Diver Captures Moment He Finds Shipwreck Treasure Worth $1 Million

A diver’s helmet camera recently captured the moment he stumbled upon treasure from a 1715 shipwreck off the coast of Florida. The 1-minute video above was recorded by Brent Brisben, who found 51 gold coins, 40 feet of gold chain, and an extremely rare coin made for Phillip V, King of Spain. Together, the found treasure is worth over $1 million. Brisben is the owner of a company called Queens Jewels LLC, which has salvaging rights to the 1715 Fleet, a group of 11 Spanish ships that sank off the coast of Florida on July 31st, 1715. His find was one of the biggest hauls of treasure so far from the shipwreck site, and luckily for him, he managed to capture the historic discovery on camera. foundgold “I was literally shaking,” Brisben tells New York Daily News. “It was overwhelming.” Of the 11 ships that sank, 6 have been identified
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Soldier Dad Surprises His Son by Photobombing His School Portrait Shoot

Here’s a case of a photobomb done right: when Army Corporal James Bass returned home to Durham, North Carolina, back in April, after many months abroad, he decided to surprise his 8-year-old son Joshua by photobombing him during his official school portrait photo shoot. As the third grader posed for his picture, Bass stepped into the background of the shot. The photographer then showed the boy the portrait on the back of the camera, causing some momentary confusion before the touching reunion between father and son. The whole thing was captured in the 1-minute video seen above.

The ‘Tri-clops’ is a Wearable Camera Obscura with 3 Eyes on the World

Triclops and eyes sml The “Tri-clops,” created by pinhole photographer Justin Quinnell,” is the world’s first multi-screen, wearable camera obscura. The device (and two extra I-scuras, as seen above) will be making the founds at several art and science festivals (e.g. Sidmouth and Green Man) in the UK over the coming months. Here’s a quick overview of the “Tri-clops,” as presented by Quinnell’s daughter at the recent Womad festival: When a user sticks their head into the camera obscura, they’re presented with a “stereo + 1″ view of the outside world. “It’s basically three images, one to the left, one to the right and one straight ahead, all upside down and back to front,” Quinnell tells PetaPixel. “It’s like being on a different planet.” internal triptich “The best bit is walking around with it on. Very tricky!” kiddy waving Triclops with eyes If you’d like to find out how to build your own camera obscura, there’s an
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Man Bitten While Taking Selfie with Rattlesnake, Gets $153K Hospital Bill

bittenrattlesnake People still aren’t getting the message that taking selfies with wild animals can be a very bad idea. Yet another tourist was flipped by a bison in Yellowstone last week while shooting a selfie, but that pales in comparison to what happened to a San Diego man earlier this month: the guy tried to take a selfie with a rattlesnake, got bitten, and racked up a $153,000 hospital bill for his treatment. KGTV San Diego reports that Todd Fassler was bitten on the arm after picking up a rattlesnake from some brush and trying to take a selfie with it. Doctors had to use up the anti-venom stash at two different hospitals in order to save Fassler’s life, and that “pharmacy” charge added $83,000 to Fassler’s bill. The total
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Woman Flipped Into the Air After Selfie with Bison

7699211780_642e2e137c_z Yet another tourist has been attacked by a bison while taking a selfie in Yellowstone National Park, prompting park officials to release another public warning against the practice. In a notice published last week, officials report that a 43-year-old woman from Mississippi decided to stop about 6 yards away from a bison to pose for a selfie with her daughter. The bison then charged the woman, flipping her into the air with its head. The woman’s husband then covered her with his body to protect her as the bison retreated, and the family was able to escape safely with only minor injuries to the flipped woman. “Wildlife should not be approached, regardless of how tame or calm they appear,” the park writes. Of course, there will always be those who choose not to heed the warnings: noheed Yellowstone says that this woman is the 5th tourist so far this
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Artist Buys Billboard Ad Time to Display Giant Photos of Nature

95N-July-08-15-shot2-export Artist Brian Kane recently purchased advertising time on digital billboards along interstate freeways in Massachusetts, but instead of putting up more ads to compete for commuter eyeballs, Kane decided to put up photographs of nature. The project is titled “Healing Tool.” “The goal is to provide a moment of temporary relief and unexpected beauty during the daily grind of commuting,” Kane writes on his website. The artwork is “simulating the Photoshop Healing Tool to replace or patch over the landscape which is blocked by the billboard.” 95N-July-08-15-shot1-export During the daytime, Kane has the billboards display a series of photos from the billboard’s location, which helps replace the missing background in the scene for passers-by. 93S-July-08-15-shot5-export At night, the billboards show photos of the moon, substituting for the obscured moon if there are clouds or light pollution. 95N-July-10-15-shot3-export When there’s a new moon in the sky, the billboard shows the Milky
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OpEd: The Failing of Modern Photography Education

failing At some early point in my 4-year stint as a film student at the University of Miami, in Florida, an advisor explained I’d have to dual-major in a field outside the school of communications. This seemed a perfectly reasonable request of the school to make; after all, the advisor said, as communication students we needed something to communicate about. The requirement was largely the reason, at some point during my sophomore year, I decided to double-major in Fine Art Photography. I aspired one day to be a director of photography, and figured that having an overwhelming command of cameras and how photography worked would be the most beneficial field of study for me. I also have always had a serious passion for technology, gadgets, and photography, so it seemed the most apropos fit. Let me be clear in stating that I loved and still cherish the experiences and education I
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Photographer Killed by Train During Photo Shoot in Fresno, CA

3975324465_b746922387_z Less than a month after Union Pacific launched a public safety campaign that warns photographers against doing shoots on train tracks, another photographer has been killed doing just that. The Fresno Bee reports that a 25-year-old photographer was struck and killed by a train at about 5pm yesterday while doing a photo shoot with a model. The man was reportedly trying to capture a photo with a southbound train whizzing by in the background, and failed to notice a northbound train approaching on the other set of tracks he was standing on. Fresno police say that the photographer was pronounced dead at the scene, but the model escaped unscathed.
Image credits: Photograph by Bruce Fingerhood

Anti-Drone Systems Are Starting to Take Off

dronedefense Camera drones have opened a whole new world of possibilities for photographers looking for a way to capture aerial images, but the meteoric rise in drone adoption has also opened up Pandora’s box as well. Now a new industry is emerging alongside the booming drone industry: anti-drone defense systems. New technologies are being developed in order to keep drones away from places they shouldn’t be or doing things they shouldn’t do. Just last week, multiple drones kept firefighters grounded during a wildfire in Southern California. State senators responded by introducing new bills that give firefighters permission to take down drones that are interfering with rescue operations. That’s just one case in which authorities would like to have more control over the flight of consumer drones. Another would be the possibility of weaponized camera drones flying around. A lighthearted video of a fireworks-shooting drone went viral earlier this year, but people
An anti-drone laser. Still frame from Wall Street Journal.
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VICE 2015 Photo Issue Offers a Powerful Look at the World Around Us

DSCF4254 Established in 1994, VICE Media is an agency focused on covering the arts, modern culture, and recent events of our world. This month, the media company has released their yearly photo issue (Volume #22 Issue #7). Featuring a number of thrilling photo essays, VICE explores the heart of a crumbled Gaza, a world of poverty and drugs in South Africa, life after the infamous Killing Fields, and much more. Best of all, the pieces are available to view online at no cost. susan-meiselas-magnum-foundation-present-shehab-uddin-405-v22n7-body-image-1436559309 night-journeys-in-sete-0000692-v22n7-body-image-1436279709 mohamed susan-meiselas-magnum-foundation-present-tanya-405-v22n7-body-image-1436548575 deep-hanging-0000693-v22n7-906-1435782475-size_1000 We were lucky enough to obtain two copies of the 160-paged issue in paperback print. Both books are beautifully crafted from what appears to be A4 size photographic paper, delivering a large and vivid viewing experience. DSCF4256 According to VICE, both issues were specially designed, cut, and sewn in Los Angeles, California. For those curious, a 1 year 12-issue subscription to VICE Magazine costs $45. there-aint-no-grave-gonna-hold-my-body-down-0000688-v22n7-827-1435774847-size_1000 susan-meiselas-magnum-foundation-present-shehab-uddin-405-v22n7-body-image-1436558940 susan-meiselas-magnum-foundation-present-tanya-405-v22n7-body-image-1436550543 smoke-in-face If you are not
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Photographs of Orthodox Jewish Culture in Israel

. Jacob Nachumi is a documentary photographer based in Israel. As an Orthodox Jew, Nachumi has spent six years pointing his camera lens at the rituals, customs, and culture of his community. The 32-year-old photographer was raised in the ultra-Orthodox city of Bnei Brak, just east of Tel Aviv, and was educated at an ultra-Orthodox yeshiva, a school for studying traditional texts of the faith. After photographing his environment for some time, Nachumi began trying to gain a deeper view of the traditions around him by attempting to see the customs from an outsider’s point of view. He also worked to gain access to private ceremonies that are normally closed off to outsiders — he was often driven away, but some communities did let him (and his camera) in.
An Orthodox Hassidic Jew lying on a grave.

An Orthodox Hassidic Jew lying on a grave.

Singing and praying before eating a prepared fish.

Singing and praying before eating a prepared fish.

Dramatic: Camera Drone Rescues a Stranded Drone, Interstellar-Style

Freelance camera operator Harrisen Howes lost a small camera drone two months ago after his roommate “drunkenly” crashed it onto a neighbors roof high overhead. After recently purchasing a larger, camera-equipped drone, Howes decided to try and rescue his old drone with his new one using some rope and hooks fashioned from coat hangers. The new drone filmed point-of-view footage throughout the entire rescue, which Howes then turned into the dramatic 2-minute video above (you may recognize the music from the movie Interstellar).

Video: TSA Supervisor Calls Police on Teen for Filming Dad’s Pat-Down

A 16-year-old boy has caused a stir after releasing a video showing himself being denied the right to film a checkpoint pat-down — something the TSA officially allows. YouTube user Apple Lucas claims that he was denied the right to film while being patted down by a TSA supervisor at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. He then tried to film his father getting patted down, only to have the TSA agent call a police officer to the scene. “I explained to him that it clearly states on the TSA website that you are allowed to film the TSA agents as long as you don’t film their monitors and are not interfering with their process,” Apple Lucas writes. And he’s right: the TSA website has a page dedicated to telling the public that photography and filming is perfectly okay at airport security checkpoints. screenshot
TSA does not
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California Bill Allows Firefighters to Knock Drones Out of the Sky

dronewildfire There have been several incidents recently of camera drones getting in the way of firefighting efforts in California, including a case last week of firefighters being hindered in saving burning cars from a wildfire. Now lawmakers are taking action to deal with this problem. An upcoming bill aims to give firefighters permission to knock camera drones out of the sky in order to safely do their job. On Monday, California Senator Ted Gaines announced that he will be introducing a new bill, Senate Bill 168, to help protect firefighters from camera drones. While the full text of the document hasn’t been published yet, Gaines says that it “grants immunity to any emergency responder who damages an unmanned aircraft in the course of firefighting, air ambulance, or search-and-rescue operations.” In other words, if your camera drone is getting in a firefighter’s way, they will be allowed to remove your drone
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Taylor Swift’s Concert Photo Contract Changed to Be More Photographer-Friendly

taylorswiftconcert Taylor Swift’s concert photography contract recently came under fire for being overreaching and for threatening to destroy photographers’ equipment, leading some publications to boycott the contract and obtain photos by other means. It looks like change has resulted from the controversy: Taylor Swift’s concert photo agreement has been revised to address concerns that were raised and to be friendlier toward photographers. The effort was led by Mickey Osterreicher, general counsel of the National Press Photographer’s Association, who helped draft a new credential agreement. The new document is designed to address photographers’ and publishers’ concerns while still being satisfactory to Swift’s representatives. Here’s a copy of the new agreement that has been approved by Taylor Swift’s reps: Microsoft Word - Taylor Swift - Updated Concert Photo Authorizat In case you missed it the first time around, here is what the original, controversial document looked like (some sections were highlighted by photographer Joel Goodman): The new contract says that
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Opinion: Lomography, an Alternative Perspective on Traditional Photo Standards

_c_lomography_5_1lomo Lomography began as an art movement in the early 1990s after a group of Viennese students discovered the LC-A, a camera manufactured by Russian imaging company LOMO. The fixed lens 32mm f/2.8 compact camera produced unique images that were off-color, vibrant, and soft. On a mission to advocate the use of these creative cameras and experimental film, photographers quickly formed the Lomographic Society International in 1992. Despite the movement producing wonderfully interesting images that have been exhibited in both Moscow and New York City, it has received substantial criticism from self-dubbed “real photographers.” This opinion piece aims at breaking down the wall of prejudice, and opening minds to the possibility of creative photography outside of normal standards.

Breaking Down the Veil of Bias

dominik_3616_3535_e_1lomo Before we dive into the Lomography movement of meaningful and artistic pieces, we must dispense many of the vacuous notions that plague the community. The most
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Rhinos Get Camera Implants in Their Horns to Fight Against Poachers

embeddedrhinocam A team of British conservationists have created a new system for stopping the killing of rhinos at the hands of poachers. The idea involves giving rhinos GPS tags, heart rate monitors, and camera implants in their horns. It’s all part of a system called Real-time Anti-Poaching Intelligence Device (RAPID) developed by a UK-based non-profit named Protect. Each rhino protected by RAPID first has the gear embedded in its skin and horn — the camera can be installed in the horn without any pain or harm to the animal. embeddingrhionocam embeddedrhinocam2 Here’s some sample footage that shows the video from one rhino’s horn cam: If a rhino is ever chased and attacked by poachers, its rapidly-changing heart rate will alert operators at a control center, who then turn on the camera. If poachers are observed in the live video feed, park authorities can be sent to the animal’s aid in a matter of
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Bride Upset After Cheap Camera Leaves Her with Bad Honeymoon Photos

badphotos Here’s a tip: if you’re going on a once-in-a-lifetime trip and you’d like to shoot photos of a lifetime to preserve the memories, you probably shouldn’t purchase a cheap $40 compact camera to do so. One couple in the UK did just that, and now they’re upset about the bad honeymoon photos they ended up with. The Daily Mail reports that 33-year-old Kirsty Fuller and her new husband recently visited Brazil for their honeymoon, purchasing a £40 Polaroid IE826 camera at Argos before they left to document the trip. This is a camera that costs $39 at Walmart and has 2/5 stars from customer reviews. “This is the worst camera I have ever owned,” writes one owner. “If you don’t hold it completely still, your pictures will be blurry. Even if you do get a good shot, it is still fuzzy.” Fuller says she shot more than 300 photos
A selection of the bad honeymoon shots. Photographs by Cavendish Press. You can find a gallery of the images over at The Daily Mail.
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Photographer Seen ‘Taking Pictures of Kids’ Gets Pool Ban and Death Threats

poolswimmingcamera If you’re a photographer in Fargo, North Dakota, beware: if someone thinks you’re acting “creepy” or “suspicious,” you could have your reputation destroyed in a very public way. Just days after one photographer was kicked out of a McDonalds after taking pictures of kids, another photographer has been banned from Fargo’s public pools and shamed online after being accused of the same thing. Fargo newspaper The Forum reports that 26-year-old Kirk Ludwig has been banned from public pools after a local barber named Jed Felix spotted him “taking pictures of kids in their swimsuits” through a window at a public pool. Felix snapped photos of Ludwig taking pictures and then shared the shots on Facebook.
Photograph by Jed Felix

Photograph by Jed Felix

That post, which has since been deleted, was shared over 4,500 times and attracted a large number of angry comments. “[Ludwig] was very calm during the entire thing like he
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