Museum Offers Free Photo Digitization for Black Families

The National Museum of African American History & Culture in Washington, D.C, is offering African American families free digitization services so that they can bring analog media (such as photos and video cassettes) into the digital age. As part of The Great Migration Home Movie Project, the NMAAHC wants to partner “with individuals and organizations across the United States to preserve their important analog audiovisual media.” 16mm, Super 8, and Regular 8mm film can be digitized and then made searchable in the museum’s archives. Audio recordings and videotapes in Hi-8/8mm, MiniDV, 3/4″ U-matic, VHS, Betacam, 1″ open reel video, and 1/2″
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Bus Photobombs Ruins Shot of Georgia Dome Implosion in a Hilarious Way

The Georgia Dome stadium was demolished yesterday after serving for decades as the home of the Atlanta Falcons NFL football team. During the event, one unlucky cameraman was on the receiving end of one of the funniest bus photobombs you’ll see. The 46-second video above shows what happened to the cameraman operating The Weather Channel’s livestream of the event. After 40 minutes of waiting to capture the implosion for the world to see, the cameraman was horrified to see a large bus roll into the frame at the exact moment the implosion began. “No bus! Get out of the way!
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The Story of a Scammer on Facebook Who Conned Me (and Many Others)

Scams involving cameras are rampant these days. After almost losing a Nikon D850 to a scam on eBay, I recently also discovered a massive camera scam that involved 10 people. Here’s the story. On 10/02/2017, a person named Megan A. listed a used camera for sale on a Facebook ‘Buy and Sell’ group. The camera, a Sony A5100 with a 16-50mm lens ($500 new), was described as being in pristine condition and barely used. Her ad was answered by a Facebook user named Kassidy Nadile. The potential buyer didn’t haggle on the asking price, and after some discussions via
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‘My Wife Won’t Let Me Photograph Women’

When photographer Manny Ortiz first took up portrait photography, his wife Diana wasn’t happy about him photographing women — he soon learned that this was a common issue among other photographers online. In this 7-minute video, the pair discusses how they overcame their issues and grew stronger as a couple. The jealousy first began in the other direction early in the relationship, when Ortiz didn’t want Diana (who did modeling on the side while going to school) to continue modeling for other photographers. There was soon a mutual jealousy that caused problems in their relationship. “The thing that I did that
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St. Louis Police Ordered to Reaffirm Journalist Rights Once a Month

The St. Louis police department has just made a big move in support of photographer and journalist rights: police officers are now being ordered to read and acknowledge the rights of journalists once a month. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Interim Police Chief Lawrence O’Toole made the announcement this week after a number of photojournalists and reporters were arrested in September and October. The journalists were covering protests sparked by former police officer Jason Stockley being found not guilty of murder for his 2011 fatal shooting of Anthony Lamar Smith. Getty photographer Scott Olson was arrested on September 17th
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Photographer Apologizes for Editing Actress’ Hair Out of Cover Photo

A photographer is publicly apologizing this week after actress Lupita Nyong’o took to social media to complain that her hair had been edited out of a cover photo on the women’s magazine Grazia. Nyong’o is a Kenyan-Mexican actress who won an Oscar for her role in the film 12 Years a Slave. The controversy started when Nyong’o saw her cover photo on Grazia and noticed that a large portion of her hair had been edited out and smoothed to make it appear that she had short hair. She then posted messages to her social media accounts complaining about the editing.
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Rock Legend Brian May Slams Photog for Protecting Her Copyright

Queen lead guitarist Brian May is lashing out at a photographer after she reported his copyright infringement to Instagram and got his account temporarily disabled. In an Instagram post yesterday, May shared a screenshot of the Copyright Violation notice sent to him by Instagram after a photographer named Barbara Kremer reported that May had published one of her photos of him without permission.
The copyright infringement notice Instagram sent Brian May.
May says that he’s “usually very careful to credit anyone whose photos” he posts, but he “must have forgotten” in this particular case. He takes exception to the
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Newsweek Slammed for Cover Photo of Phallic Balloon

Newsweek is getting widely criticized after sharing a sneak peek of the cover on the November 17th issue of the magazine. To illustrate the lead article about sexual harassment, the magazine decided to use a photo of a feminine hand sticking a needle into a phallic balloon. The cover was Tweeted by both the magazine and its Global Executive Producer, Alfred Joyner:

“Pop go the weasels. #MeToo is taking down powerful men in
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The Olympus Accounting Scandal is Being Made Into a TV Series

In 2011, Olympus was rocked by a financial scandal after it fired its British CEO who had raised questions about over $1 billion in questionable “acquisitions” between 2006 and 2008. As the truth was uncovered, seven Olympus officials were arrested for fraud and the former CEO settled a lawsuit for $15.5 million. Now the famous camera brand’s scandal is being made into a TV series. The Telegraph reports that CEO-turned-whistleblower Michael Woodford has signed an international TV deal to tell the story of his role in Olympus’ downfall.
Olympus stock plummeted in October 2011 when CEO Michael Woodford was
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Camera Battery Explodes at Airport, Sparking Panic

Orlando International Airport received a scare yesterday when some travelers heard what appeared to be a loud gunshot. After the commotion had settled down, it turns out that one person’s lithium ion camera battery had exploded. Local ABC news station WVTV9 reports that after the loud bang was heard, law enforcement quickly responded and determined that it wasn’t a shot fired. The Orlando Police Department soon posted a Tweet to reassure those at the airport:

Photoshop Turns Rock Climbing Photos Into Rock Worshiping Photos

Here’s a strange and hilarious idea that the Internet has spawned: if you Photoshop rock climbers out of bouldering photos and leave the spotters in the frame, the resulting images look like photos of rock worshipers. @allmightystone is a new Instagram account dedicated to collecting and sharing these Photoshopped creations.
Just for reference, here’s what unaltered bouldering photos look like when they contain both the spotter(s) and the rock climber:
Photo on left by Jarek Tuszyński
Here are some more examples of Photoshopped rock worshiping
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5-Year-Old Girl Gets Dream Wedding Photo Shoot Before 4th Heart Surgery

After undergoing three open heart surgeries, 5-year-old Sophia Chiappalone had one wish before her fourth operation: to be a princess and marry her best friend, Hunter. After hearing of the wish, a family friend and pro photographer decided to give Sophia the photo shoot of her dreams. ABC News reports that Sophia was born with several heart defects and is scheduled for a fourth open heart surgery in January 2018. Late last month, photographer Marisa Balletti-Lavoie of Sassy Mouth Photography did the faux wedding photo shoot at City Park in Meriden, Connecticut. A local bridal shop supplied a flower girl’s
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Sheep Can Recognize Celebrity Faces in Photos

Sheep can recognize human faces in photos at a level that’s comparable to humans. That’s what scientists discovered through testing sheep by showing them celebrity portraits. Researchers at Cambridge University led by neurobiology professor Jenny Morton conducted the study by leading 8 different sheep one at a time into a research barn and showing them a photo of one of four celebrities: Barack Obama, Emma Watson, Fiona Bruce, and Jake Gyllenhall. The sheep were given food to create an association.
A sheep looking at a photo of Emma Watson.
Next, the sheep were taken into the barn and shown two
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‘Polaroid’ is a Scary Short Film with an Instant Camera

Why do so many photography-themed scary films feature Polaroid cameras? Who knows… but this 3-minute short film titled “Polaroid” by Joey Greene will have your heart racing. The synopsis reads: “It’s the things we can’t see that terrify us the most…” Not to be confused with a horror movie released into cinemas this year that’s also called Polaroid, this new film was shot with a very small crew using a RED Scarlet-Weapon. It was honored as a Staff Pick at Vimeo. In the film, the main character appears to be moving into a house. He opens up a box
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This GoPro Got Covered by Lava, Burst Into Flames… and Survived

Here’s the amazing story of a tough little GoPro camera that refused to die. It was hit by molten lava, burst into flames, and somehow survived to shoot another day. Erik Storm is the owner and lead guide of Kilauea EcoGuides in Hawaii. About 16 months ago, he was on a tour when he placed his GoPro into a crack to film lava flows.
Erik Storm with his GoPro near molten lava in Hawaii.
“I was telling a story when the molten lava completely engulfed my GoPro (with housing on) and it caught on fire,” Storm tells PetaPixel. “I used
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Iconic Italian Town of Positano Imposes $1,100+ Photo Permit Fee

If you planning on visiting and photographing the picturesque seaside town of Positano in Italy, here’s something you need to know: the famous village has just introduced a hefty €1,000 (~$1,162) “tax” for commercial photography. The Times reports that Positano mayor Michele De Lucia has announced the €1,000 permit fee for commercial photos as well as a €2,000 (~$2,324) fee for commercial videos. If you thought Laguna Beach’s $100+ photo permit was steep, Positano’s permit costs about 10 times as much. Photographers who wish to shoot commercially in Positano will have to apply for the permit at least 30
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Khloe Kardashian Brings Own Lighting to DMV for Driver’s License Photo

Here’s an unusual idea that you may only be able to pull off if you’re rich, famous, and well-connected: socialite Khloe Kardashian wanted the perfect driver’s license photo, so she decided to bring her own portrait lighting and makeup artist to the DMV. In a recent episode of the reality TV show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kardashian brought lighting director Landon Hosto and her friend Malika Haqq to the DMV to help improve her driver’s license photo. After getting touched up by Haqq, Kardashian posed for her official portrait while Hosto held up a giant ring light in
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This Guy Ruins His Friends’ Instagram Food Photos

In the age of Instagram, snapping a photo of a picture-perfect meal before eating it has become something of a ritual (science also suggests it helps food taste better). But one guy has made it a ritual of his own to ruin his friends’ Instagram food photos and capture their horrified expressions. Kevin Freshwater posted a compilation video showing how his friends react to having their Instagram food snap ruined as it’s being shot (warning: there’s some strong language):
It seems there’s some kind of universal disdain for this type of Instagram photo. In less than a week after
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What IS a Professional Photographer?

The phrase heard every day in the world of photography is “I am a professional photographer.” This statement must be viewed in the context that 8 out of 10 people with a DSLR refer to themselves as professional photographers. Of course, this statistical claim is a MUS (Made-Up-Stat). OK, the math is fuzzy, but in reality, the claim is not that outlandish. The serious question is “What makes a photographer a professional?” The great headshot photographer Peter Hurley obviously is one, and even though a friend recently paid me for a portrait last month, I am definitely not
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