This Week In Photography Books: Gerry Badger

by Jonathan Blaustein I’m going to Chicago this week. As such, I’m writing on a Sunday. Absolutely unprecedented, but what can you do? That’s life these days, in the throes of the 21st Century Hustle. Ironically, one of the reasons I’m headed to the Windy City is to deliver a lecture on just that subject. (12:30pm Sunday at the Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel.) I’ll also be reviewing portfolios at the Filter Photo Festival, so you can look forward to seeing some cool projects in October/November. Honestly, the 21CH gets me down sometimes, even though I publicly espouse it. Doing lots of things, and trying to do them well, is a viable strategy for cobbling together a decent income, but it’s trying on the soul. It’s not a bad thing, working more. Not at all. But being an artist does require the occasional day of sitting on your ass, thinking about things. Or nothing at all. Every now and again, you DO have to get bored to come up with new ideas.(Counterintuitive, I know.) That said, my life has never been better. My wife and kids are healthy and happy. The career is doing fine. So what if I’m tired all the time? It could be a lot worse. That’s the thing about perspective, though. If we had it all the time, we’d never need to find it again. We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t occasionally lose ourselves in the caverns of our own minds. Fortunately, it’s one thing we can always look to art for: the chance to appropriate someone’s vision, to understand their worldview through their creations. At least, that was where my mind went, having just put down “It Was A Grey Day: Photographs of Berlin,” by Gerry Badger, recently published by Peperoni Books. This
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iPhone 6S VS 6S Plus 4K Video Comparison Proves There Is No Substitute for Optical Stabilization

Aside from some people getting theirs early and others being in time zones where "today" was "yesterday," the iPhone comes out today in the U.S. And of course, those who have theirs have already spent plenty of time comparing various features. This new video by Giga Tech highlights the differences between the iPhone 6S' and 6S Plus' respective video qualities when it comes to video stabilization. The larger Plus model features optical stabilization as its predecessor did while the smaller size of the smaller 6S only leaves room for digital stabilization -- and the difference is quite dramatic. [ Read More ]

RED RAVEN Camera is Official: $6K for 4K RAW to 120fps & 2K ProRes to 60fps

RED has officially announced the RAVEN which they've been teasing for a while now. The thoughts I shared about the camera here are all still valid as pricing will start at $6,000 for the brain/media bay/Canon EF mount, but go up to nearly $10,000 for a bare minimum shooting package (which includes only 1 Mini-Mag SSD). There really weren't any surprises left except for the fact that the camera also has 2K ProRes up to 60fps that is scaled down from the full sensor. It's also capable of 4K RAW up to 120fps, 3K RAW to 160fps, and 2K RAW to 240fps (the latter of which are crops of the sensor). Read More

We Are Just One Week (and a day) From My Worldwide Photo Walk

This is getting exciting! Here’s a quick update one week (and a day) out: (1) We now have nearly 1,000 photo walks organized around the world
All the walks are now in place, as the deadline for creating new walks has passed, so now it’s just about finding a walk near you (and can you help us spread the word to your photography friends?). Here’s the link to the official photo walk page — see if there’s a walk near you and join us on Saturday, October 3rd for an experience you’ll never forget. [the photo above is from my Rome walk two years ago]. (2) We have awesome prizes for the optional photo contest portion!
Check out this link to see what all the prizes, but the grand prize winner picks up a Canon EOS 5D Mark III, a Canon Pixma Pro 1 Printer, a 1-year Adobe Creative Cloud Membership, a Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet, and much more! 10 Finalists will get awesome prizes, too! Continue reading "We Are Just One Week (and a day) From My Worldwide Photo Walk"

Revealing the next release of Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe recently announced its forthcoming updates to the CC 2015 professional video and audio applications, including Premiere Pro. 

For information about new and upcoming versions of all of our professional video and audio applications, visit the Creative Cloud blog or the Creative Cloud for Video page on, and see demos of these new features at our IBC Online event on September 15th. We’re also tremendously excited to be able to announce that 20th Century Fox’s upcoming film Deadpool is being cut exclusively with Premiere Pro CC.

With this next release, Premiere Pro expands on its exceptional support for UltraHD, 4K and beyond workflowswith new, native support for HEVC (h.265), DNxHR, and OpenEXR media, for both encode and decode, allowing editors to edit and deliver any format they need to.

The amazing, intuitive Color Workspace featuring the Lumetri Color Panel, designed to let editors to be creative with color

Premiere HDR 1024x683
2.Premiere Touch Edit
3.Premiere Optical Flow
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Canon XC10 review: A simple solution for everyday video journalism?

Guest post by Slavik Boyechko: We’ve all had the same recurring dream: a small, lightweight camera that replaces our big rigs, something that we can take everywhere with us, allows us to disappear in the crowd, film the stories we see everyday around us. This camera would capture cinematic images and professional audio at a […]

Your Only Chance to Be Photographed as an Astronaut is Coming Up

Lets face it, if you're reading this, it's probably slim you'll ever be an astronaut. Not because you aren't capable, but because the odds are 1 in 42,000. So there's about 7 of you guys reading this who might. So when this kickstarter came across my feed the other day, I was pretty interested. Not just because you get to be photographed in a space suit, but because you can get a pretty kick ass photo of you in a space suit.

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Italy Through a Vintage Lens

italy_roadtrip_anderslonnfeldt_1500px_02 I have always wanted to see the Alps. They look so grand in the movies. After my roadtrip through the Norwegian mountains in 2014, it felt like the next step would be to see the Alps. But the question was: in which country? I had never been to Italy before, and I had always been curious about Venice. So a combination of a couple of warm days in the Venetian streets and the cold Dolomites seemed like a great plan. So that is what I did, and I asked my girlfriend to join me. We flew to Marco Polo airport in Venice, rented a car and headed west towards Lake Garda. From there we drove north, with the destination the Dolomites.

Camera and Lenses

Naturally, I brought my Canon 5D Mark III with me as well as my new set of retro lenses from Dog Schidt Optics, a company
Processed with VSCOcam with f3 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
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Phottix Laso: A Flash Triggering System That Supports Canon RT

phottixlaso Phottix today launched its new Phottix Laso flash triggering system that lets Canon photographers control and trigger Canon RT radio flashes as well as non-radio Canon flashes mounted on Laso Receivers. The Laso Transmitter can be used to control and trigger up to 15 Canon flash units arranged in up to 5 groups. Supported flash modes include E-TTL and E-TTL II, Manual, MULTI, Ext.A, and Linked Shooting. There are also 1st curtain and high-speed sync options. transmitter transmitter2 On the receiving side, the Laso Receiver can be used for Canon’s non-radio ETTL flashes. It can be controlled and triggered from both the Laso Transmitter and Canon’s official flashes and transmitters. The receiver can also be used with studio lights for a mix of hot shoe flashes and studio lighting in your shoot. receiver Both the Transmitter and the Receiver use the 2.4GHz frequency band, have a range of up to 328
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