Watch: 6 Cinematographers on the Future of Their Art

In this video from CookeOpticsTV and the BSC, cinematographers including Guillermo Navarro and John Toll discuss the future of 'cinematography as art.' Filmmaking's ongoing digital revolution has changed, and so has (over the past 20 years) the entire landscape of filmmaking. Granted, CGI effects have been around for quite some time, but it's only been in the past decade or so that Hollywood has really started to embrace digital cinematography. According to these stats, the first high-grossing digital films appeared in 2002, but it wasn't until 10 years later that it Continue reading "Watch: 6 Cinematographers on the Future of Their Art"

Huawei Launches First Photo Contest Co-Judged by a Phone AI

Huawei has announced the world’s photography competition to be co-judged by artificial intelligence on a phone. It’s called the “Spark a RenAIssance Photo Challenge.”
In addition to being evaluated by a professional Leica photographer, every photo is first judged by the Huawei P20 aPro smartphone. When the P20 Pro was announced back in March 2018, Huawei touted the phone’s Master AI that provides a host of AI-driven photo features, including AI-Assisted Composition.
This Master AI is now being tasked with analyzing submitted contest photos for aesthetic quality, determining a “beauty” score for each image. There will be 5
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How Gus Van Sant’s Latest Film Tells Five Periods of a Life at Once

For 'Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot', Gus Van Sant's priority was assembling the divergent parts of John Callahan's life. The accident that looms behind Gus Van Sant’s newest film, a drunken car crash that turns John Callahan from a fun-loving alcoholic into a permanent quadriplegic, would be enough to slow the speed of many films, but not this one. Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot, adapted from Callahan’s memoir, pounds along with considerable energy and admirable complexity. Featuring consistently surprising performances from Joaquin Phoenix as Callahan, along with Jonah Continue reading "How Gus Van Sant’s Latest Film Tells Five Periods of a Life at Once"

The Daily Edit – Runner’s World: Jake Stangel

Runner’s World

Creative Director: Jesse Southerland
Photography Director: Amy Wolff
Photographer: Jake Stangel When the direction is “do your thing” how do you approach/prepare for the shoot?
I’ve found my best approach to be a good night’s sleep so I can come in to the shoot with sharp mental/visual acuity, and to have some rough shot concepts/sketches in my back pocket, in case things are situationally different from that I’ve planned on. I’ve attempted to come into past shoots with a specific “plan” and exact images I want to achieve, but it ended up locking me in to a set plan and hindering the types of chance encounters I like to seek. Portraiture/sport work is also so very much about the subject and the rapport we quickly build on the shoot day, which is a beautiful unknown that I’ve learned to embrace and lean on. The best way to prepare is to keep my eyes open and observant, my attention on the subject and her environment—as opposed to my camera’s LCD—and to always have my focus and exposures dialed for every minute of the shoot, so I don’t ever miss a potential shot. Since there was a new creative direction to the magazine what were you trying to bring that was different?
You know, if anything, it was just to stick to my guns more, make work that felt like personal work. I’d done work for RW before, including a cover, but the shoots were pretty art directed and it was one of those situations where I made images that didn’t really feel like they were mine, even as I was shooting them… I was more executing a concept. Which happens sometimes, and you just gotta move with that river as opposed to causing a ruckus and fighting the current too Continue reading "The Daily Edit – Runner’s World: Jake Stangel"

Impressive New Product: Blackmagic Design Unveils the Powerful New Blackmagic eGPU for Mac

If you happen to be a creative professional or work with heavy creative workflow processing, you're going to want one of these, trust me. Designed specifically for enhancing the use of DaVinci Resolve, 3D games and VR, this eGPU can tackle far more. Video editing, image processing, and similar uses are all accelerated with the Blackmagic, bringing you the processing power of a bulky super computer right to your laptop. For those seeking ultimate power without going to a desktop, the Blackmagic eGPU's built in Radeon Pro 580 graphics processor opens up processing power to your MacBook Pro unlike
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planetOids – 2018-07-17 – DJI Mavic 2, Nikon 1, Nikon 1 series, Skateboarding photography, Nikon mirrorless camera, Moods of mob, Moods of mob app

planetMitch note: We've started a new series! Here are a few things we've found around the web that are cool. Curated by Matthew Carew. If you haven’t heard yet, I’ll be the one to tell you! As a huge fan and customer of DJI, this news comes as very exciting to me! A recently leaked photo by DroneDJ (linked below) shows what appears to be a drone with the writing Mavic 2 on one of the arms. This article by DroneDJ discusses the drone and some of the features that it may have! Leave a comment if you think you’ll Continue reading "planetOids – 2018-07-17 – DJI Mavic 2, Nikon 1, Nikon 1 series, Skateboarding photography, Nikon mirrorless camera, Moods of mob, Moods of mob app"

3 ways to rekindle inspiration

Be honest, and I know you will, we’ve all been in a place where we’ve felt stuck in our creative journey. Whether it’s professionally or as amateurs, there’s always been a time we’ve hit a block or a feeling of routine – a lack of progress perhaps.      There are times when we live and breathe photography, but then there are others when we feel like we’re taking the same shots time and time again, or perhaps don’t even feel like picking up the camera. The enthusiasm fluctuates, and that’s normal. There are so many resources available to
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How to utilize foreground elements to create stronger ultra wide angle images

Photographer <a href="" >Adam Gibbs</a> recently visited Needle Peak and Flatiron Mountain in the British Columbian alpines. These picturesque places provide ample opportunity for shooting with ultra wide angle lenses.

Ultra wide lenses do an awesome job at capturing wide, expansive environments. However, it&#39;s very easy to capture too much of a scene and not have a strong enough subject. Wide angle photography is tough. Gibbs is here to help us do a better job with composing ultra wide angle shots. A great way to create a compelling wide shot is...
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Kodak distances itself from failed Bitcoin scheme

The Kodak-branded 'Kashminer' Bitcoin mining scheme announced at CES has apparently collapsed, with Eastman Kodak distancing itself from the company behind it. This is distinct from the Kodak-branded 'Kodak Coin' cryptocoin and 'Kodak One' IP blockchain scheme announced by Wenn Digital Inc at CES. Eastman Kodak is saying that the Kashminer scheme, where investors could effectively rent Bitcoin mining hardware which would be located at Rochester NY, and use Kodak's on-site power station for cheap electricity, was never actually a licensee of the Kodak name. This is despite the hardware appearing on Kodak's stand at CES, bearing the company's name.
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Have a Great Idea for a TV Show? ScreenCraft Wants to Hear It

Put your TV pilot in front of executives at HBO, AMC, 3 Arts, and Amazon Studios.

Even though TV has gone through some pretty big lulls in quality in the past, today, some of the greatest stories are being told around 43 minutes at a time on a screen much smaller than the colossal ones at the multiplex. Audiences are hungry for beefy, dramatic, well-written television content, and screenwriters are more willing than ever to offer it to them. If that sounds like you, then you might want to take a look at ScreenCraft's Pilot Continue reading "Have a Great Idea for a TV Show? ScreenCraft Wants to Hear It"

Why Time With Your Camera Is About More Than Photos

Why Time With Your Camera Is About More Than Photos Whether you're a professional or amateur, it can be easy to get caught up in the ceaseless cycle of business, critique, planning shoots, etc. Sometimes, we need a reminder of what good a camera can do for our mental and emotional health, and this great video serves as that reminder. [ Read More ]

Missed opportunities and learning lessons in landscape photography with Thomas Heaton

In photographer <a href="" >Thomas Heaton&#39;s</a> newest video, he opens by discussing the many wonderful aspects of landscape photography. It allows you to travel and explore, you get to become more involved with nature and the great outdoors and it can be very rewarding and enjoyable. Heaton recently headed north to Scotland for location scouting and a bit of photography.

While out in northwestern Scotland, he was treated to beautiful light. However, for various reasons, the great light did not result in a suitably good photograph. The situation...
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Ten Tips to Become a Better Retoucher

Ten Tips to Become a Better Retoucher When you are starting out in photography, establishing a retouching workflow is one of the best things you can do. This video provides 10 steps to become a better retoucher and gives a helpful order to take when editing your work. [ Read More ]