Aurora Aperture launches 16-stop ND filter and rear filters for Canon’s super-wide lenses

US filter brand Aurora Aperture has announced a neutral density filter that it claims reduces exposure by 16 stops. The company has launched a new family of fixed factor ND filters called PowerND and is offering strengths of 6, 12 and 16 stops in screw-in and square formats. The ND64, ND4000 and ND65000 filters will be available for threads of 37-95mm as well as a special 105mm version that will fit an adapter for the Nikkor AF-S 14-24mm F2.8G ED wide-angle zoom. Those preferring a filter system will be able to use the 100 x 100mm square filters. The
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Harbortronics’ DigiSnap Pro is designed for long-term time-lapse photography

Harbortronics has announced DigiSnap Pro, its new low-power complete system controller for long-term time-lapse photography. The controller supports both networked and autonomous operation and can be used with the company's Cyclapse Pro, a time-lapse photography system that includes a camera housing and solar panel for use in locations where AC power is unavailable.  According to Harbortronics, the DigiSnap Pro controller can be used with 'practically any modern high quality digital camera,' which is said to include medium format models, mirrorless, and full-frame SLRs. When used with the Cyclapse Classic systems, the company says DigiSnap Pro replaces both Continue reading "Harbortronics’ DigiSnap Pro is designed for long-term time-lapse photography"

Serious speed: Sony a9 real world samples gallery

The Sony a9 made headlines shortly after its announcement due in no small part to its laundry list of impressive specifications. With 20fps burst shooting, 693 autofocus points and a 3.7m dot electronic OLED viewfinder with no blackout at all in continuous shooting, this camera's got some serious specs and Sony has made some serious claims about its performance. During our time in New York for the announcement, we were able to learn the ins-and-outs of the camera while photographing hockey players, figure skaters, and a full-on track meet to see just how the camera fared - and it
Sample photo
Sample photo
Sample photo
Sample photo
Sample photo
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Sphere of frustration: Nikon KeyMission 360 review

360-degree capture is still a relatively new concept, and one that can be hard to explain to the casual consumer. But play someone a 360 video and you suddenly have the ability to expand their idea of what photography is. This is especially true when 360 content is viewed with a smartphone that senses its position in space, allowing viewers to explore an entire surrounding area, revealing more – behind, above, and below the viewer – as they move the device around. Where most photography provides a window onto an experience, 360 puts the viewer smack in the middle of a
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Throwback Thursday: Minolta DiMAGE X

There were many 'races' in the compact camera market back when they were selling like hotcakes. From resolution to zoom, manufacturers were constantly trying to one-up each other. Another area in which they were competing was just how small a camera could be. One of the smallest was the ultra-thin Minolta DiMAGE X, released way back in 2002. The DiMAGE X's dimensions were 84 x 72 x 20mm (3.3 x 2.8 x 0.8in) - yes, less than an inch thick - so it easily fit into a shirt picket. How did they do it? Folded optics.
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New Zeiss CP.3 XD Cine lens line stores metadata, is aimed at budget filmmakers

Zeiss announced a new family of cinema primes geared toward 'low budget' productions at the NAB 2017 show in Las Vegas. The CP.3 XD Cine line includes a total of ten lenses that cover full frame. Meant to replace the CP.2 line, these new lenses are more compact than their predecessors. The 'XD' in the name stands for 'eXtended Data', which refers to the lenses' ability to store metadata like distortion and shading info when shooting – info that can greatly aide a visual effects artist in post. You can read more about it here. According to Zeiss Continue reading "New Zeiss CP.3 XD Cine lens line stores metadata, is aimed at budget filmmakers"

Canon boosts 2017 profit forecast following strong Q1 financial results

Canon's recent acquisition of Toshiba's medical equipment unit has helped spur strong first fiscal quarterly financial results for the camera company, and as a result it has increased its full 2017 operating profit forecast. In January, Canon estimated that it would see a yearly profit of 255 billion Yen; following the favorable Q1 2017 results, the company now estimates the profits will be higher at 270 billion Yen. However, the company's outlook on 2017 camera unit sales are gloomier, with ILC unit sales dropping 7% and compacts down 13%, working out to -9% overall. Overall, the company saw a year-on-year Q1 operating profit increase Continue reading "Canon boosts 2017 profit forecast following strong Q1 financial results"

Google software engineer shows what’s possible with smartphone cameras in low light

Image: Florian Kainz/Google
On a full moon night last year, Google software engineer Florian Kainz took a photo of the Golden Gate bridge and the City of San Francisco in the background with professional camera equipment: a Canon EOS-1D X and a Zeiss Otus 28mm F1.4 ZE lens.  When he showed the results to his colleagues at Google Gcam, a team that focuses on computational photography, they challenged him to re-take the same shot with a smartphone camera. Google's HDR+ camera mode on the Google Nexus and Pixel phones is one of Gcam's most interesting products. It allows for decent
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World’s first 100-million-pixel drone launched by DJI and Hasselblad

Chinese drone manufacturer DJI has announced that it is to launch a new drone later this year that will be fitted with a 100-million-pixel Hasselblad H6D-100c camera. The DJI M600 Pro will be aimed at those who need precise and detailed aerial pictures, as it will not only produce extremely high resolution images but users will be able to position the drone with what the company describes as ‘centimeter-level’ accuracy using the D-RTK GNSS navigation system.

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Fujifilm launches professional support program for GFX system in the US

Starting in May Fujifilm will provide a professional support program for its GFX medium format system. Photographers who want to take advantage of the Fujifilm Professional Services (GFX FPS) program have to own the GFX camera and at least one GFX lens. You also have to sign up within 30 days of purchase of a GFX product and be based in the continental United States. The cost of the program is $499 per year which buys you the following goods and services:

Alpha-better: Sony a9 versus a7R II

Sony a9 versus a7R II

The Sony a9 is a masterpiece of technology. Even if you have no intention of ever dropping $4500 to buy one, you have to admit that its key specifications are impressive. Aimed squarely at action photographers, it's much faster than the a7R II, with a more sophisticated AF system, but it can't match the older camera for sheer resolution. In this article, we'll be comparing the a9 and a7R II directly, looking in detail at exactly where their differences lie. For some photographers, the a9 might meet their needs admirably, whereas for others, the older
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More videos added to product overviews and getting started guides

Are you shopping for a new camera? Or just looking for some advice about how to use your current favorite model? We've just added several new informational videos to our range of product overviews and getting started guides, including guides to how to get started with the Fujifilm X-T20 and Nikon D3400. You can find all of our recent overview and getting started guide videos from the links below, and subscribe to our YouTube channel to ensure you never miss a new video!

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Speedmaster 65mm and 85mm fast primes for Fujifilm GFX on the way

Chinese manufacturer Zhong Yi Optics has shown of a pair of manual focus prime lenses for Fujifilm's medium format GFX 50S at a tradeshow at Beijing. The lenses are currently the fastest yet announced for GF mount. The new lens is a Speedmaster 65mm F1.4, which is exclusively designed for the GFX system. Details are scarce, other than what can be seen from photos of the lens. It has manual aperture and focus rings and supports 77mm filters. Mounted on the Fujifilm it will be equivalent to a 51mm F1.1 lens on a full frame Continue reading "Speedmaster 65mm and 85mm fast primes for Fujifilm GFX on the way"

Novoflex ClassicBall ball heads can be mounted upside-down for level panoramas

Novoflex has launched a trio of new Classicball tripod ball heads that can be mounted upside-down for producing level panoramas. The new lineup is comprised of the CB 2, CB 3 II and CB 5 II models, each able to accommodate cameras and gear weighing up to 5kg/11lbs, 8kg/17lbs and 12kg/26lbs, respectively. All three models feature a leveling bubble built into the base of the mount. According to Novoflex, all three new Classicball models are compatible with all 'common' tripods, and each can be used with optional quick-release accessories. A lever on the side of the ball head clamps the Continue reading "Novoflex ClassicBall ball heads can be mounted upside-down for level panoramas"

YI Technology announces consumer-level 360 live VR camera

YI Technology today announced the YI 360 VR consumer-level live VR camera. The new model is capable of capturing 360-degree spheric video footage at 5.7K resolution and 30 frames per second. It also offers 4K instant in-device stitching and 2.5K live-streaming. The camera weighs only six ounces and can be controlled via basic on-device controls or a mobile app. It uses a pair of 220-degree lenses and 12MP Sony IMX377 CMOS sensors to record video footage or 5.7K 360-degree still images. “Virtual reality is exciting. It promises a whole new range of opportunities for creating and sharing truly immersive experiences,” Continue reading "YI Technology announces consumer-level 360 live VR camera"

Sekonic announces price and availability of ‘groundbreaking’ L-858D-U light meter

Light meter manufacturer Sekonic has announced that its new L-858D-U light meter is now available and priced at $599/£599. This new meter offers a number of firsts, including the ability to measure flash duration and to work in HSS mode. It can read out the duration of a burst of light as short as 1/55500 sec and work with shutter speeds as short as 1/16000s ec, both of which will be useful for those working with high-speed photography or trying to balance bright daylight with flash. Designed for moviemakers as well as still photographers, the meter can display frame rates Continue reading "Sekonic announces price and availability of ‘groundbreaking’ L-858D-U light meter"

Nikon releases firmware update for 1 J5 mirrorless system camera

Nikon has released a firmware update for its 1 J5 mirrorless system camera. Version 1.01 only comes with one modification over version 1.0 and fixes an issue that prevented additional deletions after multiple shots had been deleted in succession from a single burst of pictures. The Nikon 1 J5 captures images on a 1" 21MP BSI CMOS sensor and was originally announced in April 2015. If you own the camera you can check your current firmware version by selecting Firmware version in the Setup menu. If you want to update, the new version is now available for download on Continue reading "Nikon releases firmware update for 1 J5 mirrorless system camera"

Here’s how much it would actually cost a pro to switch from Canon to Sony

Read on for a non-scientific look at the cost of switching from Canon to Sony. Note: you'll need a lot more cash than shown here.
The Sony a9 is here and with the ability to shoot 20 fps with AF-C, it's likely to make a lot of sports photographers curious about switching to the Sony mirrorless system. We're already impressed as heck. After all, it is meant to face off directly with the Canon 1DX II and Nikon D5.  We've talked about the structural considerations that may prevent some working pros from switching systems. But let's imagine that those Continue reading "Here’s how much it would actually cost a pro to switch from Canon to Sony"

Blackmagic Designs promises scopes for 4K Video Assist monitor/recorder

Blackmagic designs has announced a variety of professional 'scopes' will be added to its Video Assist 4K monitor/recorder. In the meantime, the company has also added support for ten extra languages. Firmware v2.5, due in June, will add waveform, RGB parade, vectorscope and histogram options to the device. These can either be displayed on a black background, overlaid on top of the video feed or shown as picture-in-picture frames. Waveform, RGB parade and vectorscope are tools used by video professionals for quickly assessing exposure and color. These are powerful tools, each of which gives a different way of understanding
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