State of the NLE at Faster, Together 2018

The Right Editing Software

We’ve all at least seen it happen. Someone mentions an editing software. Someone else derides the intelligence of anyone who would use said software. Yet another says, “That’s like a carpenter saying they can only build a house with one brand of hammer!” 47 comments later, nobody has changed their opinion. Confirmation bias has made sure of that. A panel attempted to work this out last year at the Faster, Together Stage. Alas, software doesn’t stay the same for very long. Therefore, a new panel was formed. This year’s panel included Monica Daniel, Scott Simmons,
Monica Daniel
Scott Simmons
Vince Masciale
Panel discussing editing software
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Why Final Cut Pro X is HUGE in Europe

If there is one person that can tell you about the success of Final Cut Pro in Europe, it is Ronny Courtens. Essential viewing for anybody who works in post production, whatever side of the pond you live.

New Vimeo Tools for Final Cut Pro X

Did you know there was a standalone Vimeo app for Final Cut Pro X that installs a new custom export destination? No, we didn't either and this new video featuring Tohm Sansani from Vimeo explains all.

How To Never Lose A Video Project Again

We hate losing stuff as having to do anything twice is a waste of time and money. Matt O'Shea gives us some tips about sorting media, saving Libraries and has a free set of folder icons to download that will help get your media organised.

An Introduction to Grading HDR Video by Marc Bach

We have done very little HDR to date at towers, well to be honest, none. However, we do know somebody who has edited in HDR in Final Cut Pro X. Marc Bach gets us up to speed quickly with his recommendations about grading within the new extended dynamic range.

GoPro Fusion & Final Cut Pro X

This week on MacBreak Studio, Steve Martin from Ripple Training shows us how to shoot 360 video but then edit it as “normal” HD video in Final Cut Pro X. Since I was in Buenos Aires, Steve carries the show solo this time, extolling the virtues of his GoPro Fusion camera and how well it works with Final Cut Pro X. If you aren’t interested in 360, don’t stop reading or watching just yet! Steve makes a strong case for shooting 360 even when you aren’t delivering in 360. Because you get everthing in your shot, you can essentially direct Continue reading "GoPro Fusion & Final Cut Pro X"

Faster, Together Kickoff – NAB 2018

The Setup

At NAB in Los Vegas, the team from LumaForge set up two rooms in the back of the South Hall. In one room, they set up a Workflow Suite where people could come play collaboratively in their favorite NLE. It also acted as a quite hang out spot just off the show floor. In the second room, they built the Faster, Together Stage. Across three days there would be 33 presentations on subject ranging from 8K distribution, to personal branding, to how a team of filmmakers made a documentary over a weekend at the UFO Festival in Roswell, Continue reading "Faster, Together Kickoff – NAB 2018"