Amazon Launches New Free Screenwriting App Amazon Storywriter

With Storywriter, Amazon now provides a free screenwriting app with auto-formatting, and a new gateway into Amazon Studios. Amazon Storywriter is a free cloud-based screenwriting app whose main feature is auto-formatting your screenplay as you type (similar to the Fountain-based Mac app Slugline). Writers can access Storywriter via most computer-based browsers to write and edit their scripts. For offline use, Amazon has created a free Chrome app for Storywriter for both Mac and PC to let writers continue to work without an Internet connection, then sync up later when they are back online. Storywriter also includes conflict resolution safeguards if a script is edited on more than one computer before syncing with the cloud.
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Amazon’s Unlimited Photo Storage Now Shareable by Prime Subscribers

amazonphotos Amazon launched unlimited photo storage for Prime members back in November 2014. In March of this year, the company began offering the service for $12 a year, allowing anyone to store their lifetime collection of photos — including RAW files. Now Amazon is rolling out yet another perk: the ability to share your unlimited photo storage. Prime members can now share Amazon’s unlimited photo hosting with one other adult in their household. If you’re a Prime subscriber, you can get started by creating a Household on Amazon to share your benefits. Once that person is added, they’ll be able to use Amazon Cloud Drive‘s website, mobile app, and Desktop app for storing as many of their photos as they’d like. amazoncloudphotos You will need stay subscribed to Amazon’s $99/year Prime membership for Amazon to preserve your images, but if you were planning to do that anyway, having a company
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FAA Reassures Drone Photographers That Registration Will Be Straightforward

As the legal situation involving drones continues to evolve and registration becomes an inevitability, many "drone registration" firms have begun to spring up. The FAA has made it a point to note that drone owners do not need to jump the gun, as registration is likely to be a simple and straightforward process, easily completable without outside assistance. [ Read More ]

CSSgram: Instagram Filters Recreated with CSS Filters and Blend Modes

cssgram Austin, Texas-based front end developer Una Kravets has created CSSgram, a tiny library that recreates the look of Instagram filters using CSS filters and blend modes. “Simply put, CSSgram is a library for editing your images with Instagram-like filters directly in CSS,” Kravets writes. “What we’re doing here is adding filters to the images as well as applying color and/or gradient overlays via various blending techniques to mimic these effects.” “This means less manual image processing and more fun filter effects on the web!” Kravets has recreated 17 Instagram filters: filters The website has a field for inputting a link to your own photo to instantly see what it looks like with each filter. We tried it out with this shot: example Here are a few of the results that appeared: results You can also include or download the library (it weighs less than 1 kilobyte) for you own project
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PIX 2015: Kiliii Fish on Living Wild

It's certainly a rare occasion when a photographer is forced to choose between carrying a bow and arrow or a camera, but that's just the dilemma Kiliii Fish faced. He's made a personal project of joining and photographing a growing movement of people learning primitive survival skills. Check out his PIX 2015 talk and see some of his work. Read more

JVC GY-LS300 V2 Firmware update

JVC Professional have sent me a LS300 with V2 firmware to try out. There are at least 7 major updates plus various FTP and WiFi additions. One of the major updated features is ground breaking…Digital Zoom via Variable Scan Mapping (VSM). This one feature alone is in my opinion what sets JVC engineers apart from […]

FAA Advises Not to Pay People to Register Your Drone

Back in October, the FAA announced that they would require drones to be registered with them this year. While they haven't yet decided on a minimum weight limit for this requirement, one thing the agency wants to make clear is that registering your drone ideally won't be a difficult process, and you shouldn't pay anyone to do it for you. Here's some of what they said in a recent article on the topic:

Owners should wait until additional details about the forthcoming drone registration system are announced later this month before paying anyone to do the work for them.

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9.Solutions Innovative Support Rigging Products Finally Available

9 solutions mini rigging grip gear clamps rods hardware Earlier this year at NAB2015, I interviewed a company called 9.Solutions (nine dot solutions) regarding their innovative designs for rigging hardware for mounting, holding, clamping, or supporting various different kinds of equipment. Unfortunately the company didn’t quite have their website ready, so the interview was not published. But now that things are in place with their new website, I’m happy to finally share this old interview video. Here’s a couple of their company videos demonstrating how some of their innovative clamps and quick mounts work. Far better than your basic super clamps. Aside from these cleverly designed rigging hardware products, 9.Solutions pricing is affordable when compared to other options in the market. The Double Python Clamps are perfect for creating simple structures with existing stands, cheap pipes from your hardware store, or basic wood planks. Clamp it to a basic light stand to create a boom arm, rig support rigging hardware gear grip
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Leica X-U (Typ 113) Leaked: It’s a New Waterproof and Shockproof Camera

leicaxu It looks like Leica is planning to jump into the world of rugged underwater cameras. A new leak purportedly shows a photo and specs of the upcoming Leica X-U (Typ 113), the first waterproof Leica X digital camera — the “U” is for “underwater.” Leica Rumors published the above photo today, and writes that the German-manufactured camera will be shockproof in addition to waterproof. From the photo, we see that the camera has a rather unusual design element: the built-in flash is located on the front of the fixed lens rather than on the body of the camera. The rumored specs so far include waterproofing down to 15m/49ft, shockproofing from drops of up to 1.22m/4ft, a 35mm f/1.7 lens with a manual focus ring, and “anti-skidding rubber armoring” that provides both grip and protection. No word yet on exact pricing or availability, but Leica Rumors expects that
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A Cheap $40 Tabletop Studio for Product Photos

Here’s a 5-minute video in which photographer Jon Legge shows how you can put together a tabletop studio for well-lit product photos. It’ll cost you just 10 to 15 minutes and about £25 (~$40) in materials. Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 1.54.55 PM After modifying his light in various ways, Legge was able to create this shot of a toy car using his setup: Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 1.43.06 PM “With a little bit of imagination, you can set up a tabletop studio and produce very high quality results,” Legge says. “Give it a try at home.”

The Importance of Story In Video Exampled by Musicbed’s Beautiful New ‘Artist Spotlight’

Musicbed has just released their latest “artist spotlight” in-house production which focuses on world-renowned pianist Chad Lawson. This short six-minute video isn’t a tutorial, it doesn’t feature a videographer or photographer, and it isn’t about the filmmaker behind the camera. What this video does have, and why I’m sharing it, is excellent storytelling and beautifully crafted scenes pieced together in postproduction to create an emotional, touching film. The inspiration given in this video is beyond teaching one how to film with a camera, rather it inspires how to tell a personal story and gives example to creating an emotional tone in moviemaking. [ Read More ]

Sigma US goes public with Black Friday lens deals

Sigma is getting Black Friday started early this year, offering discounts on five of its lenses online now through Monday, November 30th including the 50mm F1.4 DG HSM Art. Savings range from $100 up to $300 off individual lenses - and considering the current results of our readers' poll, a few of you may be interested. Read more

Will the new HP ZBook Studio be the next legal Hackintosh?

will-the-new-hp-zbook-studio-be-the-next-legal-hackintoshNot all Mac users know (or remember) that there was a time in Apple’s past when the legendary company co-branded iPods with HP, and before that when Apple blessed several third-party personal computers to run the Mac Operating System legally. I owned one of those legal Hackintosh computers back then, and it was better than the available hardware from Apple at that time. The new HP ZBook Studio I mentioned in a recent article also beats any hardware currently available from Apple, a company whose principle income now comes from the sales of iPhones and iPads, not from Mac computer sales. This situation obviously affects the company’s financial focus. In fact, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook stated in an interview earlier this month about the new iPad Pro tablet: “Why would you buy a PC anymore?”. Well Tim, to use the late Steve Jobs’ terminology: Because some of us still Continue reading "Will the new HP ZBook Studio be the next legal Hackintosh?"

Ford ‘Don’t Like and Drive’ Pics Warn About Browsing Instagram Behind the Wheel

fordads You’ve heard “don’t drink and drive” and “don’t use your phone while driving.” Now there’s a new warning, “don’t like and drive,” that warns against browsing Instagram photos while you’re behind the wheel. Ford recently shared a number of PSA photos on its official Instagram account with that message. Each photo shows a person crossing the road while obscured from view by a giant white Instagram “like” heart. “Go further responsibly,” writes Ford. “Please, don’t like and drive.” ford1 ford2 ford3 (via @ford via AdWeek)

A Hyperlapse of the South African Safari

Hyperlapse videos generally show dazzling urban cityscapes filled with bright lights and tall skyscrapers. The video above is a bit different: New York-based photographer Tyler Fairbank took the hyperlapse to the South African safari. Using his Canon 5D Mark III, Fairbank shot thousands upon thousands of photos each day — his safari guides thought he was nuts — to create this 3-minute video adventure. Most of the sequences were shot handheld and stabilized in post (only a few used a tripod, and no slider was used). (via Tyler Fairbank via

How to Schedule and Post to Instagram From a Computer

Social networks are a good way to advertise a photographer's work. Sometimes, with all the different platforms available, it becomes difficult to keep track of everything. Tools such as Hootsuite are great to make that easier. However, when it comes to Instagram, there aren't many solutions for scheduling and uploading photos from a computer. But there is at least one, and it works great. [ Read More ]