Sony a9 Wins ‘Camera of the Year’ in Japan

The Sony a9 has been named “Camera of the Year” by in the prestigious Camera Grand Prix 2018 held by the Camera Journal Press Club (CJPC), a 55-year-old coalition of 10 of the most influential photography and camera publications in Japan. The award honors the best camera products introduced into the market over the previous fiscal year (for the 2018 prize it covers from April 1st, 2017 to March 31, 2018). 53 people involved in the industry (e.g. editors, experts, reporters, photographers) were involved in this year’s selections.

Sony Wins the Top Prize

The Sony a9 was selected as
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The Original Canon EOS M Can Shoot 2.5K Raw Video with Magic Lantern

Canon’s original EOS M flopped as the company’s first contender in the emerging mirrorless camera market, but now third-party hackers are working to unlock more of its potential. And they’re making progress: using Magic Lantern, the EOS M is able to shoot 2.5K raw video. Canon Watch reports that camera hackers have been testing the “highly experimental” sd_uhs module in Magic Lantern, which overclocks a camera’s SD memory card interface to allow for higher write speeds. For the EOS M, the overclocking allows 70 MB/s of data to be written to a card instead of 40 MB/s. The result
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Fujifilm SQ6: The First Analog Square-Format Instax Camera

Fujifilm has just announced the new Instax Square SQ6, the world’s first analog square-format Instax camera. Fujifilm announced the square-format SQ10 camera in 2017, but that’s a hybrid camera that can create both digital images as well as square-format instant photos. The new SQ6 does away with the digital side of things and is purely for shooting analog square-format Instax film. The SQ6 features a flash system that automatically calculates ambient brightness to adjust shutter speed (from 1.6s to 1/400s) for properly exposing both the subject and the background, even in dim settings. Orange, purple, and green color
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Google Clips is Now Better at Quietly Capturing Hugs and Kisses

Google Clips is now better at spotting people hugging and kissing in your life and then snapping stealthy photos of the moments. Google says it’s one of the upgrades rolling out to the lifelogging camera this month. Announced in October 2017 and launched 2 months ago, the Google Clips is a tiny hands-free camera that uses motion detection and AI to recognize moments in your life to shoot and save for your memories. But even though Clips was trained in photography by professionals, apparently the device wasn’t very good at capturing “little moments and emotions that you can’t stage
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Panasonic Lumix TS7: The First Rugged Compact Camera with a Built-In EVF

Panasonic has announced the new Lumix TS7 (called the FT7 in other parts of the world), a rugged compact camera that’s designed to withstand anything you can in the great outdoors. DPReview reports that the camera is the first rugged compact to offer a built-in electronic viewfinder (EVF) to give photographers an alternative means of framing shots — a particularly useful one when direct sunlight can make using an LCD screen difficult. Toughness-wise, the airtight TS7 is waterproof down to 102 feet (~31m), dustproof, shockproof from drops of up to 6.6 feet (~2m), freezeproof down to 14°F (-10°C), and
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Visit VENICE… in San Francisco!

The Digital Cinema Society is coming to San Francisco on May 23rd to showcase Sony’s latest digital cinema camera, the large-format VENICE.

Sony VENICE cameraWhat?

VENICE is a Full-Frame 6K camera with over 15 stops of dynamic range, eight built-in ND filters (!) and a five-second boot time. VENICE supports a wide range of formats from Full-Frame to Super 35, including three Anamorphic aspect ratios and Surround View. You’ll see VENICE footage in HDR photographed by Claudio Miranda, ASC, along with an exciting presentation on the new camera system by Sony’s Keith Vidger.


Beyond Pix @Bayshore Stage
2178 Palou Avenue
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PeterGregg proves GH5s autofocus obliterates the prior GH5

I am so happy with PeterGregg’s new video which proves that the Panasonic GH5s model’s autofocus literally blows away that of the original GH5 model. I am also ecstatic that (in my experience watching his videos), it’s the first time PeterGregg has made official verbal recognition of the existence of non-integer framerates (i.e. 23.976, 29.97, 59.94… one of my perpetual causes, well known to frequent readers), and even has made a reference to The Beatles while demonstrating the quantum leap improvement in autofocus performance. Verbal references are made between comparative features in the original GH5
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X-Ray Photos Reveal the Evolution of Cameras

Fossils can tell us a lot about the history of living things. Photographer Kent Krugh is creating a “fossil record” of sorts for cameras. His project Speciation is a series of X-ray photos of cameras that provides a brief history of photography, as told through the evolution of the camera. “This work uses x-rays to explore the micro-evolution of cameras and is a metaphor about the limits of evolution,” Krugh writes. “While form and media may have changed, the camera is still a camera: a tool to create images by capturing photons of light.” While the basic concept of
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Phase One’s New Drone Camera is First to Pack 100MP Sony BSI Sensor

Phase One has announced the iXM 100MP, a 100-megapixel medium format camera for drones that’s the first camera to feature Sony’s 100MP backside-illuminated (BSI) 44x33mm sensor. It’s “a breakthrough aerial camera platform driven by the world’s fastest medium-format imaging sensor,” Phase One says. The backside-illumination design allows the sensor to have increased light sensitivity and expanded dynamic range. Features and specs of the camera include an ISO range of 50-6400, a dynamic range of 83dB, weatherproofing (IP53 compliant), a temperature tolerance of -10°C to 40°C, a continuous shooting speed of 3fps, a Phase One RSM lens mount, USB3 and Ethernet
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NAB 2018: Panasonic Shows Off Cine Live For VariCam LT

Netflix, Amazon, and everyone else who wants to record a 4K live multi-camera event or show while retaining Panasonic’s Super35mm look and color from the VariCam LT should take a look at Panasonic’s Cine Live. Panasonic, well-known for exciting and lasting broadcasting equipment, have taken their knowledge and applied it to a cinematic camera system, the VariCam LT. The LT is easily one of my favorite cameras to shot on today. It is well thought out and helps professionals producing sensational images and that dual ISO of 800/5000 is killer. Now, Panasonic has made multi-cam easier for the VariCam LT. Mitch

VariCam LT

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Nikon Confirms New Mirrorless System to Arrive by Spring 2019

Here it is, straight from the horse’s mouth: Nikon has a new mirrorless camera system brewing, and the company is aiming to have it land in photographers’ hands by the spring of 2019.

NikonEye caught the confirmation in an interview conducted by the Japanese TV network NHK with a Nikon manager.

“[D]evelopment is underway, and we expect to bring one to market by spring next year,” the manager states.

NikonEye predicts that an entry-level full-frame mirrorless camera will be the first camera in the system to be announced and that the camera will have a 30+ megapixel phase-detection sensor and

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This Modified Polaroid Camera Prints Photos on Thermal Paper

Polaroid cameras are fun to use, but shooting high numbers of instant photos can get very expensive very quickly. Tim Alex Jacobs, known as mitxela online, recently solved this problem by modifying a standard Polaroid camera into an instant camera that prints photos on thermal paper (the kind used for receipts).
Jacobs kicked off the project by ordering a webcam for less than $3 and a thermal printer for less than $50. The printer was the smallest model he could find. He then found that printing with the device was as easy as sending some text to it in Linux.
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SOUNDCAM is the First ‘Affordable’ Handheld Camera for Seeing Sound

SOUNDCAM is a new camera that lets you take pictures of sound. It’s the first handheld camera that brings sound imaging to a size and cost that’s more accessible than industrial solutions that cost upwards of $100,000. “The system is intuitive and as easy to use as a smartphone,” the company says. “What makes it so special is its high speed and accuracy.” The camera works by combining 64 separate microphones, a traditional optical camera, and an integrated data analysis system. Using data from the mics, the system figures out exactly where in the frame the sounds are originating
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This NASA Camera Uses ‘Fluid Lensing’ to See Through Ocean Waves

NASA has developed a special camera called the “Fluid Cam” that can see and shoot clearly through ocean waves. The resulting photos can be used by researchers to study the health of reefs. The camera was developed by research scientist Ved Chirayath of the NASA Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley, California. It’s based on a state-of-the-art hardware and software technique Chirayath developed called “fluid lensing.” Here’s Chirayath explaining fluid lensing back in 2014:
“Imagine you’re looking at something sitting at the bottom of a swimming pool,” NASA writes. “If no swimmers are around and the water is still,
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Snapchat Unveils Spectacles 2.0: You Can Shoot Photos Now

Snapchat’s Spectacles camera glasses generated a huge amount of hype when they were slowly released in 2016, but total sales were reportedly disappointing. But that isn’t stopping the company from doubling down on the project: it just announced Spectacles 2.0 with design improvements and the ability to shoot still photos. While the original Spectacles were limited to recording 10-second snaps by tapping the glasses, Spectacles 2.0 can shoot photos — simply press and hold the button on top of the glasses to trigger the shutter. Audio in videos has also been improved thanks to dual built-in microphones, and
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The Rolleiflex is Back: Say Hello to the Instant Kamera

The legendary Rolleiflex twin-lens reflex camera is back… in a very different style. Rollei today announced the new Rolleiflex Instant Kamera, a TLR instant camera that shoots Fuji Instax Mini film. “It’s been a long time since we’ve manufactured twin lens reflex cameras, but we’re proud to introduce you to the newest addition to the Rolleiflex Camera family,” Rollei writes. The very first Rolleiflex twin-lens reflex camera was launched back in 1927, and the company continued to develop and refine the camera design over the following years and decades. The final Rolleiflex was released in the 1960s, “leaving only
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This is Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Camera Under a Car

Here’s a pro tip: if you’re looking for somewhere to place your camera for a while when outdoors, don’t leave it under the tires of a vehicle. This 12-second video shows the pain that can result if you do. This tough lesson was learned this past weekend by San Francisco Bay Area photographer Rafael Castillo who took to the /r/photography to share his misery and word of warning. “A few graffiti artist friends were painting a legal storefront in Berkeley on University Avenue, and it was a beautiful and hot sunny day,” Castillo tells PetaPixel. “At some point we had
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NAB 2018: The Sony VENICE Full-Frame Camera

At NAB 2018 I got an opportunity to talk to Sony about the Sony VENICE. The day before I, like many NAB attendees took a deep look at the camera to see what the image is like and what to expect out of Sony’s new Flagship camera.

The Full-Frame Sensor and Wide-Range of Lens Options

VENICEVENICE comes with a newly developed 36x24mm Full Frame sensor to meet the ever-growing sensor size camera market. What’s great about this sensor though is its flexibility. The 36x24mm Full Frame is just one way, or size the sensor can shoot. The new Full Frame

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Why This One Camera Costs $40,000

The Hasselblad H6D-100c is a 100-megapixel medium format DSLR that costs $33,000 without a lens. Throw in a Hasselblad H lens and the resulting camera kit can easily cost over $40,000, or more than the average car. Here’s a 5-minute video by photographer Tyler Stalman that explores why a single camera can be worth this much. Stalman points out that it’s a very, very small subset of professional photographers that actually need the resolution and image quality of a camera like the Hasselblad H6D-100c. Even for advertising, giant billboards can be effectively shot with far fewer megapixels than you might
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The Photographer’s Travel Camera

Ever taken professional camera equipment on vacation and left with too many memories of setting up tripods or staring at screens? Well, I have. I’ve also traveled and taken no pictures at all – only to regret that as well. In searching for the perfect travel camera, I considered two competing variables: burden vs. quality. For years I carried a Fuji GW690, a medium format rangefinder shooting 120mm film. And with a 6×9 frame, the results were very high resolution — in fact, it was overkill (proof: a 431MB film scan). It is also a comically large camera,
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