A Little Local Sadness

Abandoned eggs I learned something new about the iPhone 7+ camera(s). Smartphones are handy in that you can sometimes get them into spaces where an IL camera won't fit, but the "selfie" camera on the screen side of the phone doesn't focus as close as the main camera modules on the back. I couldn't see to compose this picture any other way than by using the "selfie" camera, and it wouldn't focus on the eggs. The nest is right under the eaves and I couldn't get the phone far enough away. These eggs have apparently been abandoned, which is making me unaccountably
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Two Old Snapshots

I'm intending to take Saturday off, unless it's already too late for that. But I wanted to leave you with something to chew on for the weekend. I ran across an old snapshot the other day that jumped out at me. To my eye, it has the authenticity and casual grace of the very best of the genre. It's a simple picture that shows an apparently happy, healthy young woman playing on a snowy street with two children. You can see it at this link. (I tried to reach Kate Daloz for permission to post it here, but was unsuccessful,
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A Visit from B&H Photo

Mike and Izzy

Mike and Izzy

A nice thing—my rep from B&H Photo, Izzy Flamm, actually made a trip out from NYC to see me yesterday. I've always had good contacts at B&H—Itzhak (Isaac) Buchinger, then Menashe Wodinsky, and lately Izzy. Izzy lives in Lakewood Township, New Jersey, which Wikipedia calls "a hub of Orthodox Judaism." More than half of Lakewood's ~100,000 residents are Orthodox. Izzy commutes two hours to New York City each way. He rather liked my commute, which consists of a) coming downstairs and b) moseying out to the porch. We had a great visit, and we are cooking
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Sony RX10 Mark IV is For the Birds

Sonyrx10iv-2Sony RX10 Mark IV at full lens extension

The other day when we were talking about the new Nikon P1000 that only extends to a mere 3000mm-e, not one but two commenters mentioned the Sony RX10 Mark IV as a birding camera. One of them was T. Edwards, at the beginning of the first Featured Comment. (And by the way I've added a lot more in the Featured Comments to that post, including a couple of entertaining videos you might not want to miss. One just demonstrates the reach of the earlier P900.) The other, Rick Baumhauer, wrote,
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Black Raspberries and Black Currants


This is the greatest time of the year to live in the Finger Lakes. In the morning I head up to the local Mennonite market, which is located right next to the fields where all the produce is grown. Berries that were on the vine before the sun came up are in my bowl for breakfast. Yum. I just eat 'em plain, nothing added. A big bowl of fruit is a meal. These strawberries just melt in your mouth—you hardly have to chew. It's easy to be critical of the Instagrammy practice of people snapping quick pix of the
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Nikon P1000: Spy Camera Makes Me Chuckle

Nikon P1000

Nikon P1000, available for preorder

Forgive me, but the new Nikon P1000 makes me giggle. It has, get this, a 24–3000 millimeter equivalent (mm-e) lens. (Voyeurs take note.) Granted, that means the sensor is rather small—1/2.3-inch (6.2 x 4.6mm), same size as the sensor in the original toy Pentax Q. Why does it make me giggle? Well, in the 1980s I used to ask my students what they would do if they were freed of all technical constraints they were under. "If you had a camera that would effortlessly make a clear, sharp photograph with perfect color
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