MUSE Is a Proven Step-by-Step Process For Crafting Powerful Stories From Scratch

At its core, filmmaking is the art of manipulating image and sound for the purpose of telling a story. Sure, the idea of storytelling may have generated some negative buzz in the past year because calling oneself a storyteller has become, well, trendy, even in industries that have little to do with storytelling. But the truth is that story is built in to our DNA. In the most basic and vital sense, story is how humans make sense of the world. It's our built-in mechanism for connecting the dots and crafting meaning and linear histories from the seemingly disparate moments that make up our collective lives. Read More

Humor: What if Hitmen Were Asked to Work for Free?

Photographers often get asked to shoot for free in exchange for experience, exposure, future work, and images for their portfolio. What if a hitman were approached with the same request? That’s the idea found in the 4.5-minute sketch above by College Humor, titled “Guy Who’s Too Cheap To Pay An Assassin.” Oh, and it pokes fun at the world of crowdfunding personal projects as well. (Warning: there’s a bit of language and violence).

The Movie ‘San Andreas’ Is Sort of Hilarious without the Effects

Summer movie season is here, and so are the movies with the biggest budgets trying to up the wow factor against their cinematic competition. "San Andreas" is the latest disaster flick to showcase some of the best effects Hollywood has to offer right now. Sploid/Gizmodo did a few behind-the-scenes videos on how effectively shooting movies (in this case "San Andreas") with huge sets and practical effects can make even the best CGI look more realistic. [ Read More ]

I Was a Victim of the Fake Negative Review Scam That Targets Photographers

threattophotogs There is currently a scam targeting photographers nationwide. It begins with a threat of false negative reviews if a business owner doesn’t pay a “reputation management fee”. Whether the business responds or not, the scammers will post many negative reviews then offer to have them removed or pushed down the search results… For a fee, of course. My photography business, Nyberg Photography, has become a victim of this extortion scam, as have countless other photographers around the country. It’s very important to research all reviews, whether good or bad, to ensure they are true. The key thing to remember about reviews, is that anyone can write a review for a company, even if they have never done business with that company or even live in a different country. And not all reviews are honest reviews, some may in fact be false. When looking at reviews, check for the owners
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GoPro unveils Hero+ LCD with touchscreen display

GoPro has introduced the Hero+ LCD camera, sharing many features with the entry-level Hero with the addition of a touchscreen. The Hero+ LCD is waterproof to depths up to 40m/131 ft, and adds both Bluetooth and integrated Wi-F with support for the Android and iOS GoPro App. Videos can be recorded at up to 1080p/60, and 8MP still image capture is offered. Read more

Frog Photographer Robin Moore Hunts for the Rarest Creatures on Earth

robinfrogphotog Robin Moore is both a nature photographer and a conservation biologist. An amphibian specialist, he uses his skills in photography to create beautiful photos of some of the most endangered frogs on Earth, sharing those images with the world to raise awareness. In 2010, Moore teamed up with 120 researchers from 21 different countries on a hunt for lost species that were feared to be extinct — the team set out to find and photograph some of the most elusive creatures on Earth. Here’s a 16-minute feature by BBC Earth in which Moore shares his passion in using photos for conservation: In 2014, Moore published a book of his photos titled “In Search of Lost Frogs.” The 256-pages contain roughly 70,000 words and around 400 photos, and is currently the #1 ranked book on Amazon in the Amphibian Zoology section. Here are some of Moore’s amazing photos showing
The Cuchumatan Golden Toad, Incilius aurarius, from the Cuchumatanes mountains of Guatemala, found during a search for lost salamanders. This species was only discovered as recently as 2012.
An Hourglass Frog, Dendropsophus ebraccatus,  on a blade of grass in the Osa Peninsula.
Reticulated Glass Frog, Hyalinobatrachium valerioi, on a leaf in the Osa Peninsula. Glass frogs are so-named because of their virtually transparent skin.
An Andes Poison Dart Frog, Ranitomeya opisthomelas, in the ChocÛ rainforest.
Red-eyed Treefrogs, Agalychnis calidryas, in amplexus in the Osa Peninsula.
Golfo Dulce Poison Dart Frog, Phyllobates vittatus, in the Osa Peninsula, endangered. One of the most toxic frogs in the world.
Variable Harlequin Frog, Atelopus varius, a critically endangered species that was feared extinct before being rediscovered in 2003.
Juvenile Macaya Breast-spot Frog, Eleutherodactylus thorectes, a critically endangered species in the Massif de la Hotte. One of the smallest frogs in the world, it was rediscovered in 2010 after close to two decades.
La Hotte Glanded Frog, Eleutherodactylus glandulifer, a critically endangered species on the Massif de la Hotte. Rediscovered after almost 20 years in 2010.
A new species of beaked toad - later dubbed the "Monty Burns Toad" on account of its similarity to the nefarious villain in the Simpsons - found in the Choco of Colombia whilst searching for a lost species.
A Canal Zone Treefrog, Hypsiboas rufitelus, in the ChocÛ of Colombia with a shock of red webbing between the toes.
A glass frog, Hyalinobatrachium ruedai, peers through a leaf in the Choco of Colombia as we search for lost frogs.
The Solomon Islands Eyelash Frog, Ceratobatrachus guentheri, skips the tadpole stage, opting instead to lay eggs on the forest floor.
Finalist, BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012. Honorable Mention, FotoWeek DC Natural History Portfolio 2011. Eyelash frog, Ceratobatrachus guentheri, on a leaf
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Annie Leibovitz Photographs Caitlyn Jenner for the July Cover of Vanity Fair

In his physical prime, Bruce Jenner and his Olympic success made him a household name. With the start of his step-daughters' show, "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," Jenner's name became familiar to a much younger audience. Today, however, we can begin our goodbyes to the Olympic legend and welcome Caitlyn Jenner, who will be introduced to the world within Vanity Fair's coming issue (due June 9) with the front cover tagline, "Call me Caitlyn." [ Read More ]

The Saramonic SR-AX107 Audio Mixer Overview

The Saramonic SR-AX107 is a practical no nonsense audio mixer for your DSLR. Important for me is the ability to use phantom powered XLR microphones and the Saramonic has 2 XLR inputs. Beside the XLRs is the 9v battery compartment, that was a surprise for me as I have not had to use a PP3 […]

Enrique Iglesias Seriously Injures Hand during Show from Flying Drone

Singer Enrique Iglesias was injured by a flying drone recording footage at one of his concerts in Tijuana, Mexico. The drone is used during his concerts to capture the audience and various points in the show for more dynamic vantage points. When Iglesias went to grab the drone to bring the camera closer to his face, which he has done before, the blades from the device severely sliced his hand calling him off stage to tend to the wound. [ Read More ]

Just Don’t Get In the Way: A Case Study on Shooting Solo for ‘John’s of 12th Street’

Getting footage that isn't erratically panning and zooming while monitoring audio levels and keeping up a conversation at the same time is no easy task on your own. But it's possible! Vanessa McDonnell's John's of 12th Street is a great example of a one man (or woman) band doing just that. NFS sat down with Vanessa to talk about the angles of a monopod, recording audio on separate channels, and how shooting solo can impact the creative process. After finishing off a bottle of wine at the classic old Italian restaurant with her then boyfriend-now husband, McDonnell approached owner Myron Weiner aka “Mikey Two Names” about possibly becoming the first woman to work at the joint. When that failed, McDonnell instead settled on making a documentary about the rules and rituals of this 100-year-old restaurant (which you Continue reading "Just Don’t Get In the Way: A Case Study on Shooting Solo for ‘John’s of 12th Street’"

Behold: A Fuji Instax Camera with a Vintage 4×5 Lens

Z How’s this for an unlikely couple: what you see here is a heavily modified Fuji Instax Mini 10 instant camera that has a vintage 4×5 lens mounted to the front. Bellamy Hunt over at Japan Camera Hunter reports that a camera engineer in Japan has been tinkering with the Fuji Instax and trying to make it compatible with 4×5 lenses. The camera seen here is the prototype he created, and the hack can be used on all cameras in the Instax line. 2Q==-2 Focusing is done by attaching an external rangefinder to the top of the rig, and the camera can focus from 2 meters to infinity. Any 4×5 lens can be mounted, but the focal length sweet spot is reportedly between 75mm and 68mm. 9k=-1 9k= Z-1 Here are a couple sample instant photos created with this camera and lens combo: 2Q==-1 2Q== The creator is reportedly planning to start selling these modded cameras and
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After Effects Hidden Gems: Conform Frame Rate

after-effects-hidden-gems-conform-frame-rateHave you ever had a mysterious problem in After Effects where frames are repeated, skipped, or even missing? Chances are they can be traced back to a problem with source footage’s frame rate, and mismatches between it and that of your composition. Even footage that displays the same number for frame rate may have a rounding error under the hood that causes problems when dragged into an After Effects comp.

Kolektio Helps Friends Capture Moments Together in Shared Albums

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 11.53.12 AM copy Kolektio is an application designed to make sharing photographic moments with friends easier than it has ever been before. The app designed for Apple iOS devices (coming soon to Android) allows users to create a ‘moment’ and then contribute snapshots to it. Kolektio wants to make sure that you are never worried about losing another party photo ever again. Photo-27-04-15-11-43-12 copy Creating photo collections known as ‘moments’ allows users to take photographs together and have their results uploaded to a central pool for sharing. People can be invited to a moment to contribute or just view what they missed. When you do add someone, they can easy choose between two privacy settings to make sure only the photos they want are uploaded – that drunk photo of you dancing doesn’t have to be uploaded if you don’t want it to be seen. Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 12.03.07 PM copy Kolektio automatically connects with your phone’s contacts to quickly find
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10 Tips for Easier, Better Text Graphics in Your Next Video Edit

In just about every video I edit, during my last or second to last round of revisions I find myself having to add titles, credits, name graphics (lower thirds), and one or two other pieces of text to help explain and give context to the video. Here are my go-to techniques for cranking out decent looking graphics both quickly and efficiently. [ Read More ]

We’re Giving Away a $1,500 Gift Card to B&H

giftcard1500 Ready for another awesome photo giveaway? We are too. Let’s do it. Today we’re giving away a $1,500 gift card to B&H, one of the biggest and baddest camera stores in the world. This giveaway is extremely easy to enter. Simply leave a comment below that answers the following question:

What camera gear would you buy with $1,500?

One comment per reader, and don’t include links in your comment — just leave a simple comment sharing what you’d use the money on. B&H can ship internationally, so feel free to enter this giveaway no matter what country you live in. This giveaway will end on Friday, June 5th, 2015, at 11pm PST. We will then select one winner at random and make the announcement in this post shortly afterward. Thanks so much for reading PetaPixel, and good luck!

‘Steam and Dust’: Photographer Captures a Leopard Silhouetted at Night

leopard African wildlife photographer Greg du Toit captured this photo last year of a leopard out on night patrol. It’s a shot for which everything seemed to come together for Du Toit for a beautiful composition. “My job as a wildlife photographer is multifaceted but I am most often trying to portray my beautiful subjects in beautiful ways,” the photographer writes on his blog. “If I do this effectively I awake within my audience an appreciation for not just the individual creature, but for its entire species.” “As wildlife photographers these seeds of appreciation that we plant are in a very real way seeds of conservation and preservation.” Here’s his account of how this photograph came to be:
It was a cold and nippy night in South Africa’s Mala Mala Game Reserve when we received a radio call to say that one of the dominant male leopards was on
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Just Announced: The HERO+ LCD – GoPro Adds a Touch Screen to Its Entry Level Camera

The latest round of GoPro HERO4 cameras have been a big hit. Though one of the surprising outcomes with the recent release was the addition of a touch screen to the Silver edition and lack of screen on the higher-end Black edition. In many reviews and ratings, the ability to see your framing and review images and video from the device gave the Silver edition a leg-up over the Black. GoPro has now taken the overwhelming approval of the touch screen into account and has just announced the new Hero+ LCD. [ Read More ]