Blockai Rebrands as Binded, Raises $950K More for Copyright Platform

A new copyright protection service called Binded just launched this week. It’s actually a rebrand of the company formerly known as Blockai, and the purpose remains the same: using the Bitcoin blockchain to protect photographers’ copyrights. Originally launched back in July 2016, Blockai touted itself as a copyright platform that would use blockchain technology to simplify copyright claiming and protection. With this latest rebrand to Binded, the company is moving away from trying to sell the technology behind the service through its name and instead focusing on making it clear that its service helps photographers “bind” their name and
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Triggertrap Open Sources Its Mobile Dongle Hardware

As Triggertrap continues winding down its business, their Triggertrap Mobile Dongles are becoming increasingly difficult to find. But there’s some good news now: the company has decided to open source the hardware, making it is possible to build your own dongle. The Triggertrap camera triggering system comprises three parts:
  1. The Triggertrap Mobile App. This app emits a 19khz sine-wave tone for a specific duration, which the hardware listens for. The app is still available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for free.
  2. The Triggertrap Mobile Dongle. This plugs in to your phone and listens for
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Beware: 500px Now Sells Your Photos on Fotolia Without Credit

I discovered this week that my 500px Marketplace photo is being sold elsewhere, and I haven’t gotten a dime of sales (yet). If you sell photos through 500px, this is something you should be aware of. Have you ever uploaded a high-resolution photo to 500px Marketplace to sell? I did, and now I have very mixed feelings about it. I have a habit of searching for my photos in Google’s Image Search from time to time. A few days ago, I searched for a photo I shot of my beloved cat.
My photo of my cat on 500px.
To my
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Startup Behind Panono 360° Camera Ball Files for Bankruptcy

The German start-up behind the Panono panoramic ball camera has filed for insolvency proceedings in Berlin, making it very unlikely that backers of their $1.25 million Indiegogo campaign will ever get their hands on their camera. The Panono is a spherical device comprising 36 separate cameras encased in plastic. Each camera uses a 1/4” sensor, which results in a 108MP 360-degree image when the photographs are combined. Although Panono reportedly applied for the bankruptcy filings over a week ago, according to German media reports, there is no mention of this yet on their website or any such communication to
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Profoto Recalls Its New B1X Monolight Battery

Citing a “potential safety issue”, Profoto is recalling the battery of their powerful B1X monolight, which was announced only 10 days ago. The flash unit itself is not being recalled, but this is an embarrassing debacle for the Swedish manufacturer. The issue effects a subset of the batteries with manufacturing dates as specified in the recall notice:
Unfortunately, we have discovered a potential safety issue with our new Li-Ion Battery MkII for B1 and B1X (product number 100399). We have therefore decided to execute a product recall for product number 100399 with manufacturing dates 2017-09 and 2017-16 (YYYY-WW).
If you
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The Unfiltered Truth About Entrepreneurship with Adam Braun

Adam Braun is an author and entrepreneur who you may know from his work with Pencils of Promise, an organization that creates schools and other projects that bring education to underserved populations living in rural poverty. He’s also the author of the book “The Promise Of A Pencil” and more recently the founder of a super exciting education startup called MissionU– he’ll get into more detail but tell me if you think this sounds interesting: 1 year of intense, skill-based education with NO upfront tuition – instead, you give them a percentage of your income once you land that sweet Continue reading "The Unfiltered Truth About Entrepreneurship with Adam Braun"

Photokina to Become an Annual Event, Will Diversify Beyond Cameras in 2018

Photokina—the world’s leading trade show on photography, videography, and imaging—is making some big changes. Starting in 2018, the show will begin to happen every year (currently, Photokina happens every other year); it also plans to ‘reposition’ itself to cover a broader range of products. The change to an annual schedule, says Photokina, is being made in order to “optimally reflect the fast-paced nature and the ever briefer innovation cycles of an increasingly digitalised industry.” New cameras and relevant imaging technologies are being debuted every year, and an annual Photokina trade show will be more optimally positioned to debut
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‘Photographers’, Don’t Pee In My Pool

Imagine, if you will, that the photography industry is a very large swimming pool. Not one of those backyard models, but rather an Olympic sized pool. And this very large pool is filled with photographers. However, we will call them swimmers, as that’s how analogies work. You are at the pool with everyone else and the pool is quite crowded. I mean, who doesn’t love a pool? The shallow end is shoulder to shoulder with swimmers. As you walk by, you can’t help but think it looks like a giant can of sardines, all packed in there. You think this
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Personal Camera Drones Don’t Need to Be Registered with the FAA Anymore

Heads up: if you’re the new owner of a camera drone in the United States and you’re not planning to fly the drone commercially, you no longer have to register the drone with the FAA. That’s the decision handed down today by a federal court in Washington, D.C. Recode reports that the lawsuit against the Federal Aviation Administration was just won by a model aircraft enthusiast named John Taylor, who filed his case against the FAA in January 2016. “The FAA’s Registration Rule violates Section 336 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act,” the decision reads. “We grant Taylor’s
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Build + Sustain A Career Doing What You Love w/ James Mercer of The Shins

James is the founder + driving force behind indie rock icons The Shins. With over 20 years in the game, he’s seen just about every facet of the music business – from tiny shows at dives bars to Billboard top 10 albums on major labels – and as you can imagine he’s learned a thing or two along the way. Getting your career as a creator off the ground is hard. Keeping it on the rails after years or decades is even harder. Being one of the best – someone who breaks through to mainstream success? Orders of magnitude harder Continue reading "Build + Sustain A Career Doing What You Love w/ James Mercer of The Shins"

F**k Photojournalism: It’s Time for the Industry to Change Before It Dies

If you were to ask me whether or not I was surprised that there is another scandal in the photojournalism community, I would reply with a resounding and exasperated, “Hell no.” It seems that we can’t go a year without a new photo manipulation scandal. The Souvid Datta scandal is no different. If you did not know Datta got caught manipulating his photos from his series “In the Shadows of Kolkata,” where he added stolen imagery from the work of Mary Ellen Mark. This is admittedly one of the more astoundingly stupid ways to get caught, considering
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Nikon’s Year: Digging Into the Latest Financial Results in 2017

Here’s the crazy corner Nikon is in: they can claim a modest 7% increase in operating income for the fiscal year that they just finished, but had far lower net sales and, with restructuring costs, had a significant loss. Nikon predicts that they’ll recover to profitability next fiscal year, but with lower sales. Editor’s note: You can read Nikon’s latest financial results for yourself in this presentation and on Nikon’s website. They predict the imaging market will shrink, but they’ll strengthen the profit of that group. The see saw is bouncing up and down. One end up, the other
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Polaroid Acquired by The Impossible Project’s Largest Shareholder

Big news in the photo industry today: Polaroid’s brand and intellectual property has been acquired by the largest shareholder of The Impossible Project, Polaroid announced. Now a single family has control of both the Polaroid brand and The Impossible Project. The company that owns the Polaroid brand and IP, PLR IP Holdings, LLC, was just sold by an ownership group led by the Pohlad family to an ownership group led by the Smolokowski family. The Pohlad family, which owns the Minnesota Twins baseball team, purchased its majority stake in Polaroid back in December 2014 for $70 million. Wiacezlaw “Slava” Smolokowski,
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Music Festival: Pay Us $500 to Shoot Concert Photos for Us

A popular music festival is offering a new “fan experience” that’s raising eyebrows among some photographers: pay $500, and you’ll have the opportunity to shoot concert photos for the festival from the photo pit. The Firefly Festival, which happens in mid-June in Delaware and features many of musics hottest names, is selling the opportunity as “Concert Photographer for a Show.” For a fee of $500, you’ll “get access into one of the most exclusive areas of the festival grounds – the photo pit,” the website reads. “You will be escorted by an official Firefly photographer, given a
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Google Launches ‘Street View Ready’ Certification for 360° Cameras

Google announced this week that they are releasing a new certification standard that they are calling “Street View Ready”. This certification will be used for 360° cameras that are able to publish to Street View, and are guaranteed to support the level of quality required for Google’s 360-degree mapping service. Google are launching ‘Street View Ready’ with 20 cameras from 18 manufacturers (including GoPro, Samsung, HumanEyes, Sphericam and others) already bearing the certification. There are 4 categories of certification, based on what standards the camera in question is able to meet. Street View mobile ready is designed for cameras
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