DJI Phantom X Concept Video Imagines the Future of Camera Drones

Want to see where camera drones are headed? DJI made this 3-minute video that shows a concept drone called the DJI Phantom X. It’s a look at what camera drones may soon offer for capturing both daily life and high-end productions. “We all loved the 1980s’ sci-fi visions of the future — the way drones zipped around, blending in as a natural part of everyday life,” writes DJI. “What if we told you the predictions made in these sci-fi classics are now reality?” “With the DJI Phantom X, we turn wide-eyed dreams of future possibilities into fact with multi-angle shooting, AI, obstacle avoidance and free-flight object tracking.” The video features appearances by a number of notable people in creative industries, including Adobe Senior Creative Director Russell Brown.
The DJI Phantom X

The DJI Phantom X

Throw and shoot.

Throw and shoot.

Syncing drone cameras with a smartwatch.

Syncing drone cameras with a smartwatch.

Monitoring live feeds from multiple camera drones.

Monitoring live feeds from multiple camera drones.

Blind Spot’s New Tile Light Is Portable, Accurate, & Best of All, Actually Affordable

There are good LED lighting solutions, and then there are inexpensive LED lighting solutions. Very rarely do the two categories cross over. That's exactly what our friends at Blind Spot Gear, makers of the versatile Scorpion Light fixtures, are trying to accomplish with their newly announced Tile Light. Using a new technology that they're calling "Single Surface Emitting Technology," Blind Spot has engineered the Tile Light to not only put out a good deal of light for a fixture of this size, but it's also relatively soft and avoids the weird dotted multiple-shadow look that you get with other un-diffused LEDs. The Tile Light is currently funding on Kickstarter, and the campaign is nearly halfway funded after its first day. Here's the video: And here are the features that are built into the Tile Continue reading "Blind Spot’s New Tile Light Is Portable, Accurate, & Best of All, Actually Affordable"

Moo Business Cards+: Share Your Photos with a Tap

businessscards Want a high-tech way to share photos with others? MOO recently launched a new product called Business Cards+ that can help. On the surface, they look just like ordinary business cards that can be printed with personalized designs. However, inside each one is an embedded NFC chip that can trigger actions with a simple tap of an NFC-capable smartphone. nfccard Once your card has been created, you can choose what actions you’d like your card to perform through MOO Paper+ website. You can have it take people to your website, or open up your photo portfolio, and much more. The card is then ready to go. Hand it out to prospective clients, and you’ll be able to immediately see your work by simply tapping the card against their phone. pressagainst If you need to change the cards’ actions in the future, you can do so by visiting the website. The card’s behavior
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Instagram Star Shares His Mobile Photo Editing App Workflow

If you’re curious about what it takes to do well on Instagram, Connor Franta can tell you. He’s one of the biggest stars on the photo sharing service, boasting over 4 million followers. Franta recently published the 6-minute video above with some of his tips and tricks for shooting and editing photos that attract eyeballs. Franta’s mobile photo workflow on his iPhone includes VSCO Cam, Afterlight, Facetune, and SKRWT.

Akiwi is a Semi-Automatic Image Tagging Website

akiwihead Akiwi is a new website that’s designed to help you keyword photographs with minimal effort. It’s a semi-automated image tagging system that is easier than manually tagging and more accurate than automatic image recognition. The site was created as a student project over at HTW Berlin. It uses a collection of 22 million photos to suggest keywords for unknown photos uploaded by users. “Instead of relying purely on automatic tagging which is not always correct, we propose an interactive system where the user help the system to find correct keywords with minimal input,” developer Kai Barthel tells PetaPixel. Here’s a short video introduction to Akiwi: Visit the website, and you’ll be presented with a simple landing page that asks you to drag and drop a photo: landingpage Here’s a photograph we tested the system with: pexels-photo-large Once the photo is uploaded, Akiwi shows a collection of similar-looking photographs and some keywords based
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Giveaway: Win a Sony a7R II Worth $3,200

sonya7rii Here’s a new giveaway for our faithful readers, this one’s a doozy: we’re giving away a Sony a7R II full frame mirrorless camera, which the photography world has been talking about since it was announced back in June. The camera has a 42MP sensor, 4K video recording, and a hefty price tag of $3,200. There are three different ways you can enter. Feel free to do all 3 for triple the chance to win, but there’s a limit of 1 entry per method:

Method #1. Leave a Comment

Leave a comment below with your answer to the question: “What do you like to photograph?”

Method #2. Review Our Podcast

Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, give it a listen, and then leave an iTunes review on the show. Fill out this form once the new review is submitted:

Method #3. Like Our Facebook Page

“Like” the
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New Locations and How A Photographer Can Find Them

When I was younger, my dad took a class on photography at a local community college. To this day, he says that the biggest thing he learned from the class was that to take interesting pictures, you have to go to interesting places. I suppose that if you are a travel, landscape, or nature photographer, that is true. What a lot of people don’t realize is that interesting places are all around us. Having grown up in Ohio, I always thought that I was stuck in a dreary, featureless landscape of corn and soybeans. [ Read More ]

Colorized Photos of the Discovery of King Tut’s Tomb

DYN01_Burton_0744_FC_Com Photo colorizer Jordan Lloyd of Dynamichrome was recently commissioned to digitally color reconstructed photos of the discovery and exploration of Tutankhaten’s tomb starting in 1922. The project took several months, and a great deal of research was done into finding accurate color references for things seen in the photos. The photo above was taken just as King Tut’s coffin lid was taken off. Tutankhamun is seen lying intact with a 24-pound burial mask made of solid gold. Here are other before-and-after photos in the series:

December 1922: The Antechamber

A gilded lion bed, clothes chest and other objects in the antechamber. The wall of the burial chamber is guarded by statues.

A gilded lion bed, clothes chest and other objects in the antechamber. The wall of the burial chamber is guarded by statues.

December 1922: The Antechamber

Under the lion bed in the antechamber are several boxes and chests, and an ebony and ivory chair which Tutankhamun used as a child.

A ceremonial bed in the shape of the Celestial Cow, surrounded by provisions and other objects in the antechamber of the tomb. The white ovoid shaped objects are food offerings, including one containing beef!

Under the lion bed in the antechamber are several boxes and chests, and an ebony and ivory chair which Tutankhamun used as a child.
Ornately carved alabaster vases in the antechamber, containing perfume.
Numerous chariots are stacked up against the wall.
Lord Carnarvon reads on the veranda of Carter's house near the Valley of the Kings.
An assortment of model boats in the treasury of the tomb. In all, some 35 boats were located throughout the tomb, symbolic of the transporting the  king on his journey through the streams of the underworld towards resurrection.
Howard Carter, Arthur Callender and an Egyptian worker wrap one of the sentinel statues for transport.
Arthur Mace and Alfred Lucas work on a golden chariot from Tutankhamun's tomb outside the "laboratory" in the tomb of Sethos II.
Chests inside the treasury made from various materials including ivory, ebony and Egyptian redwood which would've contained jewelry, clothing and cosmetics for the boy king.
A gilded bust of the Celestial Cow Mehet-Weret and chests sit in the treasury of the tomb.
A statue of Anubis on a shrine with pallbearers' poles in the treasury of the tomb. Anubis, the canid-headed god was associated with the afterlife - a primary role of which Anubis would weigh the heart of the deceased to determine if they were worthy of entering the land of the dead.
Lord Carnarvon, financier of the excavation and Howard Carter posing outside the Burial Chamber
Carter, Callender and two Egyptian workers carefully dismantle one of the golden shrines within the burial chamber.
Carter, Mace and an Egyptian worker carefully roll up the linen pall covering the second shrine.
Inside the outermost shrine in the burial chamber, a huge linen pall with gold rosettes, reminiscent of the night sky, covers the smaller shrines within. The mural upon right northern wall depicts three scenes of Tutankhamun in the guise of Osiris, with Ay, the new Pharaoh performing the 'opening of the mouth ceremony'. On the left western wall are shown various Egyptian deities such as Horus and Maat.
In a "laboratory" set up in the tomb of Sethos II, conservators Arthur Mace and Alfred Lucas clean one of the sentinel statues from the antechamber.
Howard Carter, Arthur Callender and an Egyptian worker open the doors of the innermost shrine and get their first look at Tutankhamun's sarcophagus.
Howard Carter examines Tutankhamun's sarcophagus.
Carter and a worker examine the solid gold innermost sarcophagus, shown within a gilded, laminated wood coffin of different coloured glass.
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Fstoppers Reviews the Elinchrom Skyport HS

A couple of weeks ago, Elinchrom released the Skyport HS, a new iteration of the very old and rudimentary Skyport. The Skyport HS seems to have everything a strobist could hope for, from the laser grid to focus in low-light conditions to the Hi-Sync mode. This new radio trigger is a welcome addition to Elinchrom's product line. At least, it is on paper. The Swiss company was kind enough to lend me a unit before it was even released so that I could play with it and review it for you. [ Read More ]

Lighting Up the Night: Behind the Scenes of the Mesmerizing Biking Film ‘Darklight’

Sweetgrass Productions has done it again. You may remember Afterglow, the hypnotic ski film that took the internet by storm last year. In case you need a refresher, it featured several world-renowned skiers, each wearing a suit lined with LEDs, as they carved their way down colorfully-lit mountainsides in the dead of night. To say that film was exceptionally beautiful or sublime doesn't do it justice. In fact, if you haven't seen it, stop what you're doing and go watch it right now. You will be glad you did. The production company behind Afterglow, Sweetgrass Productions, recently took that same concept applied it to the sport of downhill mountain biking. This time, however, the Sweetgrass crew had even more toys, including an EPIC DRAGON, a MōVI, a cable-cam, and two grip trucks packed to the brim with generators, powerful Continue reading "Lighting Up the Night: Behind the Scenes of the Mesmerizing Biking Film ‘Darklight’"

Tip: Use Empty Instax Film Packs as a Holder for Your Instant Photos

IMG_7498 Here’s a little tip for those of you who shoot with Fuji Instax film while out and about: once you’re done exposing a pack of film, you can use the empty plastic pack as a container to hold your Instax photos. Reader MJ Idzerda of London, Ontario, Canada, tells us that she only discovered the hack a couple of days ago after shooting with Instax film for 4 years. “When finished using Instax mini (or wide) don’t throw out the pack,” writes Idzerda. “Simply remove the thin plastic strip at the top of the pack and insert your prints for storage and display!” IMG_7496 IMG_7499 IMG_7497 IMG_7501 IMG_7495
Image credits: Photographs by MJ Idzerda and used with permission

Photographer Compares Two Canon pro DSLRs: One From 2015, One From 1998

As recently as yesterday, we've seen all kinds of articles comparing various cameras' qualities to one another, pixel-peeping to see which one edges out the competition by a razor-thin margin. You can put your magnifying glass away, however, and trade it in for a beer as you sit back and watch a real comparison. Photographer Jim Goldstein took the pleasure of comparing two of Canon's top-of-the-line DSLRs from different time periods: the 5DS R and the Canon D2000. [ Read More ]

Yahoo’s Image Search Now Pulls Personalized Results from Flickr

flickirresults Yahoo is rolling out a revamped image search engine today that now includes photo results from its Flickr service. As long as you’re signed in, the personalized Flickr results will include your own collection of Flickr photos, photos from people you follow, and other top public photos on the service. Additional search options such as filtering by color and size will also apply to Flickr results in addition to photos found elsewhere on the Web. Clicking a “More images” button in the Flickr results will take users directly to a page on Flickr with even more photo results. flickrresults2 Yahoo’s image search now shares many of the same design elements that were rolled out recently on Flickr. Here’s what Flickr’s search looks like: flickrdesign This latest change will make it easier for people who need photos to find the usable images they need, as there’s also a “License” dropdown menu that can
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Times’ Failed Attempt At Fairness and Equity

On November 2nd, Norm Pearlstine (LinkedIn) penned a missive to "Photographers Who Work with Time Inc." where he harkened back to the roaring 20's and the origins of Time and Life magazines (NYSE: TWX), and mentioned the "power of iconic photography" and suggested that "our commitment to original photography is as true today as ever", yet what Norm fails to recognize, in the new Time contract he's proffering, detailed and analyzed below, is that  Time has NOT factored in any kind of cost-of-living into what Time is paying their photographers, and is trampling on the rights of photographers like a 20's flapper stomping on the dance floor.

Perhaps they should remember that it's the talents of these photographers to create striking visuals that boost single-copy sales, and the talents of writers, reporters, and photographers, to create compelling content that readers will want to consume. This contract
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Chicago’s Filter Photo Festival – Part 3

by Jonathan Blaustein I get confused sometimes. I lose sight of what’s important, facing the never-ending onslaught of the 21st Century Hustle. It happens. Lately, I find myself in a Twilight-zone-ish reality, where I’m respected and lauded online, or when I leave town, but am treated like a sham here at home. (Where I’m attempting to reform the Art Department at UNM-Taos.) As this week’s big interview with Trevor Paglen attests, Art leaves the door wide open. It’s all things to all people. If we call it Art, it’s Art. For him, that means surveilling the surveillance machine. For me, it might mean shopping for things to photograph, and then photographing them. But here in Taos, for the last 50 years, (with a few exceptions, like Dennis Hopper, Agnes Martin, Larry Bell and Ken Price,) Art means looking at something pretty, and making a pretty painting of a pretty thing. Or, just as often, making an attractive abstraction that means nothing whatsoever. Beauty, or one might even say decoration, is its only reason for being. Why? is a question never asked, because the answer is always, because I wanted to. Because I enjoy plein-air painting. You’re outside. The mountain is pretty. That’s that. So the idea that Art should mean something, that it can critique society and provoke thought, that it might have a purpose beyond distraction, is a challenging one. It questions the validity of the accepted practice. (Nobody ever made friends by speaking truth to power. You might win a MacArthur Genius grant, a la David Simon, but you won’t become Homecoming Queen.) Why am I on about this? Well, this column is something of a weekly diary. And my regular readers know there is always a “point” just round the bend, so let’s get there.
820 Ebony/Jet
820 Ebony/Jet
820 Ebony/Jet
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820 Ebony/Jet
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820 Ebony/Jet
820 Ebony/Jet
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3.Golden Goddess
9.La Perla
17..Done with Mirrors
18. Shoe soul
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Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 12.46.59 PM
Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 12.47.19 PM
Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 12.47.55 PM
Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 12.48.25 PM
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