Sony a7R III Named a Top 10 Gadget of 2017 by TIME

Sony sparked a great deal of excitement when it announced its blazing fast full-frame a9 camera in April, but somehow it managed to make an even bigger splash with its a7R III unveiling in October. In addition to fantastic reviews coming out about it, the a7R III just got another solid vote of approval: TIME just selected it as one of the top 10 gadgets of 2017. The a7R III is the only camera that made it onto TIME’s list, coming in at #10. “With notable improvements over its predecessor and a cheaper price than Sony’s A9 Alpha, the recently
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A Nikon D850 Review for Nature Photographers

It’s finally here! My Nikon D850 review is finally finished! It took me 11 states, two countries, eight weeks, and 16,000 images to get it done, but here it is! This is a true field test loaded with real-world examples, advice, and tons of tips for getting the most from all the new features. Yes, it’s a bit of a long review, but I didn’t want to simply tell you about the new features — I wanted to show you how to use them as well. Nothing more frustrating than a review that tells you about some amazing new feature
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Yashica’s Faux Film Y35 Camera Raises $1.28 Million on Kickstarter

It seems that a lot of photography enthusiasts want to shoot a stripped down digital camera with pretend film rolls. The Kickstarter campaign for Yashica’s new Y35 “DigiFilm” camera is now over, and it managed to raise a staggering HK$10,035,296 (~$1,284,559) from 6,935 supporters to bring the camera to market. Yashica, a Japanese camera brand with a storied history, began teasing a comeback to the camera market in mid-September. Days later, it announced that it would be announcing an “unprecedented camera”, sparking speculation that the company might announce a serious mirrorless camera. When the Y35 was announced on
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The Sony a7R III Eats Stars: New Report

Has Sony actually fixed its “star eater” issue in the new a7R III? Photographer Drew Geraci tested the camera earlier this month and found that the problem “is no more,” but now new reports are suggesting that the a7R III does indeed still “eat” stars and cause them to disappear in long exposures. DPReview sent engineer Jim Kasson a set of star photos from the a7R III to analyze, and after analyzing the spectra and generating a series of graphs, Kasson concluded that “the Sony a7R III eats stars.” “It turns out that the spatial filtering, which is
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Leica Unveils the CL, A Crop Mirrorless Camera with a Classic Design

Leica has just announced the new CL, an APS-C mirrorless camera with a more classic design and interface, as well as the new Elmarit-TL 18 mm f/2.8 ASPH, the “smallest wide-angle APS-C lens.”

Leica CL

“With stunning image quality – even in low-light scenarios – new electronic viewfinder technology and superb video capabilities, the Leica CL is the ultimate tool to capture everyday moments, all customizable to the photographer’s style,” Leica says. The new Leica CL sits alongside the Leica TL2 in the company’s APS-C crop sensor lineup. The two cameras are similar, except the CL
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DxOMark’s Pentax 645Z Review is Out After 2 Year Delay, Scores 101

Last month, we reported that DxOMark had reviewed the Pentax 645Z back in 2015 and given it a highest-ever score of 101 before pausing its medium format camera reviews prior to publishing any. That Pentax 645Z review is finally out, and DxOMark still has glowing things to say about the camera. DxOMark says the 51.4-megapixel camera has extremely good image quality scores, and the large pixels on the sensor gives the camera the best low-light ISO scores ever recorded up to this point among all cameras. “It’s clear from our testing that the Pentax 645Z’s sensor is extremely
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The Ihagee ELBAFLEX 35mm SLR May Be Reborn with a Nikon F Mount

The film renaissance continues. Ihagee has launched an ambitious new Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign that’s aiming to create a fully analog 35mm camera based on the classic Ihagee ELBAFLEX SLR, except this time with a Nikon F lens mount. The team behind the project consists of German and Ukranian camera specialists working under the Ihagee brand. The camera is designed to be “ideal for black and white, and energized, mindful photography.” The inside of the camera is “based on Ukranian camera technology” that was manufactured until the late 1980s. The team has also improved the inner workings by re-engineering some
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Testing Sony’s New Pixel Shift Feature in the a7R III

The new Sony a7R III has a new function called Pixel Shift. This function basically increases the resolution of your images by 4 times. In short: the camera takes 4 photos and shifts the sensor 1 pixel in between. By combining these images later (the camera itself doesn’t do this) you get an image that has 4 times the resolution of a normal raw image (4 x 42 megapixel). This does NOT mean your file is suddenly 168 Megapixels. The files you get are still 42 megapixels but they contain way more detail, especially noticeable when you zoom in 100%.
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The Surface Beast: Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 is a MacBook Pro Killer

Over the last year I have been slowly migrating from Apple to Windows, and to be honest breaking out of the walled gardens that I lived within (some known, some unknown) has not been easy, but it has been freeing. I have to hand it to Apple, they made a system, an environment, that has been comfortable and creatively useful for many years. However, slowly the sparkle that was once held in such high regards by artists, has begun to dull. For me, there was one piece of hardware that remained from my Apple past, one that traveled with
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Hasselblad Launches Its Own ‘Rent a Hasselblad’ Service

Hasselblad has just launched its own in-house ‘Rent a Hasselblad‘ service, allowing photographers to shoot with the brand’s medium-format cameras for much, much less than the thousands it costs to actually own it. The service has been designed to make life a little easier for those on the fence about investing in a Hasselblad camera kit. By being able to rent the camera and accompanying lenses for a shoot, Hasselblad is offering users a chance to “try before they buy” at “reasonable rates.” Should you rent a camera and then decide you wish to purchase one (provided it
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This 8K Moonlight Timelapse Was Shot on the Nikon D850

Back in September, we shared 8K timelapse shot using the Nikon D850 in Iceland. Nikon has just released this new 8K time-lapse that shows what the D850 can do at night. This 1.5-minute promo film is titled “Hercules Rising” and was shot by Dutch nature photographer Marsel van Oosten. An alternate version of the film was released as well alongside a couple of other short clips demonstrating the DSLR’s nighttime abilities. “Hercules Rising” was shot under moonlight in Namibia in southern Africa using the D850’s 8K Time-Lapse abilities, which captures 45-megapixel still photos at regular intervals.
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Kodak’s Ektachrome Reboot is on Track Despite $46M Loss and 425 Layoffs

Earlier this year in January, Kodak announced it was bringing back its popular Ektachrome film. After a period of silence and recent news that the company is laying off 425 employees after losing $46 million, there’s now some good news: Ektachrome’s return is still on track. Kodak published a 40-minute update from its film factory on the current status of its Ektachrome reboot work, and things sound quite positive.
“The process is coming along really well,” Kodak says. “We’ve been busy testing and making sure it meets all the expectations that exist in this passionate community.” Kodak is
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10 Nikon D5 Cameras Just Arrived on the ISS

Earlier this year, NASA ordered 53 unmodified Nikon D5 DSLR cameras. Now, 10 of them have just landed at the International Space Station as part of the OA-8 Space Station Resupply. The cameras will be used in orbit for 12 to 18 months. Only the camera bodies have been sent up to the ISS — instead of shipping brand new lenses, NASA will be reusing lenses and accessories already on the ISS that were launched with the Nikon D4 and D2Xs cameras. The Nikon D5 cameras make up only a small part of the 7,400 lbs (3,350 kg) of cargo sent
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Sony a7R III: The Star Eater is No More

Sony’s latest mirrorless cameras have incredible specs and glowing reviews, but astrophotographers have been complaining about a “star eater” issue in which stars are mistaken for noise and removed from long exposure photos. There’s some good news, though: it looks like the new Sony a7R III doesn’t have the “star eater” problem. In case you haven’t been following along with the “star eater” fiasco, here’s the gist: in August 2016, firmware updates released for the a7R II and a7S II included a spacial filtering feature that removes noise for exposures longer than a few seconds. But photographers discovered that the
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Light L16: Things Aren’t Looking Good in Early Reviews

The Light L16 is a 52-megapixel point-and-shoot camera that uses a massive 16 lenses all at once to create high resolution images. It has both baffled and inspired a lot of the photography community, but the first real reviews are being published… and they aren’t very good.

Is There a Need?

Photography Bay expresses concerns about the market’s needs for such a camera. This camera may not be something that the majority of people want or need, as smartphones are “good enough” and pretty close to the capabilities of the L16. “I’m afraid if the Light L16 can’t deliver the
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How Ultra High Speed Cameras Shoot Up to 25,000,000 FPS

Tracking and panning a camera in time with a tank shell seems impossible given that the shell travels at over 1,500 meters per second. Yet, somehow, there are videos showing just that floating around the Internet. Here’s a 7-minute video from Curious Droid that lifts the veil of mystery on ultra high-speed cameras and explains how they work. It’s a look at how mind-blowing shots like this are achieved:
It’s all thanks to mirrors. Mechanical systems are capable of moving a mirror at the same speed as the projectile so that the angle of reflection allows the camera to film
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A Hands-On Review of the Fujilfilm GFX 50S Medium Format DSLR

Here’s a 9-minute hands-on field test of the Fujifilm GFX 50S by photographer Kai W. This $6,500 medium-format camera boasts a 51-megapixel sensor and may be an option landscape photographers may want to look into. The first thing Kai noticed was the lightweight body. At just 800 grams with the battery included, this is not a camera that will weigh you down on your travels. Kai was also particularly impressed by the 3.69-million-dot EVF and described it as “like having TV strapped to your eye.” In fact, he said that it was “so large you might fall in.
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iPhone X Portrait Lighting Versus Real Studio Lighting

The new iPhone X has a number of Portrait Lighting looks that allow users to “fake” professional lighting styles. Here’s a 4-minute video by photographer Daniel DeArco that compares the iPhone X’s Portrait Lighting with the real studio lighting setups they’re designed to mimic. All the images in these comparisons are taken with the iPhone X, with those on the left having been shot with the digital lighting modes. On the right are images shot with the iPhone X without any of the digital lighting enabled, but instead with the lighting replicated with a real lighting rig. Here are the
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Panasonic Unveils the Leica DG Elmarit 200mm f/2.8 Power O.I.S.

In addition to its new G9 Micro Four Thirds mirrorless camera, Panasonic today announced the new Leica DG Elmarit 200mm f/2.8 Power O.I.S. lens. The new lens is the first large aperture ultra-telephoto prime lens with the LEICA DG marque. “It boasts sharpest-ever image quality from corner to corner in the history of LUMIX digital interchangeable lenses,” Panasonic says. “Featuring high mobility in a compact, lightweight design, it also realizes handheld ultra-telephoto shooting.” The lens is the equivalent of a 400mm lens in 35mm terms due to the 2x crop factor of Micro Four Thirds
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Panasonic Lumix G9: 80MP High-Res Mode and 6.5-Stop Stabilization

Despite numerous reports in the past several months, Panasonic’s camera business isn’t dead after all. The company just announced the Lumix G9, a serious Micro Four Thirds mirrorless camera with high-end features. “The LUMIX G9 achieves the highest-ever image quality in photo shooting by elevating resolution, gradation and color reproduction,” Panasonic says. At its core is a 20.3-megapixel Micro Four Thirds CMOS sensor that omits a low-pass filter for increased sharpness. In addition to shooting 20MP photos, the camera also has a High Resolution mode that combines 8 separate sensor-shifted exposures in-camera into an ultra-high-res 80-megapixel JPEG or
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