Trident is an Underwater HD Camera Drone That Lets You Explore The Seas

b1ec37ab6ac79894be22d0e60fc56bab_original We’re in the dawn of a new camera drone age in which aerial units are readily available from a number of different manufacturers. In addition to taking to the skies, companies are also looking to take drone exploration in the other direction: to the depths of the seas. OpenROV has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Trident: a submersible drone geared toward the general population. After the OpenROV team had been designing their own drones for almost half a decade, they decided to create an open source solution for consumers to enjoy. The Trident underwater drone comes ready to operate out of the box and is aimed at being easy to use for those new with the hobby. Best of all, everything is packed into a sleek, yet powerful, form factor. efb449c74218fe497c2c19d1c95c4a20_original OpenROV says that they “painstakingly throughout” the Trident’s design to optimize its performance and usability. They claim
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Here’s a Look at How Color Film was Originally Biased Toward White People

Here’s a short 5-minute video by Vox that tells the story of how early film stocks in photographer were designed with light skin as the ideal skin standard, and therefore sometimes had problems rendering darker skins — especially in photos that showed both darker and lighter complexions. One of the earliest color reference cards in the still photo industry featured a woman named Shirley. After that card became an industry standard, many color reference cards began to be known as “Shirley cards.” These cards generally showed a single white woman dressed in bright clothes, and color film chemistry at the time was designed with a bias towards light skin. shirleycard The bias towards skin with higher reflectivity meant that there were often exposure issues when shooting mixed-race photos. “If you exposed film for a white kid, the black kid sitting next to him would be rendered invisible except for the
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When Is It OK to Be the Photographer at Your Own Wedding?

Wedding photographers would like to hold their clients — or would-be clients, for that matter — to certain standards. As a collective, we’d love to see them shop for the best vendors, spend good money on photography, and have unplugged weddings with nary an Uncle Bob in sight. The list goes on. It would stand to reason that most of us in “the business” would probably find the idea of a bride acting as her own photographer to be pretty abhorrent. We’d chalk it up to selfie culture run amuck or DIY gone wrong, wouldn’t we? Would you? I probably would have, if I’m being honest. However, we might be wrong. [ Read More ]

Always Ask Yourself These 12 Questions Before Lighting Any Scene

Great cinematography is all about preparation, and few aspects of the craft require as much preparation as lighting. Not only is lighting an incredibly technical process with a host of unique and complex technical obstacles that must be overcome in order to craft great looking images, but lighting is also a critically important aspect of how the audience interprets your scene on an emotional level. As we've seen, light can make all the difference in how your scene feels, particularly when it comes to our perception of the human face. All of this is to say that you should be spending a good deal of time planning out your lighting decisions. If you're wondering how exactly you should go about this extensive preparation phase, Ryan E. Walters over at Indie Cinema Academy just released a video that should make the process Continue reading "Always Ask Yourself These 12 Questions Before Lighting Any Scene"

The 5D Mark IV May Well Make or Break Canon

Since 2012, many have considered the Canon 5D Mark III to be the proverbial workhorse of the photography industry. It's a great all-around camera. It's not perfect, though. It's also three-and-a-half years old. In the meantime, manufacturers like Sony and Fujifilm have vaulted ahead in the innovation game. This is Canon's chance to take back the spotlight. [ Read More ]

Screenwriter Billy Ray’s Rallying Cry: ‘We’re Storytellers; We Have to Do Better’

The paradox of filmmaking today is that it is easier than ever to access the tools and technology to make a movie, but harder than ever to make an original one that stands out among the clutter. With so much content and so many ways to access that content instantly, studios and distributors are constantly vying for our limited attention. What looks great in a trailer is taking precedence over cohesive stories and compelling characters. This is a problem. Screenwriter Billy Ray (Captain Phillips, The Hunger Games) is pushing back against this thinking, urging the next generation of screenwriters not only to amaze audiences visually, but to draw them in with their original storytelling and dynamic characters. Here are three takeaways from his speech at the 2012 Academy Nicholl Fellowship awards. Read More

Art Wolfe: Swimming with the Humpbacks, Tonga, 2013

Art Wolfe has photographed living creatures all over the globe, but nothing quite prepared him for the experience of swimming with and photographing one of the largest animals on earth - the humpback whale. He discusses the challenges he faced capturing these incredible creatures in the South Pacific. Read more

Gone fishing: Olympus TG-4 gallery updated

We've just expanded our real-world Olympus Tough TG-4 sample gallery with underwater images from the sparkling blue waters of Maui. The TG-4 is Olympus' 16MP rugged compact with Raw support and built-in Wi-Fi with GPS, making it a truly road-ready travel companion. Read more

8K Eighty five inch television on sale…October 2015…£86K

Once again there is no enthusiasm for 8K but Japan is driving forward with an 85″ Sharp television in October this year. The best of it is the Japanese who are always the early adopters of new technology don’t have enough space in their houses for an 85″ screen which could seriously limit sales. In […]

IBC 2015: Zacuto turn your Canon C300 mkII into an ENG camera

By technical editor Matt Allard: Are you frustrated with the ergonomics of your Canon C series camera? Ever wish it handled more like an ENG camera of yesteryear? Now Zacuto have the answer. At IBC they were showing a new Canon C300 mkII ENG rig that you will be able to buy directly from Canon. […]

Meet the Tangent Ripple, a Color Correction Panel You Can Actually Afford

Like most computer-based post production tasks, color correction is done most efficiently with some sort of interactive, tactile hardware tool. In other words, a control panel. The only problem is that these color correction panels have traditionally been extremely expensive, and most of them still are. For example, the DaVinci Resolve control surface comes in at a whopping $30K, or roughly the price of a brand new Chevrolet Impala. While there are lower-end solutions ranging between $1000 and $2000, up until now there hasn't been something truly affordable that beginners and "occasional colorists" could use without opting for a bulky expensive panel. At an expected price of $350, the Tangent Ripple will be far and away the least expensive control panel on the market, and the best option for low-budget filmmakers, students, and editors looking to bolster their color correction abilities. Continue reading "Meet the Tangent Ripple, a Color Correction Panel You Can Actually Afford"

IBC 2015: BB&S Ledheimer 1K LED Par light for $1799 US

By technical editor Matt Allard: At IBC, BB&S were showing a compact 1K Par light called the Ledheimer. It is a multipurpose beam light made for key, fill and backlighting in television, exhibitions and architectural expos where a powerful single source is needed. The LED light is flicker free and offers smooth theatrical type dimming. […]

IBC 2015: BB&S remote phosphor Pipeline lights

By technical editor Matt Allard: At first glance the new BB&S Pipeline tube lights look like regular flourescent tubes. Instead they use the latest remote phosphor technology to create a versatile alternative that is expandable and modular. The cylindrical fixtures are customisable to suit specific requirements. The new form-factor 1-inch diameter LED lights are available […]

IBC 2015: DOP Choice offers new soft box for BB&S Area 48 light

By technical editor Matt Allard: DOP Choice were showing a huge 5′ soft box for the popular BB&S Area 48 remote phosphor light. The five foot soft box offers a double, or single, layer of diffusion and produces a beautifully soft lighting source. The Area 48 light has been around for some time now and […]

A BTS Look At ‘While I’m Here | The Legacy Project’

The more work I do as a photographer, the more I realize the importance of personal projects. While I do everything I can to book jobs shooting subjects that I enjoy, the reality is, photography is not just a hobby, it is a job and not every job is enjoyable all the time. Sometimes, staying inspired can be difficult, especially when you are taking a job for the money or experience alone; this is exactly why personal projects are so important. Last week, I had the chance to talk to Brent Foster, a filmmaker who has recently been working on a personal project. He gave me an inside look at what goes into one. From equipment to execution, he gave me a behind the scenes look at his project "While I'm Here | The Legacy Project."

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