I Brought an Instant Camera to One of the Most Remote Villages in the World

Bulunkul is a very small and isolated town of 306 people that live deep within the High Pamirs in Central Asia. The people of the town live off of little more than yak and grain but are also some of the happiest I’ve ever met. Earlier this year, my brother and I went to Georgia and bought a two-decade-old Mitsubishi Pajero with a quarter million kilometers on it. We then spent the next 100 days driving it across most of the Caucasus and Central Asia. Here we are in Northern Georgia in the middle of winter, close to the border
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Photographer Searching for Couple in His Epic Yosemite Engagement Photo

Michigan freelance photographer Matthew Dippel was in Yosemite National Park in California recently when he spotted a man walk out to the edge of a cliff with his girlfriend and drop to one knee. Dippel captured a breathtaking photo of the proposal from his vantage point, and now he’s searching for the mystery couple in his photo. CNN reports that Dippel was at Taft Point waiting to photograph his friend Josh when he noticed the proposal going down. He’s the photo he made: While the wide-angle photo makes the couple look extremely far away, they were located only about a
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Beyond Freedom: Photos Inside Russia’s Prison System

As of October 1, 2018, there were 575,686 people in the institutions of Russia’s penitentiary system. For each of these people, the reality of being in one of the penitentiary institutions is simultaneously a problem, a conflict, and a compromise. But probably to the greatest extent, it’s a compromise. That is the form of adaptation — the convicted individual accepts changing conditions by adopting new requirements to live by and new living conditions to dwell in. Every day is a compromise with himself or herself, with representatives of the state, with other convicts, and with his or her relatives…
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Winning Photos from the 2018 Nikon Small World Competition

Nikon has announced the winning photos from the 2018 Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition, the 44th annual contest celebrating “excellence in photography through the light microscope.” The first place photo, shown above and captured by Emirati photographer Yousef Al Habshi, shows part of the compound eye of an Asian Red Palm weevil and the greenish scales that surround it. The beetle is usually less than 0.43in (11mm) in length. Al Habshi created the photo using reflected light and by stacking 128 micrographs into a single photo. “The main challenge was to show the black body against the black
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The Winning Photos of Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2018

The prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition has announced the winning photos of its 2018 contest. The overall winner was Dutch photographer Marsel van Oosten for his photo titled “The Golden Couple,” which shows snub-nosed monkeys in China.

Van Oosten shot the photo in the Qinling Mountains, the only place on Earth where these endangered monkeys can be found. The male and female monkeys are seen watching an altercation between two other lead males in the 50-monkey troop.

“Whenever he did catch up and if the monkeys were on the ground, the light was seldom right,” writes the Natural

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Portraits of Ballet Dancers in Hand-Folded Paper Dresses

The PLI.Ē Project is a photo series that shows ballet dancers around the world wearing hand-folded paper dresses. It’s a collaboration between Montreal-based photographer Melika Dez and paper artist Pauline Loctin (AKA Miss Cloudy). Each of the costumes’ design and color combination were chosen specifically for the dancer’s body, skin tone, and the location they would be dancing in. “We did a first version of the project in studio and a few months later, we decided to push the boundaries even further and risk shooting paper dresses outdoors,” Dez tells PetaPixel. “Paper can be a fragile material to work
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Here Are Photos Shot on the Rebooted Kodak Ektachrome Film

When Kodak needed experienced photographers to beta test its new Ektachrome 100 film before it launched, one of the few people it chose was award-winning travel photographer Peter Guttman. Guttman is the author behind eight hardcover photo books that cover his adventures around the world across all 7 continents and over 240 countries. He spent two weeks shooting on Ektachrome 100 and shared his results through an Instagram takeover on the Kodak Professional account in early September. “Between assignments abroad, and with only a fortnight to shoot this new film, I quickly realized I’d have to forgo the foreign
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This Music Video Mixes Day and Night Using Its Main Characters

Here’s a creative music video that may bend your brain. Featuring the song “No More” by the French electro band Loo & Monetti, the video visually mixes day and night through the two main characters. “It’s a poetic film involving two characters, one living in the day and the other at night,” producer Lionel Payet Pigeon of La Planète Rouge tells PetaPixel. “They cross the same places, but at different moments, like they where looking for each other.” The bodies of the characters were used as transparent “masks” in the shots — windows into the opposite half of a
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Macro Photos of Butterfly Wings Made by Combining 2,100 Separate Shots

Photographer Chris Perani specializes in shooting extreme macro photos of insects using microscopes. For one of his projects, he focused on butterfly wings and capturing them in an extraordinary amount of detail. For each of the photos in the series, Perani captured a staggering 2,100 separate exposures and merged them into the resulting ultra-high-resolution macro photos. Perani shot the photos using a 10x microscope objective attached to a 200mm camera lens. “Since I am using a microscope objective, the depth of field is almost nonexistent,” Perani tells PetaPixel. “Using a focus rail, the lens must be moved no more than
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A Widowed Bride’s Wedding Photos with Her Groom

A bride who lost her fiancé to a tragic accident went ahead with celebrating her wedding day. The wedding photos that resulted are a powerful testament and tribute to the bond she shared with the love of her life that she lost. 25-year-old Jessica Padgett was set to marry her fiancé Kendall Murphy on September 29th, 2018. But while responding to the scene of an accident as a firefighter back in November 2017, Murphy was struck and killed by a drunk driver. Instead of canceling her wedding day, Padgett decided to gather her family and friends at the grave in
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A Message from a Spider to Arachnophobes

Hi, my name is Charlie and I’m a giant house spider. I share my house with a human macro photographer named Maxim Piessen. My roomie loves to take photos of insects and other small organisms. We have always been on the same wavelength. He’s been able to capture a lot of insects using his camera. I did the same using my web. He shows people the small things in nature. I… I… Euhm… I just scare people? Apparently, I don’t have the best reputation. With so many people being afraid of me (apparently you humans call them arachnophobes), I thought
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How I Shot the Falcon 9 Rocket Launch from an Airline Cockpit

“Oakland Center are you talking to that traffic at our 9 o’clock position? We got a yellow light out there and it’s coming up pretty fast.” This unusual radio transmission to Air Traffic Control from a Southwest Airlines jet caught our attention on an otherwise routine flight between New Orleans and San Francisco. It was the edge of night and we were cruising at 38,000 feet through a sleepy section of airspace above Nevada. The faintest glow of red dusk light remained along the western horizon but the rest of the sky had fallen into darkness. “Better get ready
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This Alien-Themed Maternity Shoot is the Stuff of Nightmares

Maternity photo shoots are usually tender moments showing expectant parents lovingly anticipating the birth of a child. But one couple decided to go a different route: their maternity shoot pays homage to Alien. Yes, the classic 1979 science fiction horror film. Warning: This article contains humorously gory photos that some may find disturbing. It all started after Todd Cameron found an Alien Chestburster model at a garage sale. Since his wife Nicole didn’t want a “serious” maternity photo shoot, Todd had the idea of using the xenomorph model for a lighthearted series of maternity photos. The Nanaimo, British Columbia-based
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In a Garden of Strange Fruits: Interview with Lucas Blalock on A Grocer’s Orgy

In the In-Between While artmaking is often cited as a system of creative problem solving, a search for pathways to convey an idea alternatively to the conventional, Lucas Blalock's work creates problems. His pictures are often anti-resolutions, disembodied and boiling in predicament... This post In a Garden of Strange Fruits: Interview with Lucas Blalock on A Grocer’s Orgy appeared first on In the In-Between.

Macro Planet Photos Shot Using Beads from a Bracelet

My name is Can Tunçer, and I’m an amateur photographer based in Izmir, Turkey. Not long ago, my brother brought me a bracelet as a gift. The beads on the bracelet looked almost like planets, so I decided to shoot macro photos of them as “planets.”
The bracelet.
Beads from the bracelet.
I took a total of 700 photos for the macro project and each photo was created with a focus stacking technique. Here’s the setup I used: Due to my main job, the project took 1 week to complete. I used a Canon 6D as my camera and
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How a Fun Guy Goes to the Woods and Photographs Glowing Mushrooms

I often hear my students lament about how if only they could travel to the rainforest they would find something really interesting to photograph. I tell students “look around where you live – there are wonderful things to photograph everywhere”. The photographers that work with local species often obtain shots that are unobtainable from casual travels. One such example of a unique species that is native to New England is the bioluminescent mushroom (Panellus stipticus). The mushroom grows from fungus and all stages of this mushroom give off light. When the fungus is found growing on logs in the summer,
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The Remains Of Stalin’s Dead Road

In Russia’s arctic wilderness, the remnants of one of the Soviet Union’s most tragic gulag projects now lies largely forgotten. A rotting railway bridge in the Siberian outback/ A punishment cell for prisoners/ A guard’s watchtower in autumn forest/ These are some of the ruins of Josef Stalin’s abortive “Transpolar Mainline” railway. From 1947 until 1953, tens of thousands of prisoners, many of them “politicals” convicted for “anti-Soviet acts,” were shipped to northern Russia to lay a railroad through some of the harshest terrain on Earth. The railroad would have connected Russia’s Arctic waters with its western railway network. Most
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