Why You Shouldn’t Use a Selfie Stick While Driving

Alex Lopatnyuk recently went gator hunting and brought his GoPro and selfie stick along for the first time. “The selfie failed,” Lopatnyuk writes. Here’s a short video showing the aftermath of the fail. As you can see, the end result of a careless snapshot was a shattered windshield and a more compact canoe. Lopatnyuk’s lucky the canoe didn’t go straight into his face.

Camerawoman Fired After She Tripped Refugees and Kicked Children

tripping A Hungarian journalist and camerawoman has been fired after photos and videos of her tripping and kicking fleeing refugees spread far and wide on the Internet. Petra Laszlo, a reporter for the Hungarian news channel N1TV, was using a camera to capture footage of migrants fleeing from police at a relocation camp in Roszke, Hungary. But that’s not all she was doing: other cameras on the scene captured her kicking and tripping migrants as they ran past her — both adults and their young children. One clip shows Laszlo sticking out her leg to trip a man who was carrying a bag of belongings and his child in his arms, sending both to the ground.

Portraits of Refugees and the Few Things They Fled Home With

What's in your bag. Hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing their war torn countries in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia, bringing very few possessions with them as they make their dangerous — and often deadly — journeys toward what they hope is a better life. The International Rescue Committee, a humanitarian aid organization, commissioned photographer Tyler Jump to shoot a series of photos to document what refugees brought across the Aegean Sea to Lesbos, Greece. “Few arrive at their destinations with anything but the necessities of life,” the IRC writes over at Medium. “Their possessions tell stories about their past and their hopes for the future.”


Aboessa is a 20-year-old mother from Damascus, Syria. She brought a hat and socks for her 10-month-old daughter, medication, a bottle of water, a jar of baby food, napkins, documents, a wallet, a cell phone charger, and headband. What's in your bag. What's in your bag.


Omran is
What's in your bag.
What's in your bag.
What's in your bag.
What's in your bag.
What's in your bag.
What's in your bag.
What's in your bag.
What's in your bag.
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Europe’s Best-Selling Newspaper Leaves Out Photos

bildwebsitephotos Europe’s largest newspaper, the Bild of Germany, has published an unusual print edition that left out all photographs from its pages. The bold move is apparently a response to reader backlash after the paper published photos of Alan Kurdi, the 3-year-old Syrian refugee who drowned in the Mediterranean Sea. The paper is saying that “the world must see the truth,” and hoping that by leaving out photos, people will realize the importance of photography in bringing about change. bildprintpaper Last week, the newspaper dedicated its entire back page to the photo of Kurdi and a message calling for Europe to take action. The photo sparked controversy, as many other newspapers chose a different photo of a policeman holding the boy’s body rather than the photo of Kurdi
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How We Survived a Vendor Photographer Lawsuit… and Won Big

victoryheader As wedding photographers, our clients entrust us with artfully documenting one of the most important days of their lives. In order to do the best possible job for the couples who hire us, our contracts include industry standard exclusivity clauses that are designed to protect a couple’s right to privacy and that guarantee that the couple’s selected photographer can work without interference. So when we had clients share their frustration about a vendor-photographer attending and shooting photos of their wedding without their knowledge, we wanted to make it right. With client privacy in mind, photographer Jenn Lindberg sent a polite email to the vendor-photographer in question, essentially informing him that she needed to respect her clients’ wishes for exclusivity moving forward. No one expected what happened next. The vendor-photographer responded by filing a lawsuit against us, coupled with a public Facebook smear campaign visible to hundreds of our industry peers.
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This Gorilla Wants to See Your Vacation Photos

Video editor Paul Ross was visiting the Louisville Zoo recently when he came across this young man sharing photos on his smartphone with a gorilla. The gorilla “sat down next to the kid and motioned for him to change pictures,” Ross writes. The kid found photos of other gorillas online, and this unusual photo sharing scene played out for about 20 to 30 minutes. Ross later learned from the zoo that this particular gorilla often enjoys looking at photos on visitor’s phones, so if you ever pay a visit to this gorilla at the Louisville Zoo, be sure to bring along some personal photos to share.

District Attorney Warns Parents About Sneaky Photo-Hiding Apps

calculatorphotoapp Quite a few parents got a rude awakening this past week after an Alabama district attorney released a video that reveals on one way kids are hiding secret photos right under their parents’ noses. 34-year-old district attorney Pamela Casey of Blount County posted this short video to Facebook that warns of an iOS app called Private Photo (Calculator%):
Does your child have this app– Calculator%? You need to know what this app really is for— and it isn't for adding numbers! Check out this new video (less than 2 minutes)! Posted by Blount County District Attorney-41st Judicial Circuit on Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The app is just one of many that helps people

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Getty Images Forces Blog to Pay $868 Fee for Using ‘Socially Awkward Penguin’

gettyheader Well, this is a bit… awkward. Getty Images recently threatened a lawsuit against German blog Get Digital, which had published the famous ‘Socially Awkward Penguin’ meme without first obtaining permission. That is right: you technically need permission to use the meme. According to Getty Images, the meme contains an image originally shot by nature photographer George F. Mobley. The blog ended up paying Getty Images $868 for the copyright violation. Here’s what the popular meme looks like compared to the original Getty Images photo by photographer George F. Mobley:
Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 3.51.23 PM

The ‘Socially Awkward Penguin’ meme (left) compared to the original image (right). Photo by George F. Mobley/Getty Images.

The original emails are in German, but a quick translation reveals that the blog was asked to cough up $836.39 or possibly force being taken to trial. The “legal situation appeared quite clear,” the blog writes. They paid the
'Socially Awkward Penguin' is one of the Internet's best-known memes.
Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 3.50.00 PM copy
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Fantasy Photo Shoots Bring Hope to Kids with Cancer

Braelyn Flying Photographer Jonathan Diaz is using his imagination and portrait photography skills for a good cause. He’s the founder of Anything Can Be, a Salt Lake City, Utah-based non-profit that’s working to inspire hope in young cancer patients by bringing their dreams to life with photos. Photo Aug 08, 12 49 38 PM The photo series is titled “True Heroes.” Each photo features a child in the midst of their dream setting. Annika Fashion Designer Ethan Batman Doctor Rae and Unicorn Night Fairy pink Tristan playing football Some of the photos are released alongside behind-the-scenes videos of the photo shoots as well:

Ellie the Baker

Ellie The Baker

Cami the Fairy


William the Dragon Rider

Dragon Rider 2

Jordan in Wonderland

Jordan at peace True Heroes will be published as a children’s book on September 8th, 2015. The book will contain 21 photos from the projcet alongside 21 short stories specifically written for the children by bestselling authors. Royalties from the $16 book are being donated to the Anything Can Be project for “future childhood dream making.” (via Anything
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How Someone Stole My Identity to Steal Camera Gear

jamesmillerhead It’s been a funny week. A couple of days ago, while I was sitting in the office reformatting my MacBook in sunny West Sussex, I was also sort of arrested in Islington, London. Let me elaborate… Two weeks ago, the kind people at Varavon (a company that makes video equipment) received an email from a person going by the name James Miller inquiring about getting equipment for review purposes to be shown on Philip Blooms’ website. The email exchange is below for viewing, but first I’ll summarize them. 1.) James Miller contacts Charlie Shin from Varavon HQ in South Korea and tells how he wants to review or review to purchase film equipment, blog about it, and perhaps purchase the equipment. 2.) They come to agreement on the $1,999 Birdycam II with Charlie then contacting Samin Saadat of Camera Kings London, a dealer of Varavon products, to
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Hipster Barbie Pokes Fun at Artsy Instagram Photos

11378890_1603463009936515_1761972057_n There’s a new rising star on Instagram. A clever account called Socality Barbie is attracting quite a bit of attention for posting satirical hipster Instagram photos featuring a fashion forward Barbie. If you’ve ever browsed through artsy, hipster Instagram photos, you’ll likely recognize many of the generic shots being referenced. 11335118_383454085198195_112959844_n Wired reports that the account is the brainchild of an anonymous wedding photographer based in Portland, Oregon — one of the hipster capitals of the world. “People were all taking the same pictures in the same places and using the same captions,” the photographer tells Wired. “I couldn’t tell any of their pictures apart so I thought, ‘What better way to make my point than with a mass-produced doll?'” In a few short months, the account has already amassed tens of thousands of followers, with many more joining in each day. Here’s a sampling of some of the photos
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DJ Sparks Outcry from Photographers After Shooting and Sharing Wedding Photos

weddingphotogate Photographers are up in arms this week over an online battle between a DJ and a wedding photographer. At the center of the controversy is the question of whether or not a DJ should be able to shoot and share wedding photos when the photographer has an exclusivity agreement with the bride and groom. Photographer Carly Fuller and DJ Ken Rochon of Absolute Entertainment and were both hired to offer their services at a wedding this past weekend. Fuller says that it was during the pre-ceremony that she noticed Rochon holding professional camera equipment. “I love cross promotion but unfortunately no other professional company may take photographs during the event,” she tells PetaPixel. She says she offered to send her photos to Rochon after the wedding, but the DJ replied that he was taking his own photos for marketing and social media purposes. Fuller says she was surprised at 9am
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Drone Pilot Accused of Being a Pedophile, Handles it Like a Pro

Jonathan Hair is a drone pilot and aerial photographer from Detroit, Michigan, who recently ran into a confrontation while flying his drone at a public field. Hair, who has been working with radio-controlled planes, helicopters, and multi-rotor aircraft for the last twenty years, was confronted by a man who suspected that Hair was recording a girl’s soccer game, suggesting that he was a pedophile. Hair stood his ground, responding in a professional manner and capturing the entire confrontation in the 5-minute video above. Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 10.24.39 AM Throughout the entire confrontation, Hair deals with what he calls “drone paranoia” in a safe and respectable manner. Luckily, the altercation did not break out into any violence, but it is a reminder that people can get very concerned with new technology that threatens to invade their privacy – even if it is at a local public field. “Model aircraft are not a crime. This is a
Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 10.24.00 AM
Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 10.25.12 AM
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Yes, Even President Obama Uses a Selfie Stick Now

obamaselfieheader President Obama embarked on a three-day tour of the Alaskan Arctic this week to bring attention to the issue of climate change. To document his adventure and share it with the world, Obama carried along a GoPro camera and a selfie stick. Here’s a 2-minute video in which Obama shares some views of his trip, including shots of himself with his stick in hand: The president also shared this selfie he took with British adventurer and TV host Bear Grylls:

Glad this was the only Bear I met in the park. -bo

A photo posted by The White House (@whitehouse) on

(via @whitehouse via Mashable)

Teen Killed After Posing for a Selfie with a Gun

teengunselfie A 19-year-old man in Houston, Texas, died yesterday after accidentally shooting himself with a gun while posing with it in a selfie. Local news station KPRC reports that Deleon Alonso Smith was snapping photos of himself holding the gun at 1:30pm when the gun discharged, striking him in the throat and killing him. According to USAToday, Smith was trying to take a picture for Instagram showing himself holding the gun up to his head.
video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player
Smith reportedly has two young children and was about to start college on Wednesday. Family members say Smith found the gun earlier in the day, and authorities are currently looking into where it was found.

Australia Wants to Help You Take the World’s Biggest Selfies

biggestselfies Whether we like it or not, our culture has become obsessed with selfies. Front facing cameras on smartphones are increasingly getting better and every other week another ‘selfie flash’ product seems to appear in the wild. Now the Australian government wants to help tourists take bigger and better selfies that include the environments around them; they are being dubbed ‘GIGA Selfies’. All you need to do is stand on one of the predesignated Giga Selfie spots and use your phone to remotely take a gigantic photo. Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 3.26.35 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 3.26.39 PM In addition to viewing yourself in a closeup photograph, you can download a short video clip that zooms out revealing the surrounding landscape and truly how far you are from the camera itself. Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 3.26.10 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 3.26.16 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 3.26.23 PM The GIGA Selfie campaign is aimed specifically at Japanese tourists, who reportedly make up Australia’s sixth largest market for tourists (over 320,000 visitors). Tourism Australia Managing Director John O’Sullivan
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The ‘Campaign of the Selfie’ for the 2016 Elections

08182015_selfie I’m a freelance creative director and professional photojournalist. When I’m shooting, I work quite a bit for the boutique picture agency, Polaris Images in NYC, although I do take a lot of other assignments. I shoot all kinds of assignments—news, features, portraits, and politics… lately, a lot of politics. I’m in Las Vegas, and with Nevada and its large Hispanic population being one of the early primary voting states next year, all the candidates from both parties are coming through here every week. I’m assigned to cover almost all of them, and I try hard to make more than the usual campaign pictures, if I can. My first rule when I come into an event: I want to be where the other photographers are not. This year, I’ve noticed a trend—I’m not sure yet if the trend is good or bad—but it’s definitely changing the way presidential campaign events are
Scott Walker
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton
Jeb Bush
Scott Walker
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In Newborn Photography, Butt Explosions Are Par for the Course

happyaccident Newborn baby photographers often capture the same elements in their shots: a nude baby sleeping serenely as their doting parents smile and gaze. What you don’t often see, however, are the many unexpected accidents that happen. And there’s one truth many baby photographers know very well: babies can’t stop the shoot to request a bathroom break. Photographer Gigi O’Dea was photographing a newborn recently when she the shoot was interrupted by a tiny “butt explosion.” The parents, Shayna and Mark Resnick, wanted a photo of Asher on Mark’s back to feature Mark’s wing tattoo. “It didn’t go quite as planned,” O’Dea tells PetaPixel. “Having been photographing newborns now for over 10 years, I’ve come to expect the unexpected.” The parents fed Asher prior to the shoot to make sure he was as content as possible, but “even with the heater going and lullaby’s playing, baby Asher still seemed
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CERN Photowalk 2015: Want to Shoot in the World’s Largest Particle Physics Lab?

Exclusive photo ops are sometimes only available to those who win an application lottery. The McNeil River bear sanctuary in Alaska is one example — photographer John Daley recently shared about his experience with that. Here’s another one: CERN. The largest particle physics laboratory in the world is holding a special CERN Photowalk 2015 next month, and a handful of lucky photographers from around the world will be given a behind-the-scenes tour of the prestigious labs. CERN and seven other large physics laboratories are joining together for the photo walk and competition. Twenty photographers will be given the opportunity to participate in the event, which starts on September 25, 2015.
For the occasion, CERN will be opening the doors to three of its facilities: the new Linac 4 accelerator, which will shortly start supplying beams to the Large Hadron Collider; CERN’s main workshop, where state-of-the-art technologies can be seen in
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Touching Photo Goes Viral, Raises Over $150,000 for Syrian Refugee

buypens Photography has the power to change lives, and that’s what happened in a big way over the past week for one Syrian refugee. After a photo of the man selling pens went viral online, people around the world have donated over $150,000 to help give the man start a new life. The story began back on August 25th, when Norway-based web developer Gissur Simonarson tweeted a couple of photos of the Syrian father selling pens while holding his sleeping daughter. The tweet quickly went viral: The photo then appeared on Reddit, where it hit the front page and attracted over 1400 comments. Soon TV stations, newspapers, and websites across the world were sharing this photo with their audiences. “I was overwhelmed with requests
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