Photographer Searching for Couple in His Epic Yosemite Engagement Photo

Michigan freelance photographer Matthew Dippel was in Yosemite National Park in California recently when he spotted a man walk out to the edge of a cliff with his girlfriend and drop to one knee. Dippel captured a breathtaking photo of the proposal from his vantage point, and now he’s searching for the mystery couple in his photo. CNN reports that Dippel was at Taft Point waiting to photograph his friend Josh when he noticed the proposal going down. He’s the photo he made: While the wide-angle photo makes the couple look extremely far away, they were located only about a
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Photo Memes May Be Making Teens Fat, Researchers Warn

Less than a month after Sweden’s ad regulator ruled that the distracted boyfriend photo is sexist, researchers in the UK are now warning lawmakers that viral Internet memes may be causing obesity in teenagers who see them. The concern was shared in a letter written by researchers at Loughborough University to a British parliamentary committee that’s currently tasked with analyzing the effects of social media on the health of young people in the UK. “Our provisional inquiries show that a substantial number of individuals on Twitter share health-related Internet memes, with both positive and negative messages, through their public
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Banksy’s ‘Director’s Cut’ of His $1.4M Art Getting Shredded at Auction

One of the biggest stories in the art world this year was street artist Banksy having his painting “self-destruct” just moments after the work sold for nearly $1.4 million at auction. Banksy just shared the 3-minute director’s cut above of the prank as it went down.

In the video, we see new footage of the “Girl with Balloon” artwork being auctioned off. Shortly after the hammer falls, someone in attendance presses a button on a remote, an alarm starts ringing out, and the art begins passing down through the hidden shredder in the bottom of the frame, stopping about

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A $10 Headshot Versus a $25 Headshot

A university student named Amish recently learned one of the basic truths of photography (and life): you generally get what you pay for. Amish, who’s currently studying at the University of Florida, just started looking for a job and decided to update his LinkedIn profile picture. While browsing Facebook, Amish saw an ad placed by a guy who said he’d take headshot photos for $10. “I asked him to take the picture but it wasn’t great,” Amish tells PetaPixel. A couple of days later, Amish saw another Facebook post in the same group by a gal who charged $25. “I
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Magazine Covers Shot with Phones Ain’t No Thang

Scoring a national magazine cover shoot to prove the greatness of a phone’s camera has become part of the standard PR playbook for manufacturers. TIME featured photos taken by Luisa Dörr using an iPhone for a September 2017 cover story entitled “Firsts” about women changing the world.
One of seventeen TIME covers photographed on iPhone by Luisa Dörr.
And GQ’s November 2018 cover features an image of First Man’s Ryan Gosling shot by Giampaolo Sgura on a Google Pixel 3.
Photo by Giampaolo Sgura shot with a Google Pixel 3.
On the one hand, the quality
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The US Army Combat Cameraman

Here’s a 1.5-minute video published by NATO about the role of US Army combat cameramen who document soldiers in peace and war, at rest and in combat. “Unique among soldiers, combat cameramen (COMCAM) run into battle with a camera in their hands, and their mission is to capture what happens for the record,” NATO writes. The video was produced by Intrepid TV, which interviewed US Army combat cameraman Austin Boucher about his job in war zones, disaster relief areas, and wherever else he gets sent. Boucher uses a Canon 5D Mark III, producer Rob Kunzig of Intrepid
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Why You’ll Never Find a Camera That’s Been to the Moon on eBay

NASA’s Apollo Program was an audacious mission to send astronauts to the moon — a national goal set by President John F. Kennedy’s in a bold speech in 1961 that was an ongoing part of the Cold War. NASA’s use of photography aboard spacecraft originated during the Mercury Program when John Glenn carried two cameras during his Mercury-Atlas 6 program: 1) a Leica 1g for ultraviolet spectroscopic photos, and 2) a modified Ansco Autoset (which was a rebadged Minolta Hi-Matic by the Ansco Company) which took the first human-shot, color still photos.
Astronaut Wally Schirra had been using a Hasselblad
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This Alien-Themed Maternity Shoot is the Stuff of Nightmares

Maternity photo shoots are usually tender moments showing expectant parents lovingly anticipating the birth of a child. But one couple decided to go a different route: their maternity shoot pays homage to Alien. Yes, the classic 1979 science fiction horror film. Warning: This article contains humorously gory photos that some may find disturbing. It all started after Todd Cameron found an Alien Chestburster model at a garage sale. Since his wife Nicole didn’t want a “serious” maternity photo shoot, Todd had the idea of using the xenomorph model for a lighthearted series of maternity photos. The Nanaimo, British Columbia-based
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From Lighting Test to Album Cover: The Tale of a Photo in the Social Media Age

As a photographer in 2018, I can’t help but think of my photos as drops in an ocean of imagery. Here are a few quick stats: There are over 60 million photos uploaded to Instagram every day (not to mention Instagram stories). Then there are the photos posted to Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook (some people still use it, right?), blogs, etc, etc. Then you have the printed image, with over 1,300 daily newspapers and 7,000 magazines currently in publication, in the U.S. alone. Then you’ve got ads, with the average person seeing more than 5,000 images a day. We
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This is What a Drone Strike Would Do to an Airplane

As drones continue to explode in popularity, there have been more and more stories of operators flying way too close to airplanes. Now new research is revealing just how much damage a direct drone strike would do to an airplane’s wing. Scientists at the University of Dayton Research Institute have published results of impact tests that they say “prove large aircraft won’t always win in collision with small drones.” The test was designed to mimic a midair collision between an airplane and a drone at 238 miles per hour. Scientists launched a 2.1-pound DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter at
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ESPN Mocked for Wide Camera Angle That Turned Football Players Into Ants

For certain sports, telephoto lenses are crucial for allowing viewers to see the action from a distance. But for one major football game this weekend, ESPN was forced to broadcast parts of the game with a wide-angle view. Frustration, mocking, and hilarity ensued. SBNation reports that this is what ESPN’s TV broadcast looked like at the beginning of the game: You can see the same view of the players looking like ants on the field in this highlights video:
The wide angle view made it impossible to see the action for certain plays… like this field goal:

Banksy Artwork ‘Self-Destructs’ After Selling for $1.4M at Auction

The anonymous street artist known as Banksy just pulled off one of the greatest pranks ever seen in the art world: one of his paintings was sold for nearly $1.4 million at a Sotheby’s auction in London last night, and immediately after being sold, the painting self-destructed. The 2006 spray-painted canvas painting titled “Girl With a Balloon” had a final price of £1,042,000 ($1,367,471) with the buyer’s premium.
Photo by Robert Casterline/Casterline Goodman Gallery and used with permission.
After the hammer fell, attendees suddenly heard an alarm ring out. As everyone’s attention was drawn to the painting in
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Selfies Have Led to 259+ Deaths Since 2011 — Here’s How

It has been widely reported that selfies cause more deaths these days than shark attacks. Now a new study has provided new facts and figures on how at least 259 people have lost their lives while trying to capture smartphone self-portraits since 2011. Researchers at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences did a comprehensive investigation into English-language news reports of selfie-related deaths between October 2011 and November 2017. In all, they found 259 deaths in 137 separate incidents around the world. Of these ‘selficides,’ as the researchers call them, 72.5% of them were men and 27.5% were
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Hey, Photographers: When You Give It Away, You Diminish All of Our Work

I don’t think I’m a particularly brilliant photographer. Sure, I’ve carved out a little niche here in a small part of the world and my landscape photography is relatively well known among the local community, but I’m no big-shot Instagram influencer, I haven’t got a nationally or internationally recognizable name, and I sure as s**t do not earn a living from photography. I only started selling my photographs because there was a demand for them. Some local businesses contacted me and wanted to use my images and then my Facebook page grew popular and there was some demand for prints.
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Wedding Photographer Pushes Stepmom Aside to Get the Shot

Wedding photographers often complain of ‘Uncle Bobs,’ or relatives who get in the way of professional photographers while trying to snap their own photos. When photographer Ashley Easterling encountered this during a wedding ceremony recently, she refused to allow the relative to ruin the bride and groom’s first kiss photo. The 46-second video shows Josh and Lorna Dane Gantt being pronounced as husband and wife. As Easterling stands in the aisle to capture their first kiss as a married couple, Easterling’s stepmother (who had repeatedly stood in the aisle to shoot photos with her smartphone) stepped in front of Easterling
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Photoshop Fail or Lighting Illusion? Apprentice Photos Cause Stir

The UK reality game show The Apprentice is being mocked over what people are calling a hilarious Photoshop fail. But is it actually a case of unfortunate posing and a trick of the light? The contestants of the 14th season were announced last month, and people on social media immediately pointed out the hands of contestants Kayode Damali and Frank Brooks.
Damali in a group photo.
The Telegraph reports that fans believe the photos were manipulated and show three different hands.

Seal Slaps Kayaker in the Face with an Octopus

Filmmaker Taiyo Masuda was kayaking with his friend Kyle Mulinder when he captured an unusual wildlife encounter on camera: a seal swam right up to Mulinder and slapped him viciously in the face with a large octopus. The footage above was captured using a GoPro HERO7 Black off the coast of South Island in New Zealand and has been going viral online. “We were kayaking in the winter NZ Kaikoura, beautiful day, seals were swimming and enjoying the sun on the rocks,” Masuda tells PetaPixel. Right around lunchtime, several seals started to swim around. We just thought they were refreshing
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This is the First Video Ever Shot from an Asteroid’s Surface

A week after giving us the first photo from the surface of asteroid 162173 Ryugu, Japan’s MINERVA rovers have just sent back new views of the asteroid’s surface, including the first video ever from an asteroid’s surface. MINERVA-II2 (AKA Rover 1B) captured 15 frames over 74 minutes on September 23rd of the sun “traveling” across the “sky.” When played back in sequence, the images become a video of the rover’s view, captured 174 million miles (280M km) away from Earth. The rover also shared photos of the rocky asteroid surface in between hops: The rovers are moving around
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Distracted Boyfriend Photo Meme is Sexist, Sweden’s Ad Regulator Rules

The widely-shared Distracted Boyfriend photo meme has been ruled to be sexist by Sweden’s advertising regulator. The photo was originally captured by Barcelona-based photographer Antonio Guillem and sold as a stock photo titled, “Man Looking at Other Woman.” In 2017, the Internet began remixing the image into humorous memes, and Guillem’s photo took on a life of its own.
Photographer Antonio Guillem’s original stock photo, “Man Looking At Other Woman.”
Although its popularity has waned since its peak in 2017, the Swedish Internet services provider Bahnhof used the meme photo for a job recruitment ad posted to Facebook
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The Nikon Z7 Louis Vuitton Edition

Behold: the ultra-uber-limited Nikon Z7 Louis Vuitton edition. The 24K gold camera is wrapped in soft albino buckskin covered with the luxury label’s famous LV monogram. Only 7 will be produced with each camera (bundled with a 24-70mm f/4S lens and exotic strap) priced at $7 million. Just kidding. Photographer Boonlert Rojanaboworn, the operator of Nikon Club Thailand, created this Photoshopped faux special edition camera as a joke for his community of camera enthusiasts. Nikon Rumors then picked it up, causing Nikon photographers around the Web to balk. But there are actually prior examples of real limited edition
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