Photos of Zookeepers as the Animals They Care For

For the past few years, the Minnesota Zoo has been celebrating National Zookeeper Week in mid-July by shooting a set of lighthearted photos in which the zookeepers recreate photos of the zoo’s animals. “Our dedicated zookeepers are starting to resemble the animals in their care,” the zoo says. The Minnesota Zoo is located in Apple Valley, Minnesota. You can find out more about it on the zoo’s website and Facebook page.
Image credits: Photographs by the Minnesota Zoo and used with permission

Photographer Spots Mother Duck with Giant Brood of 76 Ducklings

This photo may look like the result of a photographer going too crazy with Photoshop’s Clone Stamp, but it’s a real photo of an actual duck family. Minnesota-based wildlife photographer Brent Cizek was at Lake Bemidji back in June when he spotted this mother duck leading a ginormous blood of over 50 ducklings. When Cizek revisited the lake to look for the mama duck (which he dubbed “Momma Merganser”) in July, his second sighting revealed that she had grown her adopted brood to 76 or more. Cizek says the mother, a common merganser, could only have laid about 15
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Dog Takes GoPro and Shoots Viral Chase Scene

A dog named Bonnie is a star on the Internet this week after an action camera clip she shot went viral. Back in 2016, Bonnie was handed a ping pong paddle-mounted GoPro HERO3 by her owner, Carmen Michelle. The camera was filming as she ran away from Michelle’s husband and other dogs in the yard. The resulting video was a humorous and strangely stabilized chase scene:
The video went viral again this month after Michelle shared the video to Reddit with the caption: “The only
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French Army Photographers Are Good at Not Attracting Attention

Photographer Paul Grayson recently attended the bi-annual Eurosatory 2018 defense and security expo in Paris, France. While there, he caught a glimpse of stealthy French military photographers wearing ghillie suits and holding Nikon and Canon DSLRs. “The French Army reconnaissance team duo still use ‘traditional’ Nikon body and telephoto lens combos,” Grayson tells Nikon Rumors. “The sniper spotters of the Gendarmerie’s GIGN [the elite national police tactical unit], on the other hand, use Canon,” Grayson tells PetaPixel. “The reconnaissance team image makes me think: ‘Nice to see the French Army continuing to include our favorite “old technology” in their reconnaissance
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Guy Proposes to His Photographer Girlfriend with a Camera Tattoo

Charlene Trickey is a professional photographer based in Florida and the owner of Trickey Photography. When her boyfriend Travis Durham proposed to Charlene yesterday, he did it with a large tattoo on his thigh with a vintage camera and the words: “Can’t Picture Myself Without You. WYMM?” Note: The videos below contain some strong language. A box next to “WYMM” was left empty for Charlene to check if/when she accepted the proposal. “Travis called me to come pick him up, and when I came in the [tattoo] shop he went to show me his “new tattoo” on his
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What a Real Photographer Boot Camp Would Be Like

Photography workshops are often marketed as “boot camps,” but what would they be like if they were actually like military training boot camps? Photographer Matt Granger made this lightheartedly cringey 5.5-minute parody imagining just that. Watch the video if you want to learn important skills every photography must know — things like what your “war face” should look like.

The 5 Worst Types of Photographers

Photographers Tony and Chelsea Northrup made this lighthearted 7.5-minute video about the 5 worst types of photographers you’ll meet.

Here’s a rundown of the 5 types featured in the video (which was posted a few years ago):

#1. The Copy Cat: Photographers who are way too “inspired” by what they see you doing.

#2. The Chatty Cathy: Photographers whose incessant talking ruins peaceful photo outings.

#3. The Gear Nerd: Photographers who carry way too much gear all the time.

#4. The Photography Widow: Photographers who give more time and attention to their work than their

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Charlie Chaplin Created the Original ‘Distracted Boyfriend’ in 1922

One of the biggest memes of 2017 was the ubiquitous “distracted boyfriend” photo that took over the Internet. The photo may have peaked in late 2017, but it appears that English actor and filmmaker Charlie Chaplin actually shot the very first “distracted boyfriend” nearly 100 years ago. Over the weekend, movie writer Peter Goldberg shared the Chaplin version of the meme.

The people of Reddit then flipped the still frame horizontally to make it match the famous meme. Here’s the photo that was shot
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These Cranes Were Caught Dancing In Sync with Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’

Ilene Karlsberg-Gerstein of Clermont, Florida, was driving down the road last Wednesday when she came across two sandhill cranes dancing with each other. After she pulled out her phone to shoot video of the scene, Karlsberg-Gerstein found that the cranes were dancing beautifully to the song playing in her car, “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran. Here are the lyrics that just happened to be playing while Karlsberg-Gerstein was shooting:
When I saw you in that dress, looking so beautiful
I don’t deserve this, darling, you look perfect tonight
Baby, I’m dancing in the dark, with you between my arms
Barefoot on
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This Poignant Music Video is About a Photographer’s True Love

Back in 2001, this music video made the rounds on the Web before “going viral” was even a thing. It’s for the hit song “Because I’m a Girl” by the Korean pop trio KISS (the video above is the English version sung by one of the members). The story is about a photographer’s expression of true love. And in case you’re curious after watching the video, you can read more about the safety of Ilford products here (yes, some are quite hazardous).

This Stock Photo Fail Was Spotted at a Supermarket in Poland

This line of hand mixers was spotted in Poland in a Biedronka store (the largest discount supermarket chain). Instead of properly using licensed Shutterstock stock photos that come without watermarks, the graphic designers used watermark versions. And apparently, no one noticed (or cared). “In Biedronka, you will find Shutterstock blenders,” the Polish Facebook page Brief writes.
Image credits: Photo used with the permission of Brief

If Photographers Were 100% Honest with Clients…

Canadian comedian Lilly Singh made this 2.5-minute tongue-in-cheek video that imagines what some photo shoots would be like if the photographers were 100% honest with their clients. “This is what your photographer REALLY meant to say to you when he made you take 400 photos and not one was in focus,” Singh writes. An alternative title could be: “How NOT to Be a Portrait Photographer.”

Paraglider Using Selfie Stick Drops Phone from 2,500 Feet

A paraglider was soaring above the world at 2,500 feet recently when he decided to pull his selfie stick out to snap a memory of his adventure. While trying to remove his phone, however, the smartphone slipped from his grasp and fell to Earth. It was all captured in the 1.5-minute helmet cam video above (the drop is at 1:15). Wired did some calculations back in 2011 and found that the terminal velocity of an iPhone 4 is between 27.2 mph and 95 mph (12.2-42.8 m/s), depending on whether it’s screen-side down or smallest-edge down. Since
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Man Jumps Into Lake, Saves Drone at Last Possible Moment

Here’s one of the most epic drone saves you’ll ever see. A man named Dave Svorking was flying his camera drone over a lake when the battery died mid-flight, causing the drone to go into an uncontrolled descent straight toward the water. Svorking immediately jumped into action (literally!), and the miraculous catch was captured by the drone itself. As you can see from the 1.5-minute video above, Svorking hopped into the lake, waded toward the drone for a bit, and then freestyle swam toward the falling drone before catching it with one hand at the last possible moment
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This Guy Wins at Drivers License Photos

Jono Zalay is a comedian whose family has a humorous tradition: they troll the DMV by creating a new wild persona every time they need to pose for a new drivers license photo.

Here are some of the drivers license photos Zalay created for himself over the past couple of decades in different states:
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This 1921 Cartoon About Photos is One of the First Memes

In 1921, the satirical magazine The Judge published this two-panel comic about how you look in photos. It’s strikingly similar to the “Expectation vs. Reality” memes that circulate the Web today, and the comic is one of the earliest recorded memes. In the comic, we see comparison portraits of “How you think you look when a flashlight is taken” compared to “How you really look.” We don’t use the word “flashlight” in this way nowadays, but in those days it was apparently a reference to shooting a still photo portrait using an old school flash lamp, which used explosions
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LEGO Minifig Photographers Need Quality Lenses Too

LEGO fans can purchase a camera piece in certain boxed sets, but there aren’t any high-quality lenses for minifig photographers. So, photographer and web developer Aaron Baxter decided to put together his own. “Lego released sets for sports like soccer and basketball, but failed to equip the minifig photographers with the proper equipment,” Baxter writes. “I have the solution.” With a certain combination of circular pieces, you can create the equivalent of a Canon telephoto zoom L lens like Baxter’s 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II. “The camera piece is a typical Lego minifig camera piece, can be found in
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Dad Accidentally Shoots Selfie Instead of Daughter’s Graduation Walk

If you’re shooting a once-in-a-lifetime moment with your phone, you should probably double-check that you’re pointing the right camera in the right direction. One proud dad learned that lesson the hard way: he thought he was shooting his daughter walking across the stage at her graduation, but what he actually got was a lifetime memory of his happy face up close. His short 36-second video above has since made its way onto the Web and is providing chuckles and a helpful warning to parents everywhere. “Woooooo!” the dad says as his daughter’s name is called. A moment later, he’s
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Cloud Cam Timelapse Captures Glow of Hawaii Volcano

The Gemini Observatory on Hawaii’s Mauna Kea dormant volcano has a cloud camera that’s used to monitor sky conditions. But during the ongoing eruption of the Kīlauea volcano, the camera has also been capturing the eruptions dramatic and eerie glow through clouds. Above is a 48-second time-lapse of the glow in the night between May 21st and 22nd. “During the sequence, multiple fissures expelled lava in the area in and around Leilani Estates in the Puna district of the Big Island of Hawai‘i,” the Gemini Observatory writes. “The lava also flowed into the ocean during the period of the video.
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This Camera Got Too Close to a Rocket Launch

Renowned NASA photographer Bill Ingalls placed a remote DSLR camera too close to the launch pad during the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch yesterday. When he went back to retrieve the camera, this is what he found. The $3,500 Canon 5DS DSLR and pricey L lens used for the close-up had gotten melted by the intense heat. “Well, one remote cam outside the pad perimeter was found to be a bit toast(y). Sigh,” Ingalls writes. “And yes, it made pix until its demise.” Ingalls did manage to retrieve photos from the memory card on the camera, including this frame
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