The first pictures of a working Panasonic EVA-1…Still no pricing ?

Interesting that this Panasonic EVA-1 is fully kitted with Zacuto gear to the extent that its answered one question, you seem to be able to  take power from the rear of EVA-1 to power the Gratical HD viewfinder. Still no pricing from Panasonic though Nigel Wilkes from Panasonic Broadcast UK has just tweeted this… “The […]

XEffects 3D Video Walls $49 Launch Price, then ($99)

XEffects 3D Video Walls allows you to build single, multiple or complex video walls in Final Cut Pro X. You control the number of panels, the shape, the depth and the material. Position the wall in 3D space adding a depth of field and choose a pre-programmed animation to fly the wall in and out. […]

Lexar are shutting down

  Micron Technology today announced that it is discontinuing its Lexar® retail removable media storage business. The decision was made as part of the company’s ongoing efforts to focus on its increasing opportunities in higher value markets and channels. The Lexar portfolio includes memory cards, USB flash drives, readers, and storage drives for retail and […]

I think Panasonic need a hand on pricing ?

No one seems to have a price for the new Panasonic EVA-1, the new Super 35mm 4K 50p camcorder with Canon EF mount. So lets start with the competition…The Panasonic GH5 with 12-60mm lens and XLR unit. This specs of the GH5 are almost identical to the EVA-1 less the Super 35mm sensor and Canon […]

AWAKEN 4K Trailer

This guy combines high speed filming, time lapse, hyper lapse, motion control, long exposures and ultra high definition to create the most amazing videos. Here’s his new trailer for awaken, watch on youtube in the highest resolution your computer will handle. Releasing in 2018

NEW from Blind Spot Gear the “Tile Light” £445 incl vat.

I went to Blind Spot’s HQ in the West end of Glasgow during the year to see the new “Tile Light” they were developing. The one thing that does not come across is how bright this wee LED light is. Billy showed me the new Tile Light…A single surface emitter technology is powered by embedded high-density […]

Drone misuse is becoming a major problem.

Only last week a drone was caught flying too close to Gatwick Airport and led to the closure of the runway forcing five flights to be diverted, this type of irresponsible behaviour is not acceptable. The sooner drones have the ability to auto transmit their owners details the better. An airport spokesman said the runway […]

Video Assist 4K updated to Firmware 2.5 with Professional Video Scopes

For the lucky ones who have bought into Blackmagic’s 7″ Video Assist 4K we now have scopes. Blackmagic Video Assist features high speed SD card recorders for HD or Ultra HD recording in incredible 10-bit 4:2:2 quality ProRes, DNxHD and DNxHR files in Quicktime and MXF formats. Blackmagic Video Assist works with any camera that needs […]

Summer Promotions from Black Magic Design

I just bought a second hand Video Assist 4K to use with my Panasonic GH5’s. I love the Video Assist 4K thought to be truthful they are heavy on battery power, I tend to use them on mains power when I can. Stupidly like many companies they use the Canon LP-E6 Lithium-Ion batteries that are […]

THE PUREST PICTURE by photographer Robin du Puy

Spa challenged me to experiment with a unique medium: photography through a liquid lens made of Spa water. Although liquid lenses are not new, they have not been used for photography up until now. For this project a one of a kind camera was built by the scientists at Etulipa. The camera works as follows: […]

Fantastic Drone piloting plus a “how it’s done video”

  The drone video filmed at Santa Monica’s famed Muscle Beach. It was posted by Vimeo user Robert McIntosh, whose page features a ton more awesome drone videos. A bit of research reveals that he shoots most of his footage with a 250 mm mini quadcoptor that is likely custom-built – with an action camera […]

Before you buy your 8K Weapon…look at this video

Its far from cheap buying a Red camera but some of the prices are mind blowing. Below is an article by Vincent Larforet a very successful photographer in the USA who extols the virtues of his 8K Red Weapon. I was sent a link to this video (below) which is why most people rent these […]

ADVERT…C200 Open Day at H Preston Media

  Canon C200 Open Day Wednesday the 28th of June from 10am till 4pm. We are taking pre orders now and you will get a Free Canon Battery. Meet Barry Griffin Customer Marketing Executive Pro Video Channel at Canon (UK) Ltd. H Preston have a large show room full of new and second hand equipment situated […]

RED Digital Helium 8K by Vincent Laforet

  This is why 8K matters, Vincent Laforet tells us why he has switched over to the RED Helium 8K camera. At over $29K dollars this technology is not cheap but when you are at the top of your trade price is no option. Vincent Laforet is among the most influential pioneers working in contemporary […]

Space Crate for rent

SpaceCrate™ is a permanent or temporary, professional-spec creative space designed for a variety of applications in Media & Entertainment, for production and post. Prefabricated for cost effective, simple deployment and instant use, almost anywhere in the world, SpaceCrate is constructed within the standard ISO-spec 20 foot Shipping Container and is every bit as modular, secure, […]

Using the new Canon C700 with flare…Brilliant video

The task was to capture the spectacular airshow by SWISS and Patrouille Suisse performed during the World Ski Championship 2017 in St. Moritz. The target audience was very clear too: People fascinated by such an airshow. Our approach: To focus on the beauty of such a show. Moments, instead of action. SWISS is the official […]

Build your own cinema camera…the Axiom

As a proof of concept we created the AXIOM Alpha in 2013. This was an FPGA and CPU combination based on the Zedboard, and by using off the shelf components we interfaced the Super35 4K image sensor with an HDMI linked external recorder. The Alpha featured a Nikon F-Mount and was encapsulated in a transparent, […]