This Guy Made His Own 90mm f/2.8 Lens from Scratch

Plenty of photographers these days try their hands at making their own cameras, but Swedish photographer, inventor, and camera maker Mats Wernersson recently did something a little more unusual: he made his own 90mm f/2.8 lens from scratch. You can watch his build process in the 4-minute video above. The lens is based on a Petzval design that produces swirly bokeh in photos. Every single part of the lens was homemade except for the lens mount, aperture blades, and helicoid. One thing that Wernersson does have that most photographers don’t, however, is access to industrial equipment for making the
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This is the Canon 300mm f/1.8 — Yes, Such a Monster Lens Exists

Want to see one of the rarest Canon lenses in existence? Check out the Canon 300mm f/1.8. It’s an extremely huge and heavy lens, and so few exist that you’ll probably never come across one in real life. “The lens is used for photo finishes in horse races,” Emil Wiik Larsen of @canongearnerd tells PetaPixel. “It has an EF mount and weighs a ton.” Due to the fact that it’s a 300mm telephoto lens with a giant aperture of f/1.8, the front element of the lens is a ginormous piece of glass. This particular lens was used
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Amazon’s Echo Look is Your Personal Fashion Photographer

Amazon has announced a new camera. Called the Echo Look, it’s a hands-free camera that you can use to shoot self-portraits that are triggered by your voice. The product is a combination of having a voice assistant, personal photographer, and fashion consultant. After putting together your outfit for the day, users can stand in front of the Echo Look and say, “Alexa, take a picture.” You’ll be able to see the resulting full-length portrait using the companion app on your smartphone. These photos can then form a personal lookbook, which is then used to suggest new clothing items
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Top 5 Smartphone Cameras Compete in Blind Test

What do the OnePlus 3T, iPhone 7+, Google Pixel XL, Samsung Galaxy S8, and LG G6 have in common? They’re 5 of the best smartphones for photography. And in this blind camera comparison, you get to pick your favorite without any unconscious (or conscious) bias clouding your judgement. The comparison was put together by Marques Brownlee of MKBHD, and the point of the blind test was two-fold. First, it illustrates just how good smartphone cameras have gotten, and how slight the differences are between these Top 5 phones on the market. A little bit of post-processing can, for the
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DJI and Hasselblad Unveil World’s First ‘100MP Drone Photography Platform’

DJI and Hasselblad just put a 100MP megapixel monster in the sky. By combining DJI’s M600 Pro drone and Ronin-MX Gimbal with a Hasselblad H6D-100c medium format camera, they’ve created what they’re calling, “the world’s first 100-Megapixel integrated aerial photography platform.” The interesting thing about this “new” drone is that there’s nothing new about it. It’s just a combination of an already-announced drone, already announced gimbal, and already announced camera. In theory, someone could have already built this up. The advantage of this ‘package’ would, we assume, be a little bit of a discount in price over buying each
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Leica M3 vs Game Boy Camera: The Comparison You’ve Been Waiting For

Inspired by a list that I saw some time ago made by “gadget experts” (whatever those are) who chose the Leica M3 as the top gadget of all time and the original Game Boy as one of the top five, I decided to compare them. My first conclusion was that the Game Boy is probably a better videogame than the Leica. The M3 doesn’t run any games, as far as I know. Guess I should compare them as cameras, then. I bought an original translucid Game Boy a few months ago. Lovely thing with its green-and-yellow-ish screen. I then decided
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Novoflex’s ‘Reversible’ ClassicBall Gives You Two Tripod Heads in One

If you’ve got some money to burn and you’re looking for a versatile new tripod head, put Novoflex’s ClassicBall heads on your list. The creatively designed ball heads are actually ‘reversible,’ giving you a ball head and a leveling panorama panning base all-in-one. The idea for a tripod head you can flip isn’t new—Acratech’s GP series ball heads have been doing it for a couple of years now—but Novoflex has done their best to make the ClassicBall series a bit more versatile. The main feature is still being able to mount the head upside down though, providing a level base
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DJI’s VR-Like Goggles Let You Control Your Drone Cam with Your Head

If you want a more immersive experience from your Mavic Pro or Phantom 4, DJI’s got you covered. Almost a year after they first teased them, DJI has officially released the DJI Goggles: a pair of VR-like FPV goggles that let you control your drone camera with your head. We say “VR-like” because, despite looking just like a pair of Oculus, you’re not getting a 3D feed. Instead, DJI is beaming the same 1080p video feed into each eye, an experience they claim is equivalent to looking at a 216-inch home theater screen from 10 feet away (goodbye eyesight?).
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Hasselblad X1D Review: An Expensive Gadget or a Worthy Performer?

Of all the cameras that sit in my camera bag, the Hasselblad X1D is the one camera that I never expected to purchase. But, after my Hasselblad H5 went in for repairs with no return date in sight (more on that later) and I faced an expensive rental bill to procure a replacement for a month-long photo project, I did some math and figured that I could buy the X1D, sell the H5 and put the money I’d have spent renting a camera into this sleek sports car of a camera. After a couple of phone calls and a few
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It Costs a Pro Photog Over $11,000 to Switch from Canon to Sony: Report

The groundbreaking new Sony a9 is one heck of a sports camera, and it’s cheaper than both the Canon 1DX Mark II and the Nikon D5. That must mean it’s financially smart to switch, right? Not so fast… Photographer Dan Bracaglia over at DPReview did an actual cost breakdown that reveals what it would actually cost a pro sports photographer to make the switch from Canon to Sony, and the totals are not encouraging. Bracaglia’s estimate involved a lot of … well … estimating. But it all breaks down to three basic steps. Step 1: Dan compiled the ‘ideal kit’
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Watch the Sony a9 Track and Shoot a Pole Vaulter at 20fps

It’s time for one more Sony a9 demo, because a high-speed sports camera is only as good as its AutoFocus system. Sony Artisan Gary Fong uploaded this pole vaulter demo, showing how well the a9 can keep up with a running athlete while shooting wide open. Just like the 20fps no blackout demo last week, it’s easy to forget that Fong is not shooting video here: he’s taking 20 full-frame photos per second. In his case, it looks like he’s shooting JPEG, but the camera is capable of capturing this same sequence in RAW no problem. Fong was shooting in
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TriLens is a Triple Lens Holder You Wear on Your Belt

Back in 2014, we shared a clever new photography accessory called the LensFlipper, which is basically back-to-back lens mounts that help you quickly and easily swap between lenses. Now a new startup is going one step further: the upcoming TriLens lets you mount three lenses on a single belt-worn accessory. The product is by Frii Designs, a Swedish startup founded by wedding and event photographer Jonas Lundin. “There’s nothing worse than coming home from a photo shoot and realize that you’ve missed irreplaceable moments because you struggled with changing lenses, or that you simply were too lazy to
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This is What 20fps with the Sony a9 Sounds Like (Spoiler: Nothing)

Sony made quite a splash in the photo industry this week by announcing the new a9, a mirrorless camera that can shoot 24MP full-frame photos at a whopping 20fps. We soon got a look at what 20fps on this camera looks like. If you want to see what 20fps sounds like, check out the video above. Some DSLRs can shoot at relatively fast rates as well — check out 12fps with the Nikon D5 and 16fps with the Canon 1D X II — but with DSLRs you’ll have audible sounds from the mirror and/or shutter flapping up and down.
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SwellPro’s Waterproof Drones Don’t Just Fly, They Float to Film Underwater

SwellPro’s waterproof “splash drones” were designed primarily for fishermen, but ambitious filmmakers and at least a few clumsy photographers could all benefit from a drone that can shoot above and below the waves. The SwellPro splash drones come in two different versions: Fisherman and Auto. The entry-level Fisherman was designed for “long fishing line delivery and bait dropping,” and comes equipped with an SAR fishing line release mechanism, waterproof camera, video transmitter, and FPV monitor. The more expensive Auto version is a bit more filmmaker friendly, and includes a waterproof GoPro gimbal, a fishing line release rig, a
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ISO 12,800. Huh! What Is It Good For?

Absolutely nothing? Ten years ago, a Nikon D3 saved me while shooting a gig in a dimly lit club. It’s expansive ISO range of 200-6400 allowed me to shoot with a 24-70mm f/2.8 at about 1/20th of a second. Good enough for jazz as it was. As technology has progressed, ISO has gone from being a huge point of stress for photographers to a secondary thought. Even with compressed dynamic ranges, it’s pretty typical for sports photographers to shoot at ISO 2000 or higher while still extracting solid image quality. At some point, you have to ask what is
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Size Comparison: Sony a9 vs a7R II, Canon 5D Mark IV, and 1DX Mark II

One of the biggest selling points of Sony’s mirrorless full-frame cameras is how much smaller and lighter they are than comparable DSLRs, but does the new Sony a9 live up to that promise? Let’s see. The good folks at Camera Size have just added the Sony a9 to their comparison tool, allowing us to place it next to some of its main competitors and see just how much (if any) smaller the a9 is than the a7R II, Canon 5D Mark IV, and its REAL competition, the Canon 1DX Mark II. One thing you’ll notice right away is that the
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7 Useful Camera Tricks for Nikon Shooters

If you’re a Nikon shooter, listen up. Wildlife photographer and knowledgeable Nikon shooter Steve Perry has some really useful tips and tricks that will make your life much easier. Perry has spent a lifetime shooting Nikon, and this video covers the 7 favorite camera customizations and tricks he’s discovered over the years. It’s worth noting (and he does) that these tricks do not apply to the D3XXX or D5XXX series, but anything above those entry-level options will have these settings buried in the menus… you just have to know where to look. You can check out the video above for
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GoPro Fusion is a 360° Camera That Shoots 5.2K

GoPro today announced a brand new product called the GoPro Fusion. It’s a spherical camera that can shoot 360-degree photos and videos… in 5.2K resolution. The Fusion is the latest member of the GoPro family, joining the standard GoPro camera and the new Karma drone. It’s designed to shoot fully immersive virtual reality content, but it can capture non-VR video and standard still photos as well. “Fusion is just that, the ability to capture every angle simultaneously…as though you had six GoPro cameras fused into one,” says GoPro founder and CEO Nicholas Woodman. While most of the 360-degree spherical
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Which Sony a9 Feature Will Make Pros Switch?

Sony’s recently announced full-frame flagship a9 is a game changer for mirrorless systems. Designed to compete directly against the Canon EOS 1D X Mark II and Nikon D5 DSLRs, Sony has seemingly solved some of the major complaints of the a7 series and mirrorless systems in general. Here are a few notable features:

20fps shooting without blackout

Very few shooters will ever need a frame rate this fast. But for those who do (e.g. sports photographers), having no blackout with continuous focusing is damn impressive. Both Nikon and Canon have mirror lockup modes, but they are both slower and
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