CAME-TV Reveal Three New Ultra Portable RGBDT Lighting Products

Say hello to Andromeda, Cassiopeia, and Perseus. CAME-TV came out of IBC 2018 RAI Amsterdam last week with three new great lighting products for filmmakers on the go. The Andromeda tube light, the Cassiopeia ring light and the Perseus panel comprise a kit that will take care of any videographers needs and if the set is complete can actually all be controlled to perform together. Check out the tech specs for each product below: Andromeda These tube lights come in Continue reading "CAME-TV Reveal Three New Ultra Portable RGBDT Lighting Products"

Fujifilm developing 100MP medium format with phase detection and IBIS

Fujifilm has said it is developing a 100MP GFX medium format camera that will include both phase detection autofocus and in-body image stabilization. The 4K-capable camera will sell for around $10,000. The development was announced at the company's press conference at the Photokina trade show in Cologne, Germany, alongside the unveiling of the 50MP GFX 50R model. A mockup on display at the event shows it to resemble a dual-grip variant of the existing GFX 50S model but without the protruding hump at the back of the body.
No details beyond these headline specs were made available but the company Continue reading "Fujifilm developing 100MP medium format with phase detection and IBIS"

Leica Unveils the S3, A 64-Megapixel Medium Format DSLR

Leica has announced the upcoming S3 medium-format DSLR camera, the “next evolution of the Leica S-System.” The announcement comes 10 years after the S2 was announced back at Photokina 2008. The S3 features a 64-megapixel ProFormat sensor, up from 37.5 megapixels in the Leica S (Typ 007). It’s a sensor that delivers “impeccable performance in any lighting situation,” Leica says. Other features of the camera include a “large and bright” viewfinder, a “fast and reliable” autofocus, a 3fps continuous shooting speed, and 4K video recording with “the characteristic medium format look” using the entire sensor area. Aside from
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With no fanfare, Hasselblad quietly announces fastest autofocus medium format lens ever

At an event where everyone is trying to make the biggest splash and grab the most attention (Photokina), Hasselblad decided to do the opposite. Shirking tradition, and what literally everyone else at Photokina is doing, Hasselblad quietly announced three new lenses: the XCD f/1.9 80mm, Hasselblad’s fastest lens ever and the fastest autofocus lens made for a medium format camera featuring autofocus, along with the XCD 65mm f/2.8 and the XCD 135mm f/2.8 telephoto lens. They also announced the X teleconverter 1.7x. 

But hold on a...
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Fujifilm GFX 50R is a 51.4MP Medium Format Rangefinder-style Mirrorless

Fujifilm has announced the new GFX 50R, a new medium format mirrorless camera that features a compact, rangefinder-style body that’s reminiscent of famous medium format film cameras from the history of photography. Inside the GFX 50R is a 51.4-megapixel G Format 43.8×32.9mm CMOS sensor with an ISO range of 100-12800 (expandable to 50-102400) backed by an X-Processor Pro image processing engine. The camera supports Fujifilm’s popular Film Simulation modes that can simulate the company’s popular film stocks, including Velvia, Provia, and Acros. Fujifilm says it has optimized the micro lenses on the sensor for light gathering performance
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The Rumors are Confirmed: Leica, Sigma, & Panasonic Form Alliance For L-Mount Collaboration

Leica, Sigma and Panasonic partner on L-mount system. Leica, Sigma, and Panasonic have aligned for future L-mount development, a system for mirrorless APS-C and full frame format cameras. First announced in 2014 with the Leica T (and then again in 2015 with its full frame Leica S)L, the L-mount has a 51.6mm inner diameter and a 20mm flange focal length. A new L-mount website has been dedicated to its development and features a Q&A worth reading. Currently, L-mount is on the Leica SL, Leica TL2, and Leica CL cameras as well as Panasonic's new full frame mirrorless S1R and Continue reading "The Rumors are Confirmed: Leica, Sigma, & Panasonic Form Alliance For L-Mount Collaboration"

Missed Opportunities—Sometimes, You’ve Just Got to Roll with It

Hi all! Apologies for posting a little late today. I’m having some connection issues while I’m on the road, so I’m actually having to write this on my phone—should be interesting to see what autocorrect makes of it! I’m Dave Williams, and I’m a travel photographer and writer from the U.K., but you knew that already, right? I’ve been sharing my current mission over on the KelbyOne Instagram Story, so thanks to those who are keeping up. I’m currently sitting in a petrol station in Kongsvika, way up in the Lofoten area of Norway and about 200 miles
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Panasonic’s S1R and S1 Will Be its First Full-Frame Mirrorless Cameras

Panasonic has announced the development of its first two mirrorless cameras: the Lumix S1R and S1. As part of the newly revealed L-Mount Alliance, the two cameras will feature Leica’s L lens mount. Inside both the S1R and S1 will be 35mm full-frame sensors, and both cameras are designed to make a splash in the world of video: they’re set to be the first full-frame mirrorless cameras to offer 4K 60p video recording. Both cameras also pack an in-body Dual I.S. image stabilization system, dual XQD/SD memory card slots, and a rugged triaxial tilt LCD. “In recent years,
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Dive into Panasonic’s Announcement of Lumix Full Frame S1R & S1 Mirrorless Cameras

Panasonic enters the mirrorless market with S1R and S1 full frame cameras. During a live stream at Photokina, Panasonic rolled out a pair of full frame mirrorless cameras: a 47MP S1R and a 24MP S1 both featuring the Leica L-mount which Sigma, Panasonic, and Leica have partnered to develop future technology. It's Panasonic's first time developing mirrorless and full frame. Let's look at the offerings. Lumix S1R & S1 Shared Specs Both feature a 35 mm full frame image sensor Continue reading "Dive into Panasonic’s Announcement of Lumix Full Frame S1R & S1 Mirrorless Cameras"

New 24-MP Ricoh GR III is Coming

In another development announcement for Photokina, Ricoh says the upcoming GR III will be smaller than the current camera and have a 24-MP sensor, up from 16. The lens will still have the same 28mm ƒ/2.8 spec, but is redesigned. The body now has 3-axis SR (Shake Reduction, Ricoh's and Pentax's name for IS) which is also used to simulate an anti-aliasing filter for reducing moiré and color effects. The viewing monitor is now a touchscreen and sports a 3:2 ratio. The Ricoh GR is almost a cult camera, beloved by owners for its simplicity, pocketability, and excellence. Slated
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Leica, Panasonic, Sigma Announce L-Mount Alliance in Mirrorless Wars

Leica, Panasonic, and Sigma have just announced the new L-Mount Alliance, a new collaborative effort based around the Leica L-Mount. The three companies will develop new L-mount full-frame and APS-C mirrorless cameras and lenses. “The ‘L-Mount Alliance’ is a previously unparalleled form of collaboration that will particularly benefit the customers of all three partners,” the companies state in their announcement. “As a joint effort of all three partners, this alliance will increase the importance of the L-Mount technology to the world of photography even further.” While previously the Leica L-mount was limited to Leica’s cameras and lenses, moving
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GoPro Hero7 “The Gimbal Killer” – Will This Bring Them Back?

The new GoPro HERO7 Black looks like a great set of features that just might save GoPro from the death spiral it has been on. In the Casey Neistat video below, the CEO boldly claims it is the “gimbal killer!” Pre-Order at Adorama The feature set is actually very interesting to me. Why? Well gee, the biggest problem I've ever had is fooling with those tiny menus LOL (granted I haven't had a GoPro since like version 3? So yea, i'm behind). So being able to talk to it and make life happen is a great thing. The stabilization and
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Capture One Pro 11.3 announced: Full Fujifilm X/GFX support & new dedicated Capture One Fujifilm

It&#39;s been a busy day for Fujifilm shooters. Fujifilm announced the new medium-format <a href="">GFX 50R</a> and a development announcement for a new <a href="">100-megapixel GFX</a>.  The other big news is coming from Phase One as they have announced a strategic software agreement with Fujifilm, opening up the Capture One platform for full Fujifilm RAW processing. This marks a large shift in direction for Phase One, as they will now be officially supporting a non-Phase One medium-format camera system.

Specifically, Phase One and Fujifilm are collaborating to...
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ProGrade Digital announces 200MB/s microSD cards and two new readers

ProGrade Digital, who we all know as <a href="">the memory company that rose from the ashes of Lexar</a>, has announced an expansion to their product line: a line of microSDXC memory cards, plus two additional USB 3.1, Gen. 2 dual-slot workflow readers. The new ProGrade Digital microSDXC UHS-II, U3, Class 10, V60 card delivers a maximum read speed of up to 200MB/s and maximum write speed of up to 80MB/s. Video Speed Class V60 tested and certified, the card&rsquo;s sustained write speed will not dip below 60MB/s, which ensures that dropped frames do not...
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Leica S3 with 64 megapixel medium-format sensor announced

Alongside news that it will partner with Panasonic and Sigma in an L-mount alliance, Leica has announced something for medium-format fans too: the Leica S3. Details are thin at this point, but the S3 will increase resolution from the S2's 37.5 megapixels up to 64 megapixels. Leica also promises a "large and bright SLR viewfinder," 3 fps burst shooting and 4K video capture. The Leica S3 is slated to arrive in spring of 2019. Other Photokina announcements from Leica include a new FOTOS image capture and sharing mobile app compatible with all Wi-Fi enabled Leica cameras and firmware updates Continue reading "Leica S3 with 64 megapixel medium-format sensor announced"

Great for Wildlife Video and Still Shooters: Sony to Add 12 New E-Mount Lenses & Animal Eye AF to Alpha Universe

Sony didn't announce its a7s III but did tease new technology at Photokina 2018. Thanks to YouTuber, we were able to watch a live stream of Sony's Photokina press conference. For those anxiously awaiting for an a7s III announcement, you will have to wait a bit longer. Sony did, however, announce its plans to add 12 new E-mount lenses over the next two years and that it's updating Eye AF technology to work with animals including birds, foxes, lions, dogs, know, animals. Read More