Quartet of new Manfrotto Pro Light bags offer a lot of storage in messenger and backpack styles

<a href="https://www.manfrotto.us/" >Manfrotto</a> has updated its Pro Light Bumblebee camera bag series with four new bags, including a pair of messenger bags and two backpacks. Let&rsquo;s take a look at each of the new carrying solutions.

Manfrotto Pro Light Bumblebee M-10 and M-30 camera bags

The Manfrotto Pro Light Bumblebee M-10 camera bag is the smallest in the new quartet of bags. Its padded interior can hold a DSLR, 24-70mm f/2.8 lens, another pair of smaller lenses and a flash. It has a padded compartment for a 13-inch laptop as well. The top flap has a...
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Putting power in the hands of photographers, Binded launches as the world’s first copyright platform

You may recall <a href="http://www.imaging-resource.com/news/2016/08/01/blockai-hopes-to-protect-photographers-against-copyright-infringement">Blockai</a>, a startup dedicated to helping photographers protect their work and ensure that creativity is given proper legal protection. Blockai has rebranded and relaunched as <a href="https://binded.com/" >Binded</a>. Binded is the world&rsquo;s first copyright platform and it is run by a talented team, including co-founder and CEO Nathan Lands, co-founder and CTO Oli Lalonde and engineer Carey Janecka. The trio has extensive experience in the tech industry, including prior experience with successful startups. Janecka even worked as a developer for SpaceX at...
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Shutter Release: DJI Spark videos, what makes gear “pro” and NFL star Larry Fitzgerald shoots photos

DJI Spark: <a href="http://www.iso1200.com/2017/05/dji-spark-hands-on-review-by-kai-w.html" >Hands-on</a> and <a href="http://www.iso1200.com/2017/05/500-drone-vs-3000-drone-dji-spark-vs.html" >versus a $3,000 DJI Inspire</a> &ndash; ISO 1200

<a href="https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCknMR7NOY6ZKcVbyzOxQPhw" >Kaiman Wong</a> was able to test out DJI&rsquo;s new <a href="http://www.imaging-resource.com/news/2017/05/24/dji-launches-spark-their-palm-sized-consumer-friendly-drone">Spark</a> drone. The Spark is DJI&rsquo;s smallest drone, weighing in at only 10.6 ounces. It also has a consumer-friendly price point of $500. Check out Kai Wong&rsquo;s thoughts on the Spark below.

<a href="https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBJycsmduvYEL83R_U4JriQ" >Marques Brownlee</a> also went hands-on with the DJI Spark. In his video, seen below, he pitted it against the DJI Inspire 1, which costs six times more than the Spark. Of course you shouldn&rsquo;t expect DJI&rsquo;s Spark to match up favorably to its...
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The winners of Adobe’s ‘Make the Cut’ contest made seriously impressive videos

Earlier this year to celebrate their 25th anniversay of Premiere Pro, Adobe put on a compeition caleld "Make the Cut." In it, creative editors (both professional and aspiring) were asked to edit a video of Imagine Dragons using exclusive footage shot of their single "Believer" (which were provided by director Matt Eastin). Make the Cut received nearly 9,000 submissions from 28 countries, including cuts from the UK, Germany, India, Japan, the Philippines and Norfolk Island. Adobe says 60% of the entries came from young creators...
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Panasonic GX850 Field Test: Compact MFT camera delivers great image quality and performance

<a href="http://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/panasonic-gx850/panasonic-gx850A.HTM#shooting">Click here to read the Panasonic GX850 Field Test</a>

Earlier this year, Panasonic unveiled the <a href="http://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/panasonic-gx850/panasonic-gx850A.HTM">Panasonic GX850</a>, a very compact Micro Four Thirds camera that is designed for new photographers who are perhaps buying their first dedicated interchangeable lens camera. However, don&rsquo;t be fooled by its small size and low price point (it can be purchased with a lens for around $550), the GX850 is a capable camera. It was quite impressive during real world testing, as you can read...
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Shutter Release: $25,000 Leica lens, Annie Leibovitz Star Wars portraits, Ricoh WG-50 and more

<a href="https://leicarumors.com/2017/05/23/leica-noctilux-m-50mm-f0-95-asph-edition-0-95-prototype-lens-available-for-sale.aspx/" >$25,000 Leica Noctilux-M f/0.95 ASPH Edition 0.95 lens available now &ndash; Leica Rumors</a>

Leica cameras and lenses are traditionally expensive, yes, but the new Prototype B version of the Noctilux 0.95 Edition takes luxury to the next level. One of the special lenses is <a href="http://www.leicastoresf.com/186787" >available now for $25,000</a> through Leica Store San Francisco. The special edition lens reads &ldquo;prototype B&rdquo; on the back side of the barrel and has a matte black cap, unlike the glossy lens cap that comes with other 0.95 Edition lenses....
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What if your camera were even smarter? Meet Arsenal, your new AI-equipped photo assistant

Modern cameras offer great imaging technology, but they don&rsquo;t always help you capture the perfect photo. Enter <a href="https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2092430307/arsenal-the-intelligent-camera-assistant-0?token=b8ac1747" >Arsenal</a>, an &ldquo;intelligent camera assistant.&rdquo;

Arsenal is a device you attach to your camera&rsquo;s hot shoe that allows you to control your camera wirelessly from up to 100 feet away using a dedicated Android or iOS app. Arsenal offers built-in intelligent HDR, focus stacking and time lapse functionality, totally automating the processes and creating files right in your camera.

Arsenal is designed to let you focus on the...
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Red River Paper’s new Palo Duro Etching paper aims to recreate look and feel of fine art darkroom prints

Texas-based <a href="http://www.redrivercatalog.com/" >Red River Paper</a> recently announced a new fine art paper, <a href="http://www.redrivercatalog.com/browse/palo-duro-etching.html" >Palo Duro Etching</a>. The new paper is a 100 percent cotton rag paper and is free of optical brightener additives. The paper is designed to offer warm white tones, deep blacks and a subtle texture to accurately recreate traditional darkroom fine art prints.

Red River Paper owner Drew Hendrix says of the new paper, "Our new Palo Duro Etching paper is one of the finest photo papers we have ever produced. From its subtle-textured surface and quality &#39;feel,&#39; to...
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Shutter Release: Creative portraiture, 10-stop ND filters face off and more

<a href="https://petapixel.com/2017/05/22/creative-portraits-add-real-world-elements-frame/" >Creative portraiture series combines real-world elements with subjects &ndash; PetaPixel</a>

Slovakian photographer <a href="http://www.mariasvarbova.com/" >Maria Svarbova</a> has an ongoing photography project, &ldquo;ELEMENTS,&rdquo; which adds a real-world touch to an underlying portrait to create distinct images that almost jump off the screen. Of her project, Svarbova told PetaPixel &ldquo;I focus on portraits in this series. I used different materials to work on photography, for example: fire, air, water, etc. All are portraits of young people, but everyone is personal and different.&rdquo; Check out...
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DJI launches Spark, their palm-sized consumer-friendly drone

DJI has announced their latest drone, <a href="http://store.dji.com/product/spark">Spark</a>, and it&#39;s the smallest flying camera they have ever revealed. Even smaller than the Mavic, the Spark weighs a mere 10.6 ounces but still comes with packed with familiar features like obstacle avoidance, indoor operation and intelligent flight modes, but has a new controller: you. The Spark has a "Gesture Mode," and DJI says that all you&#39;ll need to control Spark is your hand, making it the first drone that can be fully controlled by gestures alone. 

When Spark takes off from your hand,...
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Popular Macphun image editing software Aurora HDR and Luminar are coming to Windows this fall

Since launching in 2008, Macphun&#39;s software has been exclusive to MacOS, offering great software to Mac users, but leaving Windows photographers in the dark. That will no longer be the case as <a href="https://macphun.com/" >Macphun</a> has announced that its best-selling photo editors, Luminar and Aurora HDR, will be coming to PC this fall.

Of the decision to bring their software to Windows, Macphun&#39;s Vice President Kevin La Rue says, " We have been delivering award-winning products to Mac users for almost a decade, and now are very excited to bring Windows users...
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It’s Magic! Laowa unveils first GFX converter with optics to adapt full-frame lenses without vignette

There are already many adapters available for the <a href="http://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/fuji-gfx/fuji-gfxA.HTM">Fuji GFX 50S</a>, including offerings from Fotodiox, Kipon, Cambo and more. However, none of them do what Laowa&rsquo;s new <a href="http://www.venuslens.net/laowa-magic-format-converter-mfc/ref/5/" >Magic Format Converter (MFC)</a> does. Traditional adapters simply acts as a means for converting lenses with different mounts to the GFX, but this leads to vignetting when using a full-frame lens because it can&rsquo;t cover the sensor area of the medium-format GFX. The MFC, on the other hand, includes internal optics and magnifies the image circle of Canon or Nikon full-frame...
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A foul drone: GoPro Karma drone crashes into the stands at Major League Baseball game

Fresh off the <a href="http://www.imaging-resource.com/news/2017/05/22/shutter-release-does-sonys-new-fe-85mm-f-1.8-lens-best-the-zeiss-batis-85mm">news</a> that drone owners would no longer have to register personal drones in the US, we have another drone accident story to share with you.

Over the weekend, someone flew their GoPro Karma drone over Petco Park during the San Diego Padres and Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game. It&rsquo;s worth pointing out that this is <a href="http://www.diyphotography.net/drone-crashes-audience-major-league-baseball-game/" >illegal</a>. FAA regulations forbid flying drones in and around stadiums hosting Major League Baseball games &ndash; and other various events &ndash; one hour prior, during and one hour following games.

In a moment of...
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Four hours of free Photoshop tutorials covering over 30 techniques every photographer needs to know

Last year, Nathaniel Dodson of <a href="https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeR7U67I2J1icV8E6Rn40vQ" >Tutvid</a> made a <a href="http://www.imaging-resource.com/news/2016/12/13/a-quick-breakdown-of-30-of-the-most-useful-tools-in-photoshop">video showing 30 Photoshop CC tools and features in around 30 minutes</a> and it was a great video resource for photographers looking to brush up on their editing skills. Dodson has now gone even further with that idea with his new four-part video series, which just saw its final video published over the weekend. The new series covers over 30 techniques every photographer or retoucher needs to know.

In the four videos below, Dodson goes into extensive detail on many features of Photoshop....
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Win a Sony A9 or $500 gift card: Deals and promotions for Sony’s hot new pro camera

Our friends at Adorama have a couple of great promotions running for the new <a href="http://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/sony-a9/sony-a9A.HTM">Sony A9</a>, which will begin shipping this Thursday!

Win a Sony A9 through Adorama

One lucky customer who <a href="https://www.adorama.com/isoa9.html?kbid=66882" >preorders a Sony A9 through Adorama</a> before May 25 will receive a full refund for the price of the camera.

&bull; <a href="https://www.adorama.com/isoa9.html?kbid=66882" >Click here to preorder your Sony A9 at Adorama</a>&bull;

Trade up to the Sony A9 with up to 70% credit towards the new camera

Adorama is also running a promotion until June 30 which allows you to trade your camera gear in towards the Sony <!--more--> for up...
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60-second introductions to film photography: From photography basics to darkroom essentials

<a href="https://www.ilfordphoto.com/" >Ilford Photography</a> created a series of neat animations for a video series, "<a href="https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLarwq93oldzTPKIn4-RMP6w9_khSkuD-I" >Introduction to Film Photography</a>," earlier this year. In the videos, some of which are embedded below, Ilford shows off various aspects of film photography, from an SLR itself to darkroom essentials. Even if you don&#39;t shoot film and are new to photography in general, the videos on aperture and shutter speed are universally applicable.

Film photography has been experiencing something of a resurgence of late, with companies such as <a href="http://www.imaging-resource.com/news/2017/01/07/slide-film-revival-kodak-brings-iconic-ektachrome-film-back-from-the-dead">Kodak bringing back a...</a>
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Yeah, yeah…speed… but what about image quality? Sony A9 First Shots from the lab!

The Sony A9 has landed at IR Labs, and we couldn&#39;t wait to bring you our signature First Shots test lab series. For anyone itching to dive right in, please head to our <a href="http://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/sony-a9/sony-a9A7.HTM">Sony A9 Lab Samples Page</a> to see the camera in action across the available ISO range. For anyone interested in comparisons to other models, our trusty <a href="http://www.imaging-resource.com/IMCOMP/COMPS01.HTM" >Comparometer</a> is your ticket!

With a 24mp full-frame sensor, the A9 is in the logical tier above the A7 Mark II, so that comparison will surely draw some interested viewers. And, of course, there are those of you who...
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