Lexar Memory Cards are Coming Back from the Dead

Back in June 2017, Micron announced that it would be discontinuing its entire Lexar removable storage business that included memory cards, readers, flash drives, storage drives, and more. A few months later, the Chinese company Longsys swooped in and acquired the brand. Longsys now says that Lexar will be returning from the grave. Now a Longsys-owned business, Lexar announced this week that it’s resuming full production of its products and will begin shipping to major retailers again this fall. The product lineup will include memory cards, card readers, solid state drives (SSDs), and USB flash drives geared toward professional photographers
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Kodak Ektachrome is Now in the Hands of Testers

After originally being announced back in January 2017, the return of Kodak Ektachrome film is inching closer: rolls of the film are now landing in the hands of beta testers around the world. The official Kodak Instagram account has published photos of Ektachrome boxes being held by photographers.

@sandracoan @benjhaisch Thank you for being on our beta test team!

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Photographers are apparently being sent shrink-wrapped blocks containing 10 individual boxes of Ektachrome.

This is How Canon Supports its Pros

As the camera wars are heating up over the new battleground that is mirrorless cameras, the heavyweights in the industry are taking turns tooting their own horns. Canon just released this 2.5-minute video on the benefits of Canon Professional Services (CPS). “Canon Professional Services (CPS) provides exceptional support for full-time imaging professionals,” Canon writes. “CPS members receive exclusive 24/7 phone and e-mail support, expedited and discounted equipment maintenance and repairs, Equipment Evaluation Loans, on-site support at select events and shows, discounts on Canon Live Learning seminars and workshops, and more.” You need to own a certain number of
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Sony is Now #1 in Full-Frame Cameras in the US

Sony just announced that it is now #1 in the United States in the full-frame interchangeable lens camera market, overtaking Canon in both units sold and dollars generated in the first half of 2018. Sony says that 4 out of every 10 full-frame cameras sold during the period were made by Sony. Here’s a chart by Sony showing its explosive growth in the full-frame camera market: This latest news speaks to the rapid growth of mirrorless cameras. While Canon and Sony have yet to announce a full-frame camera in the mirrorless market, Sony currently has four: the Sony a9,
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Stop Trying To Get Everyone To Like Your Work

When I talk to photographers and survey the industry landscape, I see a zillion photographers trying to have all their work liked by all the people. This comes from our social animal DNA, but it’s the completely wrong approach to success – whether that be measured by your work being licensed, sold, etc, or by getting hired, shown, talked about, displayed, whatever. Simply said, by trying to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one, especially not yourself. But fear not (or fear less, perhaps). The answer is simple. 1. Shoot what you love. 2. Relentlessly share that work. 3. Repeat. Continue reading "Stop Trying To Get Everyone To Like Your Work"

Verifly Offers Photographers Insurance on a Per-Shoot Basis

Want general liability insurance as a photographer but don’t want to pay monthly premiums because your shoots aren’t very regular? Verifly can provide you with insurance on a per-shoot basis, covering you for millions in exchange for dollars on the hour. We first covered Verifly back in late 2016, when the company was focused on providing on-demand insurance for flying drones. While that business is still alive and well, Verifly has now expanded to provide on-demand insurance to all independent contracts and freelance workers. The insurance is provided through Markel (a Fortune 500 company) and can be obtained
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Sony’s Mirrorless Cameras are Winning Over the Pros: Bloomberg

The ongoing battle over camera supremacy between Canon, Nikon, and Sony is receiving more mainstream attention in the business world. Bloomberg has published a report on the rise of Sony through its mirrorless cameras and states that Sony is now winning over professional photographers. Sony has enjoyed a sizable lead in the booming mirrorless camera race thanks to its willingness to launch full-frame mirrorless cameras while Canon and Nikon largely twiddled their thumbs and continued focusing on their bread and butter DSLR businesses. As a result, Sony is now chipping away at the duopoly’s lead in the $3.2 billion
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The Company Behind Hit Lens Revivals on Kickstarter is on Life Support

net SE, the German company that has raised millions of dollars on Kickstarter through reviving a number of classic lenses, is running into major issues that may threaten its existence and perhaps even the lenses that are owed to thousands of backers. Photo Rumors reports that net SE delisted its shares from the over-the-counter market in Germany at the end of June and filed for bankruptcy at the same time. net SE is behind several classic camera brands that have come back to life in recent times, including Meyer Optik Görlitz, Emil Busch A.-G. Rathenau, Oprema Jena, C.
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Online Photos Can’t Be Used Without Permission, EU Court Rules

A Virginia federal court sparked quite a controversy among photographers last month when it ruled that copying photos found on the Internet is fair use. Now a European Union court has just issued a landmark ruling that states you can’t simply republish a photo because it’s freely accessible online — you need the photographer’s permission first. Unlike in the Virginia case, in which a photographer’s photo was used without permission on a commercial website, this latest EU case (Land Nordrhein-Westfalen v Dirk Renckhoff) involved a secondary school student downloading a photo from a travel website and using it in a
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These Are the First Vogue Cover Photos Shot by a Black Photographer

Last month it was reported that 23-year-old Tyler Mitchell would become the first black photographer to shoot the cover of Vogue in the iconic fashion magazine’s 125-year history, thanks to him being hand-picked by Beyonce for the job. It’s now official, as his photos were just published. “I cried 3 times already this morning,” the New York-based Mitchell writes in a Tweet. “Here’s Beyonce by me for the September 2018 cover of American Vogue.”

Your Inner Critic Is A Big Jerk with Danielle Krysa

Danielle Krysa is the author of Your Inner Critic Is A Big Jerk, Creative Block, and Collage, all published by Chronicle Books. She is also the creator of the contemporary art blog The Jealous Curator. Danielle gave a talk at the CreativeLive studios on the Inner Critic, and shares a particular story that I think many of us can relate to. We all deal with the voice in our life that tells us what what we’re creating is not good, will never amount to anything, or how we’ll never make any money from it. This talk is a huge inspiration Continue reading "Your Inner Critic Is A Big Jerk with Danielle Krysa"

Behind the Curtains of a Best Buy Camera Shop

I was hesitant when I first found out that Best Buy had a camera shop in their stores. My experience in the past had been a disappointment, walking through their small camera section was underwhelming and most of the associates avoided that area. I didn’t think too much of it, as cameras were not generally accepted knowledge like it is with computers or TVs. Your average employee would have issues talking about ISO, shutter speed, aperture, and the practical application of these terms. Full disclosure: Michael Flores is an employee at a Best Buy store but Best Buy was
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Photographer Cries Foul Over Gorillaz Music Video

Back in 2016, photographer Jairo Melara of the Los Angeles-based photography company Fifth District did a photo shoot of a model wearing roller skates at Venice Beach. Melara says he was surprised earlier this year when the band Gorillaz released its music video for the song “Humility” that features a strangely similar look and feel. Here’s the 3.5-minute music video directed by Jamie Hewlett:
In the video, virtual band member 2D is seen roller skating with a nearly identical outfit and in the same location.
One of Melara’s portraits (left) and a still frame from the Gorillaz’s “Humility”
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Best Buy Has Photography Workshops Now

Photography workshop are a dime a dozen these days, but that isn’t stopping a retail heavyweight from launching its own: Best Buy is now in the business of photography workshops for beginner and intermediate photographers. The workshops are being offered by Best Buy’s new Camera Experience Shop, a partnership between Best Buy, Canon, Nikon, Sony, and GoPro. The shops — there are over 80 across the US now — are staffed with camera experts and allow customers to go hands-on with a wider selection of cameras. Professional photographers are being recruited to teach various photography techniques and subject matters
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