The Next Winner of Their Own Solo Gallery Show is…

Once again, KelbyOne Members all over the world sent in entries, and these entries keep getting better and better, which makes the judging harder and harder. Nevertheless, we found an incredible photographer to honor with this own solo gallery show opening, and we’re excited to announce that our latest winner is UK-based photographer/Photoshop artist:

Ian Munro

Ian (and a guest of his choice) will be flown to Tampa, Florida to be there for the wine and cheese reception celebrating his own solo gallery show at “The Gallery at KelbyOne.” (Note: If you’re like “What’s this whole gallery thing?” check
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New Class – Mastering The Natural Light Portrait: Post Processing

Mastering The Natural Light Portrait: Post Processing with Scott Kelby
Join Scott Kelby for the conclusion to his Mastering the Natural Light Portrait class, as he works through his process for editing the photos from that shoot. In this class you’ll learn the core types of edits you will apply to all of your natural light portraits. In this class you’ll learn different techniques for reducing distractions and making the face the most eye-catching part of the photo. From soft northern exposure light to dappled light, Scott teaches you how to analyze the photo, plan your approach, and get the Continue reading "New Class – Mastering The Natural Light Portrait: Post Processing"

Guest Blog: Graphic Designer & Photographer Connor Dwyer

Over the past few years, my career path has transformed from studying business in college, to one as a freelance photographer and designer for major brands and top musicians. 

But, that’s not what I want to talk about today. 

Today, I want to talk about taking pictures of “boring things.” As I was starting to dabble with photography in college, I did a year-long one-a-day photo challenge to try to capture my everyday life with a unique perspective. Some days I very quickly found the shot. I’d be going cliff jumping with my friends, or would be at a
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The Need for Speed in a Changing Media Landscape

More video is being produced and distributed than ever before. In this new media landscape, speed has become critical for media businesses looking to survive and prosper in today’s insatiable market for video content. The Digital Production Partnership (DPP) summed up today’s realities in their NAB 2017 The Need for Speed report: “There are strong creative, financial and operational arguments for the move to IP production and cloud services. But the most compelling reason of all may simply be that audience behaviors will now require any content provider to be able to turn on a dime.”

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Adobe Releases a Very Zippy New Update to Lightroom Classic

It’s “Faster Lightroom Classic Tuesday,” everybody! Adobe just released another update to Lightroom Classic CC (the regular desktop Lightroom we all know and love), but today we will love it more because it’s much faster than ever before. Lots of speed improvements throughout (building upon the speed enhancements from the October update), and you’ve probably already read test results leaked around the Web last week that show the new Lightroom Classic 7.2 is significantly faster in many areas (provided you have at least 12 GB of RAM – though I always recommend, and use 16-GB). Plus, they’ve made the Continue reading "Adobe Releases a Very Zippy New Update to Lightroom Classic"

Deadline to Enter Architectural Photo Contest is Thursday

The Deadline to Enter The Lexar/KelbyOne Architectural Photo Competition is This Thursday
Just a heads up – you have until February 15, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. ET to enter. After that, I’ll will select a winner, a runner up, and three honorable mentions. For more details and the official rules, here’s the link. OK, pretty short and sweet (and there’s no reason not to enter — the contest is open to everybody!) Also, make sure you follow @lexarmemory on Twitter even if you don’t enter the contest – they share lots of cool images on their account. Good luck Continue reading "Deadline to Enter Architectural Photo Contest is Thursday"

New Class: Unlocking the Power of Capture One

Unlocking the Power of Capture One with Clay Rasmussen
Join Clay Rasmussen to learn how to get up and running with Capture One. From live tethered capture to powerful image editing through output, Capture One is a one-stop-shop photography workflow tool. In this class Clay teaches you how to set up the workspace, organize your photos, shoot while tethered, leverage the editing suite, and prepare your files for a range of output scenarios. This class is perfect for any photographer who wants to get started with Capture One. Advanced Photoshop: The Psychology and Science Behind Color Grading with Viktor Fejes
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It’s “Back-up Your Photos Friday”

Go Back Up Your Photos. Right Now!
On a regular basis I get an email or Facebook message with another heartbreaking story from a photographer who didn’t have a back-up of their photos, and they lost every photo they had taken in the last few years, including photos of their family — everything — gone forever. Stop whatever you’re doing and right this very minute, and take a few minutes to protect the visual history of your life, and back up your images. Just drag them onto another hard drive. If you don’t have one: here’s a link to one Continue reading "It’s “Back-up Your Photos Friday”"

Guest Blog: Humanitarian Photographer Gary S. Chapman

Gary and his wife Vivian often work together on assignment. Photo by @jerseystyle_photography
I’d like to introduce you to a few ordinary people doing some extraordinary things. These are people that have zero followers on social media and will probably cringe in embarrassment when they find out we are “exalting” them. But their sacrifice, courage and selflessness can be a huge inspiration for us and the way we direct our lives. As a photographer focusing mostly on humanitarian issues globally, I’ve been fortunate to witness and share visual stories of people who have been a huge catalyst for change in
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Are You Coming To The Photoshop World Conference 2018 in Orlando This May?

Heads up, folks — Registration is in full swing right now for the upcoming Photoshop World conference in Orlando, Florida on May 31 – June 2, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel & Convention Center in Orlando. All the cool people will be there, but just in case you’re on the fence, watch the 1-minute official trailer below, about why you gotta be there: Lots of cool new things this year, plus more of the stuff we introduced last year that were hits, including new instructors, new workshops, new networking events, a rockin’ party, a special evening event with Jeremy Continue reading "Are You Coming To The Photoshop World Conference 2018 in Orlando This May?"

New Class: Mastering The Natural Light Portrait

Mastering The Natural Light Portrait with Scott Kelby
Join professional photographer Scott Kelby as he teaches you how to shoot with natural light. You’ll walk through an entire shoot from planning to post processing. Scott discusses his go-to lenses and camera settings to capture natural light and then discusses a variety of different lighting scenarios and offers tips of how to work with and modify it. In Case You Missed It
Natural light is all around us, but it is up to the photographer to control it in order to make a beautiful portrait. Join Erik Valind as he shows Continue reading "New Class: Mastering The Natural Light Portrait"

It’s “Drone Love” Day on the Blog

Happy Friday, everybody, but here on the blog it’s also “Drone Love Day.” I have the dji Mavic Air drone already on order, but sadly mine has not come in yet, but ya know who’s drone not only came in, but he already made an awesome Unboxing and First Flight video? That’s right — the Duke of Drones, Mr. Terry White. Check it out below (and get all droney with T.): At the end, he controls his dji Mavic Air using only his mind and some simple Vulcan gestures (including a Vulcan neck pinch). More Drone Love!
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Panavision’s new DXL2: Monstro dialed up to “11”

Panavision’s DXL2 is a unique offering, backed by a unique color pipeline. This is not your average Monstro.
DXL2, ISO 1600, 13:1 compression, 8K. Uncorrected, high-res JPEG.
After Light Iron color grading. Low-res JPEG. (Frame was originally 60mb.)
When I started out in the film business—at a time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and the numeral “zero” was a distant glimmer in a mathematician’s eye—two major companies made nearly all the cameras that I worked with on a regular basis: Arriflex and Panavision. Each had their pluses and minuses, and crews certainly had their preferences. I was happy to
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Guest Blog: Filmmaker & Creative Producer Chris Hershman

Don’t Wait To Create
We all have great potential. It’s my belief that we’re all capable of more. I want to share my thoughts on how to achieve more than you thought you could handle. I can’t stress how important it is to try your best to keep the fire burning for the thing that you love. Ideas and creative thoughts may seem to come and go, but when you think they’ve left you and you’re left with nowhere to go, just close your eyes and begin walking forward. So many times we let anxiety prevent us from even
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