This Trippy Blur Lapse Effect Was Created by Stacking Still Frames from Video

“In Motion” is a short film by photographer Aaron Grimes showing the city of Tokyo, Japan. It features a novel, surreal effect that was created by stacking video frames inside Adobe Photoshop and then recombining those stacked frames into a video again.

Grimes first shot short clips in Tokyo’s Shibuya district with his Canon 5D Mark III. He then imported the video files as individual layers into Photoshop CC, and then stacked them together using the “mean” option.

“The effect was exactly what I wanted: all the motion blurred together,” he writes on the Adobe blog. “The more frames I stacked, the more it blurred. From there, I realized that if I staggered the effect by overlapping frames (for example: 1-24, 2-25, 3-26, etc.), then stacked those, and played it back, I would get the motion that I’ve always wanted.”

The result is an effect that can be

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Photographer Captures Bond Between Her Boys and Their Cats


For the past two years, photographer Beth Mancuso has been taking pictures of her three sons and their relationship with their two cats. Her portraits, both candid and posed, offer a glimpse into the bond that has formed as the boys and cats grow up together as a family.

“Each boy shares a different relationship with the cats,” Mancuso writes. “My oldest son is by far the most obsessed with the cats. He tries to smuggle one in to his bedroom every night.”

“We couldn’t have asked for better cats. They are both so gentle with the boys and really do put up with a lot.”





“Cats aren’t always the easiest animals to love,” says Mancuso. “Anyone can love a dog but loving cats takes patience and compassion, and it is my hope that my boys are learning both these things from our beloved cats.”











Mancuso says

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New Guide! Breaking Into Editorial Photography

Having a career in editorial photography today might seem like a pipe dream – but there are ways to get your foot in the door and begin shooting for clients that are on your dream list.

In this guide, we talk to successful editorial photographers about how to carve a space for yourself within the industry, how to land those dream clients, and how to go about negotiating even with tight editorial budgets. Inside, also get answers straight from the award-winning photo editors at publications including Texas Monthly and National Geographic about how they find talent, what they look for when hiring a new photographer, and more.


Inside the Guide you’ll find:

  • How to prep for portfolio reviews
  • Which marketing tools you should invest in
  • The best way to get a photo editor’s attention
  • How to build solid relationships with photo editors
  • How to monetize your images after the shoot

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Canon New 50mm F/1.8 STM Lens

Canon’s got a new 50mm F/1.8 Pancake STM Lens available. On Canon cameras the STM lenses are designed with stepper motors for quieter and faster full time autofocus in video mode, unlike your standard photo lenses.

I own both the 24mm STM Lens and the 40mm STM pancakes because I really like the compact size and super affordable cost. It’s perfect for keeping the weight down when balancing a camera on small gimbal stabilizer. The new 50mm lens is an EF mount (not ef-s), so it will cover a full frame camera . If you are using a Sony, Panasonic, or BlackMagic camera body, you can add either a metabones lens adapter or the Aputure DEC to control focus and iris.

The new Canon 50mm F/1.8 STM Pancake style lens sells for just $125 (here).

Canon 50mm STM Lens F:1.8
find-price-button Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens

Product Description:
One of the most versatile

Canon 24mm STM Lens
Canon 40mm STM Lens
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Fujifilm X100T Review: Your Best Friend with a Lens


Hey T,

I hope you had a safe flight back home.

I’m so glad we were finally able to spend a couple of months here in Melbourne together! There were so many places I wanted to show you, so many people I wanted you to meet.

Let’s forget about our first day together though, shall we?

Man was I gloomy that day!

You know, someone had just stolen my precious bike the night before and I couldn’t summon any will to smile or take you out.

In fact, as the perfect moron that I am, I spent the whole day taking sad selfies using the Fujifilm Remote App on my iPhone (By the way, how cool is that!? Remotely being able to focus and change aperture/ISO/shutter speeds on your phone… hello future!). Sorry for that!


But I have to admit, having you here gave me a great boost in

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Film Review: We Owe It to Humanity to Learn About Sebastião Salgado Through ‘Salt of the Earth’

Documentary photographers, fashion photographers, businessmen, housewives, househusbands, you, the world – everyone should know the name and works of Sebastião Salgado. His work has moved millions of social workers, doctors, politicians, economists, and photographers alike. His work moves humans because it is human. This might mark the second or third film review on Fstoppers, but it’s rare and extremely fortunate that we should have the ability to engulf the pleasures of what can easily be called the most soul-entrancing art documentary in the world that is “Salt of the Earth.”

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Fujifilm X-T1 to Get Major AF Upgrade with Firmware Version 4.0


Fujifilm has announced a new version 4.0 firmware update for the X-T1 that will revamp the autofocus system for the camera with better speed and more powerful features.

The new AF system will feature Zone and Wide/Tracking modes that help photographers shoot moving subjects using their camera’s 77 autofocus points across a wider area. The Zone mode lets you select a 3×3, 3×5 or 5×5 zone from the AF points to track your subject.



The Wide/Tracking mode tracks your subject with multiple points across the entire 77-point AF area.


Fujifilm also says that the new AF system will boast superior accuracy. Even the single-point AF system will be improved, as it has been changed to split the focus area into smaller sections for more precision.


The camera will have better performance in low-light and low-contrast situations as well, with the phase-detection pixels getting a sensitivity boost from 2.5EV

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The Daily Promo – Stephen Rose

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 7.16.23 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 7.17.04 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 7.17.25 AM
Stephen Rose 

Who printed it?
The zine was printed by Shapco in Minnesota.

Who designed it?
I designed it and had some (mostly production) help from my friend Seth Zucker who is a really talented designer. He works on a lot of interesting art books and publishes some of his own under the name The Kingsboro Press.

Who edited it?
I edited the images.

How many did you make?
I made 500

How often to you send out promos?
This was never intended to be a promo piece. I made it in conjunction with an exhibition I had last year of the same name. It was a site specific show at a midcentury modern furniture gallery called Regeneration. The idea is that the obsessive nature of collecting devolves into a kind of sexual obsession.

I sent some out to art galleries and art magazines but never really thought about using it as a promo until recently. I thought at the very least it’s going to stand out!! Not your typical beautifully lit promo I guess.


Canon Unveils the 50mm f/1.8 STM, the New ‘Nifty Fifty’


After a leak of the lens last week, Canon today officially announced its new “Nifty Fifty,” the 50mm f/1.8 STM, a new affordable prime lens that succeeds the extremely popular Canon 50mm f/1.8 II.


Unlike its predecessor, which is also referred to as the “Plastic Fantastic,” this new 50mm lens has a metal mount rather than a cheaper (and weaker) plastic one.


The new 50mm f/1.8 STM features an improved design, “super spectra” lens coating, a minimum focusing distance of 0.35m (~1.15ft), a 7-blade aperture, a weight of 160g (compared to 130g for its predecessor), and STM technology for smoother and near-silent focusing.

Canon's MTF charts for the old 50mm f/1.8 II (left) and the new 50mm f/1.8 STM (right)

Canon’s MTF charts for the old 50mm f/1.8 II (left) and the new 50mm f/1.8 STM (right)

Here are a handful of sample images shot using the 50mm f/1.8 STM:








You’ll be able to purchase the new

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Flickr Users Unable to Upload Photos All Weekend Long While Flickr Staffers Take the Weekend Off

Flickr Weekend Upload Problems

Usually I publish photographs to Flickr twice a day, in the morning and in the evening — random batch of 16 photos in the a.m. and in the p.m. This morning I cannot upload a single photo. For the entire weekend I have not been able to batch upload to Flickr at all and have resorted to uploading photos one by one by one with consistent upload failure with each new attempt.

If this were happening at Facebook, it would be the top story on Techmeme — but because it’s just Yahoo and Flickr, it doesn’t get that sort of attention.

It’s not just me that this is happening to. The Flickr Help Forum has been littered with threads all weekend long where users are angry about not being able to upload photos to the site.

Failed to Upload

Cannot Upload Any Photos!
Video upload problems
Consistent upload failures and disconnect

Files Not Uploading
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Video review & living with the Sony PXW-FS7


ETHICS STATEMENT: I do not do camera reviews for manufacturers. Ever. I have at times been hired by companies like DJI to do presenting on their launch videos or Miller for “look at” videos but these are not reviews. They offer no opinion. My camera reviews, like this one are always independent, are never compromised by anyone and are mostly done on cameras I have actually bought, like this one. They are generally done entirely in my free time for no financial compensation.

I do have website affiliates as you can see. These help the site keep going and any purchases through them cost you nothing but help greatly.

Occasionally I get subsidised by CVP.COM, dealers in the UK, which do help but only cover a fraction of the cost of my time in making these. They generally take at least 2 solid weeks of work, this is the

Main Edit.00_00_24_08.Still001
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After Effects Hidden Gems Weekly: Guide Layers


Using After Effects is often the art of combining multiple layers and elements to create a pleasing final composite or animation. However, you don’t always want every element to appear in that final render. If you didn’t remember to switch them off before the final render, they could ruin the result, requiring a re-render. Fortunately, there’s the Guide Layer switch, which tells After Effects to only use that layer when previewing the composition it appears in, but otherwise not to use it in compositions downstream or in the final render. Here’s a couple of examples where that comes in handy:

My New Lightroom Book is Shipping!

Whoo Hoo!  Here’s the quick video that describes the latest version (which has LOTS of new stuff — not just the new features):

It’s available right now at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Direct from us, and wherever cool Lightroom books are sold. NOTE: The book is exactly the same, and works the same whether you have Lightroom CC or Lightroom 6 (just skip the chapter on Lightroom mobile if you have Lightroom 6).

Hope you all have a super-awesome Monday (well, it something to shoot for, anyway), and we’ll see ya here tomorrow! :)



P.S. In case you missed it on my Facebook and Twitter accounts — I did a post on with my favorite images from my trip to France and Italy last week (here’s the link). I think they look way better over there than they did here

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A Tribute to a Lens – Canon EF 16-35mm f2.8L (Podcast 471)

This week we continue with our tribute to a lens series, with the Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II lens. Once again, I’m going to share 10 photos made with this lens over the last six years, with some commentary on why I found this glass to be so very special.

Use this audio player if you’d prefer to listen:

Audio MP3

There are also download and subscription options at the end of the post.

To give you a bit of background before we start, I feel that I need to give an honorable mention to this lens’ two predecessors. When I bought my first digital SLR camera

Oirase Choushi Ootaki (Big Falls)
Stick on Arid Riverbed
The Power of Gundam!
Golden Gate Bridge
Monumental Icebergs
Gullfoss (Falls)
Hallgrímskirkja Church
Choushi Outaki Waterfall
Boat Graveyard #2
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JVC GY-LS300 Video Review

Finally the JVC GY-LS300 Video Review is edited, I asked JVC if I could have the camera for an extra week and thats proved very fruitful for the review. JVC have thought about this camera, listened to their end users and produced an excellent Super 35mm large sensor camcorder that produces very sexy footage in […]

Things to Consider Before Buying a Teleconverter

Tony Northrup and Chelsea Northrup continue to offer up informative videos to help photographers understand and Learn the Art and Science of Photography. This latest video has Tony breaking down: the pros and cons of using teleconverters, how using one effects your focal range, image quality, aperture, and autofocus capabilities. So if you've been thinking about buying a teleconverter, this video may help you make a more informed decision before picking one up.

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