RED and Foxconn Team Up to Make 8K Cameras at 1/3 the Price

Cinema camera maker RED and Foxconn (best known for manufacturing the iPhone) have announced that they’re teaming up to create affordable professional-grade cinema cameras for the general public. Nikkei reports that the two companies are aiming to slash both price tags and the physical size of cameras. “We will make cameras that will shoot professional-quality films in 8K resolution but at only a third of current prices and a third of current camera sizes,” says Foxconn Chairman Terry Gou. RED’s cameras are popular in the filmmaking industry but cost upwards of $30,000. Foxconn manufactured an estimated 40% of all consumer
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The NY Times is Looking for a White House Photographer

Want to be a White House news photographer for the New York Times? If that’s your dream photojournalism job opportunity, here’s some great news: there’s a job opening right now just for you. The Times has posted a job listing for a full-time Staff Photographer position based in Washington, DC. “The New York Times is seeking a staff photographer who will primarily cover the White House and Capitol Hill,” the listing reads. “The ideal candidate is an experienced photojournalist committed to visual storytelling of all kinds, and must possess a deep interest in and understanding of American politics and government.
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Google Removes ‘View Image’ Button from Image Search to Protect Photos

Google has removed the “View Image” button from its Image Search results that had allowed anyone to quickly download the original image file while bypassing the host webpage. This is a step Google is taking to help protect photographers’ copyrights. Last week, Getty Images announced a new licensing partnership with Google (which Google calls a “settlement”) that put an end to a lengthy legal battle between the two companies over allegations of “anti-competitive” practices — Google’s search made it easy to download high-resolution photos from Getty while bypassing the Getty website. Google and Getty Images also worked together to
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ProGrade Digital: A New Memory Card Brand by Ex-Lexar Execs

Say hello to ProGrade Digital, a new brand of pro-grade memory cards and card readers for photographers. The company was founded by former Lexar executives who are aiming to offer the highest quality memory cards on the market. Micron shocked the photo world in June 2017 when it unexpectedly announced the end of Lexar-brand memory cards. A few months later, Lexar as given a new shot at life when the brand was acquired by the Chinese flash storage company Longsys. A group of former Lexar executives has now banded together to compete against the likes of SanDisk and Lexar
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IKEA to Sell Hasselblad Masters Photos

IKEA and Hasselblad have partnered to launch a new IKEA collection of art photos. Called NORRHASSEL, the series will feature eight exclusive photos selected from the Hasselblad Masters Award collection. The popular Swedish furniture company started selling limited edition fine art photos in March 2016, and now the brand is partnering with one of the best-known camera brands for a new collection.
Photo by Dmitry Ageev, one of the images selected for the IKEA NORRHASSEL collection.
Photo by Lars van de Goo, one of the images selected for the IKEA NORRHASSEL collection.
“Photography is a vital way to express
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NY Times Photographer: Trump Gives More Access Than Obama

A New York Times photographer who has vocally protested White House Press Pool blackouts is now saying that photographers get more access to Trump than they did to Obama. Photojournalist Doug Mills made headlines back in November 2017 by Tweeting a black “photo” to protest the lack of access provided to the White House Travel Pool while President Trump was attending the APEC Summit in Vietnam. However, Mills had much more positive things to say in a new interview that just aired yesterday on C-SPAN. Having covered both the Trump and Obama administrators, Mills stated that photographers are actually getting
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Yes, Peter Lik’s ‘Moonlit Dreams’ IS a Composite

Photographers have been talking this month about best-selling landscape photographer Peter Lik‘s new photo, “Moonlit Dreams,” pointing out that the image appears to be a “faked” composite instead of a single “real” exposure. It has since been confirmed that the photo IS a composite. Fstoppers first sparked the discussion and debate last week by pointing out several aspects of the photo that seem to give away the fact that the moon was inserted into the scene. Among the issues were dynamic range, lighting, clouds going behind the moon, and the fact that the exact same moon shows up in
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Google to Tweak Image Search to Help Protect Photographer Copyrights

Google Images is an epicenter of copyright infringements across the Web, as people, either knowingly or unwittingly, search for, download, and misuse copyrighted photos without permission. But for photographers, there’s some good news: Google is going to roll out changes to the image search engine that are designed to help protect your copyright. The changes were reportedly decided on through a partnership between Google and the stock photo agency Getty Images, which has been lodging “anti-competitive” complaints against Google in the US and EU for making high-resolution stock photos easily downloadable through Google Images.
Getty Images photos could be easily
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US Navy to Eliminate Combat Camera Units to Save Money

It’s not just news photographers that are having their positions eliminated to cut costs: military photographers are apparently in the same boat. The US Navy will be eliminating its two Combat Camera (COMCAM) units this year in order to save money and resources. Navy Times reports that the two units of military photographers will be gone by October 1st in order to “cut costs and eliminate billets.” Combat Camera photographers are trained to shoot both cameras and guns, and they’re tasked with shooting both military operations and stories about the Navy for the public. Here’s a document about the
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Make Fear Your Friend (ft. Tim Ferriss, Brené Brown, Daymond John, Mel Robbins, Neil Strauss)

We all have fear. The question is: Is fear holding you back? In today’s show, we’re mixing it up with my friends Tim Ferriss, Brené Brown, Daymond John, Mel Robbins, and Neil Strauss. We take a look back at how they think about and overcome fear. In today’s episode, Fear isn’t all bad. There’s a healthy level of fear, and Daymond John shares how it’s helped motivate him in business. My man Tim Ferriss talks what he does to deflate his biggest fears by imagining the “worst case scenario” The best way to overcome your fear is by risking failure. Every Continue reading "Make Fear Your Friend (ft. Tim Ferriss, Brené Brown, Daymond John, Mel Robbins, Neil Strauss)"

Peter Lik Called Out by Photographers Over ‘Faked’ Moon Photo

Photographer Peter Lik is purportedly one of the bestselling landscape photographers on Earth, having sold a reported half a billion dollars worth of prints by 2015. He also claims to have sold a single print for $6.5 million in 2014, which would still be the world’s most expensive photo today. But one of Lik’s new prints is raising eyebrows and eliciting cries of “Photoshop!” The photo and print at the center of it all is titled “Moonlit Dreams.” Lik’s website states that the photo was captured in the USA, and he’s currently selling 950 Limited
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Photographer Dies Leading Lava Flow Tour in Hawaii

A well-known Hawaiian photographer has died on the Big Island while leading a tour group near a lava flow. The group was reportedly overcome by a toxic steam cloud when it began to rain during their hike. KHON2 reports that photographer was Sean King, owner of Hawaii Stargazing Adventures, who’s well known for his up-close photos of hot and dangerous lava fields.
King was reportedly guiding three tourists at around 8 a.m. on Thursday at a lava viewing spot on Chain of Craters Road in Kalapana. It began to rain during the tour, and the rain created a
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Sony CEO Kaz Hirai to Step Down Now That the Ship Has Been Righted

Sony announced today that CEO Kazuo ‘Kaz’ Hirai will be stepping down from his position on April 1st, 2018. Hirai is credited with reviving Sony’s prospects and financials over the past several years, taking the company from a struggling state to newfound dominance in areas such as cameras and imaging sensors. Replacing Hirai as CEO will be current Chief Financial Officer Kenichiro Yoshida, who helped Hirai restructure the company after becoming CFO in 2014. “The change in helm, while a major surprise, is expected to go down well with investors who have been pleased with Yoshida’s no-nonsense approach to restructuring
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