Can’t Win for Losing

...I think that's the expression that applies here.

A reader wrote to me privately with a little story. Seems his stepdaughter saw a workprint he was working on—a picture of her husband and child. Rather than ask for a copy of the print, she snapped a picture of the print with her cellphone and posted it on Instagram!

The world turns.

(Thanks to B.W.)

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AaronL: "That's the norm now rather than the exception. As a professional portrait photographer, clients regularly go to my online preview galleries, take a photo of 'their' portrait as displayed on their

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How’s This for a Preservation Scheme?

Buy three boxes.*

When you get a great portfolio-worthy shot, make three prints.

Put one in a box at your house.

Put the second in a box at your friend's house.

Send the third to a relative to put in a box in their house.

When the boxes fill up, buy three more boxes.

In the immortal words of the third fiddle, viola.

Of course, I don't do this, so I can't claim that this is a feasible backup system. (It seems to me that one of the crucial tests of a backup system is, does the person who's talking about it actually do it? If he doesn't, it's a black mark against the system right there.)


*I like 8x10x1 boxes because you can put them upright on a bookshelf like a book. And who doesn't have bookshelves somewhere in the house? Can't be said of any

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And the Winner Is…Mom! Here’s a Video of Actors Thanking Their Moms After Winning an Oscar

Is there really a better way to show your mom you care than to give her a shout out while accepting an Oscar?

The short answer is, "Of course, dummy."

We should probably be acknowledging our mothers' humongous contribution to our creative success, as well as, like -- our existence -- on a daily basis by letting her know we care, hanging out with her, and not screening her calls. (Seriously, stop doing that, you guys.) However, since it was Mother's Day yesterday, it seems fitting to share this compilation of actors thanking their mothers during their Oscar acceptance speeches, because, hey, nobody is more proud of all of your accomplishments, big or small, than dear ol' mom!

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Kipon’s EF to MFT Adapter Has Impressive AF Speed

Last month, Kipon announced the world’s first autofocus-capable adapter for using Canon EF lenses on Micro Four Thirds cameras. If you’ve been thinking about picking one up, here’s some good news for you: the autofocusing speed appears to be quite fast.

Japanese Kipon distributor SHOTENKOBO has released the 2-minute video above that shows some tests of the adapter using a Canon 70-200mm f/4L IS lens on a Panasonic GX7.


“This is the first time an adapter has done AF this quickly,” writes EOSHD. “As we know, it often takes 5 seconds to lock on with the E-mount to EF lens adapters on Sony bodies, making them pretty much manual focus only affairs for stills.”

EOSHD also notes that AF speed may be even faster than what’s seen in the video on newer cameras such as the Panasonic GH4 due to faster autofocus engines.

Kipon says this new EF to

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Start to Finish Fashion Editorial Retouching: Part 2

In Part 1 of the "Start to Finish Fashion Editorial Retouching" tutorial, we looked at how to clean up a white background, how to liquefy clothing to achieve a better fit, and how to clone and heal out distracting elements in our editorial image. In Part 2 we will look at how to go about the more common and essential retouching steps including: skin retouching using dodge and burn, color toning, sharpening, and value adjustments. In this video, I take you through each step and give you insight into the "why" as well as the "how" of editorial retouching.

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This Canon DSLR Rig Shoots 3D Light Field Photos You Can Move Around In


A Los Angeles-based cloud graphics company called OTOY has announced the world’s first spherical light field capture that creates a navigable scene in virtual reality. By capturing light field data with a special Canon and GoPro camera rig, the company created the beginnings of immersive photos you can move around in.

The rig featured two Canon DSLRs with ultra-wide angle lenses and a GoPro action camera.



OTOY swings the cameras around in 360 degrees, capturing footage of the scene that light field data can be calculated from.



The scene and light field information is then used to create a completely accurate and immersive environment that can be experienced in virtual reality using special a headset:



Unlike ordinary an ordinary 3D virtual reality representation of a photograph, which only allows you to “look around,” this light field technique allows you to move around — albeit only a little bit for now.

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NAB 2015 Lanparte Handheld Gimbal for Smartphones + GoPro Cameras

NAB 2015, we check out the Lanparte booth. A popular item on the floor was the Lanparte HHG-01 3-Axis Gimbal for smartphones. Although the gimbal was originally released for smartphones, add-on adapters allow you to expand it’s versatility. The HHG-01 can operate with both now lets you use the same Gimbal with a GoPro camera.

Aside from the GoPro adapter, new accessory clamps have been designed for the HHG-01 to fit over the handle so that you can attach an accessory such as an external monitor or microphone. Sure you can use a smartphone to stream a live video feed from a GoPro camera, but not all framerates or resolutions are available for preview on the application. In this scenario it’s benefiical to work with an external HDMI monitor with the GoPro.

For more information about these Lanparte products and accessories, visit their company website at

lanparte smartphone lanparte gimbal
Learn-More-sm Lanparte

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How I Handled My First Big Shoot for Land Rover USA

Many new photographers hold a lot of excitement and fear inside of them waiting to be unleashed the moment they receive a call to do their first big photoshoot or ad campaign. For talented automotive photographer John Zhang, this was no different when he received a call from one of Land Rover USA's ad agencies recently. He has been nice enough to share his entire experience from the first client call to executing the shoot itself. There is a lot to learn from Zhang and his photoshoot, read on below!

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7 Things I Learned From Shooting One Portrait a Day for a Whole Year


Essentially conceived as a New Year’s resolution, I gave myself the challenge of producing one portrait every single day during 2013. I’ve had a passion for portraiture for some time, and I figured that at the very least, I would create some portraits that I am proud of by attempting this challenge.

There were only a few rules for this project with the main rule — which I never broke — being that I must go out every single day and create a portrait. I never shot several on one day and stockpiled images — each portrait was made on that particular day.

I had no idea in the days leading up to the first portrait where it would take me, the amazing people I would meet, as well as how difficult it would be to keep it going and to keep the quality up to my standard.

However, if

08/22/2013 - Katie - 6:29PM - Winnipeg, Canada
06/27/2013 - Michel Chinardet - 2:51PM - Hyères, France
07/06/2013 - Didi Senft- 2:37PM - Col de Pailhères, France
11/21/2013 - Colleen - 4:24PM - Winnipeg, Canada
08/19/2013 - Rebecca “Amira” Thieu - 10:50PM - Winnipeg, Canada
08/31/2013 - Loren Hansen - 11:20PM - Winnipeg, Canada
04/08/2013 - Eric Pyle - 3:34PM
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New Algorithm Can Automatically Remove Window Reflections from Photos


Photographers often use products such as the Lens Skirt when shooting through windows in order to reduce or remove reflections. Thanks to advances in computer algorithms, those physical tricks may soon find themselves alongside suitable software solutions.

Scientists at MIT have created an algorithm that can automatically remove reflections from photos that were taken through windows.

MIT News reports that the software is able to analyze an image and distinguish between reflected light and transmitted light.

The trick is that reflections in windows are often seen as a pair of reflections that are slightly offset from one another due to either thick glass or double panes. Of 197 reflection photos found on Google and Flickr, 96 of them had suitable double reflections.

So, the scientists created an algorithm that uses machine learning to train a computer to distinguish between double reflection images and the actual scene.

The algorithm doesn’t work

An original photo with a reflection (left), a photo with reduced reflection (upper right), and an image of the isolated reflection (bottom right).
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Can Your Hard Drive Survive a Swim in the Ocean? This G-Drive ev ATC Did

I baby my external hard drives. I always wrap them in bubble wrap when taking them from home to the coffee shop, and I even have a little mini-pelican case for longer trips. I couldn't imagine how bad it would be if it happened to get even a quick salt water splash, let alone get stuck in the sand. In this video, watch what happens when this G-Tech hard drive is thrown right into the surf of the ocean.

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Wedding Photographer Delivers Album on the Day Of as a Crazy Surprise


Wedding photographer James Day tells us that he recently pulled off the “craziest stunt” of his career thus far: delivering the final wedding album to the newlywed couple at the end of their wedding day.

The bride, Jane, is the identical twin sister of Day’s wife, and the groom, Michael, is himself a successful wedding photographer in Australia.

“I knew I had to do something absolutely insane for [them],” Day writes on his blog. “I just had to go all out […] This is without doubt the biggest stunt I’ve ever pulled off. I did what everyone else told me would be impossible. I knew with the right team we could make it work.”

Day partnered with a number of companies to turn this idea into a reality. A digital processing lab “just down the road” from the wedding helped edit the photos throughout the whole day and well

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Canon Announces Nifty Fifty Lens Update

Canon has announced the long overdue update to the Nifty Fifty. The famous prime retains its fast f/1.8 maximum aperture as well and its affordable price tag. It has, however, slimmed down and bulked up in all the right places.

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Canon’s XC10 4K Camcorder: Some Lovely Footage & an Unsurprisingly Critical Review

In the weeks leading up to NAB 2015, Canon announced the XC10, a fixed-lens 4K camcorder that left many scratching their heads. But what can this odd little camera actually accomplish?

Johnnie Behiri over at Cinema5D recently posted some of the first professional footage and a brief review of the Canon XC10, and needless to say, the footage itself has many of the lovely characteristics that Canon is known for, but the design and ergonomics of the camera aren't up to par with what professionals have come to expect. But first things first. Here's a short profile piece shot on the XC10:

Over in Johnnie's review on Cinema5D, he outlined both what he liked and didn't like about the XC10. On the plus side, the camera can produce nice images for what it is, a fixed-lens camcorder with Continue reading "Canon’s XC10 4K Camcorder: Some Lovely Footage & an Unsurprisingly Critical Review"

Curious About the M Disk

I'm curious about the M Disk mentioned by Andrew in the Featured Comments to the previous post...does anyone out there use these? Has anyone researched the best read/write drive to use? Does anyone know of expert discussions about the veracity of the company's claims? Has anyone experimented and had problems? What pertains in a choice between DVD and Blu-Ray?

Thanks for any solid information!

(Thanks to Andrew)

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Robert Hudyma: "I worked in optical disk R&D in the 1980s so I am familiar with the design of these products. An optical disk (one you can burn at home)

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