Phottix launches Cerberus adapter for using hotshoe flashes in Bowens and Elinchrom studio head modifiers

Flash manufacturer Phottix has launched a new adapter that is designed to allow hotshoe flash units to be used with standard studio accessories, such as softboxes, umbrellas and snoots. The Cerberus consists of a universal grip that holds the flash directly in the middle of an adapter ring that can be used to attach existing studio flash accessories in the Bowens S, Elinchrom and the Phottix Transfolder softbox range. The idea is that if users already have studio light modifiers they can use them with their hotshoe guns instead of having to buy accessories dedicated to smaller units.
The clamp used is the Phottix Griffin, which has a pair of spring-loaded jaws that close around the head of the flash unit, leaving the hotshoe free for remote triggers. The clamp is attached to a mounting bracket that can be fitted with the adapter ring to suit the mount of the modifiers Continue reading "Phottix launches Cerberus adapter for using hotshoe flashes in Bowens and Elinchrom studio head modifiers"

Someone finally flew their drone into an airplane, hopefully not ruining drones for everyone else

Last week, we <a href="" >reported</a> on a drone flying through an office window. Yesterday something much more dangerous happened when a drone <a href="" >collided with an airplane</a> at London&#39;s Heathrow Airport.

While approaching Heathrow Airport, a British Airways pilot of an Airbus A320 from Geneva to London reported that the plane had collided with a drone. Thankfully, the plane landed safely and nobody was injured, but the drone did strike the front of the aircraft.

British Airways released a statement about the incident in which they said that the plane landed safely and that...
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Join the Ice Society for Only $100

Jerry Ghionis probably doesn’t need an introduction anymore. He is a Nikon Ambassador, a WPPI Grand Master, as well as a three-time AIPP Australian Wedding Photographer winner, just to name a few of his achievements. Many that have attended his five-day workshop speak highly of his teaching skills and technical knowledge. If for some reason you cannot get a seat to one of his masterclasses, there is still the Ice Society, and it is now available for only $100 a year. [ Read More ]

In Favor of ‘P’ (Program mode) in Photography


Many of us started photography quite innocently— with small compact point-and-shoots, a smartphone, or a disposable film camera. The main advantage was that we didn’t need to think about all the technical settings when we made images—rather, we focused on capturing the “decisive moment”, the framing and composition as well as the emotional content within the frame. However the more “experienced” we become in photography, we focus less on the emotional and creative elements, and more on the technical and gear-related parts of photography. I know when I started with my point-and-shoot camera, I loved how I could keep my camera in my front pocket and take it with me everywhere I went. I remember when I first discovered the “rule of thirds” grid overlay on my point-and-shoot Canon SD600, and how I experimented with framing, composition, and making images that I felt were interesting and personally-meaningful. But after discovering
SF, 2016 #ricohgr shot in “P” mode
NYC, 2016 #ricohgr shot in “P” mode
NYC, 2016 #ricohgr shot in “P” mode
NYC, 2016 #ricohgr shot in “P” mode
NYC, 2016 #ricohgr shot in “P” mode
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NAB 2016… New Blackmagic Duplicator 4K £1,652

Now it’s possible to distribute and sell Ultra HD content direct to customers at live events! NAB 2016, Las Vegas, Nevada – April 18, 2016 – Blackmagic Design today announced the new Blackmagic Duplicator 4K, which allows delivery of Ultra HD content to consumers by recording files onto inexpensive SD cards that can be distributed to […]

Beautiful Candid Photos Capture the Joys of a Tech Free Childhood


Mother and talented photographer Niki Boon has chosen to raise her kids totally tech free: no Netflix, no iPads, just 10 acres of coast-side property in New Zealand to explore. And she’s been capturing their unusual upbringing on camera in stunning candid photos. The photos serve a dual purpose. Not only are they there to document her kids’ childhood, they serve as affirmation that she’s doing the right thing by raising them this way, something she’s received both praise and criticism over. “Taking an unconventional approach to our children’s education and our lifestyle has been a journey with many questions, both from others and from ourselves, about what we are doing and why.” Niki told us over email. “Documenting their days has helped me to reflect on our decision, one often rife with objections and criticisms, and reconfirm to me that they are right where they belong: wild and
Niki Boon (4)
Niki Boon (2)
Niki Boon (3)
Niki Boon (5)
Niki Boon (1)
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Edelkrone Unveils New Rig, Follow Focus and First of its Kind Tripod at NAB

The accessory and engineering company gets ultra innovative for NAB 2016. Edelkrone introduced four highly inventive new products this morning in Las Vegas to kick off their NAB 2016 showcase. They've announced The FocusONE follow focus, the JibPLUS jib add on, the RigONE rig solution, and a one of a kind new tripod they call the StandPLUS. The FocusONE
The Edelkrone Focus One
The FocusONE plays successor to the popular FocusONE PRO follow focus system which Edelkrone discontinued. Edelkrone’s updated version is similarly based on a proprietary marker-free setup where the marking disk faces the operator. This has proven a more convenient set up for whomever's behind the camera, giving them further precision when pulling focus. Read More

Lexar offers microSD dongle with an Apple Lightning connector

Lexar has launched a microSD-to-Apple Lightning reader for transferring files from a media card directly to an iPhone or iPad. The dongle works in conjunction with an iOS file management app, and is designed to make file transfers possible from other devices, whether a camera, drone, or another phone at fast speeds via a wired connection. “Users no longer need to wait until they’re back in front of their main computer at home or in the office to upload content captured on-the-go,’ said Lexar product marketing manager Steffi Ho. According to the company, the card reader’s Lightning connector can fit in 'most iOS cases.' The microSD reader is priced at $41.99; though it officially launched for purchase today, Lexar's website still lists it as 'coming soon.'
Press release:

New Lexar microSD Reader with Lightening Connector Allows for Rapid Transfer and Easy Offload of Content for On-the-Go Users   

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G-RACK 12: G-Technology Brings Its First Network-Attached Storage Device to NAB 2016

Announced this morning at NAB 2016, the G-RACK 12 is G-Technology's first network-attached storage (NAS) device to the market. Featuring bays for up to 12 hard drives, the G-RACK 12 combines the company's proven direct-attached storage (DAS) reliability and speed with network access over quad 10-gigabit-Ethernet (10 GbE) ports for a super fast networked connection for virtually any small business or studio. [ Read More ]

How to Build and Shoot With a DIY Rain Machine


Below is a walk through of how I created ONE image for my portfolio, I will add some of the other images, but I don’t have them in my portfolio. This is because this was the start of a series of images and I had set out to come out with only one from each shoot.


The Idea

The concept started after I saw Simeon Quarrie’s work for a couple. He had stated in a BTS video that the rain machine they had ordered had not turned up, so they simply built their own instead. There was no more information on it, but it sounded so cool I had to try it for myself. I had no idea what I wanted to do with it, but it was a quiet summer!


The Rain Machine Build

It was a surprisingly easy job. I started off with 2 long bits of wood
The original idea, this somehow felt even more staged than the selected final image.
Bonus image, as we had it all set up we shot a few different poses until they were too cold.
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Fujifilm X70 Review

The Fujifilm X70 is fixed-lens APS-C compact camera with a 16.3MP X-Trans sensor and a 18.5mm (28mm field of view equivalent) F2.8 Fujinon lens. It shares many design elements and some specifications with Fujifilm's popular X100-series, but omits their hybrid optical/electronic viewfinder - or indeed any kind of built-in viewfinder at all. Instead, the X70's user interface employs a Fujifilm first: a touchscreen. And a tilting one, at that. What the X70 does share with the X100 lineup is a metal chassis adorned with dials upon dials, putting camera settings exactly where you left them every time. It's a setup that any vintage camera user can appreciate, but one that still makes sense in the digital age. It also represents a completely different approach to this camera's closest competitor, the venerable Ricoh GR (II)*. Let's see what else the X70 brings to the market:

Fujifilm X70 Features:

How a Solo Adventure Through the Dolomites Helped My Photography


My name is Chris König, a 23-years-old self-taught photographer based in The Netherlands. This story is about my one week adventure in the Italian Dolomites, in which I tried to challenge myself, not only on a photography level, but on a personal level as well. I crawled through 2 meters deep snow, sweat so much I thought there was no water left in me, and climbed for so long that it felt like my legs left me halfway through the trip… It was all absolutely worth it! It is very easy to be distracted from what you do, even if you are truly passionate about it. For example, when I am planning new photo shoots for my portfolio, I find it very easy to just postpone it until I kind of forget about it, even though I still love to shoot every day. Kind of strange how this works, but
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Learning to Print: Solid Advice

These were both comments to the "Open Mike" post on Sunday about learning how to print. I thought they deserved their own post. Bob recently retired from a career making beautiful high-end studio portraits of dogs (how can you not like that?), and Geoff is a small-town medical doctor in Western New York with a longtime passion for photography and a huge book collection. He has written many (more formal) book reviews for TOP.

Geoff Wittig: "Totally agree with the recommendation above for Jeff Schewe's books. The Digital Negative (second edition) was just published in September 2015, so it's pretty much up to date in terms of current versions of Photoshop/ACR and Lightroom. Schewe's approach to image processing is pretty much style-agnostic, giving you access to all of Photoshop/ACR and Lightroom's tools without dictating what your images should look like. Schewe gets right to the point and doesn't

The Digital Print
Ultra Premium Photo Paper Lustre
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This Haunting Short Film Was Created by Erasing Everyone in Photoshop


It took 2 months for photographer and filmmaker Mathieu Stern to create his haunting short film “Alone in Paris.” That’s because it wasn’t shot at odd hours when Paris’ streets were empty… every scene was shot at 2pm on a weekday and then painstakingly cleaned up in Photoshop! The idea for the video, says Mathieu on his blog, came to him after spending too much time on a crowded subway. “What if everyone was gone, what if I had Paris for myself,” he wondered. “What if … and why not?” And so he created this deserted, eerie Parisian landscape, frame by frame, by erasing everyone except his main subject from the film in Photoshop:
“We all heard the phrase ‘Sometimes, only one person is missing, and the whole world seems depopulated,’ writes Mathieu. “[I] wanted to show exactly what it feels like in this video.” For
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