Solutions to Resolve Part 3: Unexpected clipping when grading

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Unexpected clipping in DaVinci Resolve and how to avoid it!

One of the great features of Resolve is that it works in 32bit float. This means that it can cope with a virtually limitless dynamic range, and, most importantly, it will conserve that range however much you raise or
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Thank you, Adobe — For The Little Things…

I’m just back from teaching at the Adobe MAX Conference in Los Angeles. An incredible event, in scope, scale and how Adobe pulls it off. Really something special to experience (and thanks to all the folks who came out to my sessions). During the opening keynote, my dear friend and 21-year evangelist for Adobe Systems, Terry White (seen above), was on stage to show off the new features in Photoshop CC 2019 (he totally crushed it btw — he’s such a gifted presenter). There’s a new workspace for Content-Aware Fill, which is arguably one of Photoshop’s most amazing features already, and this Continue reading "Thank you, Adobe — For The Little Things…"

Learn VEGAS Pro 16 – 360 Video

360° video cameras have become more powerful in recent years, and talk about how the format is going to redefine audience expectations is as pervasive as ever. The ability to immerse viewers in a story is appealing to creative professionals at every level, but the logistics associated with creating a real virtual environment have often proved to be too much of a challenge for directors and editors. That’s just part of the reason that full 360° video support has been included with VEGAS Pro 16. 360º video productions can now be edited to meet the growing demands of the emerging VR Continue reading "Learn VEGAS Pro 16 – 360 Video"

New Class: How To Get The Cinematic Look From Your Drone Photography

How To Get The Cinematic Look From Your Drone Photography with Dave Williams
Learn how to translate techniques from movies into your drone footage for a cinematic look with Dave Williams! Dave travels the world shooting with all types of cameras, and especially his drones. In this class Dave teaches you how to stand out from the crowd by using your drone with complete creative control to fly like a movie director and create something truly cinematic. You’ll learn how to overcome limitations, do your research ahead of time, configure your drone’s settings for optimal capture, and practice the types Continue reading "New Class: How To Get The Cinematic Look From Your Drone Photography"

Guest Blog: Non-profit Founder, Photography Teacher, and Creative Activist Kate Gazaway

Rama Cay, Nicaragua. 2013.

When did you fall in love with photography? Can you remember the moment of perfect cohesion when your brain and heart infused the clunky object in your hand and the wild world was captured through a lens? It stirred something inside you and you realized, “There’s my voice. There’s my sight.”

Were you once too shy to step out before you allowed your camera to become a buffer, a connection when you felt so disconnected? Were you too unrestrained and scattered, yet the camera benevolently forced you to slow down, listen, and compose order from

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Solutions to Resolve Part 2: Accurate shot match in ColorTraceTM

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The key to accurate shot match in DaVinci Resolve’s Color Trace

ColorTraceTM is a tool in DaVinci Resolve to copy color grades from one timeline to another. It’s often used when a sequence has been graded and the grades then need to be transferred to different versions, perhaps
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One Knob ERA Voice Leveler Plugin by Accusonus

Getting a voice to sound good to balance against music for example, can be a bit of a challenge. Yes there are built-in tools with FCPX, but they can require constant tweaking. Accusonus has just added a $59 one knob controlled voice leveller to the their range of audio plugins.

It’s Adobe MAX Keynote Day! Could We Get Photoshop & Lightroom Updates?

Hi, gang and greetings from Los Angeles where this morning Adobe will take the stage for their huge annual conference, Adobe MAX 2018 — held this year at the Los Angeles Convention Center. I’m very excited to be teaching at the conference this year — I’m teaching a class today and tomorrow called “How to Present Like a Pro” and I can’t wait to share a bunch of really helpful techniques with the folks here at the conference. I’m not sharing anything out-of-turn or secret here, but I will tell you that historically Adobe releases big updates to products like Continue reading "It’s Adobe MAX Keynote Day! Could We Get Photoshop & Lightroom Updates?"

Upload Your Best Image From The Photo Walk For The Photo Walk Photo Competition

If you haven’t uploaded your best image from this past weekend’s Worldwide Photo Walk, now’s the time. Pick that one best image from your shoot – Upload it at the site (more on that in a moment), and you’re entered. Entering the contest is free, so whatdaya have to lose? (Heck, maybe you’ll win!). STEP ONE: Go to the official Worldwide Photo Walk site (link), and find the page for the city where you did your walk. This is the page (above) from the walk I led in Innsbruck, Austria. Click on the Contest tab at the
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4K OLED UHD Monitor from Panasonic is More Than a True Plasma Replacement

The difference that HD grading monitors can make for projects of any size, from Hollywood productions all the way to films shot on a smartphone, are considerable. People like Alexis Van Hurkman have written articles and entire books about the nuances of color and tone that these kinds of grading monitors enable, so I’ll spare you a screed about what it means to have a client reference monitor that features outstanding color fidelity. The importance of having one is indisputable. What’s also indisputable is that these monitors are not cheap. It’s part of the reason people are always on the
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Learn VEGAS Pro 16 – HDR Color Management

HDR is a topic we’ve covered in great detail on PVC, and the appeal of the format can be simplified by saying that if 4K is about more pixels, HDR is about better pixels, and that’s a difference audiences have come to recognize. It’s also the reason that VEGAS Pro 16 now offers an end-to-end workflow for High Dynamic Range color. VEGAS Pro users can now deliver HDR content with stunning color and detail along with important metadata. The software is also compatible with professional HDR-capable cameras, monitors, and other hardware. VEGAS Pro 16 has been re-engineered to support Continue reading "Learn VEGAS Pro 16 – HDR Color Management"

New Class: Hands On With The Canon EOS R

Hands On With The Canon EOS R: Everything You Need To Know To Get Great Shots with Scott Kelby and Larry Becker
Join Larry Becker to learn the ins and outs of the amazing Canon EOS R! Whether you just picked one up or are thinking about adding one to your kit, you’ll want to learn all the hidden features and pro tips that set this camera apart. From features such as programmable controls to flexible priority mode to shooting video, Larry teaches you how to set them up (and more!) and get the most out of them. Larry Continue reading "New Class: Hands On With The Canon EOS R"

Cingear 2018 ATL: New City, New Lenses, New Lights

Ahhhh trade shows…endless amounts floor space and people vying for your attention. More importantly, they gotta scan your badge to get you on their mailing list! Having been to NAB in Vegas many times, I was curious to check out Cine Gear Atlanta. This is Cinegears FIRST year in the big ATL, so I made the haul to Pinewood Studios from Nashville with my buddy Jiayoa. I think trade shows are more about the people you meet than the gear you see. Making a commitment to attending is a way to expand your network on a literal global scale. So
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Guest Blog: Commercial and Editorial Portrait Photographer Nicol Biesek

On My Birthday, I Am Deleting My Instagram as a Gift to Myself.
When I was approached by Brad to be featured on this guest blog a few months ago (back in June to be exact) I had a whole different set of ideas for what I wanted to talk about to a community of photographers and photography lovers alike.

Well, when I sat down to get to it in the more recent weeks, I realized how ever changing our entire worlds can become in just a matter of months, and where my head is at now…it is a very

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Solutions to Resolve Part 1: Precise sharpening and noise reduction

This short series of articles is about various aspects of Resolve that are important but not as well known as they should be. They don’t often come up in tutorials and I’ve discovered in the course of my teaching that even some confirmed editors and colorists are not aware of them. The four articles are bit of a mixed bag, some of them working tips, others more fundamental as to how Resolve works. Each of them is independent with no relation to the others. I’ve tried to provide sufficient background information to make them clear for beginners as well as
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Whoo Hoo! What an Awesome Photo Walk Saturday!!! :)

Good morning, everybody from absolutely beautiful Hallstatt, Austria (we came here after my Photo Walk in wonderful Innsbruck, but tomorrow we’re heading out to Bled, Slovenia for the day, and then back here for another night, and then we head back to Munich, and then home. Whew!). Here’s the group shot from my Innsbruck walk on Saturday as part of the Worldwide Photo Walk. We had such a great group of people (virtually none actually from Innsbruck -everybody pretty much came from somewhere else – either somewhere else in Austria or Italy or Germany). Plus, I was blessed to
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Capture on the Go with Lightroom CC by Pollyanna Macchiano

Image credit: Adobe Stock/determined
Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk Day​ is back at it again this year, engaging thousands of photographers around the globe in pursuit of adventure and local photo ops. Before venturing out, you’ll need to pick your gadget of choice. One thing you may not know is that your phone is actually just as powerful as some DSLRs out on the market—especially when you leverage the RAW capture ability of Lightroom mobile’s camera. Have I piqued your interest? Keep reading. Many of you might already be using Lightroom to sort and fine-tune your photos, but with
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