Jimmy Chin: Tackling the Worlds Hardest Expeditions with a Camera in Hand

Last month, we shared a glimpse into the intense gym workouts of renowned adventure photographer Jimmy Chin, who constantly trains his body for his next extreme shoot when he’s between assignments. If you’d like to see what those workouts are for, check out this new 5-minute feature by VICE Sports. vicescreen “Jimmy Chin has accomplished it all in the world of action sports and he’s had a camera in his hands the whole time,” VICE writes. “From skiing Everest to climbing some of the world’s largest peaks, he has made a career of taking on incredible expeditions while documenting them through photos and videos.” “His unique expertise across various disciplines has led him to capturing moments that quite literally no one else on Earth could.” Chin’s new feature film, “Meru,” is just hitting theaters. It’s the story of his attempt at scaling Shark’s Fin on India’s
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Nope, Jeb Bush’s Head Wasn’t Photoshopped Onto a Black Man’s Body

jebbushmailer Here’s a humorous example of why you should pay attention to lighting when combining photos into a composite image. A few days ago, Jeb Bush’s super PAC Right to Rise USA tweeted a picture that showed Bush with a stock photo of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in the background. People immediately noticed that something was strange with Bush’s left hand. As you can see, the left hand is significantly darker than the right hand in the shot. After the media caught wind of this apparent gaffe, people immediately began calling it a “Photoshop fail” and the first Photoshop blunder of this election season. Many reporters went ahead and wrote that whoever was behind
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‘Talent is Bulls***.’ Comic Artist Ty Templeton’s Blunt Advice on How to Tell Better Stories

Even though we're all born with an innate ability and desire to tell stories, actually putting them on paper is a skill you have to learn. Yeah, I said skill -- not talent. This is a lesson revered comic artist and writer Ty Templeton wants all of us to learn, that having "talent" is a myth, that hard work, practice, and dedication are the things that make artists great. In the first episode of Raindance Step & Repeat, Templeton shares some great insight on what it takes to write a great story: Here are a few takeaways from the video: Talent is bullshit This is great news for people who have thought their whole lives that they weren't born with what it takes to be an artist. Great art comes from great Continue reading "‘Talent is Bulls***.’ Comic Artist Ty Templeton’s Blunt Advice on How to Tell Better Stories"

People from 1900s Detroit Photos Photoshopped Into Modern Day Ruins

41b613d58c4bbf45926ee0e5f0f04cc9 The city of Detroit, Michigan has gone through huge economic and demographic changes over the past century. Once a booming car-making city with 1.85 million residents back in the 1950s, the beaten-down city had just 700,000 in 2013. Hungarian photographer and retoucher Flora Borsi wanted to capture the city’s challenges in images, so she combined vintage photos from 1900s with modern day pictures she made on recent visits. c77f1a9c7aefa60bb2cb2550e2becfb4 “Not so very long ago, Detroit was a rich, beautiful city, full of vibrant people,” Borsi writes. “I have been there twice recently and I was saddened by the status of the abandoned buildings and factories I saw. I imagined how the city, its streets and buildings might have looked in past decades.” “What if these people from the past could see their beloved place now?” After finding old photographs of the city’s residents, she carefully colorized the black-and-white
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5 Tips From Lindsay Adler To Help Your Subject Relax

Getting human subjects to feel comfortable and to emote in front of the camera is always a challenge. We deal with a variety of personalties which can prove hard to manage when you have all the other things such as lighting, camera settings, and composition to think about. Lindsay Adler has put together a list of 5 crucial steps to help get your subject relaxed from her years of experience. [ Read More ]

Readers’ Showcase: Zhi Yuen Yap

Zhi Yuen Yap finds living in New Zealand a blessing and a curse. Getting off the beaten path to find unique locations can mean braving harsh, unpredictable weather and inhospitable terrain. Based on his photos, though, we'd say he's been pretty well rewarded for his troubles. Take a look at his work and find out more about him in our Q&A. Read more

Jimmy Iovine Explains Seeing the Big Picture: It Is Not About You!

Here I am on a Saturday night tucked away in my photography office finally listening to Dr. Dre's new album. With just two real full length albums, Dre is one of my all time favorite artists, and I always enjoy researching the samples and references he uses in his music. Tonight by way of Compton, I found record producer Jimmy Iovine's commencement speech he gave to the USC graduating class of 2013. Jimmy might be talking about producing music but I think his words ring true for photographers as well.

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24 Sound Basics That Will Help You Lay a Sturdy Foundation

Recording sound can be tricky, especially if you don't know the basics. But it's one of the most important components of your film. This video by The Basic Filmmaker will give you 24 audio tips to help you get started. Check it out below: Getting decent sound is supremely important. Most audiences will put up with subpar video quality, but give them some crappy audio and you're looking at a hoard of angry and now uninterested moviegoers. You want to avoid this at all costs. One of the most integral tenets of recording sound is "garbage in, garbage out". You may not have the money to afford a professional (or decent) microphone, but you can still limit the amount of "garbage" that your budget mic picks up -- for free! You can do this Continue reading "24 Sound Basics That Will Help You Lay a Sturdy Foundation"

Kindle Textbook Creator facilitates embedding audio/video

kindle-textbook-creator-facilitates-embedding-audio-videoWhether or not you have ever been the author of print books or “first-generation” ebooks, like many audio/video content producers, you have likely been intrigued by the relatively new interactive multimedia ebooks, either to produce them for yourself or for your clients. These interactive multimedia ebooks have existed for a a few years from Apple’s iBooks via its free creator tool, iBooks Author. On the other hand, although many independent authors have published both print an Kindle ebooks for sale on Amazon, the company has previously been more restrictive by allowing multimedia interactive Kindle ebooks only via specific publishing companies. Although still in public beta, Amazon thankfully now offers independent authors and audio/video producers its free Kindle Textbook Creator tool (KTC), which does allow embedding audio and video. This article covers the pros and cons of these options.

10 Simple Photography Hacks with Household Things

If you’d like to experiment with some do-it-yourself photography hacks and tricks, check out this new video by DigitalRev. Over the course of 10 minutes, Kai shares 10 different cheap and simple hacks you can do with ordinary things you’ll find lying around your house. Here’s an index of the different tricks covered and where in the video they’re discussed: #1: Tripod Sling (1:03). Use key rings to give your tripod a carrying strap. #2: Vasaline Soft Focus (2:17). Rub Vaseline on a sheet of glass for soft focus photos. #3: Tights Soft Filter (4:12). Tights over your lens can give your photos a different look. #4: String Pod (5:25). Use a piece of string to give your camera extra stability. #5: Corn Stabilizer (6:04). Make a simple bag to rest your camera on for stabilization. #6: Poo Roll Macro (7:08). A toilet paper roll can be used for reverse
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Facebook Takes Down ‘Project Harpoon’ Page, Which ‘Fat Shamed’ with Photoshop

projectharpoon Facebook has deleted a controversial page called “Project Harpoon,” which posted photos of plus-size models and celebrities next to Photoshopped versions showing what they would look like if they were thinner. The page gained thousands of fans during its short existence, but it also attracted a loud outcry from the public and from the women seen in the photos. Project Harpoon is reportedly part of a larger trend called #ThinnerBeauty, which involves Photoshopping photos of women without their permission in order to make them appear thinner. “In current societal fashion, a recent trending surge of ‘pro-obesity’ and ‘fat acceptance’ have paved the way for many people to renounce exercise and personal healthcare in general,” the page’s description read. “This page aims to only show that being skinny is okay as well. Skinny-shaming is not okay.” Here are some examples of what was being posted by the page: wpid-wp-1440165657960 tessholliday ad_1784253101 tess timthumb One of
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Tutorial: Achieve the ‘Forrest Gump Effect’ in Just 8 Steps

One of the most entertaining scenes in Robert Zemeckis' Oscar-winning film Forrest Gump is the one in which Tom Hanks moons Lyndon Johnson. In fact, the scenes in which good ol' Forrest finds himself haphazardly in the middle of some of history's most important moments are all incredibly entertaining. If you're interested in finding out how it was done, as well as learning how to do it in your own films, this simple tutorial breaks it down in just 8 steps: The Special Effects Supervisor on Forrest Gump, Ken Ralston, goes into detail about how he and his team approached adding Tom Hanks into archival footage. Unfortunately the video can't be embedded, but you can watch it here. (The bit about the technique starts at about 6:30.) Read More

How to Make a Paracord Wrist Strap for Your Camera

If you are sick of carrying your camera around on your neck and not interested in spending money on overpriced straps, check out this simple tutorial for creating a cheap, simple, and durable wrist strap using paracord and some basic ingredients. In this three-minute video, German photographer Bo Ismono goes over the process step by step. [ Read More ]

Apple: Free Repairs for Blurry iPhone 6 Plus Cameras

15711290602_d5f3d0c7b4_z If you purchased an iPhone 6 Plus around the end of 2014 and have noticed that your photos are coming out all blurry, don’t worry: it’s not just you. Apple has announced that some of the phones sold between September 2014 and January 2015 have a flaw with the rear camera. If that’s you, Apple is promising a free camera replacement to help make your photos sharp again. “In a small percentage of iPhone 6 Plus devices, the iSight camera has a component that may fail causing your photos to look blurry,” Apple announced on a newly published support page. If your phone camera shoots blurry photos and falls within an eligible range of serial numbers, then you quality for the free repair. To see if your phone meets the criteria, simply head on over to the Apple support website and punch your device’s serial number into the form field.
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One of the World’s Best Compositers Reveals His Complete Workflow and Retouching Techniques

Erik Almas, one of the best commercial composite photographers, has recently teamed up with the team at RGG EDU to create a fully comprehensive tutorial on his complete shooting and retouching process. In this video Almas takes us through an hour-long tutorial, retouching and completing the backplate for one of his tutorial images. I'm always impressed when photographers and retouchers, especially those at the top of our industry, open the doors and reveal their entire process and Almas has done no less here. [ Read More ]

It’s Street Photography Day

I'm a little late getting on this, but today is Street Photography Day (Henri Cartier-Bresson's Birthday). The idea is to get out and find a photograph today, no matter what kind of photographer you are. Lulu-in-burt-lakey-light-small I have only this to offer—Lulu in the back hall / laundry room, snapped with the phone. I'm not sure this counts. Then again, strict observance is optional. I hereby give you permission to celebrate Street Photography Day tomorrow, too, and the next day and the next day.

(Thanks to Jan Kwarnmark)

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How Much Do YOU Need to Earn to Do Photography Full Time?

_DSC9795-2 How much would you need to earn to make photography a full-time job? On a recent visit to India, I was strolling through Mumbai’s colonial-era neighborhoods when I was approached by a young man with a Nikon DSLR and a backpack. He offered to take my photo against the backdrop of two of the city’s landmarks, the Taj Hotel and the Gateway of India. Instant prints were available, and examples in a clear plastic file were offered for inspection. _DSC9786-2 A number of other young men in the area were making similar offers to other tourists, foreign and Indian alike: 30 Indian rupees, about $0.50 US, per print. Curious about how and where prints could be delivered, the young photographer opened his backpack and showed me an Epson PM245, about the size of a toaster. _DSC9800-2 _DSC9803-2 _DSC9811-2 Amit allowed me to follow him around and document his work, and then sat
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The Story of How My ISS Photo Went TOTALLY Viral

selfieiss Here’s my story on what it’s like to have a photo go totally viral around the world. After accidentally capturing a portrait with the ISS in the background, I sent it to a lot of local news outlets in the Netherlands, along with a lot of big international photo blogs (PetaPixel was one of them). I started by just contacting them on Facebook with a short message along with the photo, to just try to see if they would be interested in the photo itself. No need to write a long story if they don’t like the photo anyway, I thought. facebook message It’s funny that this actually works. You may not contact the right person directly, but if the person sitting in front of the computer thinks your photo is interesting, they’ll will probably tell their superior, right? Usually, even big Facebook pages send you a reply if you tell
The original, uncropped photograph.
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