First Test – Sound Shark Parabolic Microphone for Distance Sound Recording

Earlier today I did a very basic test with the Sound Shark Parabolic Collector that uses a basic LAV mic to record distant sounds. Placing a small speaker 20ft away I compared the difference between the PParabolic Mic setup vs a pretty standard on-camera Azden SMX-30 microphone.
Now while a Parabolic microphone will definitely pick up distant sounds better than any other type of microphone, it should not be considered a replacement for other microphone types. It really should be considered a different type of microphone and possibly one you may want to add to your audio kit. If
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Cinevate HoriZen Video Slider Features

In this video, i'm running through some of the features you'll find with the new Cinevate HoriZen video slider. Out of the box the slider can be used directly on any flat surface, and includes non-marring small adjustable feet for minor leveling adjustments. If your'e looking to use it on more aggressive terrain, you can opt-in for the All Terrain Legs that add a lot more height and stability.
You can find several threaded points under the HoriZen for mounting it to tripods or stands. The slider is trapped between the Aluminum frame, so you can use the slider completely
Cinevate HoriZen Video Slider
learn more about Cinevate HoriZen Slider
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Boltzen Magnetic Snap Kit Accessory for Quick Modifiers and Colored Gels

The Boltzen Snap Kit is a quick magnetic mount for adding light modifiers or colored filters (gels). It's a simple way to change your small CAME-TV Daylight Boltzen Fresnels to Tungsten or use it to add a splash of color from the dozens of choices in the kit.
You can find more information about the CAME-TV Boltzen Snap Kit over at their website (found here). Boltzen Snap Kitcame-tv boltzen snap kit
CAME-TV Boltzen Magnetic Snap Kit
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Aputure’s New LS-C300D LED Video Light 300D Available for Shipping

Aputure has finally announced it is officially shipping the new Light Storm LS-C300D LED Video Light. So expect them to be available at retailers soon (if not already). This light was shown at NAB 2017, and has been one of the most anticipated lights in their lineup. Larger and more powerful than their LS-COB120D, some of the benefits to this design is the Single Point Source Light which is easier to shape, and does not display multiple shadows (like many light panels will). It also uses a popular bowens mount to attach a variety of accessories and light modfiers.
Aputure LS-C300D 300D LED Light
Aputure 300D Video Light
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DIY Wireless ON OFF Remote for LED Video Lights

If you have a set of led lights (or other battery powered device) that you want to turn on and off from a distance, here's a simple idea using an inexpensive set of Wireless Remote Control 12V DC Relays. To keep things fairly universal I decided to make an 'inline' cable that has a male and female D-Tap connection to work with my V-Mount batteries. (This way I don't need to modify any of my accessories). But while i'm using this with my v-mount batteries, you can actually use any 12V-14V battery and any cable connector to fit the connector
wireless 12v dc relays remote control
learn more about wireless 12v dc remote
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Sony Announced New RX10 Mark IV

Speed and versatility are the calling cards of Sony’s latest, the Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 IV Digital Camera. Using an updated 20.1MP 1" Exmor RS BSI CMOS sensor and BIONZ X processor, shooters can enjoy 24 fps continuous shooting, as well as UHD 4K and High Frame Rate HD video. Further boosting speed is the Fast Hybrid AF with 315 phase-detect points that can lock on in just 0.03 of a second. Also, operation is intuitive, with the implementation of a touchscreen LCD alongside the OLED EVF. And, of course, it stars a 24-600mm equivalent 25x Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* lens Continue reading "Sony Announced New RX10 Mark IV"

$6 Dollar Mini Tripod for Single Hand Gimbals

Here's an inexpensive little tripod (on sale right now for under $6) that you can use to set your single hand grip gimbal stabilizer down without powering it off. Keep in mind this particular tripod is pretty small, so it's best for those GoPro to Smartphone sized Gimbals. We're talking about Gimbal Stabilizers such as the Zhiyun Smooth-Q, FeiyuTech G5, or the FY-WGS Wearable Gimbal. And obviously it will also work as a small pistol grip placed directly under your camera body when you're just casually shooting hand-held. cheap mini tripod single hand gimbalmini tripod gimbal
Mini Tripod Hand Grip
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Panasonic GH5 48fps VFR ISO 1600 Demo Tour

I like the look of slow motion with the GH5, so I wanted to try shooting an entire real estate demo in 50% speed. For this I used the 4K / 48fps VFR setting (conformed to 24p) on the Panasonic GH5.
Now because of the 48fps setting, I needed to set my shutter speed to around 1/100th to reduce too much motion blur. Finally when working with an F/4 Lens (Panasonic 7-14mm), this also cuts down on the amount of incoming light, so I needed to work with a minimum of ISO 1600. To control noise, I shot the
dji spark
dji drone spark
dji spark drone
dji drone spark new
blue dji drone spark
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came-tv-prophet GH5 Sony Panasonic
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It Is All About Story – Pursuit – the Story of a Storm Chaser

It is all about story. I've said it a million times. But we often forget and get wrapped up in technical details, cameras, gear etc. I watched this film without reading the story. Then when prepping this post, I read Mike Olbinski's story and then I had to re-watch. It made the film even better. Of course, the film stands on its own (which is emphasized by the great soundtrack) but knowing the story makes it just all that much better for me. So here's the story. Please read it first.
On June 12th, I broke down into tears. Minutes earlier, I
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dailyPlanet5D for 2017-08-02 Avid is FREE! RED Sold In Apple Store! New Canon Stabilized Binocs (and more)

so here's our list of the dailyPlanet5D news for 2017-08-02

Video News:

Photography news:


Rebates and Deals!

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camera-slider-dolly-48-inch-slideways-angle-cameramounted-800w_d570614f-8be1-4efe-b8d6-372da38dab3d_480x480ProAm USA is offering up One FREE Slideways Pro 48" Carbon Fiber Slider 'Complete Kit', which includes a Tandem Leg Tripod, & Video Fluid Head. To enter, simply use the form below (USA & Canada Residents over 18 only). To increase your chances of being selected you can Submit an Entry Form Once a Day. Entries start today and run for the next two weeks, Good Luck!
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Nice sale on Zoom H1 Portable Audio Recorder

Super good deal on a portable digital audio recorder I find myself using all the time. Right now you can get an additional -$30 OFF a (Blue color) Zoom H1 Portable Digital Audio Recorder (found here). blue-zoom-h1-audio-recorderzoom-h1-blue-audio-recorderzoom-h1-blue
Learn-More-sm Zoom H1 Portable Digital Audio Recorder
The small form factor of the Zoom H1 can also be used as a handheld microphone (tip: add a Foam Windscreen) during interviews, or attach an AspenMics H1 Clip to use as a belt worn audio recorder paired with a Lav Mic. Many people will use this technique during weddings to mic up the groom and officiant. Often
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GH5 DMW-XLR1 Audio Adapter CAME-TV Cage Azden Microphone

In this video we take a look at the Panasonic DMW-XLR1 audio adapter for the Panasonic GH5, and how this adapter opens up more ways to capture better audio directly into the GH5 camera body. We also show a few CAME-TV Cages that were specifically designed to work with the DMW-XLR1 attached, as well as a sneak peek at Azden's new SGM-250CX short shotgun microphone. The adapter is extremely lightweight, and sets you up to record one or two microphones while controlling levels independently. You can now work with high end microphones which typically are designed to work over
panasonic dmw-xlr1
dmw-xlr1 xlr adapter gh5
azden sgm-250cx
came-tv_cage_for_gh5_1024x1024 copy
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Canon Explorer of Light Bruce Dorn Mentors 5 Ambitious Shooters And You

Bruce Dorn (Canon Explorer of Light) has created a series of 6 videos for Canon on the ‘creative abilities' of the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
My latest Canon video series, “Brucie Interrupted” is now online!! Yay!!! Watch and follow along as I interrupt my busy schedule to mentor five ambitious shooters. Join us as we explore and exploit a small sampling of the creative capabilities of the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. As you'll see, I'm a very busy man with lotsa important stuff to do but I always have time to teach. We had a blast! If
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Crop Sensors vs Full Frame :: Crop Or Crap? A very funny Zach Arias video

I admit I'm a full frame snob… but this video from Zach Arias is hilarious. And I totally understand his point – and I keep saying it over and over, it isn't about the gear, it is about the skills you have as a photographer or filmmaker! That being said, I love my full frame Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and I had a lot more success with my images after I switched from a crop sensor to a full frame… But buy the best camera you can afford and spend more money on lenses than bodies. And shoot as much as
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Canon Switcher: “I Hate The Canon 6D Mark II – Goodbye, Canon”

Following up on the article I did last week on the decline of DSLR and Mirrorless sales, I wanted to get your thoughts on new cameras like the Canon EOS 6D Mark II. I've found plenty of videos like below… people complaining about the Canon EOS 6D Mark II and how Canon isn't listening to users… so they're switching. I guess it is much like the PC vs Mac discussions isn't it? The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Many of us are addicted to new gear. We love new technology and we now seem
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DSLR Sales Down – Nobody Is Buying Stand Alone Cameras Any More!

dslr sales downDSLR sales were down in 2016 – but before you put on your “see mirrorless is taking over the world” hat, mirrorless sales were down too (tho they were less down than DSLR sales)! Yesterday, I was thinking about the new Light L16 I've been telling you about (and have a new site covering this incredible new technology called lightRumors) and they're about to start shipping the first production cameras this Friday, and I've been thinking a lot about the future of cameras. And so when I found this video by Mark over at The Photo/Video Show, it really hit home. People
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Tentacle Sync TimeCode Generators Align Multiple Audio or Video Fast

Timecode is a simple way to sync Multiple Cameras and or Audio Recorders quickly with frame accuracy. Cheaper consumer cameras may have an option to reset timecode within, but after a short period clocks begin to drift apart between your different cameras. This is because they don't have accurate internal clocks. And though they may have an option to send timecode out (over HDMI), they don't have a way of getting timecode in from an external accurate Timecode Generator. Tentacle Sync Timecode Generators solves this problem by working as an external clock and embedding timecode into one channel of audio.
tentacle sync timecode generator
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34% OFF BlackMagic Design 7″ Monitor + 4K Recorder – One Day Left

The BlackMagic Design Video Assist build quality top notch. A machined aluminum 7" Touch Screen Monitor + 4K Recorder that lets you record from both HDMI and SDI inputs. Display featueres include Histograms, Zebra Overlays, Focus Peaking, Central Zoom, and Timecode over SDI + HDMI. There's a lot to like about this monitor and knocking off 34% OFF is huge. Just $595 right now, but you've got just one more day left (deal ends 6/30). bmvideoas4_1bmvideoas4_2bmvideoas4
Learn-More-sm BlackMagic Design 4K 7" HDMI/6G-SDI Recording Monitor