Announcing My New Lightroom Book For More Experienced Lightroom Users

  Hi, gang — greetings from Washington DC. I’m up here for my seminar today, and looking forward to meeting a whole bunch of you! Today, I’m officially announcing my new book‚ “How Do I Do That in Lightroom Classic, 2nd Edition,” which (according to Amazon) the print edition should be in stock and ready to ship today (Well, that’s what their Website said, anyway). Here’s what the book is all about: I hope you’ll give it a read — I think you’ll really find it useful. Here’s a link to order your copy at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Continue reading "Announcing My New Lightroom Book For More Experienced Lightroom Users"

New Class: Jaw-Dropping, Heart-Stopping, Eye-Popping Photoshop Effects

Jaw-Dropping, Heart-Stopping, Eye-Popping Photoshop Effects with Unmesh Dinda
Join Unmesh Dinda and take your Photoshop skills to the next level! This class is jam-packed with tricks and techniques that will make your jaw drop. You’ll learn how to retouch any surface without damaging texture, how to selectively apply blur for dramatic effect, how to scale a photo without damaging the main subject, how to automate actions to work faster, how to gain unlimited filters through the Gradient Map, and so much more. Unmesh has a great knack for making complicated techniques simple and approachable, and he even provides files for Continue reading "New Class: Jaw-Dropping, Heart-Stopping, Eye-Popping Photoshop Effects"

Guest Blog: Wedding and Portrait Photographer Tauran Woo

Don’t Let Your Love of Photography DIE!

As someone who has been working as a photographer and videographer in the wedding industry for over 20 years, I’ve been able to witness a lot of the exciting changes the industry has gone through in the last 2 decades. As the digital age has emerged, it has brought with it a myriad of possibilities that were previously unthinkable, and democratized the camera as a tool for everyday use by the common person.

Motion picture quality videos are now commonplace in the video realm, new software has made it easier for us

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8 travel photo insider secrets

#TravelTuesday has come around again, and I’m right here as always to impart some of the bountiful wisdom filed amongst the mayhem in my mind! It really has been mayhem, too. I moved home this past week, heading out of the big smoke that is London and landing nice and gently in the Great British countryside. It’s fabulous to be able to see that stars again, but I’ve hit a brick wall with my Internet Provider. Vodafone, if you’re wondering. The connection date was exactly one week ago and I still have no internet so I’m reverting to coffee shops
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Worldwide Photo Walk 2018 Q&A

Above: The group shot of the local photo walk I led in Venice, Italy a couple of years ago — such a great group to walk with, which included my brother Jeff (behind me, far right), and Mimo Meidany (far left), and behind him, Italian legend of love, Roby Pisco. Last week we announced my 11th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk™ (once again brought to you by our friends at Canon, and produced by KelbyOne), and today I wanted to do a quick Q&A to answer some of the questions that are already pouring in.   Q. When is
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It’s here, and you’re invited to join us at my 11th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk™ brought to you once again by our friends at Canon, and produced by KelbyOne. This Photo Walk is a worldwide phenomenon with photo walks in nearly 1,p00 cities around the globe hosting walks last year. Best of all, besides all the fun and making friends, it all benefits the Springs of Hope Orphanage in Nakuru, Kenya. Above: That’s my awesome crew from the photo walk I led last in beautiful Lisbon, Portugal.  Here are the details: 

Who: Everybody! You’re invited to join us — everyone is welcome!

New Class: How To Take Stunning Long Exposures

How To Take Stunning Long Exposures with Mimo Meidany
Learn how to master long exposure photography to create dramatic photos during the day. Join Mimo Meidany in Venice, Italy as he takes you through the gear, the camera settings, and all the steps in his workflow for capturing stunning travel photos that are both dramatic and are free of tourists. To capture these daytime long exposures you’ll need the right gear, but the investment you make will extend the hours you can shoot through the brightest hours of the day. Mimo wraps up the class with a series of lessons Continue reading "New Class: How To Take Stunning Long Exposures"

Guest Blog: Entertainment Photographer Mary Caroline Russell

I’ve always loved music. I grew up dancing on hardwood floors to my parents’ records. Socks slipping around, arms waving, head shaking. There is some kind of magic in it. Some spark that happens. It starts in your ears and moves its way through your bloodstream and finally makes a home somewhere in your chest. It is a beautiful, untamable thing, and I knew early on that I needed music in my life for the long run.

My name is Mary Caroline Russell, and I am an entertainment photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia. I’ve been shooting music for nearly ten years

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Happy #TravelTuesday to you all, from me, Dave Williams. Today I want to pull inspiration from a legend, Mr Dave Clayton, in a little tip post. More on that shortly, though. First on the agenda is this: – Mimo Meiday, Scott Kelby, Rome! Come on! Thats some serious education and banter right there! Next up – the Worldwide Photowalk! It’s October 6th, and it’s everywhere! Get yourself signed up to the world’s largest social photography event! And third, linking in with today’s subject matter, there’s a brand new class on KelbyOne by Dave Clayton! It’s Dave’s Top Continue reading "Lines"

A Better Way to HDR; Photo Walk Leader Update; Gallery Opening, and I’m Coming To DC in 11 Days (Whew!)

Happy Monday, everybody. Here’s what’s up: HERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT LIGHTROOM’S HDR YOU’LL WANT TO KNOW…
I made this discovery recently, and it’s about how to get MUCH sharper, more color accurate realistic HDR images if you start in Lightroom, then jump over to Photoshop just briefly, where you change one simple setting — it makes all the difference in the world. I did a short video about it over on my Lightroom blog — — this is really helpful if you make realistic HDR images. LEADERS OF LAST YEAR’S WORLDWIDE PHOTO WALK…
Check your email — we’ve sent
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Join Me in Beautiful Rome, Italy For a Hands-on Travel Photography Workshop

This is your invitation to come to beautiful Rome, Italy and join me and Italian photography expert (and KelbyOne Instructor) Mimo Meidany for an unforgettable four-day travel photography workshop — “The Classic Beauty of Rome” in one of the most fascinating cities on the planet. First, watch this short video: Get ready for an unforgettable hands-on travel photography workshop in one of the most historical and photogenic cities in the world, — beautiful Rome, Italy. The city of statues, fountains, and piazzas will be your home for four delightful days of creating captivating images, learning important camera techniques, composition, long Continue reading "Join Me in Beautiful Rome, Italy For a Hands-on Travel Photography Workshop"

New Class: Dave’s Top 25 Photoshop Tips for Designers (with Dave Clayton)

Dave’s Top 25 Photoshop Tips for Designers (with Dave Clayton)
Join Dave Clayton as he shares his top Photoshop tips and tricks for designers! Dave works through a series of projects as he shares a steady stream of tips to help you in your workflow. His tips cover topics ranging from key preference settings to smart objects, slider tricks, hidden gems, selections, adjustment layers, maximizing CC Libraries, and so much more. You’ll want a notebook handy to jot down every bit of advice designed to help you keep learning and earning! In Case You Missed It
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Guest Blog: Portrait and Documentary Photographer Alan Winslow

Photo by Justin Bettman

First of all, I’d like to thank Scott and his team for inviting me to write a guest post. I’ve used the tips, tricks, and advice from other photographers’ posts here for years. It’s an honor to be asked to share.

I’d like to discuss a shooting technique that I’ve been using in my practice for years and believe has helped me develop as a photographer and artist. That practice is limiting the number of frames I produce.

I come from a film photography background where I was limited by the number of frames on the

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The best way to match tones in Photoshop composites

Yes, it’s me again! Dave Williams, the #TravelTuesday blogger here at Scott Kelby’s Photoshop Insider, and freshly appointed editor at I’ve kicked off a new series of #MondayMotivation posts over there and I’d love for you to go check out the first one by Gilmar Smith! I’m fresh back from a mission to Turkey where I predominantly shot the hot air balloons over Göreme in Kapadokya. It’s home to the densest hot air balloon airspace in the world, with the dawn skies filled with them. The town is unique in that the buildings are carved and tunnelled
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Photoshop’s Unsung Hero: Content Aware Fill

Before we get to today’s tip: just a heads up: Today the last day to enter for your chance to win the same Profoto B1x Strobe I used in that behind-the-scenes fashion shoot video I shared here on Friday. It’s not a photo competition, it’s a straight-up giveaway, so all you have to do it enter for your chance to win. Click on the graphic below, or go to this link to enter right now. Hey, ya never know — you could be the person to win that awesome Profoto B1x. OK, on to today’s tutorial
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Behind-the-Scenes Fashion Shoot with the Profoto B1x

Last Friday I got a chance to go on location and try out my new Profoto B1x in a fashion shoot on location at the Rialto Theatre in Tampa. Kalebra was the Creative Director for the shoot and she came up with a really fun, intriguing story for us to create (we have such a blast on these shoots). Anyway, our video crew was there and put together this short behind-the-scenes video (below) so you can see what it was like. After the video, please check out my Adobe Spark with the full story, more BTS images, and finals (link
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New Class – Travel Photography: Capturing The Essence Of A City

Travel Photography: Capturing The Essence Of A City with Scott Kelby
Join Scott Kelby as he shows you how to capture the essence of the locations you visit when you travel. Though this is set in Venice, this is not a class on photographing Venice as the tools and techniques you’ll learn can be applied to any city that you visit. Scott shares his big picture perspective on how his travel photography has evolved, the gear and camera settings he uses, tips for scouting locations before you go and after you arrive, tips for shooting exteriors and interiors of buildings, Continue reading "New Class – Travel Photography: Capturing The Essence Of A City"

Guest Blog: Editorial Portrait Photographer Maria Jose Govea

Hi guys! It’s my first time writing for this blog and it feels great to get to share some stuff with you. I’m currently on tour in Europe with a Colombian band called Bomba Estéreo, and we’re driving into Bilbao, Spain. It’s almost sunset, everyone is busy doing something so it’s finally the perfect time for me to sit down and do this. Today, I’m going to talk about a technique I’ve been using to do portraits that’s gotten a lot of attention from my peers. It’s a very old trick that’s been around forever but people still seem

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My BEST piece of PS advice

How’s that for a title? Absolute hooker, right? Well, here I am again? It’s Dave Williams here on Scott Kelby’s Photoshop Insider for the weekly dose of wisdom on #TravelTuesday – let’s get this show on the road!
First up, lets have a little introduction for anyone who hasn’t landed on this site before. I’m Dave, I’m a travel photographer. My job is to make you want to go somewhere, which means I have to use a range of skills and techniques on location and in post, and it’s one of those post-processing skills I want to share with you Continue reading "My BEST piece of PS advice"

So, How Many Keeps Do You Get From a Shoot?

This is one from “The Vault” here on the blog, but I still get this question fairly often today, so I thought I’d kick this new week off by sharing something I think can help a lot of folks. To answer this question of “How many keeps to I get from a shoot?” I can tell you straight out — it’s not as many as I’d like, that’s for sure. When I posted some of my favorites from a Bucs/Eagles shoot a good while back on my Facebook page, I got a number of questions along these lines, so
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