Recommended Media For The Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

Since Blackmagic Design’s brand new Pocket Cinema Camera 4K is ending up into some people’s hands it’s time to talk about what media works with this 4K camera. This, of course, is an important item. Do not mess around with media. Do not go cheap. Do not go with something not listed here and then go running around saying the new Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K is skipping frames. It is on you if you do not follow the approved media list. Plus, who wants to spend the time and effort put into a project just for your footage
Pocket Camera
Pocket Camera
Pocket Camera
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Blackmagic Design Joined The New Netflix Post Technology Alliance

Blackmagic Design has joined the new Netflix Post Technology Alliance and that DaVinci Resolve, its professional editing, visual effects, motion graphics, color correction and audio post production software, was chosen for three of the alliance’s four technology categories: “Color Grading,” “Editorial” and “IMF & Media Encoding.” Blackmagic Design’s URSA Mini 4.6K and URSA Mini Pro were also chosen in the alliance’s “Camera” category. NETFLIX The Post Technology Alliance is a program for manufacturers of products that generate or manage any kind of sound data, image data, or metadata from production through post. The alliance is aimed at bringing together industry leaders committed to
Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro
DaVinci Resolve
DaVinci Resolve
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Large sensor lens coverage: taking old glass to the “breaking” point

 Old glass and large sensors need a lot of testing. The results may surprise you.
In this article I took a look at how older S35 lenses performed on a full frame RED Weapon Monstro. Scaling the sensor window to fit older lenses yielded some amazing and weird results. There was more to learn from this experiment, and it relates to lens design.
Jim Rolin, video engineer and co-owner of rental house Videofax, told me something curious: he’d found there were lens “breakpoints” where the illumination circle of a lens in a set would shrink. For example, the 20mm,
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The simplest interview setup ever: the modern update

Many years ago I wrote about the simplest interview lighting setup ever. Here’s my modern take on that same setup.
The TL;DR version is: I still use it.
I don’t shoot a lot of small talking-head interviews anymore. I work with bigger crews, and while I still shoot interviews the scale tends to be bigger. Generally, though, I use variations on this same theme. There are many ways to light faces, but to do this right one has to study those faces to get a sense of how they take light. When you’re shooting someone you’ve never met before, it’s
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THE ARRI ALEXA LF and Leica M0.8 Prime lenses In Nashville

I like to see new cameras, but more importantly, I like getting my grubby hands on them to see if I like them or not. Thanks to Nashville-based Contrast Visuals and Consulting fellow camera nerds in the area were also able to give the new ARRI ALEXA LF a spin.  Arri came to the southern city as part of its usual product tour they make about once a year, or so I am told. Attendees not only gave the ALEXA LF a spin but were also treated to Arri’s presentation about the ins and outs of the ALEXA LF.
Arri LF
Arri LF
Arri LF
Leica M0.8
Leica M0.8
Leica M0.8
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Speed lighting: more lessons from the ARRI Academy

The ARRI Academy isn’t only about learning how cameras work. We also teach how to use them.
I’ve never seen a class as motivated as the one we had in September. My co-instructor is Nico Fournier, of MTL Grande Studios in Montreal. We’ve been trying to make the ARRI Academy as much about artistry as technology. We use cameras to create art. It helps when our tools make it easier to capture our vision, but it’s all about the vision. Technology is a facilitator, not the goal.
We’ve split the course into two core pieces. On day one, Nico covers
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Business for Creatives – The Long-term Mindset You Need to Adopt

While visiting Sydney earlier this year, I had a good long chat with Den Lennie about the challenges of building and sustaining your Production Company, as well as how to stay busy as a freelance or contract DP. We dive deep into how to structure contracts and payments to protect yourself (and your sub-contractors), as well as how to position yourself in what can be a very crowded market. We also discuss some alternative reasons why you might want a DP or Production Company reel, and how to leverage that and your client relationships to get the type of work Continue reading "Business for Creatives – The Long-term Mindset You Need to Adopt"

ARRI Signature Primes: the conscious design of softness

This is a story about a lens family whose soft focus backgrounds were consciously designed, and the lens mount that made them possible. For the last six months I’ve been working part time as a trainer for the ARRI Academy’s Camera Systems class. Every month or so I travel to either Burbank or Brooklyn and work with a c0-trainer on a 2.5 day intensive workshop covering all of ARRI’s current cameras. Recently we’ve added the Alexa LF to the lineup, and it’s been a treat to work with. To be honest, it’s not terribly different to the SXT when
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