A Gorgeous Flyby of Jupiter Made with Photos from NASA’s Juno Spacecraft

Every 53 days, NASA’s Juno spacecraft flies close to Jupiter and travels from the giant gas planet’s north pole to and past its south pole, shooting photos along the way. The eye-opening 2-minute video above was created using a set of these still photos. Colossal reports that it takes 1.5 days for the 6 megabytes of photo data captured over 2 hours to be downloaded by scientists on Earth. After the raw photos were beamed to Earth and made available to the public, Gerald Eichstädt colorized them, Sean Doran set the stills in motion, and Avi Solomon added
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Photographing the ‘Great Migration’ in Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the best places in the world to see nature and wildlife as it has been for thousands of years. The 947,303 square kilometer country holds some of the most famous national parks and nature reserves in the world with diverse landscapes and dense population of wildlife like the Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater. One of the most famous nature phenomenon Tanzania is known for is “The Great Migration,” a huge annual movement of approximately 1.5 million wildebeest, accompanied by several hundreds of thousands of zebras and other antelopes, the largest overland migration in the world with
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My Visit to the Abandoned Radioactive City of Pripyat

Before you read the rest of the article, and it will be a long read, please allow me to share a few thoughts with you. Visiting the abandoned city of Pripyat and the disaster site of Chernobyl was an experience that I was looking forward to for a very long time. While I was there I had many mixed feelings. On one hand, I was having laughs with my friends and found everything “amazingly beautiful” to shoot, while on the other hand I realized I was in and nearby the place where the world’s worst nuclear disaster happened. A place
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A Massive 30-Part Guide to Retouching Photos in Photoshop

Want a crash course in retouching photos in Photoshop? Here’s a 4-part video series that clocks in at 4.5 hours in total, making it a very comprehensive guide. There’s something here for everyone — even the most experienced photographers are sure to learn something from the series. Nathaniel Dodson from tutvid goes over a total of 30 techniques from healing skin blemishes to creating skin texture, replacing skies, puppet warping, and even swapping out faces. Photoshop is a very powerful piece of software, and it seems that no matter how long you’ve been using it for there’s always something
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Rolleidoscop: The First Camera Rollei Made and the Stereoscopic Process

The Rolleidoscop was made from 1926 to 1939 in Germany alongside the Heidoscop, the same camera but with a sheet film or glass plate back. It was actually the very first camera that renowned manufacturer Rollei made. Rumor has it that many photographers used these as a regular camera because the quality of lenses were so good for the era. They would cover one of the lenses and take a photo and cover the other lens for the next photo without advancing the film, making two different images as opposed to one stereograph. This became so prevalent that Rollei decided
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Canon 200mm f/1.8: A Legendary Lens Known as the ‘Eye of Sauron’

If you’d like to get your hands on a legendary Canon lens without having to take out a mortgage, the 200mm f/1.8 may be one to consider. Sometimes referred to as the “Eye of Sauron” — a Lord of the Rings reference — the 200mm f/1.8 only saw 8,000 produced during its run from 1988 through 2004. Compared to the ultra-rare $180,000 1200mm f/5.6L, of which around 12 were made, the 200mm f/1.8 often shows up on the market and a used one can be purchased for around $3,000 to $4,000 these days. Not bad
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These Simple Animations Are an Intro to Film Photography

Back in February, we shared a simple animation made by the film brand Ilford that shows how a film SLR works. It turns out that video was the first in a series of many animations in a playlist titled “Introduction to film photography.” Here’s the complete series so far for your enjoyment:

#1. How a Film SLR Camera Works

#2. Introduction to Film Formats

#3. Film ISO

#4. Aperture

#5. Shutter Speed

#6. Processing Your First Film

#7. Darkroom Essentials Checklist

#8. How a Photographic Enlarger Works

#9. Working Safely in a Darkroom

#10. Making a Photogram

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How to Blend Exposures in Photoshop to Create a Dramatic Seascape

Long exposures are a great way to capture the movement of roiling ocean waves, but you can take that effect to the next level by combining multiple exposures, as shown in this 15-minute tutorial from photographer Greg Benz. As Benz demonstrates at the 3:40 mark, the most difficult part of this process is aligning your images. When you’re shooting on sand, and especially with the tripod legs in the water, you may not have the stability to guarantee that your images will be perfectly aligned. So Benz spends some time showing you how to align your images precisely using the
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How to Shoot Professional Portraits Using 3-Point Lighting

This handy 7-minute lighting guide from Aussie music photographer PJ Pantelis shows how you can use 2 lights and a reflector to create a professionally-lit headshot. Even if you’re not shooting portraits, the video is a great tutorial on working with light. The basic 3PL setup involves a key, a rim light, and a fill. The key is placed in front and to the right of the subject, acting as the main lighting for the portrait; the rim is positioned to the left and back, helping to add some dimension to the image; and the fill is a silver reflector
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Macro Photography on a Budget: A Quick and Easy Beginner’s Guide

Macro photography can be incredibly expensive, but as British photographer Adam Kappa shows in this video, it doesn’t have to be. In 7 minutes, Kappa demonstrates how to produce impressive macro shots using kit lenses, extension tubes, and a flash diffuser crafted from a Chinese takeout container. The video is a year old at this point, but the lessons are still just as relevant today as they were when it was first released. Same gear, same setup, same great results. It all comes down to two pieces of gear: extension tubes, and some sort of diffuser. Extension tubes are a
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5 Handy Lighting Techniques using Foam Board

In this short-but-useful tutorial from DSLR Video Shooter, Caleb Pike runs you through 5 video and photography uses for simple foam board. Get out a pen and a pad, this photo DIY 101. Foam board (or Foamcore) can be found online or in dollar stores on the cheap. Caleb recommends picking up the 20X30 sheets in black and white to get the most use from them. Speaking of which, he then goes on to explain 5 handy uses for the material:

1. Fill Light

White foam board can be used as a reflector to bounce light back on to
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This Guide Teaches You How to Use ND Filters for Stunning Long Exposures

Neutral Density (ND) filters are a great tool for producing unique photos in lighting conditions where a long exposure would otherwise not be possible. This 7-minute video tutorial goes in to detail about which filter to select for your scene, with before and after photos showing the effects possible. Craig Roberts is a travel and landscape photographer who runs workshops, city walks, and posts tips and great advice on his YouTube channel. In his video he begins by talking about a filter that many photographers already have in their kit bag: the polarizer. This filter is often used for reducing
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How to Capture a Bold Wine Bottle Photo with a Single Speedlight

If you’re interested in product photography, Dustin Dolby‘s channel workphlo is definitely worth a bookmark. Using minimal equipment, he’s able to capture distinct looks like this makeup shot, and in this tutorial he’ll show you how a single speedlight can produce a bold beautiful wine bottle photo that looks 100% pro. As usual, Dolby breaks down his tutorial into some very easy-to-follow steps. First, he collects all the frames he’ll need to composite the final image, then he builds his shot in Photoshop, and finally, he adds some finishing touches that really help round out the look he’s
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RAW vs. JPEG: An Ultimate Guide

I did not plan on writing a dedicated article on RAW vs JPEG. Why? I thought this ship had sailed long ago and the time of heated debates over which format is better was well into the past. But, what I realized in teaching photography is that this topic is still confusing and unclear for every generation of newcomers who decide to join the exciting and wonderful realm of photography. Here is my attempt to write the only article you will ever need to understand the difference between RAW and JPEG. Hopefully, you will have a profound Zen experience and
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A $16,000 Photo Scanner vs. a $500 Scanner

I recently had a few prints made from some medium format negatives. The prints are for a specific purpose so I wanted them to be of the highest quality possible, this meant taking them to a local specialist where the film was scanned with a $16,000+ Hasselblad Flextight X1. The Flextight is about the best quality scan you can get before moving up to dedicated drum scans that can be messy, time-consuming, and expensive. I realized I could use this as an opportunity to compare how good my $500 Epson v700 scanner is to the Flextight scans, and also to
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The 3 Basic Techniques for Lighting… Everything

There are three basic types of surfaces, as far as lighting is concerned: reflective, transparent, and neutral. In this video, you’ll learn about the 3 basic techniques for properly lighting each of these—in other words: the 3 techniques for lighting … everything. This educational breakdown was created by the YouTube channel KINETEK, and it’s one of the most basic and useful lighting breakdowns we’ve seen online. Rather than focusing on a specific lighting technique for portraits, or products, or whatnot, it strips the concept even further into surfaces and how to light them. Reflective surfaces are lit one way,
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Aurora Photos: Reality vs. Expectation

We just had a beautiful Aurora Australis hit New Zealand recently. I was fortunate enough to catch a quiet spot to myself where I could take in the atmosphere and shoot a few images. My favorite from the night was a panorama shot of the Aurora to the south and the galactic core rising to the south-east – it was the shot I planned and it seemed to turn out nicely. So nicely, it got published in the National newspaper and got me a fair bit of attention on my various social media sites. The frenzy that started with a
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Aurora Photographers Spot New Night Sky Phenomenon, Name it ‘Steve’

Aurora photographers have been buzzing in recent days about a newly spotted phenomenon in the sky. It’s a purple ribbon of light that differs in appearance from standard aurora. After being confirmed as a new phenomenon, it was given a new name: “Steve.” After focusing its Swarm program satellites on locations where there were Steve sightings by photographers, the European Space Agency detected the purple ribbon with its instruments. The temperature inside the ribbon was 3000°C hotter than the air around it, and the gas was traveling at 6 km/s versus the 10 m/s speed of the surrounding air.
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This is the Canon 300mm f/1.8 — Yes, Such a Monster Lens Exists

Want to see one of the rarest Canon lenses in existence? Check out the Canon 300mm f/1.8. It’s an extremely huge and heavy lens, and so few exist that you’ll probably never come across one in real life. “The lens is used for photo finishes in horse races,” Emil Wiik Larsen of @canongearnerd tells PetaPixel. “It has an EF mount and weighs a ton.” Due to the fact that it’s a 300mm telephoto lens with a giant aperture of f/1.8, the front element of the lens is a ginormous piece of glass. This particular lens was used
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