In our introductory article, I tried to get you thinking about the journey you’re about to go on, when it comes to creating DCP’s for Cinemas/Theatres.  There’s almost as much work in the setup as there is in the actual creation itself.  Now that we’ve covered all the important things you need to know about creating DCP’s, let’s get more specific, and talk about the process of getting your footage in the right resolution and color space, so we can then talk about the conversion to JPEG 2000.  We’re starting things off with Media Composer in this article, so

Lens Mount Options Growing for the Fujfilm MK Zooms

Duclos and MTF offer conversion services for the popular and cost effective cine zooms. When the original FujiFilm MK zooms came out this spring, we loved them but were frustrated they came in only one mount, E. Clearly, the target for this lens was the exceptionally popular Sony FS7 camera. While that camera has been a huge hit and is a smart target for Fuji to cater towards, we have been hoping from the start for more choices in the mount. The company quietly released a version for its own X-mount around NAB, which is Continue reading "Lens Mount Options Growing for the Fujfilm MK Zooms"

GoPro launches QuikStories feature for automated story-telling

GoPro's Quik app for making short and shareable videos from your GoPro footage has been available for a while. Now the new QuikStories feature is taking things one step further by generating clips automatically and making them as easy as possible to share on social media and get them off your GoPro's memory card. QuickStories is integrated into the latest version of the GoPro app. After a day of shooting video with your GoPro the app will search your camera for new clips and automatically create a shareable version, complete with edits and music. It'll also picks brief elements from Continue reading "GoPro launches QuikStories feature for automated story-telling"

Capitol Hill photographers asked to delete protest images, claim journalists

Photo by Phil Roeder, licensed under Creative Commons
Journalists photographing a protest in the US Capitol building report that they were told by Capitol Police to delete photos and videos of arrests. The events unfolded yesterday in the third floor Senate wing of the building as demonstrators protested the vote that would begin an effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act. As police handcuffed and removed protestors from the hallway outside Continue reading "Capitol Hill photographers asked to delete protest images, claim journalists"

Nikon D850 Could Be First DSLR with a Hybrid Viewfinder, Rumor Says

The first photos of the upcoming Nikon D850 leaked yesterday, and quite a few features and specs were gleaned from them. But there’s one speculation that could be huge if true: some think the D850 might soon be the first ever DSLR that has a hybrid viewfinder with OVF and EVF. After seeing the press photos leaked by Nikon Rumors, a Flickr user named anankephi observed that there appears to be an unusual switch on the redesigned (and unusual looking) top of the DSLR near the diopter, possibly for toggling the viewfinder between EVF and OVF: What’s more,
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Meizu Pro 7 Plus comes with dual-cam and dual-screens

Chinese manufacturer Meizu has released its latest flagship smartphone and the Pro 7 Plus is quite a remarkable device in a number of ways. Like most recent high-end devices it comes with a dual-camera on the back. However it also offers a secondary AMOLED display on the back as a standout-feature. It can be used for music playback, date and weather-related information, or as viewfinder when taking selfies with the rear cameras. In addition the Pro 7 Plus is also the first device to be powered by MediaTek's new Helio X30 10nm chipset with 10 cores in three clusters. There Continue reading "Meizu Pro 7 Plus comes with dual-cam and dual-screens"

Watch: How Thelma Schoonmaker, Martin Scorsese’s Editor, Tamed the Beastly ‘Raging Bull’

This short film takes a look at the work of Thelma Schoonmaker, Martin Scorsese's long-time editor, and her Academy Award-winning work on Raging Bull. Frequently voted one of the best films of the 1980s, Martin Scorsese's Raging Bull, the story of self-destructive pugilist Jake La Motta, was a labor of love and genius. This is particularly true on the part of the film's editor, Thelma Schoonmaker, ACE, who played the KEM editing machine like a harpsichord. A long-time Scorsese collaborator, she would win her first Academy Award for the epic. Continue reading "Watch: How Thelma Schoonmaker, Martin Scorsese’s Editor, Tamed the Beastly ‘Raging Bull’"

20 Finalist Photos from the World’s Largest Photo Contest

The EyeEm Photography Awards has just announced 100 finalists for this year’s competition. This year, it received over 590,000 entries from over 88,000 photographers based around the world. That’s 3 times more than the Sony World Photography Awards, making it the world’s largest photo contest. The EyeEm Photography Awards is now in its 4th year, with judges coming together to select winners from 5 categories: The Architect, The Great Outdoors, The Photojournalist, The Portraitist, and The Street Photographer. Here are 20 of the finalist photos, although you can see the full 100 images on the EyeEm website. Winners
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Photographer’s Copyright Suit Against Richard Prince’s ‘Instagram Art’ To Go Ahead

In 2014, controversial artist Richard Prince had an exhibit of reappropriated Instagram images at the Gagosian Gallery in NYC, selling the prints for up to $100k each. He sought no permission for the Instagram images used, which led to photographer Donald Graham suing for copyright infringement. A judge has now ruled the suit can proceed. In a gallery exhibition titled “New Portraits,” Prince displayed 38 portraits featuring other people’s photos that he had selected from his Instagram feeds. Some of these pieces sold for up to $100,000, despite being little more than enlarged Instagram screenshots. One of these 38 photos
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Personal Projects: Kent Miller

The Art of the Personal Project is a crucial element to let potential buyers see how you think creatively on your own.  I am drawn to personal projects that have an interesting vision or that show something I have never seen before.  In this new revised thread, I’ll include a link to each personal project with the artist statement so you can see more of the project. Please note: This thread is not affiliated with any company; I’m just featuring projects that I find.  Please DO NOT send me your work.  I do not take submissions. Today’s featured artist: Kent Miller It’s the lost processes of photography – old film, large format view cameras – that enticed Photographer Kent Miller to start this current and ongoing project. He returned to his roots and found new inspiration in the old ways of working. His commercial work began over 25 years ago before the digital rage, so shooting film again feels like returning to an old friend. Using black and white film, some dating to the early 1900’s, has caused him to adjust how he shoots, to slow down the way he makes images. This project involves finding old film, then producing images of friends, artists, creators, and everyday people who move in and out of his life. After exposing the film, he develops and scans it. When the series is completed, his plan is to print each image by hand, the old school way, in a darkroom.

Jamie McCarthy photographed in Westchester, NY for creators project. Photograph was made using a Linhof 5×7 large format camera with Ilford FP4. Developed in D76 for 8.5 min. ISO-3, F6.8 @ 1 second

To see more of this project, click here. APE contributor Suzanne Sease currently works as a consultant for photographers Continue reading "Personal Projects: Kent Miller"

From Herzog to ‘Star Wars’: The Amazing History of an Industry-Changing LED

Digital Sputnik Co-founder Kaspar Kallas shares the incredible story behind the Voyager LED. [Editor’s Note: Kaspar Kallas wrote this first person history of Digital Sputnik, with editing by NFS staff.] My brother Kaur and I founded Digital Sputnik in 2007 as a post-production company, but I have lost the exact beginning of the company. I don't even remember where I got the name from. We had recently bought an SI2K camera system and provided camera rental with finishing services to Estonian/British co-production Magnus, directed by Kadri Kõusaar, which premiered Continue reading "From Herzog to ‘Star Wars’: The Amazing History of an Industry-Changing LED"

Nikon celebrates 100th Anniversary with new $100,000 scholarship program and Instagram campaign

To celebrate their 100th Anniversary, Nikon has announced two new programs dedicated to recognizing and supporting the next generation of visual content creators and artists. To go with their <a href="" >100th Anniversary</a>, Nikon will give $100,000 in scholarships through "The Nikon Storytellers Scholarship," which will grant $10,000 in academic scholarships to ten college students.

Nikon will announce the criteria for the Storytellers Scholarship this fall ahead of a review, selection and award process prior to the 2018-19 school year....
      <br /><a class="readMore" href=''>(read more)</a>

Nikon marks 100th anniversary with new scholarship program

Nikon is marking its 100th anniversary in many ways, including the creation of a new scholarship program for 'future visual creators' in the USA and Canada. The scholarship will consist of two programs: 'The Nikon Storytellers Scholarship' will award ten college students with academic scholarships of $10,000. In addition, Nikon will identify rising stars on digital platforms and recognize them as a part of a curated 'Nikon100 List.' Criteria for consideration will be announced later this year, and submissions will be reviewed, selected and awarded prior to the 2018-2019 school year. Press Release:

The Vertical ELPH: remembering Canon’s PowerShot TX1 hybrid camera

Buried among the February 2007 announcements of Canon's PowerShot SD750 and SD1000 Digital ELPHs, and the A560 and A570 IS was the PowerShot TX1. It took the main features of camcorders at the time, namely the vertical design, rotating display and long-ish lens and put them into a stylish body about the same size as your average Digital ELPH. Add in 720/30p video and it quickly became obvious that the TX1 was created to bridge the worlds of photo and video shooting.

The SD750 was known as the IXUS 75 while the SD1000 was the IXUS 70
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This video compares a $50 Sony camcorder with a $50,000 RED Epic Dragon

Ever wonder whether a more expensive camera is truly worth the cost? Sam and Niko of Corridor recently set out to compare footage from a $50 Sony HD camcorder and the RED Epic Dragon, a $50,000 6K cinema camera. As you'd expect, the differences are immediately apparent, cost aside, when the two cameras are put side-by-side: the RED camera's lens alone is about the same size as the entire Sony camcorder. The RED Epic Dragon has proven capable many times throughout its life, with perhaps one of the model's most notable achievements being a trip into space where it was Continue reading "This video compares a $50 Sony camcorder with a $50,000 RED Epic Dragon"

How to Break into Modern Hollywood & The Latest DSLR Fail [PODCAST]

In this episode of Indie Film Weekly, the "reverse engineering" of today's Hollywood and yet another DSLR disappointment. Jon Fusco, Emily Buder, and yours truly, Liz Nord discuss the new rules for breaking into Hollywood and why "constantly reminding people you exist is now part of the job." We also share what we learned from last week's Comic-Con and the 38th News and Docs Emmy nominations, which were announced this week. We bid farewell to both Adobe Flash and the YouTube editing tool. Our rundown of this week's indie film Continue reading "How to Break into Modern Hollywood & The Latest DSLR Fail [PODCAST]"
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