News: TOP is off today Cause: Benevolent weather Resulting in: Summertime fever Back: Real soon y'all If you're looking for amusement and have been reading TOP for less than eight years: Be sure to see the links in the reply to the Featured Comment in the previous post. I just love that video. Every time I hear him say "YOU can go to the store and buy it m-----f-----!!!" it makes me laugh out loud. Harlan passed away just this past June. R.I.P. If you need an introduction, check out Strange
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Sunday Support Group: Letter from my Head


All the chickens come on home to roost
Plump bodies blotting out the sky
You know it breaks my heart in half, in half
When I see them trying to see them fly
'Cuz you just can't do
Things your body wasn't meant to.

—The Mountain Goats, "Dilaudid"

If you read it, you remember that last Sunday's post about long-term projects, "When to Not Persist," was kind of a downer. I had to 'fess up to having drifted away from my book project ambitions (in my fellowship we call it "going back out," i.e.
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Take Heart!

First a definition: The Digital Tsunami, noun phrase: The fact that there are now as many pictures taken in a day as used to be taken in a year*.   Weren't we really talking about the Digital Tsunami last week? You know, all the pictures have been taken already—people take the same pictures of the same things—it's harder and harder to make your work stand out or be your own—and so forth. Mass taste, instant consumption, and snap judgement are leveling critical distinctions and the possibility of subtle, thoughtful work getting noticed; etc., etc. All that is
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