Here’s Why You Need to Take More Selfies

Here's Why You Need to Take More Selfies The photography community is generally quite snobbish when it comes to selfies. Selfies aren't even considered a proper form of photography by many individuals, which is obviously ridiculous. I, for one, think that we aren't taking half as many selfies as we should. [ Read More ]

How to Become a Famous Photographer

How to Become a Famous Photographer As photographers, many of us do tend to take ourselves a little too seriously. We spend a great deal of time making sure we’re perceived the way we want to be and that people know who we are. In this tongue-in-cheek article, Etienne Bossot of Pics of Asia lays out your path to becoming a famous travel photographer. [ Read More ]

What a Real Photographer Boot Camp Would Be Like

Photography workshops are often marketed as “boot camps,” but what would they be like if they were actually like military training boot camps? Photographer Matt Granger made this lightheartedly cringey 5.5-minute parody imagining just that. Watch the video if you want to learn important skills every photography must know — things like what your “war face” should look like.

The 5 Worst Types of Photographers

Photographers Tony and Chelsea Northrup made this lighthearted 7.5-minute video about the 5 worst types of photographers you’ll meet.

Here’s a rundown of the 5 types featured in the video (which was posted a few years ago):

#1. The Copy Cat: Photographers who are way too “inspired” by what they see you doing.

#2. The Chatty Cathy: Photographers whose incessant talking ruins peaceful photo outings.

#3. The Gear Nerd: Photographers who carry way too much gear all the time.

#4. The Photography Widow: Photographers who give more time and attention to their work than their

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This Photographer Made a Working Eyeball Camera Lens

Photographer Mathieu Stern loves experimenting with very old and/or strange camera lenses, but his latest project is quite strange, even by his standards. He used a 3D printer and created a lens that looks like a giant eyeball. “If the model of the camera lens is the human eyeball, why not reverse the process and create a camera lens in the shape of a human eyeball?” Stern asks. To focus light through his single-element lens, Stern used a viewfinder part from a microscope. He then used a 3D modeling program to design his lens before printing it out
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Cats, the Internet, and Photography Tips

Cats, the Internet, and Photography Tips Welcome to the Internet, where cats pretty much reign supreme and photos of cats are among the foundations of the web itself. All joking aside, anytime you're photography animals (even the elusive house cat) here are some practices that can make your life a bit easier. [ Read More ]

If Photographers Were 100% Honest with Clients…

Canadian comedian Lilly Singh made this 2.5-minute tongue-in-cheek video that imagines what some photo shoots would be like if the photographers were 100% honest with their clients. “This is what your photographer REALLY meant to say to you when he made you take 400 photos and not one was in focus,” Singh writes. An alternative title could be: “How NOT to Be a Portrait Photographer.”

This Guy Wins at Drivers License Photos

Jono Zalay is a comedian whose family has a humorous tradition: they troll the DMV by creating a new wild persona every time they need to pose for a new drivers license photo.

Here are some of the drivers license photos Zalay created for himself over the past couple of decades in different states:
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This 1921 Cartoon About Photos is One of the First Memes

In 1921, the satirical magazine The Judge published this two-panel comic about how you look in photos. It’s strikingly similar to the “Expectation vs. Reality” memes that circulate the Web today, and the comic is one of the earliest recorded memes. In the comic, we see comparison portraits of “How you think you look when a flashlight is taken” compared to “How you really look.” We don’t use the word “flashlight” in this way nowadays, but in those days it was apparently a reference to shooting a still photo portrait using an old school flash lamp, which used explosions
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Emilia Clarke: Stock Photography Model

Emilia Clarke: Stock Photography Model Emilia Clarke of "Game of Thrones" fame is certainly not lacking in career opportunities, but is it possible that she's found her dream job as a stock business photography model? Check out this hilarious video from Vanity Fair to see Clarke recreate tried and trued stock imagery poses. [ Read More ]

Dad Accidentally Shoots Selfie Instead of Daughter’s Graduation Walk

If you’re shooting a once-in-a-lifetime moment with your phone, you should probably double-check that you’re pointing the right camera in the right direction. One proud dad learned that lesson the hard way: he thought he was shooting his daughter walking across the stage at her graduation, but what he actually got was a lifetime memory of his happy face up close. His short 36-second video above has since made its way onto the Web and is providing chuckles and a helpful warning to parents everywhere. “Woooooo!” the dad says as his daughter’s name is called. A moment later, he’s
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