The Pathetic and Paltry Time Magazine Assignment Rate & Rights Grabs

What's good for the goose is clearly not good for the gander. "Purchase" is not "license." According to Time's own website (here) " We license Time Inc.’s peerless content, brands and products to partners in new businesses and emerging markets."

adjective1. having no equal; matchless; unrivaled. Synonyms:unmatched, unequaled; unique, unsurpassed. * source: Peerless, at

Yet, that "peerless content" which Time wants contributors to produce is not something that they are purchasing like a computer or plane ticket. The software they pay a fee to license from Microsoft and Adobe, while seemingly purchased, is not, it's licensed. They may have "purchased" a physical CD of the software, but they do not have ownership of the software to use across multiple platforms unless they obtain a broader license to the work, and pay an appropriate additional fee.

As reported in PDN Pulse (here), Karen Myers, who is Time's UK’s Director of Corporate Communications, said “...Contributors need to bear in mind that commercial realities dictate that we will be using the content that we purchase in many different ways..." yet Time's website Terms & Conditions (here) make it abundantly clear (regarding the intellectual property on their website) they "own, solely and exclusively, all rights, title and interest in and to the Web Site, all the content (including, for example, audio, photographs, illustrations, graphics, other visuals, video, copy, text, software, titles, Shockwave files, etc.)."

Time UK has been, and it will remain, licensing content from contributors. They will not be "purchasing" ownership of it any more than I can take that Norman Rockwell I want to buy and (once I do) make posters and lithographs off of it. Yet that is what Time

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2014 Top Ten Photographs Selection Process (Podcast 454)

With 2014 almost over, and no more shoots planned for this year, I went through my yearly exercise of selecting my top ten photographs, and today I share my selection process with you, as I believe this exercise is something that many of us can benefit from. I’ll be talking a little about each of my final selected ten images in next week’s episode.

Use this audio player if you’d prefer to listen:

Audio MP3

There are also download and subscription options at the end of the post.

I find it incredibly valuable to select my top ten each year. It gives us a holistic view of our year, and of course, forms a record of our achievements within that year. I really recommend that you do this yourself too, and if you do, I’d love for you to share a link to your own Top Ten once completed, via the comments section below this post. I always enjoy seeing what you’ve created as well.

If this is the first time you do this, your 2014 top ten will become your baseline. This is your stake in the ground. But if you’ve done it before, or as you move forward to future years, you can come back and compare your work to previous years, and hopefully feel that you have improved with each year.

As we discussed in The Evolution of the Photographer, if you’ve been to some amazing location in previous years, you may still feel as though that work was your best to date, but

2014 First Pass 105 photos
2014 Second Pass 58 photos
2014 Third Pass 30 photos
2014 Fourth Pass 20 photos
Martin's 2014 Top Ten Photographs
Kussharo Lake Tree
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Dumb Hookers and Photographers

How much money are you losing when you're not paid when the services are rendered, or even on time? There's an old saying:
"even the dumbest hooker knows they get paid up-front."
Setting aside the disparagement some of the purveyors of the oldest profession in the world, the sentiment of being paid up-front is obviously a time-honed position. Consider this - A common credit card has a 17% interest rate on charges.
Why Interest?
Q: Why do people charge an interest rate? A: It's "the cost of money." The concept is - if a financial institution loans you money to buy a house, they're not able to use that same money to invest in stocks or other investments that will, over time, increase in value. Therefore, when a bank loans you $300,000 with 30 years to pay it back at 5% interest, and with you paying a monthly Continue reading "Dumb Hookers and Photographers"

Dumb Hookers and Photographers

How much money are you losing when you're not paid when the services are rendered, or even on time?

There's an old saying:

"even the dumbest hooker knows they get paid up-front."

Setting aside the disparagement some of the purveyors of the oldest profession in the world, the sentiment of being paid up-front is obviously a time-honed position.

Consider this - A common credit card has a 17% interest rate on charges.

Why Interest?
Q: Why do people charge an interest rate? A: It's "the cost of money." The concept is - if a financial institution loans you money to buy a house, they're not able to use that same money to invest in stocks or other investments that will, over time, increase in value. Therefore, when a bank loans you $300,000 with 30 years to pay it back at 5% interest, and with you paying a monthly mortgage of $1,654, at the end of 30 years, they will have earned $229,910 in interest and you will have paid a total of $595,639 for that house.

If you were to buy $10,000 in photo equipment, and not pay it off in a year, you would have to pay $1,838.92 in interest if the interest was "compounded monthly" as compared to $1,852.58 if the interest was "compounded daily." As such, the difference between "compounded monthly" and "compounded daily" is $13.66. How does that work? What happens is that "compounded daily" means that on day 1 you owe $10,000.00. At the end of day 1, approximately $4.66 in interest is accrued, and so on day 2 you owe $10,004.66. Compounded monthly, you wouldn't owe any interest until the end of the month, but then you would owe $141.67 in interest.

‘Tis the Season for Flickr Wall Art

Tis the Season for Flickr Wall Art

Look what showed up in the mail yesterday: a beautiful 16 x 20 premium photo mounted from Flickr’s new Wall Art service.

The photo is mounted on a one inch board and looks beautiful both on the wall as well as being held my daughter Kate, whose photo I printed.

The process of ordering the print was super easy and I was able to order it directly from the Flickr photo page.

In addition to ordering your own photos as wall art, there is also a huge library of wall art photos that you can purchase from other photographers on Flickr. Flickr recently revised this fine art program and now shares sales proceeds with all photographers involved in their wall art project.

What a wonderful way for Flickr to partner with their photographers who make the site a more beautiful place.

Ello vs. Facebook for Photographers

Ello vs. Facebook

Are you an artist or photographer? Do care about the integrity of your images? Do you dislike ads and sponsored posts shoved in your face? Do you dislike having 99% of your feed filtered out of view for those who follow you?

Look at the above and answer this question: where does my photograph of the St. Louis Arch look better, Ello or Facebook?

By the way, Ello is not just a social network for photographers. I’ve met some amazing creative writers, thinkers, and purveyors of all sorts of culture there.

There are communities there building on things like finance, tech, science, politics, etc. It’s an open inclusive community.

It’s also where I spend almost all of my online time these days. So, if you notice I’m quiet on Facebook and other networks, it’s not that I’m being quiet, per se, it’s just that I’m hanging out over there at Ello.

Like most new communities online or IRL, it takes some time and energy and effort to make Ello work for you, but it’s a far more rewarding experience and worth it and I’m happy about doing my own part to participate in something better.

If you are new to Ello here are some tips for you.

You can find me on Ello here.

Held Prisoner by File Formats

A few years ago, I started a long-form writing project. Some might call it a “book,” but “books” need to get finished, and this, clearly, was not such a project—otherwise you’d have heard of it.

I began the project in Scrivener, an app with a devoted following of which I was a member. Incredibly powerful, and with a multi-document, structured approach designed specifically for book writing, it seemed the perfect choice.

Scrivener saves its own file format, called .scriv, which is essentially a folder full of files. The text itself is stored in multiple RTF files, which is an open format, but the writer never sees these files, and the glue that binds them together is understood only by Scrivener.

Back in 2011, iOS writing apps couldn’t work with RTF, so if you wanted to write on your iPhone or iPad, you need to use plain text. The lovely folks who make Scrivener knew that we wanted to edit our “long-form writing projects” (sticking with that) on the go, so they created what I’ve come to realize is the customary Scrivener solution to the problem: A huge amount of clever engineering, and an inscrutable, tutorial-requiring user interface for automatically dumping your work to text files each time you close the project. These text files are examined every time the project is opened, and any changes are synced into the project. Only the differences are edited in, so any non-plain-text-compatible formatting, such as italics and headings, remains unclobbered—as long as it isn’t in the paragraph you edited remotely.

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Red Giant Year-End Sale

It only happens once a year, and today's the day! Everything at Red Giant is 40% off.

That means Color Suite, with Magic Bullet Looks, Colorista, Mojo, Cosmo and Denoiser is just $360, marked down from $599.

Shooter Suite, featuring the indispensable PluralEyes and the awesome new Offload, is just $240, usually $399.

The same great deal applies to the Effects Suite and Trapcode Suite of course.

There's never a better time to get Magic Bullet. And it's a great time to be using Magic Bullet Looks and Colorista, with the powerful new mask tracking features in After Effects and Premiere. Powerful, intuitive color correction, right in the app you're already using.

Shop Now to Save 40%

Use coupon code BIGSALE40 at checkout.

Sale ends tomorrow, December 10, at 8:00 AM PST

UPDATE: The sale has been extended to 11:00 AM PST

How to Overcome NO & Beat the System — “Dear White People” Director Justin Simien on #cjLIVE Wed Dec 10

UPDATE: In case you missed it, here’s the re-watch of the incredible episode with Justin Simien, below!

OR if you’re hungry for my audio PODCAST here via iTunes or (be sure to subscribe) or download the MP3 file here. Subscribe to keep up with future episodes and take a peek back all previous shows including performances by Macklemore and the Lumineers, insights from Adrian Grenier from Entourage fame, Tim Ferriss and many others.

It’s my hope that after watching this you…
…are now more inclined to take on a huge creative challenge
…can use Justin’s approach and techniques to overome hearing “no” in pursuit of your dreams.
…have a better sense for the “new” democratized way that films can get made..
…have a better understanding of how to recognize and respond to systematic racism.
…have now experienced another visionary and inspiring creative.

These are just some things that I took away… Surely I missed a bunch that are worth a shout out, of course feel free to let me know!
justin simien chase jarvis live REMINDER: this show is TODAY Wed, Dec 10, at NOON San Francisco time (3pm NYC, 20:00 London) and is broadcast LIVE at Tune in, join the global internet audience + live Q&A w/ Justin Simien. PLUS – I’m giving away a camera today too! Details below – see you soon.

Years ago as an up & coming photographer, I got so damn sick of hearing NO, sick of hearing what I had to BE and what my work had to LOOK LIKE in order to “make it”. Now years later and after some modest success, I…actually, wait, who am I kidding…that banter from the world never really stops, regardless of success or achievement. So the question I started asking myself some time ago WASN’T “how can

justin simien dear white people chase jarvis live
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Congratulations on Your Opinion

Here’s a question that literally no one has ever asked, ever:

“Hey, do you have an opinion about the lens flares in Star Trek?”

There’s no need to ask that question, because of course you do. Everyone has an opinion about the lens flares in Star Trek. Or the casting of a new superhero movie. Or, well, anything having to do with movies.

Certainly about the new Star Wars teaser.

We’re all experts on movies. We love them, we freeze-frame them, and we react to them. And our reactions are our opinions, and our opinions are us. So we feel that they are important.

And we are wrong.

Drink it In

Clinton Torres and I have regular meetings to discuss the development of our app, Slugline. We meet at a bar, because Slugline is a screenwriting app. This bar has a great menu of unique cocktails. Some are good, some are great, and all of them are interesting.

I have never ordered anything at this bar that wasn’t on the menu, because what I like about this bar are the opinions of its proprietors. I like that they play interesting movies on the flatscreens instead of sports (once they had The Phantom Menace and Sin City going at the same time, which made me feel quite at home). I like that they serve both fried chicken and bone marrow brûlée. When they add a new drink to the menu, I can’t wait to try it. Because I find their opinions interesting.

Sometimes I overhear patrons around me ordering their drinks. One gentleman ordered a Long Island Iced Tea, which is less of a cocktail than a fraternity hazing ritual. Another asked for a Death in the Afternoon, and then, when the bartender had a moment’s hesitation, reveled in explaining

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Mophie… the Best thing to happen to the iPhone since the iPhone

Mophie... the Best thing to happen to the iPhone since the iPhone

I’m a huge fan of Mophie. I started using the juice pack plus about a year and a half ago and since using it have never once ran out of battery power on my iPhone 5s. Even using it during a long day out shooting, somehow the I always end up making it through an entire day of heavy use. The great thing about the juice pack plus is that it is also a case for your iPhone. I’ve dropped my iPhone a few times and was happy that I had my juice pack plus on it to help protect it.

Last week Mophie sent me one of their new powerstation plus charging units. You connect this device up to any USB port and it holds up to 2 full charges for your iPhone. It’s super small and lightweight and is another perfect complement to my iPhone. Even though I’m not worried about running out of power with my juice pack plus case on, it will be convenient to have this unit around in case my friends (right Mr. Mingus?) run out of juice on their phone while hanging out with them.

It will also be a convenient thing to have around if I’m too lazy to go plug my phone into the regular wall charger. I will keep this new Mophie powerstation plus in my photo backpack and take it with me everywhere I go.

Like a lot of places, Mophie is having a black Friday 40% off sale today. Use the code POWER. If you’ve been waiting to pick up a Mophie, today’s the day. :)

Thanks Mophie, you guys rock!

The Controversy Around Flickr Selling Creative Commons Licensed Photos

Douglas MacMillan has an article out in the Wall Street Journal today about the controversy surrounding Flickr selling prints of Creative Commons photos and not paying contributors for these images. It should be stressed that Flickr is only doing this on Creative Commons licensed photos where free commercial use is permitted by the license. If you license your photos Creative Commons Non-Commercial, this does not include you.

In the article he quotes Flickr founder Stewart Butterfield: “Yahoo’s plan to sell the images appears “a little shortsighted,” said Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield, who left the company in 2008. “It’s hard to imagine the revenue from selling the prints will cover the cost of lost goodwill.”

In addition to the Creative Commons photos that Flickr is selling and not paying photographers for use (legally), they are also handpicking other photos for this sales effort and here they are offering photographers 51% of the revenue on sales of these images who have agreed to participate.

My two cents:

I think it’s important that each photographer fully understand how the license that they are using with their photos online works. It is first and foremost the photographer’s responsibility to understand licensing. Creative Commons is a wonderful and liberal way to share your photos. It’s not for everyone though. You choose how your photos are licensed on Flickr though. By default Flickr licenses images “all rights reserved,” the most restrictive license available. So only photographers who have gone in and changed their license to a more liberal license would be affected by this.

I license my images Creative Commons Non-Commercial. This is one of several variations of the Creative Commons license. This means that people can use my images for personal use or non-profit organizations can use them, but folks like Yahoo/Flickr and others Continue reading "The Controversy Around Flickr Selling Creative Commons Licensed Photos"

In Dialogue with Lucas Blalock

In the In-Between -

Lucas Blalock’s current studio is located in a spacious former warehouse building in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Neatly organized, Blalock’s space appeared cozy and light-filled, with prints of his new work pinned to the walls, a plastic table in the center, Deardorff 4x5 view camera, stack of older prints laying on another table, a big old printer, computer, and lots of books. I stumbled on a few small metal wheels on the floor, and realized later I was looking at...

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Spicy Orange Cow at Tapas Bar in Barcelona

Spicy Orange Cow at Tapas Bar, Barcelona

Some bars and shops in Barcelona feature these well known cows that originally were meant as public art as part of the cowparade and that as everything popular in this life ended up getting into the advertising business to reinvent themselves and get some extra cash to invest in public art. Who knows? 

I leave you with this poor cow that has to sell spicy sauces in a tapas bar at Rambla Catalunya in Barcelona. There were better examples published here in Barcelona Photoblog in the past: Ms. Moolevard on the Boulevard and Emdea by Pavel Lagner

10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Ello

10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Ello

Ello is the most exciting new social network to appear in years. It’s a vibrant place full of interesting thinkers and artists — I spend more time on Ello than any other network right now. Every day new and interesting people are signing up, plugging in and joining. Although Ello is a social network like many others, it is also unlike many others as well. Ello has it’s own way of organizing things and after spending a few months on the site I thought I’d share some best practices for getting the most out of Ello.

1. NSFW. As a community with a lot of artists as early members, Ello seems to have a healthy tolerance for all forms of expression, including fine art nudes and other adult oriented material. I’m a big fan of the human body as form and expression and think this is great.

You won’t be bounced off Ello or censored (like Facebook) because you express the beauty of the human body in your art. If this sort of work is your thing, then Ello asks that you set your account as NSFW. I’m guessing that if you don’t do this voluntarily, they can/will do it for you.

Similarly, it is up to you whether or not you want to *see* this sort of work on Ello.

These are two independent settings.

So there are two things for you to consider. Do you want to see NSFW content AND do you yourself in fact post NSFW content. A lot of people get this setting wrong. They check NSFW for both when they produce work that is entirely SFW. Be sure to understand the distinction and manage your settings (you can do that here: accordingly.

If you are not posting nudes or other adult

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