Ugly Places, Pretty Portraits: I Did a Photo Shoot in Lowe’s

A few weeks ago, a model friend of mine, Rachelle Kathleen, and I were planning to meet for a fun little photo shoot. Instead of searching out the usual beautiful locations around where we live, I had the idea to do just the opposite. I wanted to go somewhere “ugly” by all conventional photography standards and then see what we could do with it. Lowe’s seemed like the perfect option. The point was to challenge ourselves. I wanted somewhere with horrible lighting and limited backdrops. Somewhere that made absolutely no sense for a photo shoot. Our local Lowe’s home
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These Architectural Photos Are Optical Illusions That Will Confuse Your Brain

German photographer Max Leitner has published a project titled “Misleading Lines.” It’s a series of architectural photos shot in Warsaw, Poland. They’re not standard architectural images, though: Leitner photographed an urban gymnast from unusual angles perspectives to create mind-bending optical illusions. The project was done in collaboration with Nikon, the company behind the wide-angle lenses Leitner used for these images. He was shooting with a D850 DSLR. “Max photographed Warsaw’s most beautiful structures while incorporating urban gymnast Benni Grams to create optical illusions and make the viewer question what’s happening in the images,” Nikon tells PetaPixel. Many of the
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This Photographer Builds His Subjects with Cardboard

After moving into a new home, photographer Juhamatti Vahdersalo noticed the cardboard boxes he used sitting in his garage. So, he decided to get creative and use the used cardboard for a photo series. “I’m a creative-minded person and feel very frustrated when creativity strikes and I have nothing to photograph,” Vahdersalo says. “This was the main reason to start making these cardboard models.” Vahdersalo cut out cardboard pieces and used hot glue to create miniature models of things like a boat, airplane, and house. For his environments, Vahdersalo used things like sand, water, flour, and a smoke machine
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Photographer Projects Portraits Onto Pieces of Trash in Los Angeles

Photographer Philippe Echaroux wants to spread an important message about the problem of trash littered on streets. His new photo project After the Dream is a creative series designed to raise awareness about this issue. Echaroux visited Los Angeles and started by capturing portraits of random people he met on the streets. Next, Echaroux collected pieces of trash scattered around the streets and combined them into larger trash surfaces. He then projected the portraits he captured onto the trash in front of popular landmarks. Here’s a 3-minute behind-the-scenes video showing how the project was done:
The project goes beyond just
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This Photographer Burned Photos by Igniting Gunpowder on Them

Salt Lake City-based photographer Dewey Keithly recently came up with an unusual way to edit the look of portraits: he creatively burned them by igniting gunpowder across the surface of the giant prints. Kiethly originally came up with the idea after watching the documentary Sky Ladder and seeing the work of Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang, who’s known for creating art with controlled gunpowder explosions. To create the portraits for an event put on by SilencerCo, a manufacturer of firearm silencers, Keithly shot digital photos and then printed each portrait in both color and B&W using a large format Epson printer.
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This Rally Car Crash Was Captured by a 360-Degree Camera

Daniel M-W of Gloucester, England, was at the Wyedean Rally this past weekend when one of the rally cars crashed right in front of him. His Ricoh Theta V 4K spherical VR camera was recording, so he captured the whole incident as a 360-degree interactive video. This format lets you witness what unfolded in different parts of the scene, from the details of the crash in one direction to the reaction of the fans in the other. “Toyota crashes on stage, occupants walked away fine,” Daniel writes. “Well done to first respondents who handled the scene very well to get
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These Photos of Airplanes From Above Show Their Birth, Life, and Death

Life Cycles is a new project by photographer Mike Kelley, who documented the creation, use, and destruction of airplanes through top-down photos captured from the sky. “The series reverses our usual perception of aviation and instead of photographing airplanes from the sky, the airplanes are on the ground, photographed from the air,” Kelley tells PetaPixel. “The vast majority of people are only able to experience aviation through crowded terminals and cramped airplane seats, which is rather unfortunate. “This elevated perspective both helps the viewer appreciate the complex infrastructure supporting air travel and visualize the aggregate of human knowledge and
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This 8K Moonlight Timelapse Was Shot on the Nikon D850

Back in September, we shared 8K timelapse shot using the Nikon D850 in Iceland. Nikon has just released this new 8K time-lapse that shows what the D850 can do at night. This 1.5-minute promo film is titled “Hercules Rising” and was shot by Dutch nature photographer Marsel van Oosten. An alternate version of the film was released as well alongside a couple of other short clips demonstrating the DSLR’s nighttime abilities. “Hercules Rising” was shot under moonlight in Namibia in southern Africa using the D850’s 8K Time-Lapse abilities, which captures 45-megapixel still photos at regular intervals.
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This 89-Year-Old Shoots Playful Self-Portraits

Kimiko Nishimoto picked up a camera for the first time when she was 72 years old. 15 years later, the 89-year-old photographer is now receiving a good deal of attention in Japan for her photography. Nishimoto is a talented still life photographer who captures the tiny, beautiful details of flowers, but she also shoots lighthearted self-portraits of herself in bizarre costumes and situations. Many of the images are captured using a wireless camera remote. Nishimoto will be holding a month-long photographic exhibition of her silly photos in Tokyo next month, teaming up with EPSON for the prints. The show
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This Layer-Lapse of NYC Combines Different Times of Day in Each Frame

Back in 2014, time-lapse photographer Julian Tryba released a “layer-lapse” of Boston that showed different times of day in different parts of each frame. That video went viral and received over a million views. Now Tryba is back with another layer-lapse, this time of New York City in the 3-minute short film above. “Traditional time-lapses are constrained by the idea that there is a single universal clock,” Tryba writes. “In the spirit of Einstein’s relativity theory, layer-lapses assign distinct clocks to any number of objects or regions in a scene. “Each of these clocks may start at any point in
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Photos of the New Futuristic Library in China with 1.2 Million Books

China recently opened a new futuristic library that contains a staggering 1.2 million books. If you enjoy architectural photography, Dutch photographer Ossip van Duivenbode‘s images of the library will be a feast for your eyes. The new Tianjin Binhai Library in Tianjin, China, was designed by the Dutch architectural firm MVRDV to look like a giant eye. The five-story, 360,000-square-foot library features shelves spanning from the floor to ceiling — many of the shelves double as stairs and seats in the beautifully designed space. The “books” above the actual bookshelves are actually painted onto the building to look
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4K Cinematic Video Shot on the iPhone X Without Fancy Accessories

“Shot on smartphone” ads and sample photos/videos are often created with the help of expensive accessories that help achieve more than you can with just the phone — things like stabilizers and lenses. If you’d like to see what you can achieve without these add-ons, check out this 4K cinematic video by Matteo Bertoli. Bertoli took the iPhone X on a work trip to the Hawaiian island of Kauai. During his free time, he shot some completely handheld video and edited it at night in his hotel room. “Finally the telephoto lens has OIS and f/2.4 aperture,” Bertoli writes.
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Photo Shoot Raises Awareness of Toxic Laundry Water

Benjamin Von Wong, a viral photographer turned environmentalist, has released a new project to raise awareness about “toxic laundry” that is full of plastic. An estimated 94% of American tap water contains invisible plastic fibers, and Von Wong felt compelled to do something about it. “By 2025, the world’s synthetic fiber production will double – so too will the amount of microfibers in our water supply,” says Von Wong. Since there’s no real solution in the pipeline at the moment, Von Wong is hoping to spread awareness of this issue to drive companies to do something about it.
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This Timelapse Was Made by Flying a Drone in Giant Circles

Need a dose of inspiration for your aerial drone imagery? This 3-minute film of drone footage from Hong Kong-based production company Visual Suspect will provide it. It was shot by fixing the drone’s camera on a landmark while the drone flies around it in giant orbits, and the result is mesmerizing. The film is called Low Earth Orbit, which is also the name for the space up to 2,000km above the Earth’s surface. It’s in the higher areas of this zone that you’re most likely to find satellites orbiting the planet (and the International Space Station). However, these closer-to-Earth
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This Photographer Hiked 14 Hours for Epic Wedding Photos at Trolltunga

Trolltunga, or “Troll Tongue,” is a famous rock formation in Norway that’s used often for breathtaking photos. Photographer Priscila Valentina was recently asked by a couple to shoot wedding photos at the cliff. After the ridiculous challenge of hauling her photo gear to the spot, Valentina managed to capture a series of epic wedding photos of a lifetime. Given how long the hike to Trolltunga takes, the group had to head out early in the morning well before sunrise. By 5:30 am, they were already on the road. Next came the work of getting to the rock, and Valentina hiked
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Nighttime Photos of Tokyo Under the Glow of Neon Lights

German-French graphic designer Matthieu Bühler has been shooting gorgeous nighttime photos of Tokyo, Japan, focusing his attention on the illumination created by all the different neon lights found across the city. His series is titled “Neon Dreams.” Most of the photos are shot with a Canon 6D and Canon 40mm f/2.8 prime lens before being processed in Adobe Lightroom. You can find more of Bühler’s work on his website, Instagram, and Behance. (via Behance via The Phoblographer)
Image credits: Photographs by Matthieu Bühler and licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

How I Accidentally Became a Marriage Proposal Photographer

Being at the right place at the right time sometimes results in the unexpected. That’s exactly what happened to me on November 7th, 2017, when my wife and I were waiting to photograph the sunset at Lookout Mountains’ Sunset Rock while returning home from a West Virginia photo adventure. I was shooting test photos when a couple from Chattanooga walked out onto the rock and sat down — right where I was hoping to get some shots of the Tennessee River snaking around Chattanooga. No problem: I just switched gear and asked them to pose for me. The images show
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Down by the Hudson: A 3-Mile Strip of Main Street in Poughkeepsie, NY

My name is Caleb Stein, and I’m a recent graduate of Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York. “Down by the Hudson” is an ongoing project I’m working on. It’s a record of my walks and interactions, mostly along a 3-mile strip of Main Street in Poughkeepsie, New York. I’ve been passionate about photography since the beginning of high school. From 2015 to 2017, I interned with Magnum photographer Bruce Gilden, who’s known for his powerful street photography, and, more recently, for his 2015 book, Face. My relationship with Poughkeepsie started at the end of my junior year, while I was
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Photo of Baby Elephant on Fire Wins Wildlife Photo Contest

A striking photo of a baby elephant on fire as it flees a mob of humans with its mother has won an international wildlife photo contest. The photo, titled “Hell is Here” and captured by photographer Biplab Hazra, was awarded the top prize in the Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2017. Hazra captured the photo in West Bengal in eastern India after people hurled flaming tar balls and firecrackers at the elephants in order to keep them away from civilization. The area is known for encounters between elephants and humans that often lead to fatalities. Here’s Sanctuary Asia magazine’s note that
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