New the Sony A7R II with internal 4K recording.

Our guest blogger Peter Loughran has some interesting information about the newly announced Sony A7R II. Peter “The newly announced Sony A7R II which features the world’s first back-illuminated 35mm full-frame Exmor R CMOS sensor with 42.4 megapixels and no Anti-Aliasing filter, Fast Hybrid AF system (the A7R II features on-sensor phase-detect AF), 5-axis IBIS (In […]

Simple Illustrations of Iconic Vintage Film Cameras

grid Photography enthusiast Jason Dorn of Calgary, Alberta, has been creating a series of illustrations of well-known vintage film cameras. The artworks show the forms of iconic cameras in front of simple, colored backgrounds. “I basically started doing these graphics up after purchasing a Yashica rangefinder on eBay and thinking “Man. That has some great shapes to it, I wonder how it would look as a vector graphic.’ and it’s snowballed from there,” Dorn tells PetaPixel. “So many of those old film cameras just have a lot of great geometric/boxy shapes to em, they translate really well into a flat graphic format.” tan orange yellow green darkgreen salmon Dorn, a professional web designer and avid illustrator, is posting his creations to his website as he creates each one. camerashirts He’s also selling the illustrations on various products over at Society6, from art prints to T-shirts to phone cases.
P.S. If you like these illustrations,
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Random Excellence / Quote o’ the Day


Photo by Dave Jenkins

Triggered by my snapshot of the TransAmerica building the other day, Dave Jenkins sent me this photo of the same motif that he took 25 years ago with an Olympus OM-2 and Zuiko 85mm ƒ/2 lens. Dave writes, "I found what I think is the perfect summary to all the talk about clichés a week or so ago. On the back cover of the February, 2000 issue of Popular Photography is an ad for Minolta light meters. It shows a photo of Elliott Erwitt holding a large, framed print of one of his best-known photographs. In the caption, he is saying 'To me, photography is an art of observation...I've found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.'" I managed to find the ad: Erwittad This is the quote I felt related to
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Check Out My New Lightroom Q&A Column in Lightroom Magazine

Hi Gang:  Just wanted to let you KelbyOne members out there to know that I’ve kicked off a new Lightroom Q&A column in Lightroom magazine (this is our new “magazine within a magazine” that comes inside each issue of Photoshop User magazine, which is published in print and digital 10-times a year for KelbyOne members.  In the magazine I’m answering many of the great questions that are posted by our readers over at readers  (thank you for that), so if you’re a KelbyOne member, keep an eye out for the new issue of Photoshop User, and my new column in Lightroom Magazine.” Hope you all have a great Monday, and make sure you stop back by tomorrow – I’ve got some really cool stuff lined up! :) Best, -Scott  

Return of the Super Rebel: Canon EOS Rebel T6s (760D) in-depth review

Canon's EOS Rebel T6s (760D) is easily the most advanced model yet to enter the company's beginner-friendly DSLR lineup. It offers a new 24.2MP sensor and improved AF and metering systems compared to its predecessor. Its top plate LCD display, quick control dial and continuous AF in live view elevate it above its near-twin, the T6i, while Wi-Fi/NFC round out a solid set of features. We put its improvements to the test in our lab and in the real world. Read review

Scientists Turn Paparazzi Photos Into Celebrity Digital Puppets

reconstructpapaparazzi Celebrities now have another reason to shy away from paparazzi photographers. Scientists have created a new technique for creating controllable digital versions of celebrities using only a set of paparazzi photos to reconstruct faces and create convincing expressions. The system, developed by researchers at the University of Washington, uses a collection of candid photos to recreate faces rather than fancy camera rigs or laser scans. Once the face is extracted from the photos, it can be controlled like a puppet and made to mimic the movements and expressions of someone else found in a separate video. Here’s a demo video by the scientists that shows various famous faces created from photos and matched to video footage of other people talking: So in the future, it may be easy to create a convincing CGI version of anyone saying anything you want using a collection of photos and a video. It’ll be
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Idea o’ the Day: The Dwig Decree

Reader Dwig left a good thought in the Comments the other day: "[I] NEVER EVER close the card door on a camera when there is no card. I also do this with the battery compartment." I assume he means being prepared to put a fresh card or battery in whenever you take the old one out. Great idea. I'm big on habits, especially with camera procedures, because they save your posterior from time to time. Never closing the door on a cardless card compartment or a batteryless battery compartment would be a very good habit for me to get into. I'm going to adopt this. (It's been a disadvantage to my habits that I didn't take digital imaging very seriously when I first got into it twelve years ago.) "Process hygiene" always needs maintenance and vigilance. Thanks to Dwig for the smart suggestion.


Original contents copyright 2015
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Counterfeit Memory Card Sellers Are Sometimes the Ones Getting Scammed

2494835238_835fa45aa6_z This past weekend, we wrote about how one photographer received a counterfeit memory card from eBay and lost a number of important photos when the card got corrupted during the first use. Afterward, we had an interesting email exchange with the eBay seller that shed some new light on this story. The US-based seller, who goes by discountmemorysticks on eBay, was initially adamant that he sold the photographer a legitimate card that was purchased wholesale directly from Transcend. The seller informed us that he had already issued a full refund for the card, and was waiting for it to be returned. But then a word caught our eye. “I do have a few cards coming back to me, and in the event that they might be knockoffs I will contact Transcend with this concern and have them verify if these cards are authentic,” the seller wrote. “If not I will
One of these is not like the other...
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Tips for Breaking into Commercial Photography

This interview is just one of many from our free, downloadable Guide: Breaking Into Commercial Photography. For more tips, download your copy today, here. Chrissy Lynn got her start in photography in 2000 shooting her friends’ bands in Washington, DC. From there, she spent several years dabbling in documentary, editorial, fine art, interiors and, well, anything else that struck her. “I’ve done everything,” she says. After some soul searching, she realized should couldn’t keep being a jack-of-all-trades. Now based in San Francisco, this sought-after photographer has found her niche in lifestyle and fashion shooting for brands like Google, Salesforce, Rainbeau, and Rand + Statler. Here, she reveals how honing her focus helped her build a successful commercial business.
Photo by Chrissy Lynn

Photo by Chrissy Lynn

How did you find your niche and discover your focus in commercial photography?  About five years ago, I looked at my website and realized I was really struggling
Photo by Chrissy Lynn
Photo by Chrissy Lynn
Photo by Chrissy Lynn
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The Daily Promo: Brooklin Pictures

Brooklin Pictures

Who printed it?

Modern Postcard
Who designed it?
I have been working with Peter Dennen of Pedro + Jackie, he has really helped me fine tune my images to create more of cohesive look/feel.  Between the two of us, we came up with the design for the promo.
Who edited the images?
Peter and I decided on the images to be used and I did all of the retouching.
How many did you make?
I had 300 printed.
How many times a year do you send out promos?
I try to send out 4 mailers p/year and then send out 3-6 email promos in between the gaps of the printed pieces.

How to Improve Your Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is indubitably one of the most popular sectors of photography. But from beautiful to stunning, jaw-dropping landscape images is a long run. Wonder how to shoot astonishing landscapes? Check out our tips and tricks addressed both to amateurs and professional photographers wishing to improve their skills in this area.

1.      Useful Equipment for Landscape Photography

Apart from a good digital camera, you should also consider taking some lenses and a tripod with you. You don’t need to spend a fortune on your gear, but there are a few basic things to consider.

To keep it short, here are the tools you need in order to enhance your landscape shooting:

  • Angle lenses

High quality landscape photography requires using wide angle lenses. Lenses in the 24-70mm range should help you reveal a broader perspective. Also, as more light gets through your lenses, a faster exposure time can be set,

rule of thirds in landscape photography
depth of field Landscape photography
long-exposed water landscape photography
golden hour landscape photography example
landscape photography through seasons
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Photographer Captures the Ruins of the Soviet Space Shuttle Program

0_cbbde_a04689ea_orig Russian urban exploration photographer Ralph Mirebs recently paid a visit to the Baikonur Cosmodrome, where inside a giant abandoned hangar are decaying remnants of prototypes from the Soviet space shuttle program. Gizmodo writes that the Buran program was in operation for nearly two decades from 1974 to 1993. One automated orbital flight resulted from the extensive program, but the project was shuttered when the Soviet Union collapsed. Mirebs went into the massive 62-meter (~203 foot) tall hangar and captured a fascinating series of photos showing the detail and complexity of a space program that met an untimely end. 0_cbc15_82cc1342_orig 0_cbbdc_c0cc77d3_orig 0_cbbe2_c481e3bd_orig 0_cbbe4_e6abafc9_orig 0_cbbe6_f829481b_orig 0_cbbec_54e1d613_orig 0_cbbef_831cb8ca_orig 0_cbbf0_d23e7a88_orig 0_cbbf3_a8bf9cc4_orig 0_cbbf4_c2bfeb1f_orig 0_cbbfa_97321f32_orig 0_cbbff_6c5b945d_orig 0_cbc0d_4d949ecd_orig 0_cbc0e_a2c2dc0d_orig 0_cbc0b_c604957d_orig 0_cbc08_1603b9d0_orig 0_cbc10_2672845a_orig 0_cbc11_8d819149_orig 0_cbc13_3e8e4b26_orig 0_cbc14_81205244_orig 0_cbc09_36281d26_orig Of the two run-down Buran shuttles found in the hangar, one was almost ready for flight back in 1992 and the other was a full-sized mock-up that was used for testing things like mating and load. Unfortunately for both, and for the countless scientists involved in the program, things came to an
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New Service Offers Rankings For Photo Sharing Site Terms Of Service Agreements

TOSDR, or Terms Of Service Didn't Read, is a new online service that offers a report card style ranking of various website Terms Of Service agreements. The cleverly named website, which understands the usual approach user have to these agreements, has created a very easy to read summary of what we are getting ourselves into when we check that "I have read and agree to the terms" button. [ Read More ]