Train your eyes to see color, the easy way

Color awareness is a learned skill. All you really need is a car. The human brain is a funny thing. For the longest time I was aware of color in only the broadest sense. I wasn’t very good at formulating color combinations, or recognizing subtle hues, or evaluating variations in hues. Fortunately I had one key experience that put me on the right path. I took a beginners class in color at an interior design school, just for fun. In the class they ran a video from the late 1980s starring a designer by the name of Carlton Wagner. He
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Sony Tech Tip Video Series: Getting To Know Your LMD Monitor

Until the end of December, Sony Professional will roll out all new tech tip videos offering quick tech tips related to monitors and production. Just like the first installments, these videos feature Sony’s own Joseph Schimizzi, an engineer with Sony, as the host and tech maven who will help production staffs navigate their way to using Sony equipment, which can be a little complicated. Any help is very much appreciated. These Sony Tech Tip videos will be released weekly and the first two for fall 2017 are already on Sony Professional Solutions American’s YouTube page. So far topics range from LMD Monitor metadata to
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Sony Unlocks Full-Frame Capture On The VENICE

After the initial announcement of Sony’s new cinema camera, the VENICE, cinematographers, and directors called for Sony to release the VENICE with its Full-Frame 24x36mm image capture sooner than later and Sony listened. The immediate demand for Full-Frame capture was clear. The VENICE, with an optional license, will support Full-Frame 24x36mm recording from day one. The VENICE is expected to ship February 2018. If you have yet to see the footage from the camera then check out the short film “Dig,” which was shot on the VENICE. Here is what Sony says about the VENICE and its Full-Frame Sensor. “VENICE
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Opening titles: commercials that sell a series

The art of the opening title sequence is flourishing like never before. The best ones contain clues, “Easter eggs,” as to the theme of path of the series. I’ve collected some examples below. I’m constantly on the lookout for new and interesting TV series. We live in a golden age, where I’d rather stay home and watch ten hours of deeply-plotted long form television than go to a movie theater and watch two hours of made-for-the-masses light entertainment. TV networks are trying to outdo each other in making niche content that new customers can discover over time, and a lot
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Blackmagic Design Releases DaVinci Resolve 14.1

Alright, Alright, Alright, Blackmagic Design has released the latest version of the color grading and editing software DaVinci Resolve. Firmware 14.1 is officially available to download and install, but WAIT! Do not install it just yet. This update requires a few new processes to get it correct. Do not do as I did, which was update my Mac OS and then update my DaVinci Resolve. Nope, did not work. Blackmagic Design needs all DaVinci Resolve Studio users to update their PostgreSQL server BEFORE updating their computer’s operating system. Resolve Here is what Blackmagic Design directs you to do “Until DaVinci Resolve
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Three beautiful TV shows you probably aren’t watching

I’ve worked on episodic television. I know how fast it moves. That’s why I’m amazed at how good recent TV shows tend to look. Not only are the stories and acting better than what I see in features, but the cinematography is on par as well. It’s not always as complex as one will see on a feature, but it’s amazing what television cinematographers are able to do quickly and simply. The following are three shows that I’ve watched and enjoyed over the last year or two that tend to be pretty obscure, at least in the U.S. Each
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