As she battled and beat cancer, Kathryn Dyer found peace and passion through photography

In the latest episode of the sixth season of Adorama&#39;s Through the Lens, the focus is on photographer <a href="" >Kathryn Dyer</a>. Sacramento-based Dyer first forayed into the world of Instagram and became more serious about photography when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her husband bought a camera for them to share and take Kathryn&#39;s mind off her battle with cancer through nature photography sessions.

Now in remission, Dyer is a professional photographer. In case you&#39;re curious about her gear, she currently shoots with a <a href="">Sony A7R III</a>...
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Pixels for Geeks: A peek inside Nikon’s super-secret sensor design lab

I&rsquo;ve known for some time that <a href="" rel="nofollow" >Nikon</a> actually designs their own sensors, to a fairly minute level of detail. I think this is almost unknown in the photo community; most people just assume that &ldquo;design&rdquo; in Nikon&rsquo;s case simply consists of ordering-up different combinations of specs from sensor manufacturers, picking a feature from column &ldquo;A&rdquo;, another from column &ldquo;B&rdquo; and so on, like a Chinese restaurant menu. In actuality, they have a full staff of sensor engineers who design cutting-edge sensors like those in the D5 and D850...
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Sony A7 III Review Conclusion: Sony’s best all-around full-frame mirrorless camera to date

Click here to read our <a href="">Sony A7 III Review Conclusion</a>

Sony&#39;s full-frame mirrorless cameras keep getting better and better! The latest-generation of their "entry-level" option, the <a href="">A7 III</a>, is no exception. At $2,000 it&#39;s admittedly kind of odd to consider it "entry-level," but the A7 line is the starting point into the Sony full-frame mirrorless family. However, don&#39;t think that means they&#39;ve skimped-out on features or performance, quite the opposite actually.

In fact, the Sony A7 III offers so many upgrades, improvements and...
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How to utilize foreground elements to create stronger ultra wide angle images

Photographer <a href="" >Adam Gibbs</a> recently visited Needle Peak and Flatiron Mountain in the British Columbian alpines. These picturesque places provide ample opportunity for shooting with ultra wide angle lenses.

Ultra wide lenses do an awesome job at capturing wide, expansive environments. However, it&#39;s very easy to capture too much of a scene and not have a strong enough subject. Wide angle photography is tough. Gibbs is here to help us do a better job with composing ultra wide angle shots. A great way to create a compelling wide shot is...
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Missed opportunities and learning lessons in landscape photography with Thomas Heaton

In photographer <a href="" >Thomas Heaton&#39;s</a> newest video, he opens by discussing the many wonderful aspects of landscape photography. It allows you to travel and explore, you get to become more involved with nature and the great outdoors and it can be very rewarding and enjoyable. Heaton recently headed north to Scotland for location scouting and a bit of photography.

While out in northwestern Scotland, he was treated to beautiful light. However, for various reasons, the great light did not result in a suitably good photograph. The situation...
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Ben Horne cleans up litter & finds nice compositions on the 7th day of his spring photo trip

Large format photographer <a href="" >Ben Horne</a> spent over a week on the Colorado Plateau this past spring. In the video below, we join him on the seventh day of the trip as he continues to explore Capitol Reef and tries to dodge nearby rain storms. While it&#39;s not always ideal to spend time hiking with large format gear in the rain, it can be the case that storms leave behind some interesting colors, patterns and textures, particularly in dry areas which don&#39;t always see a lot of rain. Weather can significantly change a landscape.

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8 awesome and affordable accessories for every nature photographer

Cameras and lenses are awesome, and of course must-have elements of any great photography kit, but sometimes accessories are what make or break a shooting adventure. In the video below, nature and wildlife photographer <a href="" >Steve Perry</a> shares eight of his favorite accessories for nature photography.

Fortunately, a useful accessory doesn&#39;t have to break the bank. Of the eight accessories below, only one will set you back much more than $25. His first accessory are lens wipes. These are pre-moistened disposable wipes and you can get...
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The Breakdown with Miguel Quiles: Using a single gridded light for beauty portraits

With a single light, you can capture very nice portraits in a studio space. In the video below, Sony Artisan <a href="" >Miguel Quiles</a> shows off how to use a single gridded light. The video is his latest for Adorama&#39;s <a href=";list=PLwm6LvGc5xq0oJ3sV-K7e-D0CRgG8kfEE" >The Breakdown with Miguel Quiles</a> video series.

In case you&#39;re curious, Quiles opted to use a <a href="">Sony A7R III</a> with a <a href="">Sigma 105mm f/1.4 Art</a> lens. For a light, he opted for a Profoto D2, although you can of course use a much less expensive light and get great results. Quiles also used a light meter to help him dial in <!--more--> right...
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Positioning your camera near the ground can take your photos to new heights

Photographers are often looking for ways to help separate their work and make their images stand out. A great way to do this is to utilize a distinct camera angle. If you want to get a neat perspective, try shooting from a very low angle. In Jay P. Morgan&#39;s latest video for <a href="" >The Slanted Lens</a>, he discusses the different ways you can shoot low and what type of gear you might need.

Just because you want a low angle doesn&#39;t mean you need to literally set your camera on the ground. A <a href="" >Platypod Max</a> will allow your camera, even <!--more--> it&#39;s a...
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Hasselblad H6D-100c versus Nikon D850: What are the real-world advantages of a medium-format camera?

Photographer <a href="" >Karl Taylor</a> has extensive experience in the photographic industry, having worked with numerous types of camera technologies for over 20 years. Hasselblad is incredibly confident in their latest digital medium-format cameras and has asked Taylor to show the differences between 35mm and medium format in an "unbiased manner." Of course, the videos are for Hasselblad, so take "unbiased" as you will. Nonetheless, the series of four videos, seen below, are interesting and there are certainly interesting differences between...
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Report: Adobe to launch full version of Photoshop for iPad this October

Part of the vision of the "Creative Cloud" was to offer their vast array of products across different platforms without sacrificing any user experience, data or functionality. That was six years ago, and we&#39;ve only recently started to see that vision come to life in meaningful ways with <a href="">the announcement of Rush last month</a>. But <a href="" >according to Bloomberg</a>, Rush was only the beginning as sources they claim have "knowledge of the plan" but wish to remain anonymous, have spoken out about the future of Photoshop: Adobe will launch a full...
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3 tips for capturing great bird photos on dull cloudy days

When photographing birds, you often want a very high shutter speed, which means you need a lot of light. However, what do you do if you&#39;re photographing on a cloudy day? Photographer <a href="" >Tim Boyer</a> has a new video offering three tips for bird photography on cloudy days.

If you have a bland, gray sky that really saps the life from an image, the best thing you can do is keep the sky out of the picture altogether. You can raise the camera up to get a different angle and eliminate the sky from your frame. A small shift in position <!--more-->...
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Does your MacBook Pro need more horsepower? Blackmagic has partnered with Apple to create this external GPU

Have you ever wished your MacBook Pro had more computing power? Or maybe you just wish that you could have your laptop be both your mobile and desktop machine, but it just doesn&#39;t pack the horses you need to be a dedicated office editing computer. Well, perhaps that now can change and without breaking the bank. Today, Blackmagic Design announced the Blackmagic eGPU, a high performance graphics processor for pro creative software made in tandem with Apple and designed to amplify the MacBook Pro. The Blackmagic eGPU features a...
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Two Minute Tips: Making shade with David Bergman

We&#39;ve seen plenty of videos of photographers capturing portraits during golden hour lighting conditions. It&#39;s often not too difficult to get really nice light when the sun is low. However, you don&#39;t always have the luxury of shooting during these times. What if you want to capture natural-light portraits during the middle of the day, when the sun is high and the light is harsh?

In his latest <a href=";list=PLwm6LvGc5xq0zeay6mkYx6rwrIH7xLQwq" >Two Minute Tips</a> video, photographer <a href="" >David Bergman</a> discusses how you can make shade to deal with tough midday light. There&#39;s not always shade...
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Golden hour natural light portrait photoshoot with Jessica Kobeissi

Photographer and popular YouTuber <a href="" >Jessica Kobeissi</a> recently did a golden hour natural light photoshoot with model <a href="" >Sydney Harper</a>. In the video below, we go behind the scenes with Kobeissi as she works with some excellent natural light.

While relying on natural light does limit the times of day you can shoot, it also means that you can capture great shots without lighting equipment, which can be prohibitively expensive for photographers just starting out. That&#39;s not to say natural light is only for beginners, of course, but it&#39;s...
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Combining dance and street photography : Adorama’s Through the Lens features Omar Z Robles

In the latest episode of Adorama&#39;s Through the Lens, a web docu-series which focuses on various professional photographers, the focus is on New York City-based photographer <a href="" >Omar Z Robles</a>. 

Robles, a Fujifilm X-Photographer, has an interesting personal history to go along with his diverse photographic portfolio. For 10 years, Robles worked as a mime. This training has given him a distinct approach to movement and eventually gave birth to his juxtaposing dancers against "rugged city landscapes." The combination of fluid motion and...
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Unleash the beast: Say hello to the Nikon P1000, a superzoom with a 3000mm-equivalent zoom lens

Click here to read our <a href="">Nikon P1000 Preview</a>

If you&#39;re a fan of superzoom cameras, you&#39;re likely familiar with the <a href="">Coolpix P900</a> from 2015. Sporting a record-breaking 83x optical zoom lens, this Coolpix redefined the term "superzoom." Well, Nikon&#39;s ready to break their own record with the <a href="">Nikon P1000</a>. Although it sports the same 16-megapixel, 1/2.3-inch BSI CMOS sensor as the P900, the new P1000 has one heck of a lens sitting out in front: a 125x optical zoom! Yes, that&#39;s correct. The Nikon P1000 has a zoom lens with a...
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7 landscape photography tips Nigel Danson wishes he knew from the beginning

While looking through old photos, photographer <a href="" >Nigel Danson</a> realized how far he has come as an artist. In addition to this realization, Danson also considered what sort of lessons he wished he had learned earlier on in the process. In his latest video, seen below, he shares seven simple photography tips he wishes he knew sooner. Hopefully they&#39;ll help beginner photographers progress faster and avoid some mistakes many of us make along the way.

Before getting into the tips proper, Danson suggests that you don&#39;t necessarily have as...
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Performing lens corrections in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC

Over the weekend, we saw <a href="" >Anthony Morganti&#39;s</a> video about sharpening and noise reduction in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. If you missed it, you can view it <a href="">here</a>. The video, along with the one featured below, is part of his ongoing series <a href=";list=PLllFqBuTM0WJTD4rpvf748Um9MMmbo4r9" >Mastering Lightroom Classic CC</a>. His latest video is focused on lens corrections in Lightroom Classic.

Lens corrections are an important part of working with RAW files because unlike JPEG files, many of them don&#39;t come with lens corrections data built into the file. In many cases, Adobe has the...
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Save up to $200 on Nikon lenses, including the 14-24mm f/2.8, 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 and much more

Nikon has unveiled a new set of lens rebates for July, featuring savings up to $200 USD on select Nikon lenses. Let&#39;s take a look at the lenses on sale.

First up are a trio of wide-angle zooms, the <a href="">Nikon AF-S Fisheye 8-15mm f/3.5-4.5E ED</a>, <a href="">Nikon AF-S 14-24mm f/2.8G ED</a> and <a href="">Nikon AF-S 16-35mm f/4G ED VR</a>. You can read more about each of these lenses via the above links and you can order them below.

<a href="" >Nikon 8-15mm f/3.5-4.5E ED @ $1,096.96 ($150 savings)</a>

<a href="" >Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8G ED @ $1,696.96 ($200 <!--more--></a>

<a href="" >Nikon 16-35mm f/4G ED VR @...</a>
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