Royal Wedding Photographer Reveals How Viral Photo Was Shot

The royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle captured the world’s attention this past weekend, and one particular photo received a huge amount of praise and viral popularity. Now the photographer has revealed details of how the picture came to be. The photo above shows Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and his new bride, the Duchess of Sussex, holding hands in a carriage during a procession after their wedding ceremony. Shortly after it emerged, it began going wildly viral online:

Tornado Forms in Front of a Timelapse Photographer’s Camera

It’s extremely difficult to predict when and where a tornado will form and touch down, so stormchasing photographers rely on long days of chasing and waiting for luck. But luck is exactly what Mike Olbinski met with recently: he captured a tornado forming and touching down while shooting a timelapse. The 1-minute video above, titled “The Tescott Tornado,” shows Olbinski’s lucky break. “The 2018 storm chasing season has been a tough one… long days with not much reward,” Olbinski writes. But on May 1st, that all changed. While chasing supercells in the plains of Kansas, Olbinski set up his camera
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The Opposite Photography Challenge: Shoot Outside Your Comfort Zone

One way to stretch yourself as a photographer is to shoot outside your comfort zone, and the Opposite Photography Challenge is one way to do so. In this 7-minute video, photographer Irene Rudnyk shows how she carried out the challenge with a recent portrait shoot. The challenge involves shooting exactly the opposite of things you usually do. Rudnyk usually shoots professional female models outdoors with natural light, so for this challenge, she photographed a male non-model (commercial photographer Nathan Elson) indoors with studio lighting. Here are some of the portraits Rudnyk ended up with: “I challenge all of you
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This Eye-Popping Flyover of NYC Was Shot in 12K

Over the past several years, director Phil Holland has been specializing in high-res, large-format aerial cinematography. This gorgeous video titled “Above NYC” is a flyover of The Big Apple shot in 12K using a special rig comprising 3 RED Weapon Monstro 8K VV cameras. The cameras — worth $79,500 each for a total cost of $238,500 — were mounted inside a special 6-axis gyro-stabilized aerial camera rig called the Shotover K1 Hammerhead, which in turn was mounted to a helicopter. “For the stitching to work properly, they had to figure out the correct amount of overlap, and the cameras
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I Shot Photos of Cameras Placed on Film

Last summer, I visited Gifford Stevens at his home in Bradley, Maine. He was one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. He taught English at Hampden Academy. His classes were always fascinating, and a few favorites were Folklore and Outdoor Life. He led a guitar club, took us white water rafting, and I was fortunate enough to have been able to build an Appalachian dulcimer with him. Gif is retired now (I think he’s on trip 74 around the Sun this year) and spends the summers here in Maine. Last summer, he wanted to pass a few things along
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These Epic Underwater Photos Were Shot Below Breaking Waves

For his project “Below the Breaking Wave,” UK photographer Matt Porteous of Studio_M visited The Maldives in the Indian ocean and shot underwater photos directly beneath powerful breaking waves. The results are stunning. “I’ve always had a fascination with our world below the breaking waves,” Porteous writes. “To me, it symbolizes the world that we live in today, the calm after every storm. The beauty, clarity and chaos.” “Reefs that survive and many that have gone, fish numbers are down in oceans, where others they thrive,” Porteous continues. “We live in a incredible time surrounded by a beautiful world,
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Shooting Portraits of Sonoma County Wildfire Victims

About six months ago, I created a portrait series titled Ashes Fell Like Snow, photographing people affected by the Northern California wildfires and gathering their stories to share with the world. Creating this collection of portraits required much effort in a short span of time. The evening of October 8th, 2017, a blaze started in the city of Calistoga in Napa, CA. It headed towards the city of Santa Rosa, fanned by strong Diablo winds. By the time the last of the flames were extinguished, the Tubbs fire, as it came to be known, burned down over 5600 structures,
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Portraits of Athletes Before and After They Get Sweaty

For the last several years, photographer B.A. Van Sise has been working on a project titled Sweat. It’s a series of diptychs of athletes: one portrait is shot as they’re arriving at a stadium, and the second is captured immediately as they come off the field.
Danny Szetela / New York Cosmos
Van Sise says he personally doesn’t like sports, but after a buddy convinced him to attend a New York Cosmos soccer match, the photographer began marveling at how the athletes never stop moving. “Since then, I’ve been visiting with athletes of every stripe to try, situation and
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This Guy Shot Formula 1 with a Game Boy Camera and Phone Lens

Photographer and Formula 1 fan Tim Binnion recently attended the 2018 Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai. In addition to shooting the race with his Nikon DSLR, Binnion also decided to document it with a 0.016-megapixel Game Boy Camera from 1998… and the results are pretty awesome. “To my knowledge, no one has ever shot motorsports with a Game Boy Camera before, and there’s probably a good reason for that!” Binnion writes. He was inspired by the work of photographer Joshua Paul, who shoots F1 with a 1913 Graflex 4×5 view camera, and Alexander Pietrow, who shot the
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Space of Possibility: A Conversation with Barry W. Hughes

In the In-Between Barry W. Hughes' NEOP series has been ongoing since 2013 and represents an open-ended exploration of photography's capacity to register our scientific and cultural relationship to outer space. The varying visual strategies that make up Hughes' ongoing collection of photographs utilize staged fictions, still life constructions, and facsimiles as stand-ins for... This post Space of Possibility: A Conversation with Barry W. Hughes appeared first on In the In-Between.

This Man Collects Mid-Century Modern Cameras

David Silver is a San Francisco-based camera collector who began collecting vintage cameras as a young man, eventually amassing over 2,300 of them. He has since developed a focus and whittled his collection down to a little over 200 of them. Here’s a 5-minute video by Gizmodo that profiles Silver. Silver says his father got him into camera collecting when he handed Silver his grandfather’s old 100-year-old Kodak 3A folding pocket camera. He then began collecting cameras from the late 19th century and early-to-mid 20th century, as they were the models that made photography available to the masses. After years
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Photos of Daily Life on the Rooftops of Old Buildings in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated cities on Earth and is notorious for its cramped apartments. In this type of environment, people make sure of all available space, and that’s the subject of photographer Romain Jacquet-Lagreze‘s photo series Concrete Stories. Jacquet-Lagreze spent 4 years focusing his camera on the rooftops of old apartment buildings, which usually have unlocked rooftops that can be accessed by all residents. The photos of residents on the rooftops provide a glimpse into the daily life of Hong Kong’s inhabitants. “Nowadays, these buildings are disappearing at a fast pace given the scarcity
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This is the World’s First Terapixel Macro Photo

Say hello to the world’s first terapixel macro photo. The photo is of a food mosaic, and it was made by stitching together 629,370 separate photos. The final image has dimensions of 6,571,152×160,256 pixels, weighing in at a staggering 1053.07 gigapixels (or 1.053 terapixels). You can explore the photo for yourself through this interactive viewer:
This may give you a better idea of just how high-resolution this photo is: if it were to be printed at 300dpi, the print would be taller than the One World Trade Center in New York City. The photo’s creation was led
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Shooting Infrared Photos of Barn Owls at Night

Photographer Will Burrard-Lucas was recently challenged to recreate his photos of African wildlife in the UK. This 3.5-minute video shows how he went about shooting beautiful nighttime infrared photos of barn owls. Burrard-Lucas set up a camera trap in front of a tree stump in anticipation of an owl landing there. The trap consisted of a Canon DSLR modified for infrared photography, a flash with a filter that only lets infrared light through, and a passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor by Burrard-Lucas’ Camtraptions. As with all camera traps, the camera is left in place for as long as needed
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When You Want Romantic Photos, But You Only Have Yourself…

There are a lot of standard and cliché poses used by photographers shooting romantic portraits of couples in love. One of the key ingredients is having two people in the frame. Photographer Malley Victoria of LaGrange, Georgia, recently shot a series of portraits of a guy in the style of a couples photo shoot. The series is titled, “One is The Loneliest Number.” “My friend Brett is notoriously single and is also a really funny person,” Victoria tells PetaPixel. “He came to me with the idea and we made it happen.” You can find more of Victoria’s work
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50 Photogs Recreate ‘Starry Night’ as a Light Painting Mosaic

A group of 50 light painting photographers around the world have recreated the famous Van Gogh painting The Starry Night as a mosaic comprised entirely of 456 individual light painting photos. Photographer Dan Chick of Light Painting Blog writes that the project used Piece Out, a website he created that helps groups of people coordinate the creation of photo mosaics. Chick and Light Painting World Alliance (LPWA) founder Sergey Churkin wanted to organize a special project for the International Day of Light, and after some brainstorming, they decided on a recreation of Starry Night.
The painting “The Starry Night”
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Portraits of Tattooed People, With and Without Clothes

Photographer Alan Powdrill has long been intrigued by tattoos and the idea that people would make permanent statements on their skin. For his project Covered, Powdrill shot portraits of heavily tattooed people in the UK both with and without clothes on. To find his subjects, Powdrill visited tattoo fairs, scoured social media, and asked strangers he came across on the street. After making contact and having the subject agree to a shoot, Powdrill photographed them where they lived, sometimes traveling hundreds of miles around the UK for the portraits.
“They are beautiful and I’ll always feel the same. I
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A Look at the Life and Work of Wildlife Photographer Tom Mangelsen

Want to be inspired by a legend of wildlife photography? Check out this new 12-minute 60 Minutes segment on the life and work of Tom Mangelsen, a 72-year-old photographer who’s behind some of the most recognizable wildlife photos ever made.

Mangelsen has spent a “stupid” amount of time waiting in the great outdoors of countries around the world — he spent 12 to 14 hours a day for 42 days waiting in one spot before he captured an extremely rare photo of a wild female cougar. And through it all, he has learned one of the biggest lessons in

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