Editor as Director in 360 Video with Final Cut Pro X

This week on MacBreak Studio, Ripple Training’s Steve Martin shows us how the editor can be the director when it comes to working with 360 video in Final Cut Pro X. 360 video gives the audience the opportunity to look in any direction by either dragging in a magic window in a browser or moving their head around when viewing through a phone, tablet, or headset like Google Cardboard or perhaps an HTC Vive. It’s an opportunity, but it also poses a challenge for the filmmaker who usually wants viewers to look in a specific direction. The viewer is limited Continue reading "Editor as Director in 360 Video with Final Cut Pro X"

ONA: Better Care for a Lifetime

Following up on his article last week, Adam Schoales now posts about his latest project. This time it's a special cinema spot shot at 6K on a RED Helium and cut on Final Cut Pro X of course!

2017: A Year in Moving Images

If 2017 made you want to run into a movie theatre and hide, you aren't alone. Luckily, it’s been an exceptional year for the moving image. Toronto International Film Festival looks back at the moments that helped us maintain, find hope, and transform the way we see the world through film.

Testing the Apple Pro Video Apps on the New iMac Pro

First article of the New Year and it's one that a lot of people have asked for, real statistics on the Apple Pro Video Apps running on a new iMac Pro. Ben Balser had a new machine arrive just in time for the holiday break. He gave it a good test, it's fast, but it's not all great news.

Creating Color Contrast Looks in Final Cut Pro X

This week on MacBreak Studio, I show Steve Martin from Ripple Training how to use the extensive new color correction features in Final Cut Pro 10.4 to achieve the popular “orange and teal” look. To get there, we employ each of the new color correction types including Wheels, Curves, and Hue/Sat Curves. The look we are going for is based on the idea of increasing color contrast: as opposed to luminance contrast, or dynamic range, which defines the spread of light and dark values across an image, color contrast defines the spread of color values in an image based Continue reading "Creating Color Contrast Looks in Final Cut Pro X"