Sony a7R II part IV: Rolling shutter comparisons with a7S and GH4

By site editor Dan Chung: So far in my testing of the a7R II I have been impressed with its resolution and handling. But these aren’t the only characteristics that matter to real world shooters. During my pre-release testing of the a7R II I observed that the rolling shutter or ‘jello’ effect when shooting 4K […]

First dedicated Sony a7R II cage from Varavon spotted online

By site editor Dan Chung: With the Sony a7R II not even on sale yet in most countries there has already been a sighting online of the first dedicated cage support system for the camera. This one is from Korean maker Varavon who were showing it at the Sony Korea a7R II launch event. Details […]

Sony a7R II quick tests part II: Slow motion and slow shutter

By site editor Dan Chung: Here are a couple more quick tests of the a7R II that I did yesterday. The a7R II has built-in slow motion shooting, but it is limited to 120fps at 720P (100fps in PAL mode). I had high hopes that this would be better than the a7S, but sadly the […]

Sony a7R II first test footage shot with Zeiss Batis and Touit lenses

By site editor Dan Chung: Sony surprised many people, myself included, when they announced the video specifications of the a7R II. I had expected it to be just another high resolution stills camera with little to offer the video shooter. I was completely wrong. This diminutive shooter offers internal 4K recording at 100 Mb/s and […]

Zacuto first look at the Canon C300 Mark II

By technical editor Matt Allard: Zacuto’s Steve Weiss and Jens Bogehegn talk to Canon’s Jon Sagud about all the new features of the Canon C300 MkII. The original C300 is still one of the most popular rental cameras out there, and both Steve and Jens think its sucessor will be just as successful. The EOS […]

Video Devices Pix-E5 now shipping for $1395 USD

By associate editor Elliot Smith: News just in from Video Devices is that their Pix-E5 monitor/recorder is now shipping and should be available at resellers shortly. Our technical editor Matt Allard had a look at this new range of monitors at this year’s NAB show and was impressed by what he saw. Sound Devices, Video […]

Eye can see clearly now: G-Cup eyecup for GH4 from Miller & Schneider

By site editor Dan Chung: The Panasonic GH4 has been incredibly popular with shooters looking for a discreet camera with 4K capabilities and a good choice of lenses. The upcoming V-log profile and the launch of the Metabones 0.64x XL Speedbooster for the camera have made it even more appealing. One area where the camera […]

RED Weapon gets Internal ProRes Recording

By technical editor Matt Allard: RED have just announced firmware build V6.1.6 for the RED Weapon that enables ProRes recording options, Rec.709 and Rec2020 colour spaces and 3D LUT and multi look support. Internal ProRes recording is a big step forwards for RED and is sure to make the Weapon a more appealing prospects for […]

The Fotokite Phi: a tethered UAV, funded by you

By associate editor Elliot Smith: Zurich-based company Perspective Robotics have announced an upcoming Indiegogo campaign to produce the Fotokite Phi, a consumer-focused version of their Fotokite ‘legally not a drone’ tethered UAV camera platform. Actual details are a little thin on the ground at the moment as the campaign isn’t live on Indiegogo just yet, […]

First Panasonic DVX200 footage published online by Sebastian Wiegaertner

By site editor Dan Chung: We’ve looked at the upcoming Panasonic DVX200 several times here on Newsshooter. The 4K camera is designed for documentary and event shooting and has a moderately large Micro4/3 sensor with a built-in zoom lens and neutral density filter. Now we finally get to see some actual footage from the camera […]

Movcam show cage and accessories for ARRI Alexa Mini

By site editor Dan Chung: As the ARRI Alexa Mini begins to make its way onto productions many manufacturers have rushed to make solutions for the camera. We previously reported on those from Tilta and Wooden Camera. Now Movcam have now made their competing rig, previously only seen as 3D animations. Like the other two […]

Video: HDVideoshop run through Kinefinity KineMAX 6K camera options

By site editor Dan Chung: At NAB this year many people seemed to think that the Kinefinity KineMAX camera would be vapourware. While mainstream makers concentrated on 4K the KineMAX offered a whopping 6K of resolution.The Chinese manufacturers have now confounded the doubters and you can now order camera. European distributor HDVideoshop in Berlin have […]