Photos of Zookeepers as the Animals They Care For

For the past few years, the Minnesota Zoo has been celebrating National Zookeeper Week in mid-July by shooting a set of lighthearted photos in which the zookeepers recreate photos of the zoo’s animals. “Our dedicated zookeepers are starting to resemble the animals in their care,” the zoo says. The Minnesota Zoo is located in Apple Valley, Minnesota. You can find out more about it on the zoo’s website and Facebook page.
Image credits: Photographs by the Minnesota Zoo and used with permission

Photos of Utopian Sustainable Spaces in Singapore

The Sustainable Singapore Movement is an ongoing effort by the island city-state to create an environmentally clean and beautiful home for future generations. Photographer Klaus Tan Yihong shot a photo project titled Space Sustainable that provides a beautiful look at the new green spaces found through the country. Yihong, an 18-year-old student of Anglo Chinese School, was selected as the overall winner in the Junior Category of the prestigious City Developments Limited Singapore Young Photographers Award 2018.
Sustainability means that our rate of consumption is lesser than our rate of resource production – social and economic progress are the end
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These Exploding Star Wars Ships Were Shot with Cotton and LEDs

Star Wars enthusiast @plasticstarwars shot a series of photos showing starfighters from the fictional universe at the moment of their destruction. Everything was done in-camera. “They are just Bandai model kits lit up with LEDs hidden in cotton wool,” @plasticstarwars tells PetaPixel. “I also used fiber optics to simulate sparks.”
Image credits: Photographs by @plasticstarwars and used with permission

Photographer Captures Shooting Star Exploding in Front of a Comet

Montreal-based photographer François Guinaudeau went out a couple of nights ago to shoot Comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner during the Perseid meteor shower. As he was capturing photos of the comet for stacking, a shooting star flew into the frame and exploded near the comet. Above is one of the photos that resulted. “While video and VFX make my living, I am a passionate photographer and I recently decided to dive in a really special kind of photography: Deep Sky Object (DSO) photography,” Guinaudeau tells PetaPixel. That night, Guinaudeau drove three hours with some friends to the Mont Mégantic Observatory, the first
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This Photo Shows a Solar Coronal Mass Ejection with the Earth for Scale

Space enthusiast and photo processing hobbyist Jason Major created this edit of a NASA photo showing a ginormous coronal mass ejection back on June 7th, 2011. See that little blue circle in the upper-left-hand corner? That’s the Earth for scale. Here’s a video of the same coronal mass ejection:
Coronal mass ejections are like solar flares on a massive scale — while solar flares are seen as little eruptions on the Sun’s surface, coronal mass ejections can be bigger than the Sun itself. They’re caused when solar plasma caught in a loop in the Sun’s magnetic field violently breaks out
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A Star Trail Timelapse of the Perseid Meteor Shower

A photographer named David from Hood River, Oregon, went out this weekend and photographed the night sky during the Perseid meteor shower. He then turned 400 of the photos into this star trail timelapse that contains several of the shooting stars he saw. “I’m a 39-year-old Operations Manager from Hood River, Oregon by day and a very amateur photographer by night,” David tells PetaPixel. “I enjoy landscapes and astrophotography and try to take my camera with me whenever I go camping.” David drove up a forestry road 10 miles east of Mt. Hood in Oregon and set up his
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The Man From Another Dimension

It was an early Tuesday morning, and I was sitting in a car with a friend of mine. We were going over some papers for a project I had in mind. While my friend had his eyes buried in the papers and text, mine started to wander outside. Leaning on the wall outside was a pretty big security guard, who was staring into the distance. Suddenly, out of nowhere a bunch of sparrows swarmed him, some landing on his head. I hunched forward not really understanding what I was looking at. He raised his head and opened his mouth slightly.
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Joseon: Photos of the Life of Ordinary North Koreans

‘Joseon’ — this is how the inhabitants refer to their country. In Korean it means “Country of morning freshness.” Outside its borders it is known as North Korea. Complicated, contradictory, shrouded in myths and legends in media publications. It is the only country on the Earth in which there is classical socialism. The way of life of Koreans, their mentality and culture are therefore difficult to understand for most Western People. 2018 was a turning point in the history of North Korea. There was intention to change, to take first tentative steps to negotiations, to live up to the
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This is a Steel Wool Photo Shot with a 360-Degree Camera

Australian photographer Rod Evans took his 360-degree camera out at night this past weekend and created this mind-bending “little planet” photo of himself spinning burning steel wool above his head. “I’m new to the whole world of 360 imagery but I am quite experienced with spinning steel wool, so on Saturday night I thought I’d try and combine the two,” Evans tells PetaPixel. “I’m not the first to try it I must admit, I have seen some other 360 photographers spin steel wool, with great results, but I don’t think I’ve seen an image quite like mine, as of yet.
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This Guy Tricked His Girlfriend to Shoot a Cinematic Proposal Video

When freelance filmmaker Matthew Paquette went to the carnival with his girlfriend Clara last weekend, she had no idea that he would propose on the Ferris wheel. What’s more, Paquette managed to trick Clara and secretly film this 4-minute cinematic proposal video.

The couple first met two years ago, and one of their first memories was sitting on the carnival’s Ferris wheel together. Each year the couple also takes the time to shoot photos and cinematic videos at the carnival.

This year, Paquette asked Clara if she’d like to shoot some couple-themed stock video at the carnival, and she agreed.

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This Drone Video Flies Over the Ruins of Pompeii

Pompeii was the famous ancient Roman city that was buried under volcanic ash during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in the year 79, trapping many of the inhabitants before they could flee. Here’s a new 53-second drone video that flies through and over the city as it stands today after centuries of excavations, offering a beautiful perspective of the area. The video was shot and published by the Porta Stabia archaeological group led by Professor Steven Ellis of the University of Cincinnati. Mount Vesuvius can be seen on the horizon in the latter part of the video as the drone
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Texas Student Does Graduation Photo Shoot with Giant Alligator

Texas A&M student Makenzie Noland is graduating from college soon, so she decided to pose for a graduation photo shoot with her cap, stole, and… a giant alligator. The 21-year-old shared the photos on her Facebook page last Friday with the caption: “Not your typical graduation picture 🤷🏽‍♀️ @ Gator Country.” The photos immediately went viral. No, Noland didn’t spot an alligator in a swamp and decide to jump into the water with it. She has spent the past three months interning at a wildlife sanctuary in Beaumont, Texas, which is home to 370 alligators. The largest of them
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Photos of Tokyo and Seoul Shot Using a Fractal Lens

Seoul-based photographer Steve Roe recently took a fractal lens around Asia and captured futuristic views of the narrow streets filled with neon signs. Roe used the glass prisms made by Fractal Filters, which launched back in 2014 after a successful Kickstarter campaign. “The fractal works are inspired by the likes of Blade Runner and Altered Carbon,” Roe tells PetaPixel. “Both of these feature holographic neon signs, which I immediately fell in love with.” “I looked for a way to try and recreate these without having to do it digitally,” Roe says. “I looked into light prisms and
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This Massive Dust Storm Was Shot from a Fleeing News Helicopter

Photographer Jerry Ferguson was flying in a news helicopter this week to cover seasonal monsoon weather in Phoenix, Arizona, when a massive dust storm showed up on the horizon. As they flew away to outrun the wall of dust, Ferguson managed to capture this photo of it sweeping across the land. Ferguson, who has been shooting professionally for 20+ years and from helicopters for 6 years, says he captured the photo using his Google Pixel 2 smartphone. “We have a DSLR in the back seat, but for wide shots, I find myself using my Pixel 2 frequently because it shoots
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These Backlit, Macro Photos of Leaves Look Like Lava Landscapes

Turkish macro photographer Can Tunçer recently turned his camera onto ordinary leaves in order to study the details of nature. After back-lighting a leaf, Tunçer was surprised to find that up-close, it looked like a lava landscape. “I especially chose this leaf because there were sections drying and ‘dying’ on it,” Tunçer tells PetaPixel. “When I backlit the dry/dead part of the leaf, a very interesting texture was formed.” Here are some views of the rig Tunçer used to set up, light, and shoot these macro photos: Tunçer captured a total of 1,400 photos over two weeks using a
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Portraits of the Konyak ‘Headhunter’ Tribe in India

When we think of tribes, the first thing that comes to mind is, “What did those tribesmen and women believe in? What were their customs and beliefs?” That’s what I asked about the Konyak tribe that was nestled in Nagaland, India, in regard to the famous headhunters. Headhunting was the war-art of capturing the head of an enemy, which, was seen as a rite of passage for young boys to turn into men. Capturing the head of an enemy meant to capture the spirit that the enemy had, and was largely seen as a sign of unwavering courage and
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Photographer Spots Mother Duck with Giant Brood of 76 Ducklings

This photo may look like the result of a photographer going too crazy with Photoshop’s Clone Stamp, but it’s a real photo of an actual duck family. Minnesota-based wildlife photographer Brent Cizek was at Lake Bemidji back in June when he spotted this mother duck leading a ginormous blood of over 50 ducklings. When Cizek revisited the lake to look for the mama duck (which he dubbed “Momma Merganser”) in July, his second sighting revealed that she had grown her adopted brood to 76 or more. Cizek says the mother, a common merganser, could only have laid about 15
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A Photo of My Girlfriend, the Lunar Eclipse, Mars, and the Milky Way

I normally love to plan my photos and I would have liked to plan a cool shot with yesterday’s moon eclipse. However, when I planned my current trip to Kyrgyzstan, I didn’t realize I would be there with the lunar eclipse of 2018 (bad planning, I know). I’m staying at the capital of Kyrgyzstan Bishkek. Without a plan, I just went out to a random place out of the city to see the blood moon. I brought my 400mm but I couldn’t really find a cool composition or foreground because the moon was so high up in the sky. The
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This Slow-Motion Hummingbird Video Was Shot on the iPhone

Want to shoot some beautiful slow-motion footage of hummingbirds in flight? As this 4-minute video by photographer and conservationist Phil Torres shows, all you need these days is a smartphone. Torres was recently in the Ecuadorian cloud forest shooting with his iPhone X and Moment’s lens attachments. “I soon realized that the wide angle lens gives the iPhone and incredibly close focus point, allowing me to capture hard-to-pull-off wide-angle macro photos and videos,” Torres tells PetaPixel. “I set my iPhone to 240fps on 1080p (which my Canon 1DX Mark II can’t even handle), put on the wide angle lens, set
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