameras with 1"-type sensors, such as Sony's Cyber-shot RX10 series and Panasonic FZ1000/FZ2500, there are still plenty of more budget-friendly models, though their smaller sensors don't offer the image quality or depth-of-field control of the pricier models. The following cameras are included in our roundup:

Think Tank Photo updates TurnStyle sling bags and adds wheels to StreetWalker series

Bag and accessories manufacturer Think Tank Photo has updated two of its ranges, adding more internal space and a rolling option to the StreetWalker series and a new waist strap to the TurnStyle sling-type bags.
All three of the existing StreetWalker backpacks have been enlarged to create more depth in the interior compartments so they can carry more kit, and particularly large bodies with wide-ranging zoom lenses still attached. The series also now features a version with wheels and a retractable handle in the StreetWalker Rolling Backpack V2.0, which can operate as a backpack or a rolling case.
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Video: Kai Wong’s first impressions of the new DJI Spark drone

DJI's latest drone is here and it is tiny, stabilized and reasonably priced. A floating selfie stick of sorts, the DJI Spark is likely to appeal to a wide array of casual users and enthusiasts. So is it any good? Kai Wong spent some time testing out a prototype of the Spark prior to its release, and seems impressed with the video quality and stablization. Have a watch for specifics and some insightful commentary, as well as a bit of humor.

Arsenal is artificial intelligence for your DSLR or mirrorless camera

A new product being funded on Kickstarter, Arsenal, aims to simplify the process of capturing images using a DSLR or mirrorless camera by utilizing artificial intelligence. The system is composed of a USB hardware component that connects to the camera, as well as a mobile app available for iOS and Android. Among other things, Arsenal chooses ideal camera settings for a particular scene based on what it has learned from thousands of similar existing photographs. Arsenal was created by engineer and photographer Ryan Stout as a way to quickly shoot 'amazing images' in any condition, and without having to Continue reading "Arsenal is artificial intelligence for your DSLR or mirrorless camera"

A prototype of the Leica Noctilux-M 50mm Edition 0.95 can be yours for $25K

As if $13,950 wasn’t enough to pay for a special edition lens, the Leica Store in San Francisco is offering a prototype of the Noctilux-M f/0.95 ASPH ‘Edition 0.95’ for $24,995. The Edition 0.95 is already a limited run version of the ‘standard’ $11,000 version of the lens, that comes finished in Leica’s new anodized high-gloss black instead of black paint. There are only 95 of the ‘Edition 0.95’ lenses worldwide, which have unpainted engravings, but it isn’t clear how many Prototype B models exist. Needless to say, we’d hope there are fewer than 95.

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