Photographers Caught Filling Fish with Styrofoam to Bait Endangered Eagles

livefishinject A group of bird photographers in Singapore have sparked outrage after they were caught on camera allegedly filling live fish with air and Styrofoam in order to bait the endangered grey-headed fish eagle. The website 10,000 Birds reported on the incident last month, and has since obtained and published footage of the practice. It was shot by an amateur Singaporean nature photographer named Charlie Gordon, who witnessed what the men were doing nearby:
Nature photographers in Singapore allegedly stuffed fish with … We have received this video showing a group of nature photographers allegedly using live fish stuffed with Styrofoam bits to bait critically-endangered Grey-headed Fish Eagles.All this, so they can
The grey-headed fish eagle is critically endangered in Singapore.
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5 Ways to Ruin Your Film with Music

There are many, many things that can royally screw up your film, and music is a big culprit. In this guest post, Australian composer and lecturer at the University of Tasmania, Heath Brown, shares some insight how to avoid the many, many pitfalls of using music in your films.

The alchemic results of combining music with moving pictures can be extraordinary. The right score or soundtrack can elevate a film, enrich its world. Maybe even add a layer of wry commentary (like the recurrent paraphrasing of Charles Ives’ The Unanswered Question in the score for Zodiac). Music can help with pacing, it can heighten emotion. It can even have its own semiotic rhetoric, deepening the relations between events and characters, enriching subtext.

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InVisage posts short movie shot with its QuantumFilm HDR smartphone sensor

For a few years now, InVisage has been working on a new kind of smartphone image sensor that claims to offer higher dynamic range and zero rolling shutter than the chips currently found in mobile devices. It appears the technology is now at a stage where its benefits can be demonstrated, and for this purpose InVisage has commissioned a short movie called Prix  shot entirely on a prototype device using InVisage's QuantumFilm technology. Read more

Portraits of Cats Shaking Themselves Clean

catshake Want to know how to capture a wacky portrait of your cat? Shoot a photo while they’re shaking themselves clean (or dry). That’s what photographer Carli Davidson did for her new project titled Shake Cats. Davidson is a 34-year-old Portland-based animal rights activist who found most of her subjects from local animal rescues. After shooting a nice head shot of each cat for the shelter website — which helped them get adopted almost immediately — Davidson gave the cats a grooming session with nail trimmings and ear cleanings, after which the cats would usually shake themselves. If that didn’t do the trick, a few drops of water usually would. The resulting portraits are wonderfully bizarre-looking: Shake_1_Jaz Shake_2_Jaz Shake_3_Lorax Shake_4_Lorax Shake_5_Katie Shake_6_Katie Shake_7_Rescue 1 Shake_8_Rescue 1 Shake_9_Binx Shake_10_Binx Carli Davidson Pet Photography Carli Davidson Pet Photography Shake_13_Yushi Shake_14_Yushi Davidson has shot nearly 100 cats so far for the Shake Cats project. She’s publishing around 140 of them in a new book that’s coming out on October 27th, 2015. The photographer is known for
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Nikon Test Shows the Blazing Speed of XQD Memory Cards Compared to CF

Nikon Asia just posted this performance test video showing how much faster XQD memory cards are than the CF cards they’re designed to replace (400MB/s versus 160MB/s). On a Nikon D4S DSLR, the XQD could record 67 uncompressed 16.2MP NEF RAW photos at 11 frames per second (or over 200 JPEGs in a single burst). The faster speed also greatly cuts down the time it takes to transfer your shots to your computer. In the test, it took Nikon 1 minute and 55 seconds to transfer 1000 photos from a CF card to a computer. Those same 1000 photos were transferred in just 35 seconds using an XQD card — a 3x improvement. (via Nikon Asia via ISO 1200)

Gregory Heisler Talks Film, Medium Format, and the New Canon 5DsR Cameras

Today marks the end of a full week at Photo Plus Expo in New York City. In the mayhem that comes with such a large expo, one of the stand out presentations for me was hearing Gregory Heisler speak at the Canon booth on Saturday. I've had the privilege of hearing Greg speak many times and even the chance to interview Greg at Gulf Photo Plus, and each time his presentations absolutely blow me away. In this extended video from BH Photo, Greg discusses how the Canon 50mp 5DsR camera holds up against medium format and large film cameras of the past.

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9 Quick and Easy Wedding Poses by SLR Lounge

It is no small thing to know how to pose your clients. In fact I don't feel like it's unreasonable to say that it is the hallmark of a competent, professional photographer. Especially when dealing with couples. Most client take comfort in being directed. It helps remove doubt and awkwardness while yielding a far more professional end product. For this reason, posing can be just as important to your final images as knowing what camera settings to use. Besides, it's always more fun for everyone when you can keep the atmosphere carefree, through confident direction and fluid action. [ Read More ]

XCraft Raises $1.5M from Shark Tank for Its Next Gen Camera Drones

xcraftscreen The drone company XCraft has successfully raised $1.5 million at a $6 million valuation after appearing on the ABC reality TV show Shark Tank. The two founders convinced all 5 “sharks” to invest in the company, which builds next generation camera drones that go beyond your standard quadcopter. Here’s a clip of the deal being struck: Here’s a longer video of the episode (XCraft’s pitch starts at about 34 minutes in): XCraft currently has two drone projects going on. The first is the X PlusOne, a hybrid drone that can take off and hover as a multi-rotor drone and then switch into fixed wing mode for flight speeds of over 100 km/h (60+ mph). xplusone The second drone is the PhoneDrone, which is currently on Kickstarter and has raised over $150,000 with an initial goal of $100,000. It’s a drone that uses your smartphone as a brain, turning it into
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5 Reasons to Print Your Photography

In the digital age, we spend a lot of time in front of screens. Many of us retouch our own work, distribute it digitally, and even only have a digital portfolio. Some sell prints of client work, or fine art prints. And, some get published in magazines. In a past article on reinvigorating your love for the craft, I touched briefly on printing your work, and would like to expand on that today.

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Photog Fashion: A Hat With a Bendy Bill and a T-Shirt with an SD Card Slot

fashionphotogs Fiction Brand is a newly launched line of apparel that’s geared towards photographers and other creatives. Among the 13 initial products are a hat with a bendy bill and a T-shirt that can hold extra SD cards while you’re out shooting. The 5 panel hat costs $32 and comes in crew and chambray flavors with a single sizing. Its special features is that the extra flexible bill bends out of the way when you put your camera up to your face. It’s sun protection without photo prevention. hat1 hat2 There’s also the $30 Pocket SD shirt, a soft cotton crewneck tee that features an SD card-sized pocket sewn into the front chest pocket. shirt1 shirt2 All 5 of the brand’s crew shirts have an embroidered microfiber hem tag that you can use to clean dust off your lenses and gear. This $30 shirt is called the .95: leicashirt Fiction Brand is also selling
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Photographers Get Swarmed by Football Team After Crazy Finish

swarmedhead Georgia Tech pulled off a crazy 22-16 win over the #9 ranked Florida State football team this past Saturday after a field goal attempt for the win was blocked and returned 78 yards for a touchdown with no time remaining. A number of photographers found themselves in the end zone as the memorable play unfolded — some got shots, while others got swarmed. Here’s a 1-minute video of the winning touchdown that was posted by the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. At about 25-seconds in, you can see how a couple of photographers suddenly found themselves sandwiched between pumped up players and frenzied fans:
Yes, that really happened last night. Unbelievable. #TogetherWeSwarm Posted by Georgia
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Deal Alert: Get 550 Sheets of Canon 4×6 Glossy Photo Paper for Just $10

photopaperdeal We don’t share deal alerts here very often, but this one is pretty sweet: Canon is running a “Buy 1 Get 10 Free” promotion for packs of 4×6 glossy photo paper. If you buy 1 pack of 50 sheets for $10, you get 10 packs free… with free 2-day shipping thrown in. That means you can stock up on 550 sheets of 4×6 glossy paper for just $10. The offer is available to US residents (sorry if you’re an international reader), and it should run at least through October 31st, 2015. Head on over to the Canon online store to see the deal.

Sony Shows Off a New Ultra-Sensitive CMOS Sensor Called ‘STARVIS’

starvishead Sony just launched a new image sensor called the STARVIS that excels in capturing images in low-light environments. Designed for industrial applications — surveillance cameras, for example — the new backside-illuminated CMOS sensor boasts extremely high sensitivity that can capture usable images at night. The increased night vision is thanks to the fact that Sony has extended the sensitivity of this sensor beyond the visible light range into the near-infrared range. “It features a sensitivity of 2000 mV or more per 1 µm2, and realizes high picture quality in the visible-light and near infrared light regions,” Sony says. Here’s a short (and somewhat strange) 1-minute video introducing the STARVIS and its capabilities: “STARVIS!” Sony sensors have been garnering a lot of praise in recent years for their low light capabilities, and the STARVIS is continuing that tradition. This launch comes less than two months after Canon
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The Daily Promo: Tom Hussey

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 4.53.29 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 4.53.11 PM

Tom Hussey

Who printed it?
I printed the images in house on a really nice feeling Red River paper.

Who designed it?
The concept for the promo series came from my Producer, Patty Hudson and I.  The envelope design is by Craig Carl and the copy is by Diane Carl.

Who edited the images?
I did.

How many did you make?
 Each “Mini Promo” is limited to an edition printing of 450.

How many times a year do you send out promos?
We send things out twelve times a year of various types and various quantities.

Why did you choose to do a mini print? I enjoyed how something so small could have such a large impact.
As the size of the standard cubical shrinks in the ad agency world, we thought it would be good to send a Mini promo.  I thought if we sent a really nicely printed, and yet smaller size piece of art, it would offer the creatives an opportunity to have a Mini gallery of my work.  That’s what it’s all about . . . keeping my brand in front of creatives and giving them something special and beautiful to look at.


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Video: What’s in the future for Sony’s Alpha system?

At PIX 2015 we took the opportunity to sit down and talk with industry leaders while they were in our neighborhood. Sony's Alpha system has made some interesting moves over the last year, and we asked product manager Kenta Honjo all of our burning questions, including what's in store for the future of the system. Read more