Man Discovers His $15 ‘Zorki’ Camera is a $800 Leica in Disguise

The Zorki is a series of 35mm rangefinder cameras that were made in the Soviet Union from 1948 and 1978. Since they were originally designed to be cheap Leica clones, it’s not uncommon to find fake Leica cameras that are actually modified Zorkis. But one Russian camera collector recently found the opposite: his $15 Zorki turned out to be an $800 Leica. Collector Vitalijs Kezens tells USSRPhoto that he recently purchased a used Zorki-C camera for €12 (~$15) at a local Zorki auction. These cameras can often be found for as little as $20 to $40 on eBay. Upon closer
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Do NOT Do This to Iconic Landmarks

New York-based photographer Felix Kunze was recently visiting the iconic Lion’s Head mountain in Table Mountain National Park in Cape Town, South Africa, when he came across this sight at his favorite rock in a well-known lookout: a group of people had decided to scribble their full names into the rock that’s featured in countless photos. “Let’s find the vandals that were STUPID enough to inscribe their full names into a rock at the top of Lion’s Head Mountain in Cape Town,” Kunze writes in a Facebook post. “I’m filing a police report but PLEASE share this. “We have GOT
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This is the Last Photo of the Tesla That’s Flying Away From Earth

This is the last photo of the Tesla Roadster that was launched into space this week. It shows the dummy named Starman leaving Earth in the rear view mirror as it hurtles towards Mars’ orbit and then onto the Asteroid Belt. The photo was shared by billionaire Elon Musk on Instagram and SpaceX on Flickr. As you might remember, SpaceX began publishing all of its Flickr photos to the public domain in March 2015, leading Flickr to add a public domain designation just days later. This photo is the last in a series of jaw-dropping photos of the Tesla in
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I Interviewed a ‘Photographer’ Who Had Stolen Photos… From ME

A few months ago, a girl came in to apply for a social media position at my last job. I was one of three photographers at the company and we had an opening for another photographer position. She mentioned to the HR recruiter that she also does photography. The HR guy comes and grabs me to tell me this and was wondering if I wanted to interview her for the open photographer position as well. So I said, “Sure, let me see her portfolio.” To my surprise, her “portfolio” included my photos. I was in total shock and told
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This is a Real Photo of a Tesla Sports Car Flying Through Space

We live in an amazing time in which it’s actually possible to shoot a photo like this one: it’s a Tesla Roadster sports car flying through space with the Earth in the background. Yesterday, billionaire Elon Musk’s SpaceX launched its Falcon Heavy rocket, the world’s most powerful operational rocket. Musk’s original “midnight cherry” Tesla Roadster was mounted on the nose of the rocket with a dummy named STARMAN sitting inside. After successfully launching and reaching space, the photo above is one of the still frames captured by the multiple onboard cameras. There’s even a live camera feed of the
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Can You Explain This Line in This Super Blue Blood Moon Photo?

Destin Sandlin of SmarterEveryDay was out shooting the recent Super Blue Blood moon when something weird happened. As soon as the moon “touched” the tip of a model of the Saturn 5 rocket in Alabama, USA, a dark line appeared in his photos. Confused by this illusion, Destin has taken to YouTube to try and find the answer, posting the 7-minute video above. But while the actual illusion may remain a mystery, how Destin captured this unique super blue blood moon image is very inspiring. The project took a whole month to plan, ensuring every little detail was correct. By
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How to Smash $5,000 in Nikon Lenses

Here’s an 8-second video showing $5,000 in Nikon lenses getting smashed with a mallet. If you cringe at the thought of harm coming to any photographic equipment, here’s the good news: the video isn’t what you think. It’s a creative video by stop-motion extraordinaire PES. “Nikon sent me some lenses to test out…is this what they had in mind?” PES writes. “Not sponsored by Nikon (but shot on the D810).” The shot clip shows him smashing a $2,100 70-200mm f/2.8G VR II, $900 105mm f/2.8G, $1,600 85mm f/1.4G, $450 50mm f/1.4G, and rear lens cap.

This Video Shows How Everyone Snaps the Same Instagram Travel Photos

While traveling in Rome, photographer Oliver KMIA discovered how popular tourist spots were crowded with tourists fighting to shoot their own precious personal photo. He later scoured Instagram and created this 2-minute video, titled “Instravel,” which shows a “photogenic mass tourism experience” and how so many of our travel photos look exactly like other people’s. “I was shocked by the mass of people walking all around the city, yet I was one of them, not better or worst,” KMIA writes. “Like all these tourists, I burned hundred of gallons of fuel to get there, rushed to visit the city in
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Google Photos’ AI Panorama Failed in the Best Way

Alex Harker was skiing with friends at the Lake Louise ski resort in Banff, Alberta, a week ago when the group stopped to take some photos on Harker’s Android smartphone. After shooting a few shots, Harker found that the AI-powered panorama stitching feature inside his Google Photos app had created the photo above as the suggested panorama for his scene. For some reason, Google Photos saw fit to insert Harker’s friend Matt as a colossal bust in the snowy mountain landscape, making the guy look like a colossus peering over the hill at Harker. “Google Photos offers you animations if
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This is What Digital Cameras Were Like in 1995

There are plenty of new digital camera unboxing videos these days, but they’re generally not like this one. Lazy Game Reviews got its hands on an Epson PhotoPC and created this 11-minute video showing what it was like to unbox and use a digital camera back in 1995. The PhotoPC was the first digital camera sold under the Epson brand — it was developed by Sanyo and licensed to other companies — and the first color digital camera priced under $500. It could shoot 0.3-megapixel (640×480 pixel) photos and store 16 of them on the 1MB internal storage. Other
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Man Finds ‘Deathbed Photo’ of War Photographer Gerda Taro

A man sharing a photograph of his father online has apparently stumbled upon the last known photograph of legendary war photographer Gerda Taro, who’s regarded as the first female to shoot on the front lines of conflict (as well as the first to die while doing so). Warning: This article contains graphic photos. It all started on January 16th, when former soldier and historian John Kiszely of Gloucestershire, England, posted a photo of his father to Twitter.

A $48 Yongnuo Lens on a $12,500 RED Camera: Here’s What You Get

What do you get when you pair an extremely high-end cinema camera with an extremely low-end still photography lens? LA-based filmmaker Gene Nagata of Potato Jet wanted to find out, so he mounted a $48 Yongnuo 50mm f/1.8 lens onto a $12,500 Scarlet-W RED Dragon 5K camera. The Yongnuo 50mm f/1.8 is a popular clone of the Canon 50mm f/1.8 II, offering the same look for less than half the cost. It’s a thriftier version of the Canon “nifty fifty”, and a lens that’s not exactly designed for professional-grade cinema projects. Here are some still
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How to Photoshop Portraits in the Style of Pam Dave Zaring’s Family Photos

Want to retouch your photos to look just like Pam Dave Zaring’s amazingly bad family photos that have been going viral? Photoshop expert Antti Karppinen has just released a tutorial showing how you can achieve the exact same look in Photoshop. In case you missed it the first time around, a woman named Pam Dave Zaring just sparked a huge viral sensation on the Internet after sharing what she claims are family photos delivered by a professional photographer Zaring had paid $250.
Karppinen studied the photos and broke down the steps you’ll need to take to correct harsh shadows in
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Hilariously Bad Family Photos Go Viral

This photo shoot just won the Internet… for how bad the Photoshop job was. Pam Dave Zaring got back her family photos from the professional photographer they hired, and she nearly died laughing. She then posted the photos on Facebook, where they’ve been going absolutely viral. Just take a look at the photos for yourself. “Ok. This is NOT a joke,” Zaring writes. She says she paid the “professional” photographer $250 for the family photo shoot and received this photos in return. “She said the shadows were really bad on the beautiful, clear, sunny day and that her professor never
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Canon Shares Composite Photo Made with a Fujifilm Camera Without Credit

Canon recently shared a beautiful Golden Hour landscape photograph on social media in Italy and Spain. Problem was, it was a composite photo in which a large portion of the image was taken without permission (and without giving credit) from a photo by well-known landscape photographer Elia Locardi. Fstoppers first reported on the infringement after being made aware of the shared photos on Canon Italy’s Facebook page and Canon Spain’s Instagram page. Here’s a larger version of the photo published by Canon:
The photo published to Canon’s social media.
The photo looked strangely similar to this photograph by Locardi:
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Rare ‘Fake Leica’ Sculpture Shows Up on eBay for $100,000

A famous and rare stainless steel “fake Leica” camera sculpture has popped up on eBay. The asking price: $99,995 with $350 economy shipping. We first reported on this sculpture back in 2011. It was created by Chinese artist Liao Yibai, who made three 772lb (350kg) sculptures that were subsequently displayed in Leica stores around the world. One of the three sculptures was reportedly sold in December 2014 after it had been on display in Leica’s Los Angeles store with a $1 million price tag. It was also rumored that the buyer was Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson, who purchased a
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Couple Sends Wedding Photographer 30-Page Critique of Their Photos

Ah, the joys of dealing with difficult clients as a wedding photographer. A dissatisfied newlywed couple in Hong Kong recently sent their wedding photographer a giant 30-page document to point out flaws in bad photos they had received. DCFever reports that the couple spent an incredible amount of time meticulously critiquing a large number of photos they weren’t happy with. The document contained lines, grids, and comments pointing out everything from technical issues to compositional mistakes. Many of the photos had Rule of Thirds lines slapped onto them. One of the complaints was that the poor framing had chopped off
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This ‘Broken Digital Camera’ Was Quite a Bargain

I bought this “digital” camera last summer. I saw it on a table at a boot sale (if you’re American, that’s a bit like a yard sale). As I picked it, up the seller snapped: “£4. Screen is broken. Won’t turn on.” Er… OK. I then tried to explain why that “screen” didn’t “work” and tried to explain what the camera was, but she just barked, “It doesn’t work. Take it or leave it.” So I took it for £3, or about $3.75. The “screen” still doesn’t work, but everything else is spot-on.
P.S. In case
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This is What Camera Bag Marketing Hype is Like

It seems like every month there’s an earth-shattering new camera bag that can hold ridiculous amounts of gear in an absurd number of compartments. Fstoppers decided to poke fun at this niche in the photo industry and created this humorous 3-minute sketch showing what camera bag marketing hype is like when you buy into it. The sketch opens with photographer Patrick Hall packing his camera bag for a gala shoot later in the day. When photographer Lee Morris walks in, he can’t believe Hall is still using his same old camera bag. “There are so many new bags out there,”
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