Hasselblad’s XV Lens Adapter Lets You Use V Lenses on the X1D-50c

Hasselblad has launched its new XV lens adapter, which lets you mount old V system lenses on the new X1D-50c medium format mirrorless camera. The XV adapter, which Hasselblad says “bridges its legacy and its future,” supports Hasselblad’s full lineup of C, CB, CF, CFI, CFE, F and FE lenses — it adds compatibility for over 60 lenses that range in focal length from 30mm to 500mm. The lenses function solely using the X1D-50c’s electronic shutter since no lens shutter control is possible when pairing the two generations of gear. You can purchase the Hasselblad XV lens adapter now
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Lexar Memory Cards are Coming Back from the Dead

Back in June 2017, Micron announced that it would be discontinuing its entire Lexar removable storage business that included memory cards, readers, flash drives, storage drives, and more. A few months later, the Chinese company Longsys swooped in and acquired the brand. Longsys now says that Lexar will be returning from the grave. Now a Longsys-owned business, Lexar announced this week that it’s resuming full production of its products and will begin shipping to major retailers again this fall. The product lineup will include memory cards, card readers, solid state drives (SSDs), and USB flash drives geared toward professional photographers
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Kodak Ektachrome is Now in the Hands of Testers

After originally being announced back in January 2017, the return of Kodak Ektachrome film is inching closer: rolls of the film are now landing in the hands of beta testers around the world. The official Kodak Instagram account has published photos of Ektachrome boxes being held by photographers.

@sandracoan @benjhaisch Thank you for being on our beta test team!

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Photographers are apparently being sent shrink-wrapped blocks containing 10 individual boxes of Ektachrome.

These are the Top Cameras and Lenses According to the 2018 EISA Awards

The prestigious EISA Awards has announced its picks for the top photography products of 2018-2019. Sony leads the pack with 5 prizes this year, Canon snagged 4, and Nikon landed 2. For nearly 40 years now, the Expert Imaging & Sound Association (EISA) has been selecting the “most innovative, cutting-edge products” in consumer electronics, and Photography is one of the six categories of products covered. EISA is made up of technical experts from 55 leading specialist magazines and websites in 27 countries around the world. Here are the best photo gear products of the year, according to the EISA Awards:

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Nikon’s Fourth Full-Frame Mirrorless Teaser Shows Its Noct Lens

Nikon has released its 4th teaser video for the full-frame mirrorless camera system it’ll be announcing in less than a week. This latest one is titled “Lens” and suggests a revival of ultra-low-light ‘Noct’ lenses. The 33-second video shows several glimpses of the Noct-Nikkor 58mm f/1.2, one of the fastest lenses ever made by Nikon and the only lens so far to bear the company’s ‘Noct’ branding. ‘Noct’ is derived from the Latin word for ‘night’, and Nikon used it as a designation for “Specialty low-light lens designed for maximum sharpness at the widest aperture setting.” A return
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Is the Sensor or the Lens to Blame for Poor Image Quality?

A few years ago, I was embarrassingly very vocal about how disappointed I was about some of the Nikon lenses. I’ve been using Nikon cameras and lenses for decades and although I was very pleased with the image quality and color rendition their cameras produced, I strongly considered jumping the Nikon ship in search of crisper, cleaner looking lenses. In fact, I was so close to leaving Nikon a couple of years ago that I went through the process of hiring and testing other brands to see if other manufacturers could deliver what Nikon could not. But what was my
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Sony is Now #1 in Full-Frame Cameras in the US

Sony just announced that it is now #1 in the United States in the full-frame interchangeable lens camera market, overtaking Canon in both units sold and dollars generated in the first half of 2018. Sony says that 4 out of every 10 full-frame cameras sold during the period were made by Sony. Here’s a chart by Sony showing its explosive growth in the full-frame camera market: This latest news speaks to the rapid growth of mirrorless cameras. While Canon and Sony have yet to announce a full-frame camera in the mirrorless market, Sony currently has four: the Sony a9,
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Patti is 3 Legged Thing’s First Tripod to Feature Flip-Locking Legs

The British tripod maker 3 Legged Thing has announced a new Punks-series tripod called Patti. It’s the company’s first ever tripod to feature flip-lock legs rather than the friction locks found on all the other models. The new tripod is named after punk rock musician Patti Smith, making it the first 3 Legged Thing tripod named after a female rockstar. Despite weighing just 3.4 pounds (1.55kg), Patti is capable of supporting up to 22 pounds (10kg) of camera gear thanks to its new leg locking mechanism. The flip locks are made of durable ABS plastic and help secure
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Nikon Z6 and Z7 Full-Frame Mirrorless Cameras and 3 Lenses Coming 8/23

As previous rumors suggested, Nikon will reportedly announce not just one, but two full-frame mirrorless cameras called the Z6 and Z7, respectively, as well as three lenses at its big unveiling on August 23rd. Nikon Rumors first reported these details, reporting that the Nikon Z6 will be a 24-megapixel, high-speed, low-light camera and that the Nikon Z7 will be a 45-megapixel, high-resolution camera. Three new lenses — possibly with the branding ‘Z-Nikkor’ — will likely be announced alongside the cameras: a 24-70mm f/4 zoom, a 50mm f/1.8 prime, and a wide angle lens (possibly a 24mm, 28mm, or
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The Rear Layout of Nikon’s Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

Nikon’s teasers for its upcoming full-frame mirrorless camera have largely been looks at the front and sides of the camera. Here’s a look at what the back will likely be like. Nikon Rumors published the diagram above, writing that it’s a drawing made by a photographer who has used/seen/tested the camera out in the field. “As you can see from the sketch, the back layout is similar to most Nikon DSLR cameras with the exception that there are no buttons/controls on the left side of the screen,” Nikon Rumors writes. “The screen itself looks pretty big and there is also
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Sony’s Mirrorless Cameras are Winning Over the Pros: Bloomberg

The ongoing battle over camera supremacy between Canon, Nikon, and Sony is receiving more mainstream attention in the business world. Bloomberg has published a report on the rise of Sony through its mirrorless cameras and states that Sony is now winning over professional photographers. Sony has enjoyed a sizable lead in the booming mirrorless camera race thanks to its willingness to launch full-frame mirrorless cameras while Canon and Nikon largely twiddled their thumbs and continued focusing on their bread and butter DSLR businesses. As a result, Sony is now chipping away at the duopoly’s lead in the $3.2 billion
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Here’s How Much Sony Autofocus Has Improved in the Past Few Years

Want to see how much Sony has improved the autofocus abilities in its cameras? Photographer Dave Dugdale made this 6.5-minute video comparing the AF on his Sony a7S from 2014 and his new Sony a7R III. Dugdale shows how the a7S loses face detection autofocus pretty quickly when the subject does certain things to confuse it — fidgeting with sunglasses, moving a hand around a nose and mouth, turning the face to a profile, turning completely around, and moving to the very edge of the frame. The a7R III is able to stay locked onto the subject much better
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This is How Nikon Tests the Durability of the D850

Nikon Asia released this promo video for the D850 that offers a peek at how the company tests the DSLR for durability in harsh environments, ensuring that it’s reliable through things like drops, impacts, vibrations, extreme temperatures, and humidity.

Nikon says that although the camera officially has an operating temperature range of 32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C), it’s actually designed with a wider tolerance than that to hold up in even more extreme conditions.

The company places and shoots the camera in special chambers with high humidity.

The camera is also covered with dust to ensure that the sealing

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How the Original Canon 5D Stacks Up Against the 5D Mark IV

Photographer Pablo Strong recently did a shootout to see how the original Canon 5D from 2005 stacks up against the latest Canon 5D Mark IV from 2016. The 7.5-minute video above is a report of his findings. The Canon 5D, which Strong calls “arguably the best deal in photography” when paired with the 50mm f/1.8 II lens, was a camera that helped full frame cameras break into the mainstream. It was the first full-frame DSLR in a smaller, standard camera body and its price tag of $3,300 also set a new standard for how affordable full-frame cameras could
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The Company Behind Hit Lens Revivals on Kickstarter is on Life Support

net SE, the German company that has raised millions of dollars on Kickstarter through reviving a number of classic lenses, is running into major issues that may threaten its existence and perhaps even the lenses that are owed to thousands of backers. Photo Rumors reports that net SE delisted its shares from the over-the-counter market in Germany at the end of June and filed for bankruptcy at the same time. net SE is behind several classic camera brands that have come back to life in recent times, including Meyer Optik Görlitz, Emil Busch A.-G. Rathenau, Oprema Jena, C.
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Leica Unveils the Elpro 52 for Shooting Macro with Existing M/TL Lenses

Leica today announced the new Elpro 52, close-up attachment for over 20 select Leica M and TL lenses that allows them to be used for macro photography. The lens screws onto the front of existing lenses, greatly reducing the focusing distance to allow you to get up close to small subjects. “The shallow depth of focus opens up new opportunities for incredibly detailed photography while still giving images a soft effect in the out of focus areas,” Leica says. Design-wise, the Elpro 52 is made of two cemented lens elements featuring an anti-reflective coating that Leica says virtually eliminates chromatic
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Samsung’s New Galaxy Note 9 Points Out Flaws In Your Photos

Samsung today announced the new Galaxy Note 9 smartphone. Among its new features is Samsung’s “most intelligent camera yet” and a new Flaw Detection feature that will point out when your photos aren’t up to par. The Note 9 features a dual camera on the back with a 12MP f1.5/f2.4 wide-angle lens (it has a dual aperture like the Samsung Galaxy S9) and a 12mp f/2.4 telephoto lens. Both lenses have built-in optical image stabilization. The front-facing camera is an 8MP f/1.7 unit. “New revolutionary features make it nearly impossible to take a bad shot,”
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Nikon’s Third Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera Teaser is ‘The Body’

Nikon has just released the third of six planned teasers for the full frame mirrorless camera that will be announced on August 23rd. After “Travel of Light” and “Mount,” this latest video is titled “The Body.” “We’ve pursued the development of the ultimate camera for many years,” Nikon writes in the description of the 33-second video above. “Our new mirrorless system further embodies our spirit of manufacturing cameras without compromise.” At the end we see another shadowy glimpse of what the camera body will look like: The view is strangely similar to what Nikon
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This Milky Way Photo Was Shot with a Huawei P20 Pro Smartphone

The Huawei P20 Pro smartphone boasts the highest-scoring smartphone camera ever evaluated by DxOMark, sitting head and shoulders above its competition with an overall score of 109. Here’s how good the on-board Leica triple-camera system is: you can shoot beautiful shots of the Milky Way in the starry night sky. UAE-based photographer Daniel K. Cheong just shared this photo he captured using the phone (click to see the full-res version): Cheong shot the photo in Camera Pro mode at ISO 1600, 20s, and f/1.8. The phone was mounted to a tripod. “I currently on Reunion Island, which has a
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How Caffeine Made Me Kill My $2,400 Sony RX1 Camera

Here’s a warning to all the photographers out there: caffeine and complicated camera repairs do not mix well. I found out the hard way and killed my $2,400 Sony RX1 full frame compact camera. After drinking a cup too many espressos, I finally decided to clean the sensor of my beloved Sony RX1, a job that I had postponed for months while only shooting it at f/2. This is a camera that has a reputation of being expensive — Sony used to charge $1,000 just for a sensor cleaning. Being cheap and full of caffeine, I decided that the day
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