How Much Do YOU Need to Earn to Do Photography Full Time?

_DSC9795-2 How much would you need to earn to make photography a full-time job? On a recent visit to India, I was strolling through Mumbai’s colonial-era neighborhoods when I was approached by a young man with a Nikon DSLR and a backpack. He offered to take my photo against the backdrop of two of the city’s landmarks, the Taj Hotel and the Gateway of India. Instant prints were available, and examples in a clear plastic file were offered for inspection. _DSC9786-2 A number of other young men in the area were making similar offers to other tourists, foreign and Indian alike: 30 Indian rupees, about $0.50 US, per print. Curious about how and where prints could be delivered, the young photographer opened his backpack and showed me an Epson PM245, about the size of a toaster. _DSC9800-2 _DSC9803-2 _DSC9811-2 Amit allowed me to follow him around and document his work, and then sat
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The Story of How My ISS Photo Went TOTALLY Viral

selfieiss Here’s my story on what it’s like to have a photo go totally viral around the world. After accidentally capturing a portrait with the ISS in the background, I sent it to a lot of local news outlets in the Netherlands, along with a lot of big international photo blogs (PetaPixel was one of them). I started by just contacting them on Facebook with a short message along with the photo, to just try to see if they would be interested in the photo itself. No need to write a long story if they don’t like the photo anyway, I thought. facebook message It’s funny that this actually works. You may not contact the right person directly, but if the person sitting in front of the computer thinks your photo is interesting, they’ll will probably tell their superior, right? Usually, even big Facebook pages send you a reply if you tell
The original, uncropped photograph.
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Review: Peak Design’s Everyday Messenger Bag is Both Sexy and Smart

DSCF4324-2 The Everyday Messenger bag is Peak Design’s latest product to make a debut on Kickstarter, and it has blown past its $100,000 goal and raised over $2.2 million so far. Designed with the help of photographer Trey Ratcliff, the bag aims to fulfill the “workflows of photographers, creative, travelers, and commuters.” We got our hands on the world’s first pre-production sample bag, and today we’ll be taking a closer look at it.

Yes, Peak Design knows that ‘San Francisco’ is spelled wrong; it will be corrected before the product’s final release.

If you head to the Peak Design Kickstarter page, the first sentence proclaims that “The Everyday Messenger is a beautiful, intelligent, and adaptable message bag.” Based upon first impressions pulling the messenger out of its packaging, we would have to agree. Available in either charcoal with red accents or tan with blue accents, the bag
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Create a Professional Looking Email Signature With Wisestamp

Giving a great first impression is imperative. Especially when our work is mostly based on aesthetic. It can be the way we dress, the image we carry through social networks or even a simple email signature. I have tried many different email signatures, using HTML formatted text, an image, or a mix of both. But I never was satisfied with how it looked. I then stumbled upon Wisestamp. A very simple way to create a professional and clean looking signature for your emails. [ Read More ]

A brushless gimbal on your shoulder: is Shape’s iSee system the answer?

By site editor Dan Chung: YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET – SHAPE ISEE RIG from SHAPE on Vimeo. Shape this week published a video showing a working prototype of a shoulder-mounted brushless gimbal design. It is comprised of one of the company’s shoulder rigs with a special bracket that mounts the original iSee grip-style 2-axis […]

The new Zoom F8…Eight track SD recorder £798

Advances in video have made filmmaking accessible to creators everywhere. But the accessibility of professional audio devices has not kept pace. Field recorders, with essential features such as time code, have been unobtainable for most. Until now. The F8 is made for serious filmmakers and sound designers. With 8-input/10-track recording, super low-noise preamps, and support for […]

83 Shots That Prove There is More Than One Way to Shoot a Road Trip Movie

How do you make a film shot mostly inside a car look interesting? Isn't this one of the major hurdles you'd have to jump over as a filmmaker of a road trip movie? This is something director Dominga Sotomayor Castillo had to face while making her 2012 family odyssey film Thursday Till Sunday (De jueves a domingo), 58% of which was shot inside a station wagon. Her and DP Bárbara Álvarez's creative approach to coverage is revealed by the always enlightening video essayist Kevin B. Lee in this Keyframe video -- a video that works as a sort of playbook for those stumped on how to shoot a road trip movie. The choice to have most of your film take place inside a car is a bold one to make, but Sotomayor Castillo and Álvarez Continue reading "83 Shots That Prove There is More Than One Way to Shoot a Road Trip Movie"

Puppy Portraits in the Style of Baby Photos

11879239_402213423312871_2176487863640076316_o Photographer Elisha Minnette recently accompanied her friends Matt and Abby on a trip to pick up their new puppy from Groodle breeder. On the way home, they came up with a strange idea: why not announce their new puppy to the world with a newborn baby-style photo shoot? The trio has “the craziest sense of humor,” Minnette tells PetaPixel, so they decided to give it a shot. “The shoot was hilarious. Everything went so smoothly. The pup was enjoying every second of it and all the treats he was getting.” 11856520_402213396646207_8516426945488862446_o 11895037_402213426646204_8568150915132984490_o 11850580_402213493312864_4474765654493611440_o 11921804_402213096646237_151307314439096090_o 11892300_402213146646232_6177037638388793535_o 11046172_402213039979576_9068264130972595340_o 11850563_402213073312906_8581953002585026272_o 11885029_402213083312905_5536425231426044377_o 11888642_402212946646252_1569451104266335517_o 11884640_402213069979573_7743202861397046987_o 11874982_402212976646249_2667395121305617992_o Minnette shared the photos on Facebook, and the post went viral with over 7,000 likes and 20,000 shares in just a few days. “We did this shoot just for a little bit of humour between ourselves and our closest family and friends that has the same sense of humour as us,” she says. “We did not expect this
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10 Tips for Doing an Underwater Photo Shoot

header My brain is officially underwater. Photographically, that is. I see everything in terms of underwater. A friend shows me the gorgeous wedding dress she picked out, and I wonder what it would look like in a pool. My mother-in-law shows me a new chair she reupholstered and I wonder how well the color would hold up if it got wet. I’ve even made the mistake of approaching a potential model with an opening line of, “Excuse me, how well do you sink in water?” Creepy… I know. I’ll admit though, starting out in underwater photography was pretty intimidating. I couldn’t afford my own housing, so I built my own, and it actually worked fairly well in the beginning. I was still scrambling in every other aspect though, as I couldn’t find any decent information online that wasn’t primarily geared toward photographing fish or plant life. So starting from
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Behind the Scenes with Photographer Ron Magill at Zoo Miami in Florida

Nikon has been taking us behind the scenes in a series of new videos published on YouTube. Now, we get to see what it is like to be a zoo photographer as we follow Nikon Ambassador and naturalist Ron Magill to Zoo Miami. Armed with a Nikon D7200 and two Nikkor super telephoto zoom lenses, Magill captures a majestic herd of giraffes. Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 4.45.18 PM copy All the photographs taken by Magill in the video are taken from the same access points available to everyday photographers. Watching him work, we receive a few tips on how we can head to our local zoom and start shooting some fantastic images. “Animals are creatures of habit” Magill explains “and if you watch them long enough, study them long enough, you can anticipate actions before they happen.”

Canon Will Reportedly Focus More on the Mirrorless EOS M System in 2016

canoneosm1 Canon announced the EOS M to compete in the mirrorless camera market back in 2012, but the camera line has failed to make much of a splash in the industry while competitors are eating up market share. That may change next year: Canon will reportedly focus more of its attention and resources on the EOS M line in 2016. That’s what Canon Rumors says it’s hearing from sources that have been right in the past. Canon is said to be “actively developing” EOS M (camera) and EF-M (lens) products, and plans to “get serious about the platform” starting next year. There are said to be multiple zoom and prime lenses that are nearing the end of the development process, and the lenses should be officially announced to the world starting in early 2016.

The Canon EOS M3 has only been released in Europe and Asia.

Canon Rumors is also hearing
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Tilt-Shift Time-Lapse Filmed from a Drone Makes Detroit Look Amazing

To say that time-lapse video and drone footage is everywhere would be an understatement. YouTube is chalk full of amateur aerial video with the recent abundance of inexpensive drones, and time-lapse clips are everywhere. If they are a fad remains to be seen but sometimes we get to see some really innovative videos showcasing some true creativity. [ Read More ]

The Inspiring Story Behind the Iconic Baltimore Riots TIME Cover Photo

timecoverphotoheader When protests and riots erupted in Baltimore earlier this year after the death of Freddie Gray, 27-year-old photographer Devin Allen began capturing remarkable photos from ground level, giving the world a look at the events through his eyes. Amidst the powerful stream of images he shared on Instagram was one particularly iconic shot of a protestor running from a crowd of police officers — a photo that soon appeared on the cover of TIME magazine. Flickr just posted this inspiring interview with the young photojournalist that offers a closer look at his life and his famous photo: “I’m only 27 years old, but I have buried 20-plus friends,” Devin says. Two of his best friends both died to gun violence in the same weekend of 2013. Devin wasn’t with them because he was at a photo shoot. “Photography saved my life,” he says. “If it wasn’t for photography, I would
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The Dreamlike Self-Portraits of Kylli Sparre

kylli_sparre_ Fine art photographer Kylli Sparre spent years training to become a professional ballet dancer. After realizing that dance wasn’t what she wanted to pursue as a career, Sparre picked up a camera, found that it was the perfect tool for channeling her creativity, and “never looked back.” Since then, Sparre has become well known for her surreal self-portraits, holding international exhibitions featuring her work. “My process is different with each image, Sparre tells PetaPixel. “With some I do very little in Photoshop and for some I do quite a lot.” “I do enjoy the Photoshop aspect of image making. For me personally, it is just some quiet time with my image and no real limits.” Sparre’s images often feature her in the frame, interacting with the environment in an imaginative way: 10687100_642298939225049_4221831355437713735_n Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 11.06.59 AM poles_apart_kylli_sparre A_Daring_Day_kylli_sparre Ascending_expression_kylli_sparre1 guides_kylli_sparre change_of_mind_kylli_sparre sleepless_leaves_kylli_sparre 00235ac4d3f01557cc5502 Recognize this last photograph? Adobe selected it last year as the splash screen image of Photoshop
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