Eight Tips You Should Try for Better Portraits

Eight Tips You Should Try for Better Portraits When shooting portraits, there are certain things or ways we shoot that help us achieve a better end result. We should all be trying to capture the best portrait possible, so if someone shares advice I usually give it a try to see if it works for me or fits the style of my work. [ Read More ]


Today in the US we celebrate Thanksgiving; a national holiday where we give thanks for the many blessings we enjoy (and I truly feel like the most blessed guy on earth). Traditionally this is a day where families come together to eat a Thanksgiving turkey feast, and then we watch the Cowboys lose to drop to 5-6 on the season. It’s just about a perfect day. Our offices are closed today for the holiday, but I’ll be back here tomorrow with some insane deals on all our stuff in honor of Black Friday — the biggest shopping day of the Continue reading "HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! :)"

It’s New Class Thursday!

Unlocking The Power Of Aurora HDR 2018 with Trey Ratcliff
Join Trey Ratcliff as he teaches you how to get the most out of Aurora HDR 2018. Well known for his distinctive HDR style, Trey has been working with Aurora’s developers for several years, and knows the program inside and out. In this class, designed for beginners and beyond, you’ll become familiar with what’s possible in Aurora HDR as Trey processes photos that demonstrate its awesome capabilities for almost any situation. From processing a single raw photo to bracketed exposures, you’ll discover the power and simplicity for making beautiful images Continue reading "It’s New Class Thursday!"

Fstoppers’ Ultimate Holiday Shopping Guide

Fstoppers’ Ultimate Holiday Shopping Guide Finding (and asking for) gifts for photographers is near impossible. They’re either way too expensive (we all want that a9, too) or we photographers already seemingly have everything we need. Hopefully, we can help a bit with some ideas, deals, and advice about shopping for your photographer friends or for yourselves, as the holidays also present prime opportunities to restock studio essentials. [ Read More ]

10 Go-To Camera Shots for When You Blank on What to Shoot Next

Blanking on what to shoot next? Don't panic! Here are 10 shots that will get you what you need. Has this happened to you? You're out there on set—maybe you're shooting a documentary or some important event—and things are getting chaotic and busy and the sounds of traffic, music, and people's voices have become a cacophonous cloud that won't let you think and then—you completely blank on what to shoot next. It's a terrifying experience, especially when you know reshoots are not an option, but in this video, Sareesh Sudhakaran of wolfcrow shares ten shots Continue reading "10 Go-To Camera Shots for When You Blank on What to Shoot Next"

How to Shoot B-Roll That Doesn’t Suck

Principal photography may be the foundation and framing of your film, but b-roll is the glue that holds it all together. Supplementary footage, or b-roll, may not be something that's in the forefront of your mind when heading into production, but it really should be. Lots of novice filmmakers make the mistake of phoning in the style and design of these shots, thinking they can easily grab a camera and get a few quickies before they head for the door, but b-roll plays an integral role in making any film or video look polished and Continue reading "How to Shoot B-Roll That Doesn’t Suck"

How to Find Compositions in Drone Photography

How to Find Compositions in Drone Photography As a newcomer to drones and drone photography, it can be a little overwhelming in the beginning. Learning all there is to know about maneuvering your new toy through the air is enough to give you a few grey hairs before you even get it off the ground. Once you’re up there, you better believe there’s some extra tension in your muscles the first few times you fly. Once you finally get the hang of this element, it’s about time to start learning how to make great images or videos from this new perspective you’ve gained. That’s a whole new Continue reading "How to Find Compositions in Drone Photography"

Shooting for the Edit: How to Give Your Film Style Before You Ever Hit Record

With a little planning, you can take your cinematography, editing, and storytelling to the next level. We all know filmmaking takes a lot of planning and preparation, including coming up with a shot list to make principal photography less confusing. But even if you're a run-and-gun shooter who doesn't have a whole lot of time to carefully plan every shot before you shoot it, you can still not only keep your production on the right track but also get the shots you need to make your final edit more dynamic and entertaining. Jordy Vandeput of Continue reading "Shooting for the Edit: How to Give Your Film Style Before You Ever Hit Record"

$25 off $250+ for IR readers, no strings, no expiration!

This is a time of year when everyone's budget could use some help, so we've come up with a little holiday gift for our readers: Special coupon codes for $25 off an order of $250 or more with Adorama.

You can use it for anything you want, including cameras or lenses that have "minimum advertised prices" (which are why you always see all the legitimate dealers offering identical prices on things).

There are just a couple of restrictions:

    Unfortunately, Nikon and Sony pricing policies won't allow even a "shopping cart"...
      <br /><a class="readMore" href='http://www.imaging-resource.com/news/2017/11/22/25-off-250-for-ir-readers-no-strings-no-expiration'>(read more)</a>

How to Discover Your Ideal Photography Client

How to Discover Your Ideal Photography Client You’ve honed your craft and brushed up on lighting and editing techniques. You’ve built a beautiful website and opened your door as a bonafide professional photographer. You’re ready for those client inquiries to start streaming in, and they do. Then you realize that some of your clients are a nightmare to deal with, while others become like new best friends. You may not know who your ideal client is, and you may not be marketing to them. [ Read More ]

Northrup Vs. Fro, JPG Vs. Raw: Why Is It Even Still a Debate?

Northrup Vs. Fro, JPG Vs. Raw: Why Is It Even Still a Debate? It’s the equivalent of a presidential Twitter feud, but for the photography world. Everyone’s favorite Anderson Cooper lookalike Tony Northrup released a video on November 4 about the benefits and downsides to shooting raw files versus JPG files, and in this video dispensed some advice on when to shoot raw files and when to shoot JPG files (and when to shoot both). Naturally, this elicited a strong response from everyone’s favorite (only?) Fro, Jared Polin of “Fro Knows Photo” fame, who is known for his shirts indicating to the world that he does indeed shoot raw. All the time. Continue reading "Northrup Vs. Fro, JPG Vs. Raw: Why Is It Even Still a Debate?"

The Right to a Fair Internet for Photographers Is About to Be Gone

The Right to a Fair Internet for Photographers Is About to Be Gone On December 14th the Federal Communications Commission will almost certainly be voting in favor of doing away with Net Neutrality. If you’re not familiar with Net Neutrality, check out this article we wrote earlier this year on the topic. It is the idea of a free and open internet. As it stands right now, users are able to access the internet freely, with no speed or data caps regardless of the websites they visit. If the plan the FCC is proposing passes (and it probably will in a 3 vs. 2 vote), the internet as we know it may well Continue reading "The Right to a Fair Internet for Photographers Is About to Be Gone"

Rotolight Anova Pro 2 features improved output and ‘unrivaled battery’

Lighting manufacturer Rotolight has introduced a mark 2 version of its Anova Pro circular LED stills and video light. The Anova Pro 2 is the same size as the previous model, but according to the company, the new model features a 70% uplift in brightness, "unrivaled battery performance", and up to 10,700 lux at 3 feet instead of 6,280 in continuous mode. Like the previous model, the Anova Pro 2 also operates as a flash unit, and is capable of high speed sync at up to 1/8000sec. Rotolight says the flash mode has no recycle time and that the maximum
Continue reading "Rotolight Anova Pro 2 features improved output and ‘unrivaled battery’"

How to Nail Your Attempt at Water Drop Photography

How to Nail Your Attempt at Water Drop Photography I'm pretty sure many of us out there have at some point or another tried our hand at capturing water drops or freezing the exact moment of a liquid splash. I know that when I first tried something similar way back when, I failed miserably. Here we have an excellent video that breaks down start to finish the process and setup to ensure that your attempt and your results are a total success. [ Read More ]

Designer imagines the perfect keyboard for Adobe software

Designer Vinicius Araújo has created a series of concept images that imagine what a keyboard may look like if it were made by Adobe specifically for Photoshop and its other specialized software. Araújo shared the images on Behance under the handle VA Designer, where he shows a concept that containing half a dozen touch shortcuts, a scroll wheel, colored LED lighting, and a high level of sensitivity. While various DIYers have developed their own enhanced control methods for some Adobe products—such as using a PS3 gamepad to control Lightroom—and some interesting options do exist, a perfect hardware companion to the Continue reading "Designer imagines the perfect keyboard for Adobe software"