Zacuto Is Giving Away $10K Worth of Gear Starting Monday, December 7th

In the spirit of the holiday season, Zacuto has teamed up with a handful of other companies to giveaway $10,000 worth of gear, software and store credit. Here's how to enter. Starting Monday, December 7th, head over to Zacuto's giveaway page and click on their 'Enter Here' button. Each day has designated companies that are offering gear, so take a look at which days appeal more to you (or just enter every damn day!). There will also be multiple ways to enter each day, increasing your odds. Winners are chosen randomly and notified at noon (CST) starting on the 8th. Companies include Zacuto, Kessler, Adobe, Atomos, ThinkTank Photo, Cinebags, Music Bed and more. Read More

Google’s Cardboard Camera App Lets You Shoot 3D VR Photos with Your Phone

googlecardboardcamera Google today launched Cardboard Camera for Android, an app that lets you shoot 3D virtual reality photographs with a smartphone. Resulting photos can be viewed immersively through a Google Cardboard VR headset. cardboardcamerascreens Taking a photo with the new app is simple: you simply hold out your phone and move it around you in a circle. To experience the photo you made, place your phone inside the Google Cardboard viewer and look around inside the 3D panorama you captured. selecting cardboardviewing viewing The experience is in 3D — the app captures and shows slightly different views for your left and right eyes, allowing near things to look near and far things to look far. To further make the experience immersive, the app can also record some sound to allow you to hear what the moment was like when the photo was captured. Google’s Cardboard Camera app is available for free starting today in the
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Fstoppers Reviews $299 Electronic Earplugs for Concert Photographers: The Etymotic Music·PROs

Hear me out on this one. As a concert and event photographer (and music lover), I will argue until my dying breath that the most important piece of equipment we have after our camera is ear protection. In fact, this made my recently published list of 10 concert photography tips for everyone. I've gone through nearly a dozen different kinds of earplugs over the past five years, but the Music•PRO high-fidelity earplugs from Etymotic are something absolutely unique, and I'm thrilled to be able to review them. They're electronic. And they're alive. [ Read More ]

The KelbyOne 20 Days of Christmas: Peak Design Bag

For the next 20 days leading up to Christmas Scott Kelby and RC Concepcion of KelbyOne share with you the gear that every photographer would want to see on under their tree this year. This episode is dedicated to the Everyday Messenger from Peak Design. This has quickly become Scott Kelby’s favorite bag with its intuitive design and style. The photographer on your Holiday list will absolutely love its form and function! For more information on the Everyday Messenger back from Peak Design go to For the photographer on your holiday list, make sure you check out our great deals at KelbyOne: The post The KelbyOne 20 Days of Christmas: Peak Design Bag appeared first on Scott Kelby's Photoshop Insider.

Being Near The End: On Photographing a Death

death1 Maya’s calm and thoughtful features hover kindly over her father’s hollowed face. David’s prominent cheekbones are exaggerated by the Chiaroscuro effect of a bare-bulbed lamp. Strings of dark hair frame Maya’s profile in the windowless bedroom. Propped up on an elbow, she is beautiful, yet the role reversal is obscene. Cancer — like a madman who begins and ends his massacre in our bodies — has catapulted this family into a parallel universe where a parent becomes a child. David’s fiancée Micilín lies prone alongside her lover’s body; Ruth, his sister, kneels at his bedside. They clasp his hands that jut out at right angles on brittle elbows. The women encircle their man as his life quietly slows down, holding on as Maya tends to her father with a grace beyond her eleven years.
When I arrived from England fifteen years ago, David was the first photographers’ agent I worked
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Chinese maker Xiaomi challenges GoPro with new Yi Action Camera

Updated 12/3/15: Xiaomi's Yi Action Camera, initially available only in China, is now being offered in the US through Amazon. Thanks to promising specs and a low price point the Yi garnered a lot of interest at launch, and will no doubt interest shoppers who consider a GoPro too expensive. However, the $88 US list price exceeds original estimates, and orders placed now are estimated to arrive some time after Christmas.
Chinese company Xiaomi, perhaps best known for its smartphones, has introduced a new GoPro competitor called the Yi Action Camera. This new action camera will only be sold inside of China for the equivalent of approximately $64 USD (399 CNY); the company doesn't, as of now, have plans to sell it elsewhere. This still poses a problem for GoPro, however, which has recently been looking to expand into the Chinese market. The Yi Action Camera in many ways resembles GoPro's
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Photographer Shoots Skydivers with a Helmet DSLR and Mouth Release

skydivedslrhead Skydivers often photograph and film their jumps with a GoPro camera, but what happens if you want to shoot higher-quality photos with a DSLR? The solution is to mount it to your helmet and find a way to trigger the shutter. Photographer Wolfgang Lienbacher demonstrated this recently by jumping out of a plane with the Red Bull Skydive team with a DSLR on his head and a shutter release cable in his mouth. Lienbacher first figured out his camera’s point of view by looking at a live view through his smartphone. Using a red marker, he drew the frame lines onto his goggles to help with composing shots. framing1 framing2 Next, Lienbacher placed the end of a shutter release cable in his mouth to trigger shots without using his hands. release With this setup, Lienbacher can jump out of a plane, look around to compose his shots, and chomp down to expose a
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How the Hell Do Digital Camera Sensors Actually Work?

Put on your learning caps. John Hess is about to drop some hardcore science knowledge on you. If you're anything like me, you have a nagging sense of curiosity about how and why things work the way they do. For me, that manifests itself in learning about things that will likely never be useful in the context of filmmaking, like the science of coffee roasting and the process of building guitars (which is actually a lot like editing a film). More usefully, though, it also manifests itself in learning about how images are captured and stored digitally, which in my opinion, is an essential set of concepts for modern cinematographers to understand. Luckily, it's not too difficult to learn. In his latest lesson at Filmmaker IQ, John P. Hess details the complex chemistry behind how digital sensors, both CCD and CMOS, Continue reading "How the Hell Do Digital Camera Sensors Actually Work?"

This is What a Color Night Vision Camera Can See in Near Darkness

Canon will start shipping its $30,000 ISO 4.46 million camera this month for people who need to shoot in pitch black environments. A similar technology that’s making a splash these days is “color night vision.” A Las Vegas-based company called SPI has a color night vision sensor called the X27. The 1.5-minute video above shows what the 10-megapixel sensor can capture in extremely dark places. The ultra-sensitive sensor is able to shoot both ordinary images during the day, as well as its color night vision images at night. Point it up at the sky, and you’ll be able to clearly see stars and constellations. Here’s another amazing sample video showing what the sensor can capture with a 50mm f/1.2 lens on a moon-less starry night (with 1 millilux): We shared back in February 2014 that a Japanese company called Komamura is also competing in this market
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Chicago to Pay $100,000 to Photographer Who Was Beaten by Cops

7253349558_9efba290d9_z The city of Chicago has agreed to pay $100,000 to a photographer who was beaten by police officers during the 2012 NATO summit, causing the destruction of one of his cameras. WBEZ reports that Getty Images freelance photojournalist Joshua Lott — whose Instagram photos we featured back in 2013 — had filed a federal lawsuit that named 6 Chicago Police Department officers as defendants. Lott says that on May 20th, 2012, as he was shooting a protest downtown during the NATO summit, he witnessed officers beating a young man with batons. When the officers noticed Lott taking pictures, they ordered him to leave, but Lott stood his ground, saying that he was a photojournalist shooting for Getty. After beating the young man some more, the officers turned their attention to Lott, taking him to the side of the road, throwing him to the ground, and then beating and stomping him
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These Pro Product Photos Were Shot in a Bathtub

bathtubhead Polish photographer Rafał Krasa recently launched Eupidere, a new brand of high-end leather camera straps. He wanted some product photos with a seamless white background but didn’t have the proper studio setup, so he decided to go with what he did have: his bathtub. “What only matters are the results,” Krasa says. The shoot isn’t pretty, but it saved time and money, and the results delivered. Krasa placed his products into a clean white bathtub, under a semi-transparent diffusion panel. “The bottom of the tub acted as a tripod, a background and reflected the light comming from above,” Krasa writes. “The top of the bathtub was covered with a semi-transparent screen, that diffused the light coming from a halogen ceiling fixtures shining straight down.” setup The panel helped soften the light and produce a “CGI-style look”. Here are a couple of resulting product photos: result1 result2 Here’s what one of the
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