Instagram Just Hit 700 Million Users, Could Reach 1 Billion in 2017

Instagram isn’t just growing, it’s growing faster than ever. Earlier today, the photo sharing giant announced that it has added 100 million new users in the last four months alone, bringing the total Instagram user count to a whopping 700M. The past year has been really good to Instagram—as they shamelessly folded Snapchat’s feature set into Instagram Stories, made multiple-photo posts a thing, and started dabbling in live video, their user count has grown at an increasing rate. According to Recode, it took Instagram 9 months to go from 400M to 500M users, 6 months to go from
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A More Critical Look at Sony’s #2 Claim

Sony sent out a press release a week ago that went immediately viral within the photography community: “Sony Overtakes #2 Position in U.S. Full-Frame Interchangeable Lens Camera Market.” Instantly you saw commentary on this press release everywhere from DPReview to PetaPixel to all the various brand-specific sites. Cheering, jeering, and leering ensued. Unfortunately, the devil is always in the details, and I’ve seen quite a few misstatements and guesses about what the press release means. Indeed, even within the short press release there is information that appears to be contradictory. One common theme going around is that Sony
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Copyright & Censorship on Instagram: How Marie Claire Stole My Photo

Yesterday I found out that one of my photos was misused, stolen if you ask me, by a major international company. Sadly this type of thing is so common that it’s almost not worth writing about. However, it’s what happened during my quest to call-out the company that really captured my attention. I was contacted by a friend who asked me if I’d seen that Marie Claire posted my photo to their Instagram feed. I knew nothing about it, so I went to Instagram to see. I soon discovered that my photo had been picked up by a few other
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Flickr’s Main Site Now Displays Well on Mobile Devices (Finally)

Over the past several years, the Web has been moving away from having separate website URLs for mobile and desktop versions and toward having a single “responsive” website that changes its look depending on what device you’re visiting with. Flickr today announced that its main website has finally caught up to this trend. Up to this point, Flickr had (for the past 9 years) been redirecting mobile users to a separate mobile version found at, but now all visitors to the photo sharing service will be using the same address. With the website
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The Rise of 8K: Pros, Cons, and Why You Should Adopt it ASAP

8K is the future… at least that’s what Matt Granger believes. And so he recorded this educational video at the YouTube studio in NYC to prove his point, explain some of the benefits and pitfalls of ultra-high res footage, and convince you to adopt 8K just as soon as you can. If you’ve never even shot 4K—or you’ve spent any time looking at the price of the few 8K-capable cameras out there—this video probably comes as a shock. Many people don’t even have 4K capable monitors yet, most graphics cards groan under the weight of even 5K and 6K footage,
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Entire Sony Gear Truck Stolen on Its Way to NAB Show – Report

Sony’s DI department is probably scrambling around in emergency mode right now. According to a “solid source,” a truck carrying all of Sony’s gear for the NAB show was stolen en route to Vegas. The report comes from Canon Rumors who writes (and confirmed with PetaPixel directly) that “a solid source” that is highly trustworthy shared the news with them under the condition of anonymity. We reached out to Sony to see if we could get a confirmation or comment, and haven’t heard back yet, but here’s what CR received in response to their own comment request:
Thanks for reaching
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Drone Sales Exploded 117% in 2016

The drone industry is still growing at a extremely fast pace: in 2016, the sales of drones in the United States more than doubled, increasing a whopping 117%. That figure was reported this week by NPD Group, the same market research company that announced Sony as the new #2 company in the U.S. full-frame interchangeable lens camera market. NPD Group’s Retail Tracking Service found that in the 12 months ending in February 2017, $300+ “premium” drones drove steady sales while low-cost drones between $50 and $100 flew off store shelves. $300+ drones accounted for 84% of the dollars
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Sony Now #2 in U.S. for Full-Frame Interchangeable Lens Cameras

Sony has just passed Nikon to become the #2 company in the United States for full-frame interchangeable lens camera sales. Sony revealed today that its record sales and continued growth has allowed the company to leapfrog Nikon and now trail only Canon. The announcement was based on data collected by NPD Group’s Retail Tracking Service and considered dollars spend on camera gear between January and February 2017. Sales of its interchangeable lens cameras and lenses have been particularly hot so far this year, Sony says, with double digit growth of 23% in the area of full-frame cameras. In particular, the
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GoPro Announces First Camera Trade-Up Offer to Speed Up HERO5 Sales

GoPro has announced a trade-up program in which you can get $100 off a HERO5 Black or $50 off a HERO5 Session when you trade-in your older Hero camera. This offer is available starting now, and you can do the swap by going to the trade-up page. Once you’ve done your selection on the trade-up page, GoPro will send you detailed instructions on how to ship your old camera to them. Once they receive it, they’ll mail you your new HERO5 and recycle your old camera. You may get a little more money by selling your old camera yourself, but
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Bye Bye, Pentax? Ricoh May Kill Off Its Camera Business

Pentax has a long legacy in the modern history of photography, but its days may be numbered: Ricoh is said to be considering killing off its consumer camera business, which is bleeding money. The Nikkei Asian Review reports that Ricoh is working on radically reviewing and shrinking its camera business, which has been losing money for the company as smartphones have made things difficult for consumer camera sales. In addition to shrinking its activities for brands such as Pentax and GR, Ricoh is reportedly also considering pulling out of the personal camera market entirely. Ricoh originally acquired Pentax from Hoya
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How iJustine Built Her Digital Empire

Justine Ezarik aka iJustine is one of the OG YouTube stars– one of the very few people who have been on the platform for over a decade. You may remember her from her first big hit, her “300 page iPhone bill” video way back in 2007 or from literally streaming her entire life for 6 months, and since then she’s had several other hits that helped her build a huge following based off the kind of DIY hustle that I absolutely love– for example her early videos were shot with a $400 point and shoot and a green rug from Continue reading "How iJustine Built Her Digital Empire"

News Corp to Axe Most Photography Jobs in Australia

Sad news in the photo industry today: Australia’s biggest newspaper company, News Corp, has announced that it will be gutting its photography departments at newspapers across the country, axing most of its staff photographer and subeditor positions in an effort to cut costs. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that up to 40 photography positions may be slashed in Melbourne alone, with similarly deep cuts across the board at other News Corp publications. In some cities, up to 2/3 of the photo positions are set to be cut. Affected are some of Australia’s biggest publications, including the Daily Telegraph, Herald
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Samsung’s Camera Business Was Killed by Smartphones: Report

Since late 2015, rumors and reports have claimed that Samsung was killing off its digital camera business, and the company subsequently pulled out of camera markets around the world while announcing zero new products. Now a new report is confirming that Samsung has indeed ditched the business, and largely due to the rise of smartphone cameras. The South Korean business news website The Investor reports that Samsung has bowed out of traditional standalone digital cameras and is looking for ways to return to digital imaging through different types of products. “We no longer produce and sell digital cameras,” an anonymous
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I Spent Two Years Botting on Instagram — Here’s What I Learned

In the world of Instagram, there is a practice known as botting — and I hate it. For the uninitiated, botting is the process of tying your Instagram account to a wide variety of automation software, which charge users small sums of money to juice their profile. At the heart of it, it’s a pay-to-play relationship where you’re paying money to grow your following on Instagram. For this experiment, I used a popular bot called Instagress, which I’ll explain in more detail soon. This is how the folks at Instagress pitch their services:
If you’ve ever wondered how certain
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Why Our Attachment to the Past is Hindering the Future of Photography

There’s a very succinct analogy by Marshall McLuhan, summing up our society’s focus on the past:
“We look at the present through a rear-view mirror. We march backwards into the future.”
McLuhan was referring to technology, but his observation works just as well in the context of modern-day photography: Even as technology reshapes it, we can’t seem to stop looking longingly into the past.

The history of photography might be too vivid

Don’t get me wrong: You’ll still arrive somewhere if you’re walking backwards. But doing so means that you won’t register all that happens along the way. Despite
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How To Get The Press + Public To Notice Your Work w/ Ryan Holiday

Ryan is an author, entrepreneur and one of the sharpest marketing minds out there. He got his start working for bestselling authors like Tucker Max and Robert Greene and has since worked with folks like Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, Evan Carmichael, and John Grisham among many others – and he’s something like 5 books now including TWO last year: Ego Is The Enemy and The Daily Stoic. This episode was originally recorded back in 2012 when he was promoting “Trust Me I’m Lying,” which was his first book – and one that’s proved prescient in the current era of “fake Continue reading "How To Get The Press + Public To Notice Your Work w/ Ryan Holiday"