Blad to the bone

*This is a kind of spontaneous look at a camera I tried out a few weeks ago. **Here’s a big 5GB collection of camera originals and processed stills from this article. There are JPEGS, Camera original X1D RAW files and DNG’s … Continue reading

IRND Filters

I recently shot a movie of the week in Vancouver and was lucky enough to get some early samples of the new Panavision IR ND filters.  I tested them here on both the Alexa and the Ursa Mini 4.6K. You … Continue reading

In Memory of Morgan

I just learned of the sad news of the passing of a colleague Morgan Evans. You have probably seen him on your screens and not realised it.  I was lucky enough to know this amazing stunt performer and director and … Continue reading

Ursa Mini 4.6K Carnival

With the recent shipping news on the much anticipated Ursa Mini 4.6K camera, I wanted to give people a chance to download and grade some more files.  I have a few other more “test” style shots coming, but for now … Continue reading

Olympus EM1 for Video

  This is the very first of a series of camera tests I shot recently in Sydney.  These are studio tests and I’m also currently shooting some more real life scenarios which I’ll be aiming to share with you in … Continue reading

Hunters – First Look

I’ve been working on Hunters for the last few months, a new Universal Cable Productions / SyFy series from Gale Anne Hurd (Aliens, Terminator, and Walking Dead) and Natalie Chaidez (12 Monkeys)  from a Novel by Whitley Strieber.  Now you … Continue reading

Lensing about

In a second lot of tests for the TV series I’m currently in pre-production for, my colleague Bonnie Elliot and I tested a range of different cinema lenses. We set about creating a bit of a torture test.  Our set … Continue reading

How dark is dark ?

I love testing at the beginning of a new show.  It’s a time where you can try things out and explore new ideas.  Anything can happen ! I’m testing along with my co-cinematographer Bonnie Elliot on a new U.S series … Continue reading