Shutter Release: Rim lights, new flash from Elinchrom, Christmas in July and creating a speedy website

Shutter Release is a regular feature on Imaging Resource and our way of delivering more news to you than ever before. We are dedicated to bringing you the best original content we can, but we also want to share some of the great content other photographers around the web create. Shutter Release includes a wide variety of topics from news about new gear to tutorials and everything in between.

Today's Shutter Release includes four videos, three of which are about lighting. A fourth article we want to share is a great guide for...
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Nikon celebrates 100th Anniversary with new $100,000 scholarship program and Instagram campaign

To celebrate their 100th Anniversary, Nikon has announced two new programs dedicated to recognizing and supporting the next generation of visual content creators and artists. To go with their <a href="" >100th Anniversary</a>, Nikon will give $100,000 in scholarships through "The Nikon Storytellers Scholarship," which will grant $10,000 in academic scholarships to ten college students.

Nikon will announce the criteria for the Storytellers Scholarship this fall ahead of a review, selection and award process prior to the 2018-19 school year....
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Shutter Release: Tripod buying tips, new product from Syrp, a versatile portrait lens and more

In today&#39;s Shutter Release roundup, we look at an array of content covering a great mix of topics. This is the objective of Shutter Release, delivering a good mix of interesting photography topics for you to learn a bit about before determining if you want to click on the link to learn more. We are dedicated to delivering the best in original content, but there are many talented content producers spread across the internet, so we also want to make sure you see all of our favorite articles and videos.

Today we look at a video from...
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Storm chasing wedding photographer Mike Olbinski is back with yet another stunning time lapse

Photographer <a href="" >Mike Olbinski</a> is not only a wedding photographer, but he&#39;s also a storm chaser. You&#39;ve likely seen one or more of his storm-chasing time lapse videos before, we&#39;ve shared them on a couple of occasions. Olbinski started working on his latest video in late March and spent the spring travelling 28,000 miles around the US.

Mike has spent the last month editing his over 90,000 frames and creating the brilliant new video, "Pursuit," which you can watch below. For gear, Olbinski relied on a pair of <a href="">Canon 5DS R</a> cameras,...
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Shutter Release: Learn all about lighting with these new articles and videos

Shutter Release is our regular roundup feature here at Imaging Resource. Photographers and writers around the web create a lot of excellent content that we want to share with you, our readers. Today is a lighting-centric edition of Shutter Release, featuring content covering quality of light, lighting tutorials, lighting products and more.

<a href="" >DIY illuminator for UV fluorescence photography - Hackaday</a>

If you&#39;re interested in ultraviolet imaging, Hackaday has a <a href="" >guide</a> for creating your own DIY illuminator for UV fluorescence...
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Motorola announces 360 degree camera ‘Moto Mod’ for $300

This morning, Motorola announced a new phone called the <a href="" >Moto Z2 Force Edition</a>, which I encourage you to check out since one of the main selling points is that it is impossible to shatter or break the screen (neat, if true). However, more related to the imaging space is their latest Moto Mod: <a href="" >a 4K 360 degree camera</a>. In case you were not familiar, Moto Mods are magnetically affixed, interchangeable modifications to certain Motorola phones. To this point, Motorola had released a few, including a Hasselblad camera mod, a standalone...
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National Geographic photographer Bob Holmes on how to find inspiration and “learning to see”

Longtime professional photographer <a href="" >Bob Holmes</a> has been a guest of <a href="" >Marc Silber&#39;s</a> on numerous occasions. Holmes&#39; latest visit with Silber is focused on learning to see light. Holmes remarks early on in the video below that much of what he has learned about light - and seeing in general - has come from his interest in painting. There&#39;s an important distinction between looking and seeing says Holmes. We all can look at something, but you have to go beyond that and analyze what you&#39;re seeing. Once you get used to that, it becomes a...
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Announcing the Fujifilm Festival, featuring workshops and hands-on sessions in New York City

Fujifilm has announced the <a href="" >Fujifilm Festival</a> in New York City. The Festival will take place on September 16 and 17 and the two-day experience is limited to 80 attendees. The immersive photography event includes numerous workshops, hands-on activities, elective courses and networking opportunities. Attendees will have the chance to go hands-on with Fujifilm X Series equipment and the new <a href="">medium format GFX system</a>.

Workshops last from 9:40 a.m. to 2:50 p.m. and include lunch. The workshops offered include "An Introduction to...
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Shutter Release: Vintage lens, Nikon “firsts,” landscape photo challenge, bouncing light and more

Shutter Release is a regular feature here at Imaging Resource and our way of sharing more news with you than ever before and sharing some of the great content our colleagues around the web produce. We are dedicated to bringing you the best original content we can while also alerting you to some of the many great articles and videos about photography around the web, including things like lighting tutorials, behind the scenes videos and interesting new gear announcements.

Today&#39;s topics include a new vintage-inspired lens,...
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Firmware Friday: Sigma fixes AF issue for MC-11 mount converter

Our <a href="">Firmware Friday</a> roundup this week is going to be rather short and sweet, as we&#39;re only aware of two new updates for digital imaging devices. Sigma&#39;s closely-related MC-11 mount converters for Sony E-mount cameras have both received new firmware aimed at resolving autofocus issues with certain lenses.

If you want to know which lenses specifically, though, the answer is that we&#39;re not actually sure. Sigma&#39;s release notes for the new firmware -- which carry version number 1.06 for the Sigma SA to Sony E-mount variant, and...
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Shutter Release: Tips for composition, lighting, dealing with flare and improving your workflow

After a short hiatus, we are back with another round of Shutter Release. For those who are new to the roundup, Shutter Release is our way of sharing more news with you than ever before and sharing some of the great content our colleagues around the web produce. We are dedicated to bringing you the best original content we can, but there are many great articles and videos about photography out there that are outside the wheelhouse of Imaging Resource, including things like lighting tutorials, behind the scenes videos and interesting...
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Bowens’ collapse is yet another symptom of a broader, now-unstoppable problem

This morning, <a href="" >PetaPixel confirmed</a> what many who follow the industry already feared: <a href="" >Bowens</a>, a lighting manufacturer who has been producing professional equipment for 94 years, has collapsed and will cease operations. Bowens, like <a href="">Calumet</a>, <a href="">Photoflex</a>, <a href="" >Creative Light</a> (bet you didn&#39;t even know this one existed) and others, is just the latest in a line of western photography manufacturers to fall in the last 15 years. Though Calument and Photoflex have been picked up by a marketing company, their original operations, employees and...
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Dual Pixel AF, tilting screen and more: Canon releases videos showing off the big features of the Canon 6D II

Canon&#39;s latest full-frame camera, the <a href="">6D Mark II</a>, is unsurprisingly getting a lot of attention. The camera is the successor to the very popular 6D and many photographers are wondering if the new Mark II version is the next big thing in the full-frame DSLR market. The 6D Mark II has a lot of great new features, including Dual Pixel CMOS AF, a vari-angle touchscreen and more. To help explain the new features, Canon USA has uploaded five videos to their <a href="" >YouTube channel</a>, each focusing on a different feature in the 6D II. You can see...
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Datacolor deal: Upgrade from ANY calibration device to the Spyder5Elite+ and save $169

Monitor calibration is critically important. Whether or not you print your work, a calibrated monitor allows you to determine whether what you see on your display is accurate or not. Imagine that your monitor is way too bright and you&#39;re editing your photos such that they look good on your display, if someone views them on a calibrated monitor they&#39;ll be too dark. Or perhaps you capture a beautiful landscape image with rich, vibrant colors but on your monitor the image looks bad so you never look at it again. This could result in a...
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Big savings on powerful software: Alien Skin’s summer sale offers 40% discount on all their products

Starting today and through July 24th, you can <a href="" >purchase all Alien Skin Software for 40% off</a>! The deal allows you to grab <a href="" >Alien Skin&#39;s Exposure X2 bundle</a> for just under $120. Other software is available with big savings as well, including a standalone copy of Exposure X2 for just under $90. I am in the process of reviewing Exposure X2, it&#39;s a very versatile and powerful photo editor and despite my review not being finished, I&#39;d highly recommend giving it a try during the sale and seeing if it&#39;s right for you. If it is, there&#39;s no...
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High-end beauty portrait retouching through the use of local corrective dodging and burning

There&#39;s an art to portrait retouching. It can be such a difficult thing to do that many large commercial shoots have dedicated retouchers and some photographers relegate some or all of their retouching work to specialists. Others, like photographer <a href="" >Chris Knight</a>, have become highly skilled at the portrait process from start to finish. Like many aspects of editing photos in Photoshop, retouching comes with a large variety of techniques and methods for achieving similar final results. In the video below, Knight shows how to perform...
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