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What happened to the Baker's Dozen 'It Must Be Color?' did I miss something?

There are more than 200 entries to sort and sift. Sorry for the delay—I've been a bit sidelined by a surprisingly persistent virus that's been hanging on and on. A few days ago I had to take not one but two naps, and that after a good night's sleep! I've been in very good spirits, though, I must say. Coming along sometime soon....


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Learn Something New Every…Post

Well, it's going to take me a long time today to catch up with all the comments from yesterday (sorry; I've got the flu), but I have to say that I learn something with almost every single post here. Who knew that there was a little tiny button on the address bar of my very own browser called "Enter Reader View"— Reader view Which turns this— View 1 Into this— View 2 I spend roughly a fifth of my life in my browser, but I didn't know that*. I can't say there's any site I would consign to the purgatory of Reader View permanently (you can
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Get Benched, Pat Bradley (OT)

This is protected material. Soccer fans and people from Boston should not click through. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED Why do we have to watch the Patriots all the time? I don't want to watch the Patriots. There are 28 teams in the NFL—let someone else have a chance once in a while. Maybe Patriots fans can confirm this, but I'm pretty sure people from Boston are tired of the Patriots too. They yearn for peaceful seasons when things are over by late Fall and they don't have to hear about the Patriots any more. Who wants to hear about
Tom bradley
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