It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Matthew Simmons!

A Loose Collection Of Thoughts From An Emerging Photographer
I’ll be honest, I spent way too much time trying to pull all of these thoughts together into a semi-cohesive blog post. I’ve revised the whole thing about seven times now. I was going to write something practical and easy to read, something that might show off my work or my process, but after a while I just felt like I needed to get some things off my chest. The following is a loose collection of thoughts I have put together about my last few years spent trying to break into
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Paying for Poses

I’ve been there hundreds of times. We all have, I’m sure. We’re prowling the streets in an unfamiliar land and there they are, right there in front of us. A local character, personality oozing and dressed just how you’d ask a model to if you were epitomising the destination. You want to take a photo, right? But what’s the etiquette?! Do we pay? Do we ask? If we ask we break the element of surprise which affords us that reportage, candid shot. But what if we want to use the photo? We need a release in many circumstances so we
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The Perfect Lens for Travel Photography

Above: me traveling light in Italy’s Dolomites – minimum gear packed into a minimum sized rental car.  Recently I’ve had a flood of emails, texts, Facebook comments, direct messages — you name it — about which is the best lens to use for travel photography and so I thought I’d tackle that here today. The lenses I’m going to recommend (it’s really just one lens, but you need a variation of it depending on whether you’re using a Full Frame body or Crop Sensor body) I came to fall in love with the hard way — by traveling with
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It’s New Class Thursday!

Advanced Photoshop: The Psychology and Science Behind Color Grading with Viktor Fejes
Join Viktor Fejes for an advanced look at essential elements of color theory. From understanding color models and the science of RGB, to how to apply this knowledge when performing practical tasks such as color correcting and color grading. Viktor starts with the fundamentals and works up to advanced techniques used in cinema. If you want to manipulate color at will, understand the reasons why, and make your images look fantastic while doing it, then this class is for you. In Case You Missed It
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It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Tony Harmer!

Try The TDN Single-Layer Sketchy Technique Hey. Now I’m not going to break with guest-blog tradition in my opening paragraphs, so before introducing myself and delving into the topic of my post, I’d like to say a massive thank you to Scott for having me over to guest on the blog, as well as to my good mate (and @vectorgenerians co-host) Dave Clayton for arranging it. So, I’m Tony Harmer, a.k.a The Design Ninja (#TDN); a Specialist Solutions Consultant at Adobe UK, looking after the design/mobile ideation segments. In my day-job (I’m also an author for LinkedIn Learning
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It’s Here! Moose Peterson’s Incredible Book on Aviation Photography: ‘Takeoff’

It’s one of the most long-awaiting books of its kind, and we’re so excited it’s finally here (and in bookstores right now), it’s Moose Peterson’s ‘Takeoff: The Alpha to Zulu of Aviation Photography’ — an incredible book designed from cover to cover to help you create amazing photographs of airplanes, on ground or in the air, and tell the amazing stories surrounding them through your pictures. First, check out the book’s official trailer (below), from Moose himself: Here’s the book’s description from the back cover (but if you can’t wait any longer, here’s a link to order yours now on Continue reading "It’s Here! Moose Peterson’s Incredible Book on Aviation Photography: ‘Takeoff’"

There’s a Snake on My Pedal Board (and other weird stuff that happened this week)

Terror in Scott’s Garage!!!
This morning we get back from driving our daughter to school and when I step out of the car in our garage I glance down at my guitar pedal board (I keep a small amp and my pedal board in the garage), and something catches my eye, right above my red Hall of Fame (HOF) Reverb pedal. I think it’s a leaf that blew in so I bend down to pull it out when I realize that it’s not a leaf — it’s a snake. SNAKE!!! (OK, it’s a tiny little baby snake, but I don’t
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It’s New Class Thursday!

Newborn Photography Master Class with Tracy Sweeney
as;ldk In Case You Missed It
Learn how to cultivate beautiful memories for your client families! Join Tracy Sweeney as she shares her years of experience as a family photographer to help you prepare for success in this business. Tracy starts off the class with a focus on planning, preparation, and scouting; all of which will help you get the most out of your session while feeling confident and looking professional. From there you’ll witness Tracy at work with two different families in a park and on the beach. Tracy talks through her Continue reading "It’s New Class Thursday!"

It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Steve Brazill of the Behind The Shot Podcast!

Five Lessons Learned from Hosting the Behind The Shot Podcast

First things first, thanks to Scott and Brad for having me as a guest here, a blog I have read so many times over the years. My name is Steve Brazill. I’m a Southern California based music photographer, and the host of a podcast called Behind the Shot (BtS). Hosting the podcast has taught me more about being a photographer than any of the research I have done, not necessarily the technical aspects, but the heart of photography. Let me explain…

Don’t just take a shot, make one. Everyone else
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#Everything You Need To Know About Hashtags on Instagram

#Love #Me – Two of the current top three hashtags on Instagram – Perhaps that follows suit with what many of the population think of hashtags being overused as narcissistic, vain, attention grabbing props, but let me tell you that that isn’t (always) the case and the correct use of hashtags can boost your performance and reach on Instagram. Your chances of tantalizing and captivating new followers, collecting likes, inducing comments, and generally increasing engagement are vastly increased with the correct use of hashtags.   Heres how they work  Every post on Instagram can be accompanied by a caption and
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How to Protect Your Most Precious Photos

Happy Monday, everybody. I’m going to tackle a question I get asked a lot while out on my seminar tour, and even though it sounds like a simple one, I think it’s an important one. The question is along these lines:
Q. I’ve heard that hard drives die after a certain amount of time, and so do CDs, and DVDs, and optical drives, and all the stuff we backup our photos onto. I’m not sure there’s any storage media that lasts even for 10 years. What about uploading them to someone else’s digital storage like Google photos? Are they always Continue reading "How to Protect Your Most Precious Photos"

I’ve Been Sharing Lots of Behind-The-Scenes Shots From Shoots

Mornin’, everybody! Not sure if you’re following me over on my Facebook page, but I’ve been sharing lots of behind-the scenes shots from shoots over there, along with all the lighting set-ups and camera settings. They’re really popular so far –  if you get a chance, you can check them out over there on Facebook.  Are you into guitar? Or Van Halen? Or both! :) Tonight I’m talking guitars and amps (and even a little photography), with guitar god Eric Broadbent (and btw: if you think they’re going to win any points with me by referring to me as Continue reading "I’ve Been Sharing Lots of Behind-The-Scenes Shots From Shoots"

It’s New Class Thursday!

Using Photoshop & Lightroom to Create Amazing Cityscapes with Serge Ramelli
Join Serge Ramelli as he shares his secrets to creating amazing cityscapes. Great cityscapes start with great captures, and Serge begins the class with a discussion of camera settings and his approach to being in the right place at the right time. After the photo is taken, Serge steps through his editing workflow in Lightroom. Starting with the global edits that lay the foundation for a strong cityscape, Serge moves on into a detailed look at how to use all of Lightroom’s local adjustment tools to take your photos Continue reading "It’s New Class Thursday!"

It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Dickie Pelham!

Let me introduce myself. I have been the Chief Sports Photographer of The Sun Newspaper in London, England for the last 29 years. It’s my job to fill the sports pages of the UK’s best selling newspaper, with over 1.6 million papers sold daily and with over 45 million unique viewers to our digital platforms. 12 months ago I covered my sixth Olympic games, on this occasion in Brazil, where I followed some top British athletes in their quest for gold at the games, getting up close to them in training and getting great access to them before going
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How to be the BEST travel photographer

My genre is travel and I’ve spent years perfecting travel photography and learning the best ways to shoot travel. This week I’m not going to share my killer tips with you on how to take better travel photos, but I’ll tell you how to take the best travel photos! There’s no point holding back, let’s get it done! Think about the light   The easiest way to make your subject appeal to the complex little biological device that is the human eye is to think about the light. It’s the beautiful light that makes the image over the subject –
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Shooting Tonight’s Solar Eclipse, Photo Walk Update, and Other Stuff

Hi everybody – I’m back from a whirlwind trip out West – three seminars in one week (LA [seen above], San Francisco & Seattle), plus a talk at the Canon Experience Center in Costa Mesa.  Had a really fun time, and met some really cool people along the way. Thanks to everybody who came out. OK, onto what’s up this week: The Eclipse is here
Hope you caught Erik Kuna’s excellent post on Friday called ‘7-tips for shooting the Eclipse’ and if you didn’t, here’s the link. Erik and Kalebra hosted ‘The Grid’ this week and their topic was photographing
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7 Tips for Shooting the Eclipse

Millions of Homes in America Will Go Dark Monday Afternoon, Are you ready? [guest post by Erik Kuna]

Seriously, unless you’ve been living underneath a rock in the U.S.A (which might not be a bad thing lately) you know that there’s a total solar eclipse happening Monday for around four hours starting on the west coast of Oregon at 9:04 am PDT and moving all the way to the east coast in South Carolina to end at 4:10 pm EDT. While total solar Eclipses happen every year or two, it’s rare that they cover so much land mass,
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It’s New Class Thursday!

Mastering Layers: Advanced Techniques with Dave Cross
Become more effective using layers in Photoshop! Join Dave Cross as he builds on his previous class to teach you more advanced ways to leverage the power of layers. In this class you’ll learn how to use shape-based masks, vector masks, layer comps, advanced layer blending options, powerful ways to use smart objects, and much more. Dave wraps up the class sharing some of his favorite keyboard shortcuts for working with layers that you can implement in your workflow right away. In Case You Missed It
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It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Dalton Hamm!

In January 1927, the first ever color photograph taken underwater appeared in National Geographic. The picture introduces us to a hogfish living it up in the Florida Keys, and underwater flash photography was born. Photographer Charles Martin, with an autochrome camera, teamed up with marine biologist Dr. William Longley, and together, they headed to the Florida Keys. The biggest problem they faced was underwater illumination, and they solved it with magnesium flash powder. That’s right, explosives! And those of us who remember film days thought developer was nasty!
Credit: Charles Martin and Dr. William Longley
That little hogfish changed the
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Crushing the blacks

Hello internets! It’s that time of week again! #TravelTuesday here on is #HybridDaveTuesdays where I’ll share some top tips on photography and Photoshop from my background in travel photography. Thanks for your feedback from last week – I love hearing from you, keep it up! Now for this week let’s have a look at a common theme on Instagram right now. Take a look around and it’s clear to see that a distinct winner among the top photos in the explore section is photos with crushed blacks. That’s to say that the black point isn’t quite black. You Continue reading "Crushing the blacks"