Vertical Horizon: Pointing the Camera Up in a Dense Urban Jungle

When I arrived in Hong Kong in 2009, I was not much of a photographer; my creative impulses were channelled largely toward drawing and graphic design. However, after living in the middle of this city, soaking in its dense web of streets and an atmosphere that is somehow thick with vibrancy, my view of photography started to evolve. This place has so many things to say that recording it with a camera began to feel like an urge. Through the medium of photography, I wanted to find an original ‘angle’ that would open up a fresh perspective on what I
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13 Beautiful Examples of Minimalist Photography by Julian Schulze

Belin-based Julian Schulze is clearly a master of minimalism, a feat made all the more eye-catching and impressive when you consider the cultural clutter of our times. If you’ve been looking for minimalist inspiration, look no further. Schulze describes himself as “focused on geometric abstraction and minimalistic compositions.” His images range from simple shots of everyday scenes made up of just one or two elements, to mind-bending abstractions that will leave you wondering which way is up. Each shot is expertly composed, using light, shadow, and color to create a 2D canvas out of a 3D scene. Which is
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It Costs a Pro Photog Over $11,000 to Switch from Canon to Sony: Report

The groundbreaking new Sony a9 is one heck of a sports camera, and it’s cheaper than both the Canon 1DX Mark II and the Nikon D5. That must mean it’s financially smart to switch, right? Not so fast… Photographer Dan Bracaglia over at DPReview did an actual cost breakdown that reveals what it would actually cost a pro sports photographer to make the switch from Canon to Sony, and the totals are not encouraging. Bracaglia’s estimate involved a lot of … well … estimating. But it all breaks down to three basic steps. Step 1: Dan compiled the ‘ideal kit’
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My NASA Friend Found a Box of Film from Apollo 15 in His Desk Drawer

I recently had the amazing opportunity to work with some very interesting historical media. A retired NASA engineer friend contacted me having found a box of photographic films in his desk drawer. Turns out the box contained two partial rolls and several cut slides of 70mm film from the 1971 Apollo 15 mission! What a find! According to my engineer friend, these are not unpublished images. They are, however, original films from the customized Hasselblad EDC (Electronic Data Cameras) medium format cameras used on the lunar surface, and include numerous images of the astronauts, the Lunar Module—the “Falcon” (LM-10)—and Lunar
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The Russian Photographer Who Shoots Dreamlike Portraits with Real Animals

Moscow-based photographer Olga Barantseva has built quite an oeuvre of mesmerizing imagery consisting of models posing with animals such as bears, wolves, raccoons, ostriches, owls, crocodiles, and snakes. Watching a small, fragile human kissing or riding on the back of a 1,500 lb., 7-foot-long brown bear is jaw-dropping at first sight. But don’t be alarmed, as this is one of a kind bear, Stepan, and the scene is a photographic fairy tale. Hunters rescued him when he was a starving and orphaned 3-month-old cub. He was then raised by his owner, a circus trainer. Once he had grown up,
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This Milky Way ‘FlightLapse’ Was Shot by an Airline Pilot

Here’s a gorgeous nighttime timelapse shot from a different perspective: this “FlightLapse” was captured from the cockpit of a Swiss airliner during a flight from Zurich, Switzerland, to Sao Paulo, Brazil. It shows the world, glowing cities, and other airplanes passing below the Milky Way above. The timelapse was created by 30-year-old Sales Wick, a photographer, film producer, and airline pilot based in Switzerland who’s also the founder of the film agency SkyProduction. “Flying through the night, while the world beneath us is at sleep, is a pretty common thing as a long haul pilot,” Wick writes. “The latter is
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Playing World War II: Photographing an Ultra-Realistic Reenactment

Have you ever wondered what World War II was like? Last month I got a little closer. I was one of three photographers invited to cover a semi-live fire reenactment. There were times everything looked very real and other times it looked like a bunch of older kids in the woods playing war. It started one night last year when I went to a singles party at my friend Tim’s house. No one else showed up. I forgot what he said but he put a VHS tape into his VCR and hit play. He had told me about his World
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Rare Color Photos from World War II

Due to costs and scarcity, the vast majority of photos captured during World War II were shot on black-and-white film. Some images were captured in color, however, and those rare shots reveal what scenes from the Second World War looked like to people in them. The Second World War in Colour is a new book published by Imperial War Museums (IWM) that contains many color photos of WWII published for the first time in 70 years. During the war, the Ministry of Information in the UK controlled the flow of photos to the press. Between 1942 and 1945, the ministry
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Watch the Sony a9 Track and Shoot a Pole Vaulter at 20fps

It’s time for one more Sony a9 demo, because a high-speed sports camera is only as good as its AutoFocus system. Sony Artisan Gary Fong uploaded this pole vaulter demo, showing how well the a9 can keep up with a running athlete while shooting wide open. Just like the 20fps no blackout demo last week, it’s easy to forget that Fong is not shooting video here: he’s taking 20 full-frame photos per second. In his case, it looks like he’s shooting JPEG, but the camera is capable of capturing this same sequence in RAW no problem. Fong was shooting in
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Photo Essay: The Homeless Children on the Streets of Kitale, Kenya

It’s five o’clock in the morning, and a cold mist lies upon the small Kenyan town of Kitale. Only if you walk around the empty town at the break of dawn will you notice the part of life that society is hiding. On cold, concrete floors, all over the city, lie hundreds of children fast asleep. Their skinny bodies are covered in plastic bags or blankets as they sleep right next to each other to escape the cold and rigid nights. As the first rays of light are sipping through the trees the town is slowly awakening. Some children are
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Minecraft in Real Life: Retoucher Turns Real Animals Into Cubic Creations

Copyright disputes, huge camera announcements, the decline and fall of Instagram botting, this week has been a pretty serious one in the photo industry. Let’s wrap it up on a slightly… sillier note. Behold: Minecraft in Real Life. Retoucher Aditya Aryanto from Jakarta, Indonesia recently had a simple idea: what if real life animals looked more like the cubic creations in the game Minecraft? Curiosity sufficiently piqued, he took to Unsplash and Pixabay to find some great public domain images to play with, pulled them into Photoshop, and began liquifying curves into unnaturally straight lines. Before he knew it, he
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Which Sony a9 Feature Will Make Pros Switch?

Sony’s recently announced full-frame flagship a9 is a game changer for mirrorless systems. Designed to compete directly against the Canon EOS 1D X Mark II and Nikon D5 DSLRs, Sony has seemingly solved some of the major complaints of the a7 series and mirrorless systems in general. Here are a few notable features:

20fps shooting without blackout

Very few shooters will ever need a frame rate this fast. But for those who do (e.g. sports photographers), having no blackout with continuous focusing is damn impressive. Both Nikon and Canon have mirror lockup modes, but they are both slower and
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Extreme 4K Footage Puts Your Right Next to a Massive Tornado in Colorado

Incredible… and terrifying. Last year, extreme storm chaser Reed Timmer got up close and personal with an EF-2 tornado outside of Wray, CO, and captured 4K footage of the twister that will leave you slack-jawed. The video was published back in May of 2016, around the same time Timmer uploaded the 360 footage we featured here, but we somehow missed the ultra-high definition 4K footage until yesterday when it blew up again on Reddit. To say the resulting footage is jaw-dropping might actually be an understatement. This screenshot, for example, isn’t even the closest they got to the tornado,
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Dad Poses for Hilarious Maternity Shoot Parody, Nails It

This photo shoot is a year old, but we are so happy we stumbled across it today. After shooting too many maternity shoots in a row, photographer Martyn Wilkes decided to break the monotony with a bit of fun. He asked his friend Francisco Pérez to pose for his own “maternity” shoot. The resulting … paternity? … shoot turned into a spot-on parody of countless maternity shoot tropes. Flowing skirt and flower crown on, thin cloth wrapped around his ample bosom, and belly exposed with flowers and the baby name “Noelia” painted on, Pérez (nickname Paco) put on an appropriately
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These Time-lapses of Earth Were Shot by Nikon DSLRs in Space

Nikon Europe released this 3-minute video by SmugMug Films showing a compilation of time-lapse videos of Earth created using still photos shot by Nikon DSLRs onboard the International Space Station. “Nikon’s history in Space began with the Nikon Photomic FTN, a modified Nikon F camera that was used aboard the Apollo 15 in 1971 and Nikon cameras have been aboard every manned space flight since,” Nikon says. The video above was created as a promo leading up to Nikon’s 100th anniversary event on July 25th.

How to Shoot Cosplay Portraits at Comic Con with Just One Light

Back in December my brother asked me if I would be interested in going to Comic Con in Indianapolis, IN, and I immediately said “absolutely!” He was excited to see what comic books he could find or possibly a GI Joe collectible; me, I knew I was going there to photograph people in their costumes. These couldn’t be just any images though… I mean come on, the lighting at the event is going to be gross, the crowds will be huge, I’ll have to fight for space… it’s 360 degrees of complexity. So, I started thinking to myself, “How
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These Creative Photos Use Optical Illusions to Promote Pet Adoption

Photographer Amol Jadhav and art director/retoucher Pranav Bhide recently created something awesome for World For All Animal Care And Adoptions in Mumbai. Using creative lighting and framing, they created a set of optical illusion portraits that each contain two images in one. The ads are part of a campaign promoting pet adoption, with the tagline: “There’s always room for more. Adopt.” Jadhav and Bhide—working for McCann Worldgroup India, Mumbai—created a brilliant interpretation of that tagline by arranging their subjects to create an animal shape in the negative space between them. Then, using a very bright backlight and just enough
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This Photo Contains the Moon, Jupiter, and Jupiter’s Moons

On April 10th, 2017, there was a special meeting in the night sky: the Moon was seen close to Jupiter and Jupiter’s four largest moons, known as the Galilean moons. Photographer Göran Strand went out and captured the beautiful photo above of the entire group in a single frame. “It’s a very beautiful sight in the sky tonight with the Moon and Jupiter so close together,” the Swedish astrophotographer writes. “At the time for this photo (19:33 UTC) they were 1°45′ apart.” At the bottom of the frame, from top to bottom, we see Callisto, Europa, Ganymede, Io, and
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My Dad’s Chair

My parents bought this chair and a matching couch not long after they were married in 1951. This was my dad’s chair. If you were sitting in it when he walked into the room he gave you the friendly thumb twist, which simply meant: get up. When dad retired to his chair, that was his time. It was his time to read the newspaper, to watch a ballgame or a movie, or to take a nap. Whether or not the world and his responsibilities were on his mind, it was his place to unwind and just exist. I remember the
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