Baker’s Dozen: ‘It Must Be Color’ (Part III)


Photo by Stan Banos

BDMBC David Morse

Photo by David Morse

BDMBC Mark Kinsman

Photo by Mark Kinsman

BDMBC Mike Knowles

Photo by Mike Knowles


Stan Banos sent his photo without comment.

David Morse of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania writes, "I took this photo at the annual fourth of July parade in Philly with a Nikon D7000 and a 16–85mm lens. Although the image works in B&W because of the strong composition, the red and blue stars and face paint definitely make the photo sing and define the event as patriotic. Converted to B&W, the stars have exactly the same grey value and you lose the dynamic rhythm the colors

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Sunday Support Group: That’s Progress

Good news to report this Sunday. I've passed 20,000 words on my novel, which means the first draft is one-fourth finished. So I'm behind schedule but making progress. I'm shooting for a first draft of 80k words because, knowing myself, I'll inevitably add another 20–40k words in the rewriting process. That'll give me my target word count of 100–120k words. A few "project" news blips from friends and readers:

LivingstonHugh Crawford by Jamie Livingston

Hugh Crawford sold a number of copies of his massive and epic Jamie Livingston book to TOP readers a few weeks ago. He's very grateful
Smith speakers
BobB with Marshalls
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Classic Mike: The Glow

[This little column was one of my talked-about when it was first published on The Luminous-Landscape in 2002. Reprinted here for preservation purposes, apropos of our discussion of classic B&W movies the other day.

I no longer have the file of the original illustration, and I don't know where the print is. —Mike the Ed.]


Gigi and Mari Years ago I worked as the Lab Manager at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, D.C. The Corcoran School has a fancier name now, but it’s still the same good old place, tucked into the basements and attics and other
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If You’re Looking for that Classic Film Look, Try Classic Film

Friend-o'-TOP Steve Rosenblum wrote yesterday:

For those who like the look of older motion picture black and white negative film, Eastman "Double X" negative film (5222) can be purchased rolled into 35mm canisters from places like the Film Photography Project. They buy large reels of the motion picture film and then load it into 35mm canisters for sale. There are a number of articles and forum posts online about it as well as images on Flickr. This film stock was used in Schindler's List, Casino Royale and many other films to achieve that classic look. It was introduced in

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