Your Favorite Carry-On Camera Bag May Soon Be Too Big To Fly

As a traveling commercial photographer and filmmaker who flies over 100k miles a year, I NEVER let my camera bodies and lenses leave my side. Well, soon, filmmakers like myself may be in big trouble. The reason? The International Air Transport Association (IATA), unveiled a new size guideline this week for domestic US flights that proposed a 21% size reduction in max carry-on size allowed. So my prized and PACKED Think Tank Airport Security camera bag may soon be 21% too big to carry onto a flight. Freaked out? Me too. Read below to learn more.

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The Art of the Personal Project: Brinson+Banks

As a former Art Producer, I have always been drawn to personal projects because they are the sole vision of the photographer and not an extension of an art director, photo editor, or graphic designer. This new column, “The Art of the Personal Project” will feature the personal projects of photographers using the Yodelist marketing database. You can read their blog at Projects are discovered online and submissions are not accepted. Today’s featured photographer is: Brinson+Banks (Kendrick Brinson and David Walter Banks) BrinsonBanks_Chameleons_001 BrinsonBanks_Chameleons_002 BrinsonBanks_Chameleons_003 BrinsonBanks_Chameleons_004 BrinsonBanks_Chameleons_005 BrinsonBanks_Chameleons_006 BrinsonBanks_Chameleons_007 BrinsonBanks_Chameleons_008 BrinsonBanks_Chameleons_009 BrinsonBanks_Chameleons_010 BrinsonBanks_Chameleons_011 BrinsonBanks_Chameleons_012 BrinsonBanks_Chameleons_013 BrinsonBanks_Chameleons_014 How long have you been shooting?
We both started working at newspapers 10 years ago before moving to freelance photography, and then we teamed up to create Brinson+Banks a little over two years ago. Are you self-taught or photography school taught?
A little both–we were both inspired by the same passionate photojournalism professor at The University of Georgia (Jim Virga, who is now in Miami) but we took only three classes each, which covered the basics of photojournalism ethics and how to manually use a camera and tell a story with photography. With this particular project, what was your inspiration to shoot it?
With Chameleons, we were incredibly inspired by the landscape in Southern California. We both grew up and spent the majority of our lives in Georgia and South Carolina and when we moved to Los Angeles a year and half ago, we were just visually awestruck by the diversity of the environment and it sparked something in both of us. Right away, we wanted to explore it all–we went to beaches and the desert and the mountains between and shot landscape photos in preparation for this project (and also because it was, and continues to be, a great adventure). How many years have you been shooting this project before you decided to present Continue reading "The Art of the Personal Project: Brinson+Banks"

DIY: Creating a Super Simple Variable Speed Camera Slider

Editor’s note: This DIY tutorial uses a specific product called Compound 9, but you could use the same ideas/concepts with different materials and/or objects.
sliderheader Hi, my name is Christian Segeth, and I’m the inventor of a product called Compound 9, which is hand-formable carbon that lets you 3D print with your hands and some hot water. Today I’m going to explain how I built an extremely simplest speed-controllable camera slider. My build offers a constant movement speed and butter-smooth sliding, which I’ve rarely found on YouTube’s DIY camera slider tutorials. Here’s a short video showing what I did: Here’s a list of materials I used:
  • 2 steel pipes (25mm)
  • 3m of fishing line
  • A little steel ring
  • 1/4″ (camera) screw
  • An electric drill
  • Felt from Ikea
  • C9 or Compound 9
I’m living in a small city apartment without any fancy tools, a workshop or even a garage.
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Jaw-Dropping Dance Portraits Created by Combining Talent with a Hobby

With a saturated market for photographers, it's hard to really make your work stand out. French photographer Dimitry Roulland, however, has done a fantastic job making his work unique and unforgettable. Aside from being a superb photographer, Roulland is a very talented dancer and gymnast as well. Combining his two talents together allows him to create art you've never seen before. [ Read More ]

BTS: Photographing the 2015 Champions League Final

What does a day of covering one of the biggest events in soccer look like? Chief photographer Joel Marklund of the Swedish photo agency Bildbyrån recently photographed the 2015 Champions League final match between powerhouses Barcelona and Juventus. In addition to shooting with his DSLRs, Marklund used a small action camera to document his day from waking up at 3:55am to catch a flight to getting in a car to leave Berlin the next morning.

Feeling All the Feels: How to Choose the Right Music for Your Film

What does “Eye of the Tiger”, “Maniac”, and “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” have in common? They’re all songs that immediately bring to mind the films that made them iconic. There are plenty of songs and scores that remind us of important scenes from our favorite movies – I’ve already listed a few, but some scores that come to mind are those from Ben Hur, The Godfather, and Star Wars. Anybody who hears the ominous rhythm of John Williams’ “Imperial March” is instantly taken back to the Death Star as Darth Vader oppressively boots around the craft breathing heavily through his mask. So, what is at work here? Why do these songs become iconic? How are they able to forever link themselves to the films they appear in? Why do they seem so – perfect – for the scenes Continue reading "Feeling All the Feels: How to Choose the Right Music for Your Film"

Krane AMG Innovative Gear Carts – Cinegear 2015

There’s nothing more satisfying than having all the tools you need at your disposal, but bringing everything to a location means having to break a sweat and hauling all that gear. That’s when you might consider a Gear Cart, especially ones that are lightweight and manageable. Here’s a great set of options from a company called Krane AMG Carts, and if you think they look familiar, it’s because they are similar to the ‘Gruv Gear Carts‘ originally marketed for musicians. The Krane AMG250 is a Light Weight Platform/Dolly Cart with a 250-Pound Capacity, the Krane AMG500 Convertible Platform/Dolly/Tilt Cart has a 500-Pound Capacity, and the Krane AMG750 Multi-Mode Folding Longbed Cart can carry a massive 750-Pound Capacity. The Krane Carts carry features such as never-flat wheels and heavy-duty smooth-swivel casters. You can find Krane Advanced Moving Gear Carts via their online Amazon Store Front (Click Here). Krane Advanced Moving Gear Carts Krane AMG AMG250 Light Weight Platform:Dolly Cart with 250-Pound Capacity Krane AMG AMG500 Convertible Platform:Dolly:Tilt Cart with 500-Pound Capacity
Krane AMG AMG750 Multi-Mode Folding Longbed Cart with 750-Pound Capacity
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Konova K-Cine Heavy Duty Video Camera Slider

April, 2015 at the NAB Show in Las Vegas Konova showcased a new K-Cine Video Camera Slider designed to take the heavy payload of high end professional camera systems. This new K-Cine Video Slider has officially opened up for sale today. konova double rail system k-cine video slider dolly
find-price-button Konova K-Cine Heavy Duty Video Camera Slider
Imagine taking two heavy duty sliders and turning them on their sides. Now double up the carriers on each rail (total 4), so that you’re moving on a total of 12 steel roller bearings. That should give you a basic idea on it’s design, but here’s an NAB Show interview with more details (video below). Konova K-Cine Heavy Duty Cinema Slider
The K-Cine Video Camera Slider is offered up in two lengths from 47″ (120cm) to 60″ (150cm). Variable drag can be set to allow friction during your slide, and two independent brakes can lock the car from movement. konova k-cine double rail system
konova k-cine slider dolly 12 bearings
The Max Payload
Konova K-Cine Slider Carrying Case
Konova Motorized Slider Systems
Konova K-Cine Video Slider
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Nature Photography Winners of National Geographic Photo Contest 2014

National Geographic Photo Contest is an annual competition bringing into view world’s most brilliant images. In 2014 both hobbyist and professional photographers around the globe have submitted more than 9,200 entries in three photo categories: People, Places and Nature. We’ve chosen to present best nature photography submissions as a source of inspiration and delight. Let’s check out Nat Geo editor’s favorite pics and find out more about these amazing nature photographers.

Nature photographer: Nicole Cambré

Nicole Cambré is the winner of National Geographic Photo Contest 2014 in the nature photography category. Her image of the jumping wildebeest also won the nature category of the 1X Photo Awards 2014 and the first prize in the wildlife category of the Monochrome Awards 2015.

Nicole Cambre Nature Photography Winner Photo

Nat Geo Photo Contest 2014 Winning Image in Nature Photography Category © Nicole Cambre

Photo Location: North Serengeti, Tanzania.

Nature Photography Entry Description: ‘Jump of the wildebeest at

Christian Miller Nature Photography Honirable Mention Nat Geo Photo Contest 2014
Prashant Meswani nature photography honorable mention nat geo photo contest
henrik nilsson nature photography
Honorable Mention in the Nature Photography Category of Nat Geo Photo Contest 2014 © Zik Teo
Maie Kirnmann nature photography
archna singh nature photography
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It’s Free Stuff Thursday!

Become A Marketing Genius with Joel Grimes
Learn how to thrive in the marketplace! There’s no talk of f-stops or lighting in this class. Join Joel Grimes for a cold hard look at what it takes to go from sitting in the stands to playing on the field by upping your marketing game. It is possible for you to make a living in photography, but it takes more than just being a good photographer. You need also need to be good at marketing yourself, your work, and what you can do that sets you apart from your competition. Joel shares the wisdom he’s learned and earned from years of knocking on doors, making cold calls, and (eventually) getting the clients he was after. If he can do it, so can you. An Analysis of Light Shaping Tools with Joe McNally
The job of a light modifier is to take a Continue reading "It’s Free Stuff Thursday!"

Sony’s Latest RX100 IV and A7RII with 4K Internal Recording

I’m sure the buzz is everywhere, but if you haven’t heard Sony has dropped a refresh on two of their popular camera models. The new A7RII sports a full-frame 42.4-megapixel Exmor R back-illuminated structure CMOS sensor, which they claim will take Mirrorless cameras to the next level. The A7RII is capable of 4K 30p or 24p recording in XAVC S at 100MBs, and can shoot up to 120fps in HD. There’s just too much to list about this new camera, so it’s probably best if you read more of the specs yourself at the Sony A7RII product page (here). sony_a7r_mark_ii_digital_1159878
Learn-More-sm Sony Alpha a7RII Mirrorless Digital Camera
The next new camera from Sony is a refresh of the RX100. This is the 4th version that now adds 4K internal recording on it’s 20.1 MP 1″ Exmor RS BSI CMOS Sensor. This sensor’s design utilizes a stacked backside-illuminated design to improve
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Introducing the Leica Q: a 24MP Full-Frame Compact with Fixed 28mm f/1.7 Lens

Leica has just released their new full-frame 24-megapixel camera, the Leica Q (Typ 116), which fashions a Summilux 28mm f/1.7 fixed lens. While following Leica tradition in many aspects of its beautiful design, the Leica Q doesn’t shy away from incorporating fresh advancements into the camera such as a 3.68-megapixel viewfinder, a 3-inch 1.04-million dot touchscreen LCD, quick autofocus, and the ability to shoot 10 frames per second. [ Read More ]

Whilst there is understandably a lot of buzz about the A7RII…

Whilst there is understandably a lot of buzz about the A7RII specs it was great to find out last night that my left on shelf Sony AX100 has newish firmware V3 that gives the internal 4K a big boost. Up from 60mbps which was too compressed to a better 100mbps. The same bit rate being offered for internal 4K on the A7RII. Not a perfect camera but actually rather underrated.

Fully stacked: Hands-on with Sony’s RX100 IV and RX10 II

Sony has released updates to its popular RX-series compact cameras, leaving the externals pretty much unchanged, but with a major update to their sensors. Both the RX100 IV and RX10 II feature a newly-developed 1inch 20MP stacked CMOS sensor, which allows them to capture 4K video and a whole lot more besides. We've had our hands on pre-production samples and you can see (and read) more after the jump

Shutterfly Launches TripPix to Create Travel Photo Books From Your iPhone

1149379_trippix_02_style copy Photography has always served as a way to preserve family memories; now, Shutterfly wants to make them easy to turn into travel albums. Using your iPhone and the company’s new service, TripPix, users can design full-featured albums, which include 15-30 photographs, on their iOS devices and then print them for only $20. Anyone can easily convert their collection of digital photos into beautiful travel books in just a few minutes. 1149379_trippix_03_icons copy Shutterfly’s new TripPix service is aimed at getting your “photos off your phone and into a super sweet album like the good ol’ days in just 5 mins.” Begin by selecting your album’s theme from a variety of ‘adventures’ including: museums, shopping, sight-seeing, shows, zoos, sports, parks, casinos, bars, monuments, aquariums, clubbing, and more. ContactSheet-001 copy Next select your favorite photographs and choose whether to add auto-generated maps of where you traveled or a collection of illustrative icons. Once finished, title your book
1149379_trippix_04_show copy
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