3 Tips On How To Cure Gear Acquisition Syndrome aka G.A.S.

Do you spend more time researching photography gear than shooting? Do you believe that you can’t achieve a particular look without buying the latest shiny product? Then you might be suffering from G.A.S., also known as Gear Acquisition Syndrome. Step into my office and let me share some prescriptions that can help you cure this debilitating disease! [ Read More ]

Three Things You’re Doing Wrong When Retouching

Retouching, much like photography itself, is a really subjective topic in the community. What one photographer considers great, another considers mediocre. While there are many debatable topics regarding retouching, I think it’s important to note these three things most photographers get wrong when they’re retouching. [ Read More ]

Art versus Art: Sigma Art 50 1.4 vs Nikon 58 1.4

The Nikon 58 1.4 and The now famed Sigma Art 50mm 1.4 are two lenses that arguably have a lot in common and at the same time polar opposites. The fact of the matter is the Sigma series which is marketed under the “art” moniker has received its praise because of technical proficiency while the release of the Nikon 58mm fell flat due to misguided expectations.

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Join ME + Richard Branson + Arianna Huffington + Jared Leto + others for 30 DAYS OF GENIUS (+ win Mentorship for a Year!)

BACKSTORY Today is a big day – many months (years) in the making. Today I’m excited to be kicking off one of the most exciting, inspiring and ambitious projects of my career: a free video series called 30 Days Of Genius. If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that chasejarvisLIVE has been a huge undertaking – me sitting down with the world’s top creatives + entrepreneurs for an hour conversation with them to share with YOU their secrets to success, stories of failures and growth. It’s been a labor of love and I believe it set the gold standard for internet talk shows…way back from its original launch in 2010 — till now — where it’s a part of the CreativeLive platform. It’s beautifully shot (my TV spin off of this show was nominated for an Emmy), and the guests are carefully curated to add maximum value Continue reading "Join ME + Richard Branson + Arianna Huffington + Jared Leto + others for 30 DAYS OF GENIUS (+ win Mentorship for a Year!)"

Lighting and Retouching Tutorials for Recreating the Styles of Some of the World’s Best Photographers

In this video, Guadalajara-based Photographer and Retoucher Sid Vasandani, shows us how to recreate that classic Steven Meisel vibe, used in his controversial campaigns for Vague Italia's, "Makeover Madness" and "Supermodel Enter Rehab". Watch as Sid walks us through a behind-the-scenes shoot, where he runs down the lighting set up, before going into an in-depth explanation of the retouching and color grading workflow in Photoshop.

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Why Your Story Matters: A Filmmaker’s Dream Come True

When it comes to art, being creative is always a good way to stand apart from your competition. One day, I was browsing through something and saw that Airbnb put up an ad for a film festival. In the ad, Matty Brown was there talking about what it was all about. I was interested in seeing why Airbnb chose him to work with them on a project like this, so I checked out some of his work. I was blown away. [ Read More ]

Photographing for a Newspaper: The Best Class Money Can’t Buy

I’ve attended plenty of workshops in my time as a photographer. I’ve attended classes taught by Joe McNally, David Hobby, Joel Grimes, and more. I’ve assisted some of the best photographers in a variety of fields, and watched dozens of tutorials put out by some really top-tier shooters. It’s pretty safe to safe to say that I have had a solid amount of training through a variety of sources, but no amount of classes or YouTube videos will ever compare to the five months I spent interning at a large newspaper.

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The Best Vehicles for Professional Photographers: What Do You Drive?

I always had a strong love/hate relationship with the New York City subway, never picturing I would be driving again. But now that my work is having me travel more frequently, I find myself in the market, looking for that perfect vehicle. The first thing I did was a search for "Best Vehicles for Professional Photographers" on Google, with no luck. So, after further work, I wanted to share my findings and knowledge with you, so when you start looking for that perfect photo-mobile, you know just where to start! [ Read More ]

Join the Ice Society for Only $100

Jerry Ghionis probably doesn’t need an introduction anymore. He is a Nikon Ambassador, a WPPI Grand Master, as well as a three-time AIPP Australian Wedding Photographer winner, just to name a few of his achievements. Many that have attended his five-day workshop speak highly of his teaching skills and technical knowledge. If for some reason you cannot get a seat to one of his masterclasses, there is still the Ice Society, and it is now available for only $100 a year. [ Read More ]

The Complete Guide to Color Management: Color Made Easy

Color management can be one of the most boring topics to learn as a photographer, right up there with topics like digital asset management and accounting. They all have one thing in common, however: they’re important parts of being a photographer. Learning how to manage color doesn’t have to be difficult, however. Consider this your crash course introduction in learning how. [ Read More ]

Excuses in Photography: How to Overcome Them

Have you ever made up a reason for not doing something you should do? Maybe made up an excuse? Anyone can make excuses. It doesn't matter what it's about, whether it's an excuse for not going to the gym, not going out to shoot, skipping class, putting work off, etc.

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How to Plan an Editorial Shoot

Editorial and commercial shoots are usually very lively and put quite a bit of pressure on the photographer. Managing a full crew on set and making sure all the required pictures are well executed is not an easy task. There are a few things to know in order to be certain everything runs smoothly. In this mini tutorial, Alexi Lubomirski gives you all his tips to get you started. [ Read More ]

How to Get Perfect Color in Your Photography From Camera to Computer

Getting color consistency from your eye, to your camera, to your computer can be a real pain in the butt. Especially if you still haven't settled into a reliable, regular workflow. Color calibrating your monitor once a month and taking reference images with a gray card are invaluable when it comes to getting consistent color. If you are still struggling with getting your image colors to look right, then Freelance Photographer Gavin Hoey has the video for you. Watch as Gavin walks through a step-by-step process on how to achieve consistent color. [ Read More ]

Aerial Photography Insights and Inspiration with Vincent Laforet

Vincent Laforet is a name that has recently become synonymous with world-class aerial photography. His incredible images from above gives us a new artistic perspective of the cities we love and the world we live in. In this five-minute video from the B&H “Prospectives” series, Laforet gives us a great overview of his body of work shot from the sky as well as some practical takeaways from what he’s learned along the way. [ Read More ]

Three Thoughts That Hold You Back as a Photographer

Artists struggle with many emotions throughout their day. One of the most typical emotions is a sense of inadequacy, both in business and creativity. How many times has budget, fear, and challenge stopped you from getting things done? Whatever your excuse is, it’s just that: an excuse. Here are three thoughts that are holding you back as a photographer and how to overcome them.

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How to Build a 1,000 Watt Equivalent Dimmable LED Light

Continuous light sources used to be preferred by videographers more than photographers. However, in the last few years, it has become common to replace strobes with LED, HMI, or tungsten equipment. Unlike flash, with continuous lighting, what you see is what you get. It makes it much easier to set up and thus a great alternative for fast-paced work environments. Even more useful is that no recharging time is needed between each shot. The only issue remaining is often either the lack of power or the portability. Find out how to overcome both with this DIY powerful dimmable LED light. [ Read More ]

The Power of Asking for What You Want as a Photographer

“Who am I to tell people what they ought to do?” I taunted myself as I wrote my first article for Fstoppers. I wanted to convey how much of an impact that asking for what I wanted had had on me. Nevertheless, I was acutely aware of being condescending as I don’t consider myself old enough, wise enough, or successful enough to warrant people’s ear. As the post went up, I read and reread my work, even though I had proofread it several times before it was published. I tried to assume different characters to gain new perspectives and understand ways in which people might react badly to my advice. [ Read More ]

Profoto Interviews Mary Ellen Mark

One of the great documentary photographers of the 20th century, Mary Ellen Mark, is featured in this short documentary by Profoto. It contains so many small truths and pointers that we can all learn from. [ Read More ]