Six Photographers Photograph the Same Subject, but Not

Here's something pretty cool. Canon Australia has created a thing they call The Lab, described as "a series of experiments that are designed to take you out of your comfort zone, and get you thinking — and shooting — in a different way." Their first experiment, DECOY, involves having six photographers shoot the same man, but they are each told a different story about the actor's background. [ Read More ]

Why is Renowned Playboy Photographer Jarmo Pohjaniemi Using a Canon EF 11-24mm f/4L?

While there are obviously no strict rules about what lenses a photographer should buy, my curiosity was piqued recently, when legendary Glamour Photographer Jarmo Pohjaniemi (Playboy, Shoot The Centerfold) announced he was headed to Santorini with a pair of Canon EF 11-24 f/4L USM lenses. I assumed he was going to shoot landscapes (after all, it’s Santorini), but his answers when I asked were far more interesting than that. [ Read More ]

2015 Roundups: Fixed Prime Lens Cameras

The Fixed Prime Lens Camera category is our smallest roundup of 2015 but also one of our most interesting. Cameras in this category range quite a bit, from the affordable, to the jaw-dropping expensive. If you prefer to zoom with your feet, instead of your lens, then this is the roundup for you. Read on

What’s missing? Ming Thein on the state of mirrorless

Commercial Photographer and camera blogger Ming Thein has shot with almost as many mirrorless cameras as we have, and has put together a list of all the things they get wrong or, at least, all the things he thinks they should all do. It's a fairly comprehensive list that we very much agree with. Thein echoes a lot of our own concerns about camera handling, behavior and operation, as he works through camera design point-by-point. Read more

Worldwide Photo Walk Update

WWPW_EmailHeader_0815 Hey everyone, Brad here with a quick update on where we are with all things Worldwide Photo Walk! Here’s what to expect in the coming days… Scott will be announcing the Grand Prize Winner and Top 10 Finalists right here at this coming Monday, November 9. Voting for the People’s Choice Award will be open until Tuesday, November 10 (you need to be logged in to cast your vote for this award), and the winner will be announced soon thereafter. And the Grand Prize Winner and Top 10 Finalists of the Leader Competition will be announced next week as well. Sorry for the delay in the announcements, but you’ll find out who the winners are soon! Make sure your email address on your Photo Walk account is up to date in case you’re one of the winners and we need to get in touch with you. And a big thanks to everyone who participated this year and made it another great event! Continue reading "Worldwide Photo Walk Update"

Lytro unveils Immerge, a pro-grade light field VR rig

Lytro, a company known for its light field cameras and technologies, has introduced Immerge, a professional-grade cinematic virtual reality rig. According to Lytro, this is the first 'end-to-end' virtual reality hardware and software solution, with the entire system comprising four primary components: a light field camera array, storage and processing server, an editor, and a video player. Read more

Lytro Shocks the World and Builds the Most Ambitious Virtual Reality Camera

Most of us know Lytro for their light field cameras that capture scenes in a way that allows you to refocus an image anywhere you want with the click of a button without having to take a new image. I'll admit, I thought it was a neat trick, but as a commercial photographer, I never saw how it would apply to someone like myself. Well, Lytro has blown me away today with the announcement of their new virtual reality camera system that works much like their light field cameras and allows the user to move within a video environment (not a computer-rendered space) while wearing a virtual reality headset. They have officially changed the game.

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Hybrid Gimbal – Merging CAME-TV Mini2 with CAME-TV SINGLE

Some people want the CAME-Mini2 but also want the Encoder technology from the CAME-SINGLE. Some people want the CAME-SINGLE because it has Encoders, but want a better set of handles. Well, I might get in trouble for posting this, but I believe a few people may have already figured this out if not super curious if this merging the two was even possible. Basically, if you were to take the ‘Dual Handles’ from the CAMETV CAME-Mini2 Gimbal and replace the ‘One Handle’ on the CAME-TV CAME-SINGLE Gimbal, the combination works for the ‘Smallest two handed gimbal WITH Encoders’ I know about. Now you can’t use it upside down, nor will you have a proper stand to place the gimbal when not in use, and finding a good place for an external monitor might be weird. So it’s a bit of an oddball design, but what you do get is a
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Lytro Immerge Is the Professional Virtual Reality Camera System of the Future

Lytro, the company known for its innovative light field cameras, is expanding into the growing world of virtual reality. In a press release today, Lytro announced the Immerge virtual reality camera system. Not only does the Immerge look like it was sent from the future, but it's packed with Lytro's signature light field technology, which could very well represent the future of how virtual reality content is produced. Here's the Immerge introduction video: The Immerge contains five discrete layers of light field sensors, with the entire camera having hundreds of individual sensors in total. Here's what Lytro CEO Jason Rosenthal has to say about how the image quality of Immerge will stack up against current VR cameras (sourced from Engadget): < p class="indent1"> One of the layers represents somewhere between three and four times Continue reading "Lytro Immerge Is the Professional Virtual Reality Camera System of the Future"

This is How People in Other Industries Respond When Asked for Free Spec Work

Requests for free spec work is a big problem for photographers, who lose out when clients demand free photos in exchange for “vague to nonexistent compensation.” To show how ridiculous the idea of spec work is, Toronto agency Zulu Alpha Kilo had a guy approach people in other businesses with requests for free spec work to sample their products and services before actually committing to paying. A barista, chef, personal trainer, and architect all responded with indignation; watch their reactions in the 2.5-minute video above. “It’s time we all said no to spec,” Zulu says. (via Zulu Alpha Kilo via AdWeek)
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NASA Publishes Haunting Photographs of the Antares Rocket Explosion

explodehead On October 28th, 2014, the Orbital ATK Antares rocket exploded on takeoff, destroying the vehicle and the supplies that were being sent to the astronauts on-board the International Space Station. The explosion was captured by a large number of photographers and videographers observing from a distance, but now NASA has published its own up-close photos of the explosion. First, here’s a video captured by Matthew Travis from the press site (warning: there’s some strong language): Here’s the same incident captured by NASA’s cameras near the launch site: 15652004182_3c0f899724_z 22583706036_6926459ba1_z 22583768166_ddfc80e5c6_z 22421783800_1f1f553560_z 21986959744_a1fbd71270_z 21986970864_b36fa4f272_z 22609781825_535dd99743_z 22421789360_f561f79e20_z 21987012084_cbbb70104e_z 22421835200_0c60bce149_z 22620937581_b7f01b32c9_z 22609791005_5df2ee0409_z You can find a complete set of 84 photos in this NASA set on Flickr.
Image credits: Photographs by Joel Kowsky/NASA

The Good and the Bad of the Periscope Social Media Platform

Periscope is a social media app that turns your life into a live broadcast. Instead of updating your Facebook status or sending a tweet, with this app, you start a live broadcast similar to any live broadcast you see on TV. The difference is that you get live interaction with the people that are tuning in to watch you. Now that the app is available on both Android and iOS, it’s starting to pick up some steam, and like any social media platform, it’s good to get in on the ground floor. Before you do, I have a list of positives and negative you may want to consider.

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Way Beyond the Deadline: Shooting ASU Football’s Ad Campaign

asufootball There are deadlines and then there are deadlines… this is the latter. Arizona State University’s advertising campaign is one that I have now shot for 10 years. It is one that I always use to push the logistical boundaries that I had previously been inflexible towards, for the sake of art and knowledge. Photographing it is a practice in embracing the unknown and evaluating previously conceived notions of what is possible and what is not. This year’s photoshoot existed well within the impossible… ASU advertising campaign photographed by Advertising Photographer Blair Bunting For example, I usually shoot the ASU campaign the last week of May and deliver the images on deadline, August 1st. This way the designers at ASU can create layouts and posters, billboards and ticket stubs and all that’s in between in the the two weeks before press deadline (Aug 14th). However, this year was different, for ASU was in the midst of changing from Nike
ASU advertising campaign photographed by Advertising Photographer Blair Bunting
ASU advertising campaign photographed by Advertising Photographer Blair Bunting
ASU advertising campaign photographed by Advertising Photographer Blair Bunting
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