Adding C-Log to Canon 5D MkIV: NAB 2017 Video

At NAB 2017, Canon showed off C-Log for their 5D Mark IV DSLR. Now, this is a paid update to the Canon 5D Mark IV with a cost of $99.00. Owners will also need to send in their Canon 5D Mark IV to the manufacturer to install the update. For my dynamic range, around 12 stops, this seems like not a huge ordeal. In my opinion, it’s cool to see Canon put a feature in the 5D Mark IV that was originally in a much more expensive video camera. In the video below, Canon takes the time to show
Canon 5D
Canon 5D
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Quasar Science Shows Off 2×2 F50 LED Lights: NAB 2017

At NAB 2017, Quasar Science showed off their new edge-lit 2×2 LED panel the F50. This light has a high CRI at 95 and can change color from 3200 to 5600. The F50 is fully dimmable and can be used with an egg crate to control any of the spill light coming from the F50. The F50 comes in both 2×2 and 2×4 and are lightweight. F50 The post Quasar Science Shows Off 2×2 F50 LED Lights: NAB 2017 appeared first on ProVideo Coalition.

Quasar Science Shows Off LED Filament Bulbs: NAB 2017 Video

At NAB 2017, Quasar Science showed off their Starline and A-Series filament bulbs. These are like your standard light bulb, but come with a 95 CRI rating, fully dimmable LED, and come in three different color temperatures: 2000, 3000, and 5600 Kelvin. All of these bulbs have a price falling around $20. Quasar Science wants these bulbs to be affordable and considering their combined 100 years of experience on set it looks like this team knows what they are talking about. Quasar Quasar The post Quasar Science Shows Off LED Filament Bulbs: NAB 2017 Video appeared first on ProVideo Coalition.

Bold Bags Introduces A New Bag: NAB 2017 Video

The BOLD Bag is a lighter than a Pelican 1510 soft camera case with an extremely rigid exoskeleton made from military grade materials. Think lighter and nearly as tough as any other case out there. Inside the bag, it’s open format. All the dividers have velcro on their ends and can move into different positions. On the outside of the bag, you can find places to expand the bag by adding an extension to fit the custom set-up you need.

Who Are Bold Bags

Their mission is to craft the strongest and most practical gear transport and protection products possible to serve
Bold Bags
Bold Bags
Bold Bags
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Sigma Announces New Lenses and Prices: NAB 2017 Video

At NAB 2017 Sigma announced two new lenses to their brand new Cine Lenses line-up of cinema style lenses. The 14mm T2.0 and the 135mm T2.0. These two new lenses mean the entire Sigma Prime Cine Lens line-up numbers seven covering focal lengths from 14mm up to 135mm. One last piece of information before you watch the video… Sigma finally announced the prices for their Prime Cine Lenses. These lenses are priced at $3,500 each with Sigma looking at bundled pricing soon. $3,500 is a nice affordable price for a single lens, but I really wonder what kind
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Panasonic’s Secret Surprise Camera: NAB 2017 Video

This is not an official announcement. At least this is the feeling Panasonic is projecting at NAB 2017 with their new mystery camera hiding under a veil. So much drama! Is it too much drama? Maybe melodramatic? Who knows. See what Panasonic is saying… er not saying about their new camera.

Panasonic’s Missing Link

Panasonic has the VariCam LT which is a wonderful camera if not a little expensive for some owner/operators. Then Panasonic has the GH5 a mirrorless Micro 4/3 camera which is becoming very popular and is very affordable. Now, Panasonic has no camera in the mid-range.  Nothing.
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Bluetooth For Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro: NAB 2017 Video

AT NAB 2017, Blackmagic announced all URSA Mini Pro cameras feature built-in Bluetooth, but it hasn’t been enabled until now. The built-in Bluetooth allows shooters to send/receive commands from up to 30 feet away. To make the new Bluetooth support even more flexible, Blackmagic Design has developed a new open protocol and is publishing a developer API, along with sample code, for customers that wish to build their own camera control solutions. With a fully open API and developer support for URSA Mini Pro Bluetooth, owner/operators can go beyond the basic idea of the app. They can also build an iPad
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Atlas Lens Co. “Affordable” Anamorphic Primes at NAB 2017

“Anamorphic for all of us.” This is the backbone of the Altas Lens Co. The company behind the newly announced Orion series 2x anamorphic prime lenses: 40mm, 65mm, and 100mm all with T2 apertures. After they deliver those first three lenses in the first quarter of 2018 Atlas Lens Co. will roll out three additional focal lengths within twelve months. Those lenses will be a 32mm, 50mm, and an 80mm. These lenses are designed to cover sensors sizes up to the Alexa open-gate size and will also sport interchangeable lens mounts. Those mounts will be a standard PL, and Canon
Atlas Lens Co.
Atlas Lens Co.
Atlas Lens Co.
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Blackmagic Announces A Huge Update To DaVinci Resolve 14

Today Blackmagic Design announced a whole helluva lot of improvements to DaVinci Resolve 14. They are calling it the biggest release in the history of the product, and an update that has been designed to be more than an incremental software update, but a complete revolution in post production. I can say after seeing the updates Blackmagic may not be dishing any hyperbole on DaVinci Resolve 14.  Check out their video highlighting what is new, or keep reading. Blackmagic is hoping the new DaVinci Resolve 14 will shake up the separation of toolsets in post production and offer a new
DaVinci Resolve 14
DaVinci Resolve 14
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Panasonic Press Announcements at NAB 2017

Panasonic NAB 2017 Panasonic announced a new camera to the VariCam line-up. Will it be at NAB 2017? Nope, you will have to wait until Cinegear Expo in June to get your grubby hands on this one. What I, and likely you, can tell from the single silhouette image above is this new cinema camera will be smaller than the VariCam 35 and VariCam LT. I may even bet money this new camera is a similar weight and size to Sony FS5. For now, all we know is Panasonic has a new camera coming soon. Everything else about this new camera is a
Panasonic VariCam LT
Panasonic NAB 2017
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Sony NAB 2017 Press Event Announcements

Sony announced their new products and software the day before the National Association of broadcasters 2017 opened up the Las Vegas Convention floor. What we saw was a continued improvement for the Cine Alta line of cameras like the F55/F5. The continued expansion of High Dynamic Range for broadcast television specifically with sports and, if you work in TV News this might be important, IP workflows for Sony’s ENG cameras line-up. Check out the press conference below.

Updating F5/F55

The F5/F55 will be updated to firmware Version 9. This will enable new recording frame rates to both cameras. It appears
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A Guide to Shooting HDR TV: Day 6, “How the Audience Will See Your Work”

This is the sixth installment of a six-part HDR “survival guide.” Over the course of this series, I hope to impart enough wisdom to help you navigate your first HDR project successfully. Each day I’ll talk about a different aspect of HDR, leaving the highly technical stuff for the end. You can find part 5 here. Thanks much to Canon USA, who responded to my questions about shooting HDR by sponsoring this series.

There are several competing standards for HDR distribution. Each has consequences for the cinematographer and their work.


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