Photographer: ‘Stranger Things’ Used My Storm Cloud Without Permission

Photographer Sean R. Heavey was watching the hit series Stranger Things on Netflix when he spotted a storm cloud that looked strangely familiar. It turns out show had apparently used one of Heavey’s photos while creating the scene, and Heavey isn’t happy about it. Heavey says he realized that the cloud that appears in the Stranger Things episode looked extremely similar to his but wasn’t the same one. A few weeks later, however, Heavey’s friend was watching the Beyond Stranger Things behind-the-scenes special (episode 3) on Netflix when he noticed the concept art that was used by the Stranger Things
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A Collective Portrait of Paris Made with a Sea of Instagram Photos

What does Paris look like when seen through the eyes and lenses of thousands of unrelated photographers? That’s what researcher and artist Moritz Stefaner explores in Multiplicity, a mesmerizing new art installation that’s on display in France’s capital.
Today, we collectively and continuously document our city experience on social media platforms, shaping a virtual city image. Multiplicity reveals a novel view of this photographic landscape of attention and interests. How does Paris look as seen through the lens of thousands of photographers? What are the hotspots of attraction, what are the neglected corners? What are recurring poses and tropes?
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News Station Pays for Photo Shoot to Confront Wedding Photographer

Investigative reporters often find it difficult or impossible to reach wedding photographers at the center of complaints and controversies. A local TV station recently came up with a clever way of setting up a face-to-face confrontation: it booked and paid for a photo shoot. Salt Lake City-based NBC affiliate KSL TV just aired an investigation into wedding photographer David Bowe Jacobs of Bellissima Images Photography, who’s accused by a couple of being a “no show” at their wedding. In order to interview Jacobs on camera, KSL stealthily hired the photographer for an engagement session. And while Jacobs was photographing the
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Man Tries to Snap Selfie with Bear, Gets Mauled to Death

A man in India was mauled to death by a bear on Wednesday after he approached the animal to shoot a selfie. Hindustan Times reports that the man in the Indian state of Odisha had been returning home from a wedding when they stopped near a forest to use the restroom. That’s when the man noticed the wounded bear nearby and decided to try for a selfie with it. As the man approached, the bear charged him and fatally mauled him after a struggle. The incident was caught on camera by bystanders (warning: the footage is quite disturbing):
“The driver’s
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Ex-NFL Player Now a 6’5″, 300-Pound Sports Photographer

Walter Jones is a former NFL player for the Seattle Seahawks who was voted into the Hall of Fame in 2014, his first year of eligibility. After years of dominating other athletes, Jones now has a new passion: documenting them: he’s now one of the largest sports photographers you’ll ever see on a sideline. Q13 FOX News just featured Jones in this 3-minute segment about the 6-foot-5, 300-pound Jones’ love for photography:
“I want people to take me seriously,” Jones tells Q13 News. “This is something I really want to do. This is something I really want to craft. I’m
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Conan O’Brien’s Take on the ‘Stuffed Anteater’ Photo Contest Scandal

Photographer Marcio Cabral‘s disqualification from the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year photo contest for allegedly using a stuffed anteater has been huge news around the world — so big, that it’s even made it onto a late night talk show. Here’s a new 1.5-minute clip in which Conan O’Brien pokes fun at the scandal. “An award-winning wildlife photographer put a stuffed anteater in one of his compositions and now people are starting to question the authenticity of his other photos,” Team Coco writes. Earlier this week, we shared a closer look at the photos at the center
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Photo-a-Day Projects Improve Well-Being, Study Finds

Shooting a photo every day and then sharing it online improves your well-being. That’s what scientists found after studying a group of people who have committed themselves to photo-a-day projects (often referred to as “Project365“). The findings were just published in a paper titled “The daily digital practice as a form of self-care: Using photography for everyday well-being” in the journal Health. UK scientists Liz Brewster of Lancaster University and Andrew M Cox of the University of Sheffield were behind the study. The duo selected a sample of subjects with approximate ages ranging from 20 to
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Egyptian Photojournalist Facing Death Penalty Wins ‘Press Freedom Prize’

Egyptian photojournalist Mahmoud Abu Zeid, also known as Shawkan, has been awarded the 2018 UNESCO/Guillermo Cano Press Freedom Prize. Shawkan has been in jail since August 2013 after being arrested for covering the August 2013 Rabaa massacre. He’s also facing the death penalty after the prosecutor reportedly called for it last year.

Shawkan was selected by an independent international jury of media professionals for the prize, which “recognizes a person, organization or institution that has made an outstanding contribution
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Record Label Insults Photographer After Stealing Her Photos

Photographers commonly deal with photos being used without permission these days, but oftentimes infringements can be resolved in a friendly and agreeable way. Concert photographer Adrienne Row-Smith recently experienced the opposite: after asking nicely that her misused photos be taken down, Row-Smith received some angry words for a music label. The incident began after Row-Smith covered a show for Monkey Goose Magazine and photographed all the bands for the publication’s articles. After the review was published, she soon found that photos from the article had been downloaded, re-edited, cropped to remove the watermark, and shared by a band and its
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What Facebook Can Learn About You From a Single Uploaded Photo

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is testifying on Capitol Hill this week regarding his company’s use of users’ personal data. Zuckerberg denied secretly listening to users through microphones for ad targeting, but the company is able to quietly collect quite a bit of data from a single uploaded photo. The Wall Street Journal has published an article (behind a paywall) titled “How Pizza Night Can Cost More in Data Than Dollars.” In it, the WSJ examines subtle ways you may be handing over personal data to Facebook and other high-tech companies during a quiet evening at home.
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‘Film is Still Alive’ is a Mini-Doc About the Love of Analog Photography

Just as vinyl records have made a comeback as of late, film photography has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years. Film is Still Alive is a 10-minute miniature documentary that explores why film photographers these days are still in love with their medium despite the camera industry moving to digital. The documentary was made by Canadian photographer Take Kayo and filmmaker Ryan Savella, who spoke to a number of amateur and professional film photographers to hear their thoughts. “Film photography never died, it was dormant,” the duo writes. “Now it’s alive and thriving.” The duo is aiming
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Film in a Digital Age: The Phoenix Film Revival

“Ah, s**t!” Andrew Rogers shouts as he spills developer all over the table and onto his vintage yellow Kodachrome film shirt. Hidden in the back corner of the semi-popular “video game” bar, The Grid in Mesa, Arizona, he and three fellow film fanatics mix chemicals and develop E6 color positive film. The bar, named after the computer world in the cult-classic Disney movie, Tron, hosts a plethora of video games, board games, and of course, alcohol. Rogers continues to mix the chemicals, shifting and swirling the cylindrical container — with his film inside — from hand to hand, this
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A Message to Portrait Photographers

She came in for her senior session. Her hair was a mess of tangled waves, unruly and uncooperative. Her face was covered with freckles and dotted with acne. She wasn’t model proportions and the clothing she wore required careful adjustment to keep it from bunching up in places. She was sweet and shy, a girl not used to attention being focused on herself. But 10 minutes into her session, the shyness wore off, leaving behind a girl full of life and laughter. The session ended, she came back for her screening and the order went into production. Several weeks later,
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Photographer Finds His Stolen Camera Lens on eBay — It Sells for $65,100

Photographer Daniel Zvereff lost his precious custom-modified Canon 50mm f/0.95 “dream lens” last month, and this week he came across that very lens for sale through an eBay auction. He then watched as the auction ended yesterday with a ridiculous winning bid of $65,100. The Phoblographer broke the story of Zvereff’s lens yesterday, reporting that the lens on eBay is 100% the stolen lens because serial number is the same. Daniel originally purchased the unusual modified Leica M-mount lens for about $2,300 from eBay back in 2013, and he spent about $800 having the lens coded (to allow Leica
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Adorama Angers Film Photographers with Article and ‘Stolen’ Photo

The camera superstore Adorama is closed this week in observance of Passover, but it still somehow found itself in the center of controversy among passionate film photographers over a pro-digital article and “stolen” photo. Yesterday, veteran photographer and writer Mason Resnick (Senior Contributing Writer for the Adorama Learning Center) published an article titled, “5 Reasons Why I Am Never Going Back to Film Photography.” Resnick’s stated reasons for never going back to film are: (1) “digital costs less than film,” (2) “digital is faster,” (3) “digital is healthier,” (4) “digital is more flexible,” and (5) “I can make
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Photographer Sparks Armed Manhunt After Being Mistaken for ‘Sniper’

An astrophotographer in Ireland recently caused a strange scare: he was mistaken for a “sniper,” and it resulted in an armed police manhunt. The night sky photographer was setting up his camera and tripod on a beach at south Kerry bay on March 18th at around 6:30 p.m. when a passerby on the dunes spotted him. The walker thought the photographer was carrying a rifle around on the beach, so they called the national police force (known as the Gardaí) and reported that a dangerous “sniper” was roaming the area. Authorities reacted to the alarming report with a
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The Best Photography April Fools’ Jokes of 2018

April Fools’ Day rolled through on a Sunday this year, but there was no shortage of tongue-in-cheek stories published in the world of photography. Here’s a roundup of some of the best jokes put out by companies and publications.

Extreme Lunar Landscapes Photography Workshop

Aperture Academy announced a new landscape photography workshop on the moon. The 10-day workshop allows photographers to shoot famous features on Earth from a perspective that few have been privileged enough to enjoy. You’ll need a Nikon DSLR, a weighted tripod, and some sunscreen. Dehydrated meals and lodging are included in the price of $1,225,000.

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Life Beyond Photography

A deep passion for photography is only part of what it takes to succeed as a full-time photographer. Fewer staff positions combined with static or declining rates has led many photographers and photo editors to exit the profession in the past few years. But change isn’t always negative. The following individuals found renewed purpose carving… The post Life Beyond Photography appeared first on PhotoShelter Blog.

This Photographer Restores Forgotten Veterans’ Tombstones

Nearly 10 years ago, photography enthusiast Andrew Lumish visited an old cemetery in Tampa, Florida, to shoot photos of historic graves. He was struck by how derelict some of the veterans’ forgotten headstones were… so he decided to do something about it. Lumish put down his camera and began visiting cemeteries on most Sundays, his days off, to carefully restore the abandoned headstones that have been blackened by decades of weather, mold, moss, and mildew. He has spent countless hours scrubbing the headstones — some take several minutes while others take upwards of a few hours — getting them back
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US to Require Social Media Usernames of All Visa Applicants

The United States has just proposed new rules that would require all visa applicants to provide their social media usernames from the past 5 years. If you’re thinking of visiting or moving to the US, you may soon have to be okay with officials flipping through your online photos. We reported back in December 2016 that the US had begun asking foreign travelers for their usernames for Instagram and other social media services in a new “optional” section of the U.S. Visa Waiver Program (which allows citizens of 38 countries to visit the U.S. for 90 days without
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