These Color Photos of Paris Were Shot 100 Years Ago

paris1914 Back in 1909, a super-rich French banker named Albert Kahn decided to create a photographic record of the world using the new color photography process that had just appeared, the Autochrome Lumière. He commissioned 4 photographers to take their cameras to places all over the world. One of the cities they documented was Paris. Starting in 1914, Kahn’s photographers (Leon Gimpel, Stephane Passet, Georges Chevalier and Auguste Leon) began to document life in Paris using the pioneering color process, which featured color filters made from dyed potato starch grains. Here’s a beautiful gallery of the color photos they made a century ago (with some color enhancing done on the original shots): paris1914b eiffel paris1914c moulinrouge paris1914d paris1914e soldier flowers paris1914f paris1914g paris1914h paris1914i paris1914j paris1914k paris1914l paris1914m b c a d paris1914o w x y z eiffel2 In addition to the large number of shots of Paris, roughly 72,000 Autochromes were created around the world through Kahn’s ambitious project. The Autochrome fell out of favor in photographers just a few decades after its introduction when Kodak
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Alien Skin releases non-destructive photo editor Exposure X

Alien Skin has launched Exposure X, its non-destructive photo editor and film emulation software for Mac OS X and Windows. Exposure X is the successor to Exposure 7, and functions as both a plug-in for Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop as well as a standalone editor. Features include a revamped user interface, RAW image editing, and an import system that doesn't use a catalog file. Plans to release Exposure X were announced weeks ago. As promised, the software combines simplified design with non-destructive editing tools for organizing, editing, processing, and storing photos. Exposure X doesn’t use a catalog file, instead opening photos directly from the source folder. The interface, meanwhile, does away with separate modules, presenting a full set of tools at all times, according to Alien Skin. Analog looks can be applied to images, including Kodachrome, Lo-Fi, Daguerreotypes, and more.  Exposure X is a free upgrade for Exposure Continue reading "Alien Skin releases non-destructive photo editor Exposure X"

Critique the Community: Submit Your Lifestyle Images Now (Also, Win a Bag)

Fstoppers is adding a little something extra to this week's episode of "Critique the Community." We are inviting everyone to submit your lifestyle photography images for review. This means your images shouldn't just be portraits of people, they need to be images of people in action or living some sort of life. Like we've done in the past, we will be choosing 20 images give our thoughts and feedback to. In addition to our normal critique, we will also be giving away two camera bags to two individuals who will be randomly chosen from the critiqued image pool. Submissions must be made by Sunday, December 13th.

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10 Different Kinds of Montages That Can Help Make Your Film More Dynamic

There's nothing quite like a montage. Think about it -- montages are wholly cinematic, born entirely from the womb of editing, and are able to elicit emotions from an audience simply by the way they're constructed. (More on that later.) In this top 10 list from CineFix, you'll see a wide array of different kinds of montages -- ones that compress time, reveal the quirks of a character, and combine storylines -- but you'll also get a meaty lesson on what montages do, as well as how and why you should implement them into your own films. Check out the video below: In the beginning, films were single-shot pieces -- a woman dancing, a baby eating, a train arriving to a station. It wasn't until D.W. Griffith that the concept of "editing" came to light, and Continue reading "10 Different Kinds of Montages That Can Help Make Your Film More Dynamic"

The Slim Strap by Custom SLR Features a Nifty Quick-Adjust Slider

Slim Strap 2 Over the past 5 years, the San Francisco-based company Custom SLR has successfully launched 5 different camera products that all started with Kickstarter campaigns (the first was the C-Loop in 2010). Now the company has announced its sixth project: the Slim Strap. It’s a minimalist leather camera strap that’s geared toward smaller mirrorless and compact cameras, featuring an elegant and durable design and a special quick-adjust slider that makes shooting a breeze. Slim Strap 9 The compact and lightweight strap is made of real top grain leather on the shoulder pad, the strap connectors, and the thumb loop on the adjustment slider. “As time passes, the leather will conform more to the contours of your shoulder,” says Custom SLR. “The older it gets, the better it gets.” Slim Strap 6 Slim Strap 11 The quick-adjust slider system allows you to carry your camera around with it safely tucked against your side, and when you’d like to take
Slim Strap 1
Slim Strap 3
Slim Strap 5
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GoPro announces the name of its forthcoming camera-equipped drone

Action camera manufacturer GoPro has officially named its camera drone and announced that it will be available in 2016. Footage from the GoPro Karma is demonstrated in a video on the GoPro website, which is also the same movie the company showed before when it first teased teased the drone. GoPro isn’t giving away much information at the moment, but it is giving away a Karma drone to 100 people signed up to the newsletter at the time of the product launch. All we know for now is that the drone will be 'ultra portable' and will fold for storage and transportation. GoPro has UHD 4K video capability in its Hero 4 Black camera, but it is difficult to tell at this point whether the company will equip the Karma with 4K video, or choose to make it more accessible with a lower price point. Perhaps it will offer both 4K Continue reading "GoPro announces the name of its forthcoming camera-equipped drone"

Forevery Offers Powerful Image Recognition for Your iPhone Camera Roll

forevery Clarifai, a NYC-based startup that’s developing state-of-the-art image recognition software, has launched a new free photo app on iOS. It’s called Forevery, and it’s a new AI-powered app that helps you organize, discover, and share photos on your phone. The new app is focused on three things: rediscovering memories, sharing beautiful content, and making photo discovery personal. Here’s what makes Forevery powerful: it automatically recognizes people, places, things, and times in your photos without any extra input from you. In addition to things, Forevery even attempts to identify emotions and concepts — things like “love,” “happiness,” “adventure,” and “celebration.” For personalized recognition, you can teach Forevery to recognize people in your life by training it with a few photos of them. The same is true for “Things”: show Forevery a few examples, and it’ll keep its “eye” out for those things in the future. peoplethings Identified things in
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Lighting Portraits with a Prism Gobo, DIY Barn Doors, and Window Blinds

modified Photographer Nick Fancher often does high-quality shoots with simple locations and do-it-yourself gear — he published a book on the subject earlier this year that’s titled Studio Everywhere. For a recent portrait shoot, Fancher visited his model’s apartment and shaped light using a custom prism gobo, DIY barn doors, and the blinds on the model’s door. Here’s what Fancher’s custom-made prism gobo looks like. It “throws more light than Zeus,” he says:

A photo posted by Nick Fancher (@nickfancher) on

Fancher created his DIY barn doors a couple months ago with some black foam board and black gaff after going to his local camera shop for a commercial solution and coming up empty. Now he never travels without it.

A photo posted by Nick Fancher (@nickfancher) on

Here’s a 4-minute behind-the-scenes walkthrough of the shoot: “When I showed
Shooting through the blinds only.
Shooting through the prism only.
Shooting through the prism and the blinds.
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The KelbyOne 20 Days of Christmas: Really Right Stuff

For the next 20 days leading up to Christmas Scott Kelby and RC Concepcion of KelbyOne share with you the gear that every photographer would want to see on under their tree this year. If you have a photographer on your list that is just going to get the very best tripod and bullhead – you will not go wrong with Really Right Stuff bullheads and tripods. For more information on Really Right Stuff tripods and ballheads, go to For the photographer on your holiday list, make sure you check out our great deals at KelbyOne: The post The KelbyOne 20 Days of Christmas: Really Right Stuff appeared first on Scott Kelby's Photoshop Insider.

Need a New Camera Bag? Check Out These Holiday Sales.

A good camera bag is an accessory you need as a professional photographer. If you've been biding your time looking for the perfect bag at the right price, you might want to check out some of these holiday deals. Some of these items will only be on sale while supplies last, so be sure to act quickly if you want to make this a holiday gift to yourself.

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Photoshop Has Four Different Healing Brushes Now… Here’s How to Use Them

healingbrush Photoshop 2015.1, released earlier this month, has a surprise that wasn’t promoted very well — you had to go digging to find it: the new version introduced a new real-time healing brush algorithm. When I came across it, my eyes lit up. Adobe says that “some customers prefer the behavior of the older healing brush algorithm,” and the company has published instructions on how to reactivate the original healing brushes. You’ll need to save a new .txt file to your Photoshop settings folder named “PSUserConfig.txt,” containing just the text “LegacyHealingBrush161” followed by a 0, 1, or 2 (depending on which legacy brush you want to use). textfileconfig Here’s a run down on the differences of the 4 different healing brushes available now:

Healing Brush #1: “LegacyHealingBrush161 0”

This is the “Photoshop CC 2015 real-time algorithm with real-time user interface feedback”. What the heck does this mean? The first
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GoPro’s Camera Drone is Called the Karma

GoPro just announced the name of its upcoming camera drone: Karma. The news was announced on the GoPro website and in a 1-minute teaser video posted to YouTube (embedded above). The GoPro Karma will be officially unveiled in 2016, and will be the action camera company’s first foray into the exploding drone market that’s currently dominated by the Chinese company DJI. A 2-minute video with footage from the drone was posted by the company back in October. karmalogo There’s also a new placeholder page for the Karma on GoPro’s site. You can sign up for the newsletter and have your name entered in a drawing for 1 of 100 free Karma drones when they launch.

The Art of the Personal Project: Erik Goldstein

As a former Art Producer, I have always been drawn to personal projects because they are the sole vision of the photographer and not an extension of an art director, photo editor, or graphic designer. This new column, “The Art of the Personal Project” will feature the personal projects of photographers using the Yodelist marketing database. You can read their blog at Projects are discovered online and submissions are not accepted. Today’s featured photographer is: Erik Goldstein erik.goldstein.apr-1 erik.goldstein.apr-2 erik.goldstein.apr-3 erik.goldstein.apr-4 erik.goldstein.apr-5 erik.goldstein.apr-6 erik.goldstein.apr-7 erik.goldstein.apr-8 erik.goldstein.apr-9 erik.goldstein.apr-10 erik.goldstein.apr-11 How long have you been shooting?
I started shooting in college but the visual mindset has always been with me for as long as I can remember. I critiqued the framing and angles of my Saturday morning cartoons.
Are you self-taught or photography school taught?
Both. That is to say that I walked out of school with a good understanding of how my equipment worked but my biggest source of education was assisting photographers and throwing myself head-first into things. I am constantly learning and finding inspiration in the work of others and what’s around me. I think the day that stops is the day I hang the camera up.
With this particular project, what was your inspiration to shoot it?
I grew up watching Marty Stouffer and sponsored a hump back whale with my allowance. Nature has always played a huge role in my life and we are living in a pretty exciting time for conservation and awareness. In a matter of seconds a story can reach the world. It’s a very powerful tool. 
I wanted to find a way to give back and bring attention to a conservation issue in the US. I wanted to inspire involvement and highlight a lesser-known issue having to do with a very significant portion of North America’s history.
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